29 Unique Gifts for Girls that are Sure to Make a Statement

Unique Gift Ideas for Girls

Finding unique gifts for girls can sometimes be challenging. There are many stereotypical gifts that may often just get an ‘ehh’ response and you sure don’t want to give one of those! The trick to finding a great gift is to have it be both practical and one-of-a-kind.

To help make things easier, here is a list of 29 different gifts that fit those criteria. Many of these are hand made items that you won’t find in the typical department store. More often than not, you’re able to customize the gift as well, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to the piece. From accessories to DIY kits, there is something on this list for everyone!

29 Fantastic and Unique Gifts for Girls of Any Age

Unique Gifts for Girls

Open Circle Bracelet – Beautifully Delicate Jewelry Item Sure to Please

This piece of jewelry is a perfect gift for a girl of any age from tween up. One of the most appealing aspects of this bracelet gift is the ability to select from one of three hand-hammered finishes: 14K gold, sterling silver, or rose gold. There are also three sizing options with a fourth for additional custom sizing. To round off the beauty of this gift, it comes shipped in a homemade box printed on a traditional letterpress.

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Personalized Birthday Candle – A Fun Birthday Gift That Outlasts any Celebration

Nothing says party like a candle, and this personalized birthday-themed one is no exception. The candle is handcrafted in Oregon and is made from a soy-based wax. The advantage of this is that it’s petroleum-free – burning 30-50% longer than other waxes such as paraffin. Not only does this candle smell like cake, but you can also personalize the label to include the recipients’ name and celebrated age.

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Tabletop Glass Fireplace Kit – A One-of-a-Kind Gift for a Hostess

For the girl who loves the outdoors and throwing parties, this is the gift to give! The kit includes everything you need to build a tabletop lantern that doubles as a fireplace when you remove the glass. It is sized perfectly at just 6.5″ square and 9″ tall. It comes in two variations, with or without the sand and lava rocks, and relies on safe(r) gel fuel to reduce the risk of accidents. Without doubt, this is a unique gift any girl would love as a statement piece.

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DIY Lip Balm Kit – Non-Traditional Gift that Pays Itself Forward

This gift idea for girls is great for two reasons: first, who doesn’t love all-natural lip balm that you made yourself?? Second, proceeds from the sale of this kit go towards helping women in transitional housing in Washington DC receive invaluable job-skills services. The kit itself contains enough materials to make five tins of lip balm. The ingredients and packaging will please even the most environmentally focused girl with organic, recyclable, and ethically sourced elements.

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Pom Pom Fairy String Light – Sweet Gift for Any Young Girl Who Wants to Shine

Forget nightlight and table-top lamps; this handcrafted string of pom pom lights is sure to be the envy of any young girl. The strand measures about six feet long and has a battery life of approximately 50 hours. Thanks to this battery power, the lights can be placed anywhere and are sure to add a sweet, soft touch to any bedroom, playroom, bathroom or fairy house.

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Edible Gold Lollipops – A Set of Treats Made for Royalty

When it comes to treats for girls, anything is better with gold inside. These half-dozen lollipops are no exception. With a base of isomalt and corn syrup, these homemade candies are crystal clear, revealing a unique 24K gold leaf center that is just as edible as it is eye-catching. The candy game has certainly been one-upped by these lollipops, the perfect gift for a girl of any age.

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Women’s Soft Serve Socks – Fun, Small Gift to Give the Girl Who Owns a Sock Collection

We each have that one friend who loves funky socks. This gift option is ideal – you cannot go wrong with these socks if you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift because nothing says fun and funky like soft-serve ice cream. Made from cotton that stretches for comfort, this gift will not only look nice, it will feel nice as well.

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Paperchase Wedding Scrapbook – A Thoughtful Gift Sure to be Cherished

Girls and weddings often go hand-in-hand and the perfect gift for a girl about to be married or recently married is a scrapbook that will allow her to save all her beautiful memories. This ring-bound scrapbook is pristine with many blank pages that the recipient will be eager to fill. It comes with a ribbon tie and a page of stickers as well to help a novice scrapbooker begin to capture their memories.

