Gifts for 10 Years Old Girls

When you’re shopping for gifts for 10 years old girls, you need to find items that are colorful and fun. Young girls like things that cute and playful; they want jewelry, decorative items, toys, and games. Rainbows, flowers, and sparkly things are always a surefire hit with this age group.

The best toys for ten year olds are fun, interesting, and safe. Kids at this age have plenty of motor control and think creative ideas, but they might have a hard time with complicated or difficult crafts. Look for drawing supplies and outdoor activities to keep them entertained.

Jewelry and accessories both make good gifts for a young girl. A jewelry box is a useful gift that will help her organize her new accessory collection. This is the age where many girls start to express their personality; give her a piece of jewelry that fits her unique sense of style.

This list of gift ideas covers everything from toys to treasures. Choose a unique item that will help her remember the occasion for years to come.

29 Sweet Gifts for 10 Years Old Girls Who Love the World

Toys for 10 Years Old Girls

Sweet Tiny Worry Doll Necklace

A 10 year old girl worries about grades, friends, and the other trials of a pre-teen. These cute little worry dolls are a small gift idea that will help her face the problems of life. Every time she feels stressed, she just needs to whisper her worries to her tiny friend; the doll will worry about it so that she doesn’t have to. Each handmade doll hangs from a shiny chain that she can wear as a necklace. Dolls are available in blue, pink, and black and white.

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Homemade Yarn Unicorn Crafting Kit

Arts and crafts make perfect gifts for ten years old girls. This cool kit includes everything she needs to make two yarn-wrapped unicorns. Each unicorn starts as a cardboard base and takes form with layers of soft yarn. She can choose her favorite colors for the hooves, manes, and bridles. Shiny silver tassels help the horns look extra magical. Yarn wrapping is a unique crafting skill; when she’s done with the kit, she might start wrapping everything in sight.

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Pink and Gold 10 Year Old Birthday Shirt

Celebrate her 10th birthday in style with this awesome gift idea. The shiny gold lettering proudly announces that she’s finally made it to double digits. The classic t-shirt style includes pink sleeves and a white base. She’ll want to wear this for her entire birthday and probably for the rest of the year. These shirts double as unisex gift ideas; red and mint sleeves are available for any 10 year old kid in your life.

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Bright and Colorful Cinema-Style Lightbox

This fun lightbox looks just like a cinema marquee and is a good toy for ten years old girls. Every lightbox comes with 100 letters and special characters to spell her name or her favorite phrase. The box lights up in different colors; she can choose a single shade or opt for a rainbow light show. Every box is portable and battery-powered. This fun decoration will sit on her desk or beside her bed for years.

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Playful Ice Cream Maker Ball

This awesome girl’s gift idea lets you end a game of catch with an ice cream sundae. Place ingredients inside the ball and take it out for a 20-minute game of catch. When everyone’s tired, pop the ball open and enjoy a delicious batch of homemade ice cream. Flavors and ingredients are suggested in the included recipe book, but you only need salt, cream, sugar, and the mix-in of your choice. This is a great gift idea for an ice cream social birthday party.

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Build Your Own Cardboard Pinball Machine

Teach her about engineering and let her crafty nature take over with this cardboard pinball machine. No tools are needed to assemble the machine, but she might want a little help with the instructions. Once she’s got it up and running, let her decorate the machine with her favorite crafting supplies. These clever kits are good unisex gift ideas; anyone who can punch out cardboard shapes can make a pinball machine that’s completely unique.

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Make Your Own Comic Book Kit

Art kits are great gift ideas for ten year old girl who loves to draw. This kit includes markers, paper, and an instruction book that will introduce her to the world of comic books. Preformatted pages will help her draft her first story and learn the basics of layout design. If she sends her comic off in the included envelope, she’ll also receive a printed keepsake comic with an “About the Author” page just for her.

