Gift Ideas for 3 Years Old Boys

Gifts for 3 years old boys are especially difficult to nail down. This is an age where children are always growing and changing and what they loved yesterday isn’t necessarily what they are going to think of fun tomorrow or next week.

To find the perfect, cool present, you have to step outside of your little man’s interests of the moment and get a handle on the direction he’s heading. For most kids, this is onto bigger, better, and more exciting horizons.

A wonderful boy’s gift idea at any age is one that inspires learning and awareness of self. The gap between age 3 and age 4 is a significant one- one of the best, actually. Your little guy will change a lot in a very short amount of time. This is the stage of life, in fact, where he will begin to come into his own as a person.

By the time they reach Kindergarten, the toddler you know now will be someone entirely different, but equally wonderful. Getting them on the right path to knowing themselves is the greatest present you can offer them.

Finding a wonderful toy for three years old boys means encouraging their interests and introducing them to new ideas.

Gifts for 3 years old boys can be organized into a few categories- things that they can use, things that will teach them, and the ever important fun gift. We have picked a few from each category and included them here to give you plenty of options.

29 Super Fun Gifts for 3 Years Old Boys

Gifts for 3 Years Old Boys

A Useful Gift for Tiny Picassos

Crayons are a go-to cheap gift idea for kids, so why not amp it up with this adorable table and chair set? It’s a perfect gift for a creative kid in your life. Easy to assemble (it doesn’t even require tools) and comfortable for little ones to sit in, they will have their own designated place to create brilliant works of art!

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A Fun Gift & a Sweet Throwback

In this day and age, a wooden plane might seem like an unusual gift, but old school is back in style. Parents today want to gift their kids toys that encourage creativity and imagination without gluing their eyes to a screen. This simple wooden plane will inspire hours of play and look adorable on the shelf between play times.

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One of the Top Memory Games Available

Not just for boys, games make great unisex gift ideas. Peek-A-Doodle-Doo! is a unique board game geared at testing memory and building problem solving skills. The game is both educational and entertaining, keeping children engaged in the goal of collecting eggs for their coop.

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Keep All the Art in One Place

A giant among gift ideas three years old boys is this Qwikflip 2-sided easel from Crayola. The easel features storage for markers, paints, and other supplies and has surfaces perfect for dry erase, chalk, and painting. You can also attach rolled paper for easy clean up. The easel locks into place, helping to prevent disastrous mishaps as your little guy hones his artistic abilities.

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A Ball Pit for the Bedroom

This Cars-themed ball pit inflates to 33 inches high and contains fifteen balls. At the top of the pit, there’s a ball-toss roof for your little guy to practice his dunk or he can sit inside the pit and look for fun through the peek-through windows in the attached siding. Easy to assemble and even easier to clean, you’ll love this gift as much as he does! After all, he will get all the joy of his favorite restaurant playland without all the germs!

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Encourage Reading Early with Bookends

This is a small gift idea that will go a long way. While books, themselves, are not an unusual gift, there is often little thought put into the gift about how these books will be stored. Personalized bookends by My First Library are a wonderful way to encourage book collecting and eventual reading. The set includes two wooden bookends and an ABC poem book to start their collection.

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Inspire Your Little Hero to Play

Fireman toys make great gifts for 3 years old boys. This playset has a radio tower, siren buttons, and a way to record personalized messages as they send their trucks to save the day. There is even a walkie talkie they can use to communicate with their other, imaginary firefighter friends. The set comes with a lifetime guarantee from Fat Brain Toys.

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Age Doesn’t Matter – Jets are Always Cool

Squirrel Play is known for making wonderful toy for 3 year olds because of their safe, simplistic designs. This set features three stories of fun in a tiny airport replica. Your little guy will be able to park cars and buses in the parking garage, run planes down the runway, and load the luggage trailer with suitcases. There is even a helipad and chopper included in this sweet boy’s gift idea!

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Who Doesn’t Love Paw Patrol?

This Paw Patrol themed toy for 3 year old boys comes complete with everyone’s favorite 4-legged superhero gang. The team can keep an eye out for trouble from the top of this two and a half foot tall structure, then sound the alarm when it’s time to engage. The toy requires two AAA batteries, which are included with purchase.

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Lego Sets Always Make a Cool Gift

For generations, legos have made a wonderful boy’s gift idea. This set contains bricks in 33 colors including windows, doors, and baseplates. Let his unstoppable imagination run wild- he can build anything now! When he’s finished, all the legos will fit perfectly into the included plastic bin, saving your feet in the dark.

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LeapStart 3D – A Perfect’ Boy’s Gift Idea

Electronic games make great gifts for 3 years old boys. The LeapFrog LeapStart is geared for their exact age level and can be changed out with a variety of replayable activity books that cover all learning levels from preschool to 1st grade. LeapStart is recommended by 97% of teachers because of the school readiness it offers for little people. Why not gift them an education set off right?

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Matryoshkas Make a Good Gift for Everyone

These cute Disney-inspired nesting dolls make a unique gift for the little person you love. Hand painted on a wood base with an acrylic lacquer, the dolls are inspired by Russia’s most popular souvenir item and have long been popular toys for 3 year olds.mEach doll nests perfectly inside the next, making this a wonderful toy to tech sequence and problem solving.

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Melissa & Doug and Another Perfect Creation

This little service station will keep your guy busy for hours with this one-stop car shop. They can visit the mechanic’s garage for maintenance, fill up, or run through the car wash as they push the included two cars around the play area. This gift can be personalized with their name (up to 9 characters) and is compatible with any die-cast metal car toy.

