29 Unique Gifts for Men that Will Blow Him Away

Unique Gifts for Men

Let’s face it: in the wide world of shopping, finding unique gifts for men can be a huge challenge. Lots of guys don’t communicate their material desires very specifically, leaving you to wonder what it is exactly they would most appreciate. On top of that, a lot of hobbyists already spend their own money on the things that they most want, making it hard to find something worthwhile that they don’t already have.

Well set your worries aside and let this list do some of the thinking for you. This selection of 29 unique gifts for men assembles twists on classic gifts as well as totally original ideas that you can bet he has never heard of. Fortunately, even if some of these gifts are unorthodox, they are all cool, stylish, and well suited to the modern man.

Think of your guy’s interests and taste, find inspiration from this list, and get shopping.

29 Amazingly Unique Gifts for Men

Unique Gift Ideas for Men

Special Single Malt Scotch-Infused Toothpicks

Getting food stuck in your teeth can be a pain, which makes toothpicks so nice to have around. However, toothpicks aren’t usually something you would think of as a great gift – until these came along, that is. These toothpicks are infused with a smoky, delicious, barrel-aged scotch, dried, and then delivered straight to your favorite guy. You can release the flavor with just a gentle bite. Maybe next time he gets food stuck in his teeth, he will be glad about it.

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Super Sexy Dark to Light Aviator Sunglasses

If he has ever seen Top Gun, he has probably always wanted a pair of sleek and super cool aviator sunglasses. This pair is made in Australia by a company that specializes in retro looks. Featuring a gradient lens that fades from nearly black to totally clear, he will still be able to read inside without having to remove his cool shades. The design includes an adjustable nose pad so that he can be comfortable no matter the size and shape of his schnauze.

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Thoughtful and Classy Personalized Map Cufflinks

These cufflinks are the right gift for a special man in your life who likes to dress well. When choosing what cities you want to be featured in the design, think about places that have meant something to both of you together. It could be where you met, where you grew up, or where you live now. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where you choose, just that it is somewhere significant to him or to you both. Choose his favorite finish for an added touch.

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A Cool Bracelet with a Hidden Message

If the guy you are shopping for is into jewelry, this gift is a sure bet. With a clean and masculine look, this bracelet is simple and super wearable; he will have an easy time pairing it with practically anything. But, beyond the look, this bracelet offers something very special. On the inside of the leather band, you can include a custom note that only he ever needs to see. It can be sentimental, sweet, or silly, just make it something he will cherish.

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Amazing Vintage Complete Shaving Kit

There are many men who enjoy a good shave, and plenty who appreciate the care and maintenance of their facial hair as well as the tools that go along with it. If the guy you are finding a gift for is one of those men, this gift will blow him away. Featuring a beautiful travel case, he can either save this item as a collectible or use it to clean up his five o’clock shadow. He will be surprised and delighted by such a thoughtful gift.

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Personalized Leather Safety Razor Case

Any man who uses a classic shaving razor knows that it can be a dangerous tool to keep lying around. Whether he wants to safely throw it in a travel bag or has small children around, covering that ultra-sharp razor is a priority. This beautiful case is easily secured shut with bronze studs and can include up to four letters for a personal note or his initials. Consider buying him a few to keep all his blades secure, and pair with top-of-the-line shaving cream for a complete package.

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Playful Smartphone-Powered Paper Airplane

Anyone would enjoy this super fun Bluetooth-compatible paper airplane. Usually, when you fold a paper airplane, it flies a few feet and crash lands fairly quickly. However, with this special design, you can fly your paper airplane all over and even up to 25 miles per hour. Whoever you give it to will get to fold his own paper airplane following the included templates, attach the Bluetooth device, and have fun using his phone to fly it all over. Have fun mixing your inner child with the world’s modern tech.

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Mini Professional Quality Sound Mixer

Having a way to create and control sick beats at his fingertips is a great gift for any guy. This mini mixer plugs straight into iPods, laptops, or phones and can let him mix to his heart’s desire. This pocket-sized version takes a normally massive mixing board and shrinks it down into a more manageable size that he can use to start a party anywhere. Get this for the guy who can’t stop the music and who loves to entertain and engage an audience.

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Beautiful Special Sheet Music Gift

Whether you are married or not, you probably share a special song with your special guy. This thoughtful gift takes that meaningful music and prints it on beautiful rustic cotton paper for a vintage and romantic look. This present is a great choice for the music lover in your life and also works well as an anniversary gift – especially the first anniversary, where the paper is the traditional gift. Be sure to include your names and a special date when ordering this lovely crafted piece.

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Thoughtful Personalized Leather Travel Wallet

This travel case is perfect for road trips, flights, or any other way your man gets around town or goes out and about in the world. It has a spot for all the essentials: phone, passport, headphones, cards, and even a mini tablet. Made of genuine leather, this is a high-class case that will help him keep everything organized. There are three color options to choose from, and the outside can include a monogram for a small additional fee.

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Leather Valet Tray with Embossed Initials

A valet tray is an attractive way to store home essentials like wallets, keys, or watches. This particular design is especially masculine and includes beautiful bronze buttons that pair perfectly with any color leather. Available in three sizes and two different colors, you can find the tray that you know would best suit his home. Be sure to consider where he will use it and try to match the décor of that room as best as you can.