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Bright Blue Polaroid Instant Camera

Introduce her to the world of photography with this cute Polaroid camera. All she needs to do is point and click; the included instant film will print her image within seconds. The small size and durable plastic make this camera a great toy for 10 year olds. The camera also includes a self-timer so that she can take selfies and group photos with her friends. This camera promises a rechargeable battery with 60 days of life; give her this unique gift idea right before she goes on vacation.

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Colorful Rainbow Flower Wall Clock

This girl’s gift idea is just the thing to hang on her wall. The bright colors and flower shape on this wall clock will make any bedroom more exciting. The numbers are printed in a fun, easy to read font, and the two black hands stand out from the design. You can also choose a custom design to match her current bedroom decor.

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Beautiful Toy Wooden Cupcake Set

These three wooden cupcakes are a charming addition to any play kitchen. The cupcakes are made from sanded wood and feature subtle colors on the icing. The top of each cupcake comes off to reveal a small treasure box. When she’s younger, she’ll use this playset to feed her imaginary friends. When she gets older, she’ll store them on her keepsake shelf and use them for tiny mementos. You can also purchase a colorful storage bag to keep her playset together.

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Pink Elephant Girl’s Water Bottle

This cheap gift idea will keep her healthy and hydrated all summer long. The transparent bottle features a set of sweet and playful elephants surrounded by pink flowers. A pink lid completes the design and keeps the water from spilling out. Water bottles are great gifts for 10 years old girls who like to stay active; she can take this with her to school, bring it to sports games, or pack it for a neighborhood bicycle adventure.

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Colorful Floral Pattern Waist Pack

A waist pack is an essential part of any girl’s adventure wardrobe. This beautifully patterned pack is made from handmade Indian textiles. If she extends the strap, she can also wear this unusual gift as a crossbody bag. This pack is just the right size for small accessories and found treasures. These bags are made from upcycled materials; the patterns will vary, but you know that her present will be completely unique.

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Ceramic Rainbow Unicorn Cereal Bowl

This stout little unicorn is a fun gift for anyone who likes cereal or ice cream. The large ceramic bowl can hold soup, cereal, chips, or whatever her favorite treat might be. The subtle gray ceramic has been hand-painted with a rainbow mane and a colorful tail. These dishes are great gift ideas for 10 year old girl who loves unicorns. If she’s a fan of the bowl, you can also purchase a matching mug.

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Happy Birthday Cake Truffles with Messages

This tasty present is a great gift idea for the birthday cake fanatic. Each cake ball truffle is dipped in a sweet topping and carefully placed in this decorative box. When she finally eats each treat, she’ll see a sweet and funny message that wishes her a happy birthday. The box contains 9 different truffle flavors. It’s never too early to give a girl a box of chocolate; celebrate her special day with this unique gift idea.

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Heart Vine Custom Light Box

This unusual gift will make her bedroom feel warm and comforting. Soft, glowing light shines through this wooden lightbox. A delicate vine has been carved in the shape of a heart. The center of the box features her name or an initial of your choice. She can hang this decoration on the wall or stand it on her desk; a simple switch on the back lets her turn the box on or off at a moment’s notice.

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Custom Engraved Elephant Trinket Box

These boxes are great gift ideas for 10 year old girl who loves elephants. Choose from plain or patterned designs in pink and purple. You can engrave the front of the box with her name or a favorite phrase to make it even more personal. The box features multiple layers, and the dividers in the trinket trays can be moved as needed. This is a great place for her to store a growing collection of hair clips, jewelry, and accessories.

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Enchanted Forest Goldilocks Doll House

This toy for ten years old girls is a good addition to any doll collection. Each wooden dollhouse comes with moveable pieces, opening doors, and a tiny working swing. Four cutout dolls represent Goldilocks and the three bears of legend. The dollhouse has been painted to look like it’s surrounded by a forest of magical trees. This kit also comes with a Goldilocks and the Three Bears storybook; she’ll be able to read the story and act it out with this fun gift for kids.

