Toys for 10 Years Old Boys

Whether it is your son, a friend’s child, or a relative, coming up with gifts for 10 years old boys can be a fun but tricky process. You want something you know they will love, and at age 10, they are starting to transition out of childhood toys.

The easiest way to find some great gift ideas for 10 year old boys in your life is to ask them! Don’t be shy about it; he surely won’t be. Most 10 year olds aren’t shy about letting you know what they are into and what they don’t want, so be sure to listen to them.

Enjoy finding that fun gift that is just right, and enjoy watching his eyes light up when he opens it. There are few things sweeter than watching a child cherish a present. Have fun, and don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the gift with him.

29 of the Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys that They Will Love

Gifts for 10 Years Old Boys

Magical Twinkling You Are My Universe Poster

At ten years old, he probably still likes to have a night light, but maybe he would prefer something less traditional. This beautiful piece of decorative wall art is illuminated from behind with LED lights and can be turned on or off or set to twinkle with just the push of a button. Near the bottom of the canvas, you can add a personalized note to your little guy reminding him just how special he is to you. Bring the stars to his room with this cute canvas.

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Incredibles’ Dash Birthday Boy T-Shirt

The Incredibles is a good gift for any ten year old. With fun superpowers, great jokes, and cool action, it is a movie that all ages can enjoy. This t-shirt depicts dash, who is himself around ten, doing what he does best – running! If you decide to get this shirt for your little buddy, be sure to order it early so that it arrives before his birthday. It would be a shame if he had to wait an entire year to try it out.

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Electric or Acoustic Thumb Pianos

This take on traditional African thumb pianos is a super cool gift idea for the young man who enjoys music. It is a simple instrument, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing. Having been played in Africa for thousands of years, the thumb piano carries with it a long and interesting tradition that it is fun to share. With the electric version, you can even plug it in and play it loud and clear for sing-alongs or jam sessions.

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OtterBox iPhone Avengers Endgame Case

Every kid everywhere loves the Avengers. In fact, its box office numbers show that nearly everyone everywhere loves the Avengers. If you aren’t sure what he may like, this is a great gift for 10 year old boys, and is also good for unisex gift ideas if you are looking for something for a young lady as well. This cool gift will be happily received. Just be sure that he has the right phone for this case before ordering.

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Awesome Mickey Birthday Boy T-Shirt

When coming up with gift ideas for 10 year old boy, you certainly want to find a cool gift, but you also want to make sure it isn’t too mature. That is where cool Mickey comes in. Harkening back to kids’ favorite mouse, this t-shirt is the perfect balance between childhood and pre-teen years. It is a top choice for any Disney fan and is the best gifted pre-birthday bash so that he can show off his gift at his party.

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Super Light Block Toy with Sound Activation

This is such a cool present idea when you are trying to come up with gifts for 10 year old boys. In fact, almost anyone can get joy out of this playful and creative color block light. These blocks can be shaped into whatever he can imagine, allowing him to create his own custom sound-activated night light. This is for sure a real “wow” present. Get it in a set of 50 or opt for the set of 240 blocks for a big project.

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Clever Globally Themed Puzzle Challenges

This is a cheap gift idea for the brainy 10 year old in your life. This set comes with four unique mysteries that include themes such as Chinese tea, Roman keys, and a Greek water mill, each offering its own challenges. These puzzles will lead to hours of entertainment and can be enjoyed over and over. Be sure to take some time to play with them with your 10 year old buddy for some good bonding time in addition to the awesome gift.

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Funny and Sentimental Re-memory Game

This Toy for ten years old boys is a good choice if you have a special bond and lots of memories to share with him. Coming in just a small box, it is a good small gift idea that packs a big punch. This game walks you down memory lane to recall and remember all the best moments in your life together. This game will bring out laughter and tears and will help teach a young boy to remember what matters most.

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Awesome Mini 3D Dragon Model Kit

For as amazing as this dragon is, it is actually a cheap gift idea. When it comes to toys for 10 year olds, dragons and models are a match made in heaven. It gives them the chance to build but encourages them to also use their imagination to then play with and enjoy their special creation. Buy this as just a single piece or gather a few so that he can have a whole dragon army!

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Thoughtful and Unusual Gift from Grandparents

Fun gifts for 10 year old boys encourage them to interact with others and use their brains. This super fun set of creative cards is designed to be enjoyed between grandparents and their grandchildren and encourages adventures, familial bonding, and creative thinking. Activities include things such as road trip games, talent shows, and an awards ceremony. With two decks, you can track results, draw pictures, and write notes to cherish forever. Don’t miss this chance to share something special with your young grandson before he’s all grown up.

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Fan Pro Football Stadium Art

“Pop-up book” calls to mind the kind of gift you might expect a toddler to receive. But rest assured that this is no ordinary pop-up book. In addition to a working planetarium, this gift comes with a built-in musical instrument, a message decoder, a sound amplifier, and more. When you give this gift, you can make a hilarious joke about if Mary Poppins and Neil deGrasse Tyson had a baby; then again, that might fly over a 10 year old’s head like a shooting star.

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Augmented Reality Viewer of All Things Celestial

Did you ever wish that you could get your hands on an augmented reality personal planetarium when you were a kid? Of course you didn’t; the phrase “augmented reality” would have elicited a “huh?” while the word “planetarium” only had meaning in relation to a school field trip. Nowadays, the top toys for 10 year olds include amazing technological feats like this amazing educational star viewer. This will make a good gift for any boy interested in the worlds beyond our world.