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Comic Book Lover Decorative Apple

Any fan of classic comics can appreciate this super gift. Made from the pages of everyone’s favorite Dark Knight, this Batman-inspired gift is a unique and special way to show someone you care. With the option to add a personalized note on the leaf of the apple, you can remind him how much you care about him and how amazing you think he is. Great for a teacher, or as an anniversary gift, this gift is well suited to any man who can appreciate this repurposed comic book art.

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Natural Materials Engraved Bullet Pen

Made from mahogany wood, this gorgeous pen is perfect for any man in your life. Great as a groomsman gift, a graduation gift, or an anniversary present, you can customize the engraving to match just about any occasion. Crafted to resemble the tip of a bullet, this pen is a good choice for men that enjoy hunting, classic guns, or simply the technological marvel of firearms. A small kickstand addition holds the pen in place to keep it from rolling off desks or tables.

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Thistle and Black Pepper Grooming Kit

The delicious blend of thistle and black pepper smells amazing and will leave him feeling refreshed. This deluxe luxurious set includes eau de toilette, aftershave, and body wash to keep his scent fresh and clean all day. Not only is this a great gift, but it comes in an awesome gift box that perfectly holds everything in place. Whether he is bald, has a beard, or has hair all over, he will love lathering up this great body wash and sprinkling on some cologne before heading out the door.

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Travel-Sized Shaving Brush and Soap

Any man who travels a lot knows that it is a necessary burden to carry around all his shaving equipment. It’s either that or sacrifice a high-quality shave for a dull razor and some cheap cream. This mini kit solves that problem as it makes the shaving brush and soap totally compact and portable for easy on-the-go use. Now he will feel confident on that next business trip knowing that he will have his regular close and high-quality shave even at the hotel.

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Great-Smelling Manly Man Bar Soap

Even though they don’t always talk about it, men enjoy being fresh, clean, and well groomed just as much as women. This set of three soaps will have him taking long showers to soak in their enticing scents, which include sandalwood, sage, and Siberian fir. These are great for any man who enjoys the best smells that nature has to offer. You may want to order a second pack because once these three bars run out, he will be begging for some more.

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Fun Vintage Record Bottle Opener

If he loves classic rock and vintage records, this wall-mounted bottle opener is a must-have. Featuring an authentic vintage vinyl record, it is a one-of-a-kind piece that will look fabulous in a den or kitchen. Since each piece is handmade, you can even choose the genre of music you prefer (rock, soul, country, or ‘80s) for a personalized element. Pair this with a case of his favorite brews and his favorite band on vinyl, and you have a present that will top the charts.

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Drawstring Wash Bag with a Leather Case

This gift includes a beautiful leather wash bag for all his bathroom essentials and even has a special net pocket for soaps and straps for bottles. This bag can be personalized with monogrammed initials, a name, or a special message just from you to him. Choose from two colors of bag and three different embossing styles for a look that suits him perfectly. He can use this at home while traveling, or while away at college.

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Industrial-Inspired At-Home Liquor Tap

Many sophisticated men have a penchant for fine liquor, especially dark drinks such as bourbon or whiskey. With this industrial-looking wood and metal alcohol dispenser, your buddy can serve up fine drinks in style, all from the comfort of his home. The design is ingenious but simple: all you need to do is screw your most cherished bottle onto the top and then start pouring and enjoying. Make this an extra special gift by pairing with a top-shelf whiskey or scotch.

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Framed Sound Wave Print of His Favorite Song

Does your friend have a song that means the world to him? Then this gift will be almost just as meaningful. All you have to do is input the artist and title of his favorite song, choose a frame and foil color, and voilà – you will have a visual representation of that melody based on the sound waves of the recording. It is the kind of gift that holds special personal significance while also serving the practical purpose of adding fantastic décor to any room or office.

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DIY Paper Sculpture of Elephant Head

Chances are, your guy friend has never received a gift quite like this one. This DIY paper sculpture kit combines all the fun and ingenuity of paper crafting with the visual appeal of awesome wall décor. Not only will he get to enjoy the project of assembling the elephant head, but he will get to look on his work with pride and admiration for as long as it lives on his wall. This is about as manly a craft project as you could find.

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Customized Guitar Pick in Mini Guitar Holder

Men who play guitar often love collecting unique guitar picks, and this one, customizable as it is, is by definition unique. Even if you elect the suggested “I will always pick you,” you can bet that he doesn’t already own the amazing miniature guitar that serves as the case. Since the pick is made of American walnut and the box is made of pine, this makes just as good a great gift for the nature lover as for the music aficionado.

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Make His Day with these 29 Unique Gifts for Men

Selecting a unique gift for a great man in your life is such a fun thing to do. Enjoy the process and pick something that makes you smile. He will love it all the more if you love it, too.

This list includes some great ideas and will help inspire you towards the right gift if you just follow your heart. Try to think about the last few times you’ve seen him or visited his home and consider any needs he may have. Most men love a good grooming gift, and there are some great ones here. There is also a fine selection of home and office ideas, which is also an almost always welcome gift.

Play around with some ideas, keep your eyes and ears open to his wants, and you will have just the right gift wrapped and ready in no time.

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