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Silver Sprinkle Heart Stud Earrings

These earrings make fun gifts for 10 years old girls who have already had their ears pierced. Each silver heart earring has been filled with rainbow sprinkles for a sweet and joyful fashion statement. These earrings are a cool gift for the girl who loves rainbows, donuts, or anything sprinkle related. 10 is a great age to rock rainbow jewelry and accessories. Pair these earrings with a matching necklace and she’ll be dressed in total birthday style.

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Sweet and Musical Beechwood Pat Bells

These colorful pat bells are a cool toy for 10 years old girls. Each little bell is tuned to a note in the C major scale and painted a different color. The bells stand on their on a table or flat surface; to play them, she just has to give each bell a pat. This kit also comes with music and instructions to play classic children’s songs. The bells are properly tuned and can play real music; give this gift to a girl who loves to hum and sing.

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Large Blue Llama Zipper Pouch

Pouches and bags are great gifts for 10 years old girls; they can be used to store pencils, accessories, spare change, and any other treasures that she might possess. This large pouch features an adorable llama carrying a basket to market. The other side of the bag shows the same llama from a different angle. A strong metal zipper with a blue tag keeps her items safe inside. This funny and whimsical design will make a great addition to her accessory collection.

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Happy 10th Birthday Girl’s Charm Bracelet

This girl’s gift idea is the perfect thing to give her on her 10th birthday. Each metal bracelet features a set of adorable and girly charms, including candy, ice cream, an angel, and a heart. A shiny number 10 sits in the center of the collection; you can also choose her birthstone and her initial to add color and personalization. These bracelets are packaged in cute gift boxes and can include a personal, handwritten note on request. Choose from three wrist sizes to make sure her bracelet fits.

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iPhone Charger Sticker Face Set

Dress up her iPhone charger with this cool gift idea. Each sticker set includes faces and colorful accessories for four different characters. Place stickers on each side of the charger, then place a tongue sticker on the cable to complete the look. She’ll never wonder which phone charger is hers after she’s decorated it with this unusual set. This cheap gift idea is great for a girl who already has an Apple device; you could also use it to announce her first cell phone.

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Personalized Girl’s Mermaid Tail Blanket

These personalized mermaid blankets are perfect gifts for 10 years old girls. Choose a pink tail with a blue fin or a purple tail with a green fin. The soft plush fabric will keep her warm while she watches television, whispers secrets at a sleepover, or daydreams on her bed. Personalize the gift with her name embroidered at the top of the blanket. Give this cool present right before a slumber party or a weekend at her grandparents’ house to ensure warm and magical dreams.

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Fun Little Feminist Card Deck

Give your little feminist in training a historical education with this clever small gift idea. Playing cards are good toys for 10 year olds; this standard 52 card deck features a different historical woman on every colorful card. The characters are depicted as instantly recognizable cartoons. The card backs feature a playful polka dot design that will stand out in her toy collection. This cool present will spark conversation and help her brush up for history class.

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Tiny Heart Charm Letter Bracelet

This beautiful piece of jewelry is a good gift for a girl who’s growing up fast. The delicate golden chain features a tiny heart in the center. Choose from four pastel colors to match her wardrobe; personalize the charm with the first letter of her name. This simple bracelet design is suited for any young girl. Give this gift for her birthday or as a valentine from a parent who truly loves her.

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29 Fun Gifts for 10 Years Old Girls Who Won’t Sit Still

These gift ideas range from sweet to motivational. Whether you pick a fun or a useful gift, choose something that helps her be her best self. Many toys for ten year olds are made from high-quality materials and will last well into her teenage years.

We’ve chosen gifts for 10 years old girls that showcase style and creativity. Both playful and quiet girls will appreciate one of these fun and decorative items. Think about her favorite colors and the activities that she prefers when she gets home from school. If you choose something based on her personality, she’ll treasure the gift for the rest of her life.