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A Funny Design and a Funky Sound

Xylophones make wonderful gifts for three years old boys because they encourage music and play. Also, thanks to the beat-sticks, they will have an opportunity to exercise their hand-eye coordination. This xylophone is designed to look like a sweet caterpillar with each section of the body playing a different note.

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Elmo Looks Especially Awesome

Adorned in sunglasses with swim trunks and a beach ball, Elmo will get your kids excited about this fun beach collection. This is actually a great option for unisex gift ideas, as well, thanks to the ability to choose between pink or blue base coloring and the addition of your child’s name.

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Gather the Fleet- This One’s Neat

Wooden toys always make great gift ideas for 3 year old boy and this one features a truck and six cool cars! This Mega race-car carrier has hinges and wheels designed to help your little guy load up his fleet and take off anywhere in a matter of moments. If you have a little man obsessed with big wheels and motors, this gift is one of our favorite options.

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It’s Good to Be Quiet Sometimes

Felt busy books make for a cool gift. This one is especially useful thanks to its encouragement of silence. Perfect for when little brother or sister is napping, in the car, or waiting at the doctor’s office, your child will be able to learn to zip, lace their shoes, and even button clothes. This small gift idea packs a big punch.

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Funny, Hooded Beach Towels Rock

These awesome hooded beach towels are one of our favorite gift ideas for 3 year old boy. Choose between an alligator, a bug, a parrot, a monster, an octopus, or shark and let your little guy’s imagination run wild! These towels are perfect for the beach, pool, or talking them out of that bath they didn’t want to take to begin with.

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Make Way for this Cute Farm Train

A pull-along wooden train is a great gift idea for your sweetie. They will have an amazing time pulling this train and picking up its adorable farm passengers along the way. The train includes 3 connecting cars and a cow, pig, and horse that rock on curved bases. It can also be personalized with your child’s name, up to 10 characters. It’s a great toy for 3 years old boys.

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Dino Adventures are the Best Adventures

This toy for 3 years old boys is inspired by the Blockbuster hit, “Jurassic World.” This Playskool Tracker vehicle has a detachable capture cage and a front light that emits dino tracks along the way to save the day. Your driver will have fun capturing the Velociraptor over and over again.

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A Good Gift for Little Adventurers

This tiny tent is a unique gift idea geared toward adventurous children. While it is mostly for indoor camping, it can be used outdoors in cooperative weather and is excellent for developing activities that inspire the imagination. The tent is decorated with Tonka Chuck and friends, so it is an equally thoughtful boy’s gift idea for the little car guy you love.

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A Useful Gift for Beginning Spellers

This wooden name puzzle will help your preschooler learn to spell their own name and identify patterns. The name is cut out in alternating colors and fits perfectly into place on the puzzle base. Do the puzzle together, naming the letters and colors and your child will be spelling and patterning in no time! You can also engrave a special message onto the back of the puzzle for no additional cost. This is a great gift idea for any beginning learner.

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An Awesome Reason to Play Outside

The Swing-a-ring is a gift for outside play. It is a strong, sturdy swing designed to be both safe and durable. The metal ring frame is covered in soft foam and a netted seat holds up the bottom comfortably. Simply hang the tree from two high points for a sturdy and straightforward flight or hang it from one point for a more exhilarating twist.

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A Good Gift for Future Engineers

This unique gift idea allows your little guy to build an entire city using over 130 pieces, including 6 die-cast cars. They will have hours of fun putting their city together, taking it apart, and rebuilding it. They will also learn along the way.

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Twinkle Twinkle for Your Little Star

Some of our favorite gifts for 3 years old boys aren’t toys or educational at all. A pillow always makes a great, comforting and cheap gift idea. This one is extra special. The Squishy Lite Plus Pillow can be personalized with your child’s name and has internal lights that alternate between seven different colors with an auto shut-off feature at 45 minutes. Is your little man still scared of the dark? This is one way to help him over the hump.

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Top Secret Playtime Alert from HQ

Your little guy will have hours of fun with this great PJ Masks Mission Contral HQ Playset. The set features Catboy and Romeo with posable limbs in a three-level action-packed platform. They can re-enact their favorite episodes or create storylines that are all their own. With the corkscrew pole, dart launcher, and Gekko shield, all their favorite parts of the show are now within their power. Toys for 3 year olds should always be this exciting.

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For the Mr. Fix-It in Your Home

The best toys for 3 year olds are those that encourage learning. This tiny workbench from Black and Decker encourages your little carpenter to learn about how different tools work and let his imagination soar with pretend projects of his own. The set features realistic tools and accessories with storage. Batteries are required for lights and noises.

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Cuddles for Your Good Sport

Sports are always the center of every boy’s gift idea list, and these plush sports-inspired pillows make for a cool present. Soft and cuddly, your little slugger can curl up with a personalized baseball, football, basketball, or soccer ball and have sweet dreams of daring plays and crowds gone wild.

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Here He Comes to Save the Day

You’re little fire chief will have fun saving the day over and over with this all-inclusive fire station gift set. He can push his emergency vehicles across the carpet or tile to save his imaginary townsfolk all with the accompaniment of real siren sounds and radio noises. There’s even a police motorcycle and ambulance included in case he needs backup!

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29 Amazing Choices in Gifts for 3 Years Old Boys

We hope these gift ideas for 3 year old boy have inspired some great ideas of your own. We had fun putting the list together and we know they are all worthy of your consideration.

Gifts for three years old boys don’t have to be hard to find. While it’s sometimes difficult to gather gift ideas for a person that doesn’t yet express much interest in anything, you have the power to encourage the exploration of themselves.

This is a pivotal age for your child and the encouragement you offer them today has the power to shape their confidence for the future. Good luck!