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Amazing Illustrated Chart of Cosmic Exploration

If you find that he is quite a little star gazer, this extremely well-designed space exploration poster will make for a very cool present. Searching for gift ideas for ten year old boy may often put you into the realm of posters since boys of that age start to grow more independent and like customizing their bedrooms to their growing tastes. If he’s going to be sticking posters on the wall, you may as well give him something beautiful, educational, and fascinating like this.

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Customizable Sports-Themed Throw Pillows for the Young Athlete

Boyhood can be an exciting time for all kinds of reasons, not least of which it is often a period of discovering sports that truly interest him. Feed his passion for sports with this unique gift idea, a set of ball-shaped throw pillows with his name featured on all four. He can cozy up with them in bed (a much more “big boy” option than a stuffed animal) or toss them around for a safer alternative to throwing actual balls indoors.

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Awesome Personalized Sports Pillowcase

Gifts for ten year old boys can range from toys to clothes, to nearly anything you can think of. This pillowcase takes a home necessity and turns it into something special just for him. If he is a sports fan, he will love this jersey-style case that features his lucky number and either his first or last name. You can choose from eight different colors and even select the colors of stripes to perfectly represent his favorite team.

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Super Avengers Warm Drink Mug

The best gifts for 10 year old boys are things that they will see and use frequently. This mug features six of their favorite superheroes, all ready to go and delivering hot beverages in an easy-to-drink cup. There are seven different style options to choose from, including a two-toned mug, a morphing mug, and a plastic travel mug. Think about what he will like the best and get the most use out of, and go for it.

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Sink the Winning Shot Breakfast Mug

This small gift idea is great for any sports fan. Most 10 year olds eat breakfast, so why not make it a little more fun! From the mind of a young entrepreneur, this clever mug comes in five different styles, so no matter which sport he prefers, there is an option for him. This bowl is also great for hot foods, so if soups are on the menu, remember to bust it out and start shooting oyster crackers.

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Shake it Up Ice Cream Maker Ball

If the 10 year old boy happens to have sisters that he enjoys playing with, it can be nice to come up with unisex gift ideas that the whole family will enjoy. This ice cream maker is a great gift idea as it combines two items commonly ranked among 10 year olds’ favorite things: ice cream and playing toss. You simply add all the ingredients in, throw the ball around for a while, and voila! You have fresh, delicious homemade ice cream.

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Infographic Style Rock Guitar Poster

Gifts for ten year old boys vary so greatly depending on the young man’s maturity level and interests. Some boys would prefer toys while others may have moved on in the pursuit of more “grown-up” hobbies. If the guy you are buying for has discovered a passion for music, this super cool infographic poster displays 64 classic guitars that have been played throughout the history of rock and roll. Any budding musician will appreciate this awesome gift.

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Superhero Boy’s Gift Idea

Stuffed superheroes are a fun Toy for 10 years old boys. Boys can cuddle up with them at night and go on epic adventures with them during the day. With the choices of Batman, the Flash, or Wonder Woman, you really can’t choose wrong. A great feature of these toys is that they offer the option to add the child’s name onto the bottom of the character’s foot so that it never gets mixed up with a friend’s toy.

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Lego Utensils Make a Great Useful Gift

It can seem a little funny eating with your favorite Lego guy, but this playful silverware set is an unorthodox and creative way to make mealtime a little more fun. Although a fork and spoon set may seem like an unusual gift, it will brighten his day every time he sits down for a meal and may even make that broccoli a little more bearable. Choose from ten fabulous colors, and don’t forget to personalize them.

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Incredible 80-Piece Art Set

Art kits make wonderful gifts. They are perfect when searching for gifts for 10 year old boys. At that age, most kids enjoy sitting down to draw or color, and this kit will help them take their art further than they ever imagined. Coming in a classy wooden personalized case, this kit will make them feel like a professional artist carrying around their supplies just waiting for the right inspiration to create their next masterpiece.

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Nuts and Bolts Robot Kit

Robotic toys for 10 year olds are always a hit. This inexpensive kit will allow them to construct three complete designs on their own by following a simple set of instructions. They can then disassemble and make their creations. This gift encourages ingenuity and imagination while still providing a base level structure for them to follow. This kit also encourages children to take a look around the house for other discarded pieces of hardware that they could incorporate into their designs.

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Recordable Thumb Piano for Musical Kids

When trying to find musical gifts for ten year old boys, it can be cool to also incorporate a piece of modern tech. This toy is a classic thumb piano with a twist. It has a built-in recorder that allows them to capture their creations to playback later. Not only does it record, but the device can actually loop and playback in different pitches to allow for overlapping rhythms. Get this for a kid who likes to experiment with music.

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Unique and Cute Alphabet T-Shirt

This t-shirt features your child’s name and an image of their favorite Sesame Street character. This great boy’s gift idea is perfect for birthdays or back to school. It can feature any character, but you may want to choose one that shares an initial with the little guy. With sizes ranging from XS to XL, there is surely a size to fit him. Have fun and get this for the boy who has always loved the special magic of Sesame Street.

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Awesome Blue Avengers Throw Pillowcase

A pillow is a useful gift, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. This awesome Avengers pillow features some of the classic characters with a few of everyone’s newer favorites for a great mix. With three sizes available, you can decide which size best suits him and which he would get the most use out of. Consider pairing this with some popcorn and his favorite superhero DVD for a movie night in.

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29 Excellent Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys on their Next Special Occasion

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, you have found 29 excellent options. Whether you are looking for something they can use daily or just for a good Toy for 10 years old boys, there are great choices here for you.

The best gifts for 10 years old boys are those that remind them of you. The surest way to know that they remember you in their gift is to give them something you know they will love and to find time to enjoy it with them.