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Sparkling Rosé Wine Making Kit – A Unique 21+ Gift Sure to Bring Some Smiles

Most girls will jump at the chance to make something from scratch and Sparkling Rosé is even better. The kit includes everything you need to make this refreshing summer treat including the gallon jug and makes enough to fill five champagne bottles (if anyone is sharing that is!). From start to finish the wine needs no less than six weeks. A perfect girl’s gift for any occasion.

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Large Croc Half Moon Cross Body Bag – Make a Fashion Statement Anyone Would Want

For the sharp dresser of the group, this body bag is sure to please. What makes this stand out the most is the half-moon design and the bold black alligator print material. Not only is this chic, but it’s also practical by zipping closed. An inside pocket provides even more security as it also zips. The strap is removable as well, quickly turning this fashion piece into a trendy handbag for date night.

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Personalized Weekly Calendar/Planner – A Creative Twist on a Practical Gift for Girls

Women tend to have things a bit more organized than their male counterparts. This is often due to the careful planning that takes place beforehand. Make sure the girl in your life has things together with the help of this personalized weekly calendar. There are a total of four variations of this calendar/planner that you can choose from and you can also personalize the front. An additional option which is nice to have is the ability to choose what month/year the calendar starts in. This feature alone makes this an excellent gift because it won’t matter what time of the year you purchase this.

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Filled Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet – Modern-Day Tree Inscription Sure to Surprise

No need to carve initials into a tree that you may not see again; instead, gift your girl this bracelet. The message engraved on the band is simple: two initials and a heart inscribed between them. With three color options of Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, or Gold, this thin bracelet is great for accenting a girl’s wrist and/or stacking with other similar pieces of jewelry.

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Engraved Blue Anchor Bracelet – Unique Jewelry Piece Sure to Make a Statement

This bracelet is not your average piece of jewelry. Rather than metal, it is crafted with 4mm wide lace and finished off with personalized features. The bracelet itself if a navy blue, and the anchor and accompanying embellishments come in one of four colors: Silver, Gold, Black or Rose Gold. With 8 different sizes, you’re sure to find the one your girl will adore. Capping off on the uniqueness of this piece, you can also choose to add a message up to 10 characters that will be engraved around the bracelet.

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DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit – An Exotic Dessert Kit Sure to Bring a Smile

Girls love ice cream and this DIY kit takes that to a whole new level. A traditional Japanese treat, Mochi is a sweet rice cake ball that encapsulates a cold ice cream center. The kit comes well-equipped with a total of four batches, enough for 32 ice cream balls. The included flavors are both Matcha green tea and cocoa, but the instructions allow for you to put on your creative twist. This gift is a winner for sure, being both fun AND delicious!

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DIY Candle Making Kit – Relaxing Gift That Works for Any Event

Candles really are a multi-purpose gift and this DIY kit adds another fun element as you get to both make the candles and enjoy them. This easy kit comes with all the ingredients and tools needed to make three soy-based candles, minus a saucepan and some pencils/pens to balance the wicks while your candles set. The soft scent of lavender will provide a lovely ambiance for any room, making this a perfect girl’s gift.

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Modern Wall Art: Navy Blue Marble – Chic Gift for Any Girl’s House

Abstract art easily complements and elevates any space and this navy blue marble design is no exception. The soft, swirling colors are sure to vibe with pretty much everyone and you have the choice of one, three or five panels and eight different sizes. The diversity of the selection adds to the value of this gift – it can work for any girl, in any space. It comes ready to hang on a hand-crafted canvas frame so all you’ll need is some nice paper to wrap it in and you’re ready to go.

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Ode to Home State Pillow – Unique Personalized Gift With all of the Feels

This is an excellent gift for any girl that is both thoughtful and small. Don’t let the size of the pillow fool you though, as the thought behind this gift is sure to shine above everything else. Choose from one of the fifty United States and there will be a customized message put on the pillow that highlights that state. If you have a girl friend who is moving out of state, consider this as a going-away present to take with her; on the flip side, it also works as a nice welcoming gift for those just starting to call a state home.

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Leather Laptop Backpack – All In One Chic Accessory That Any Girl Would Want

It’s a backpack, handbag and laptop carrier all in one. This chic leather accessory is offered in eight different gorgeous colors and can fit a laptop up to 15″. It has adjustable straps for a backpack look, a flap top that stylishly clips shut for easy access, and lined interior. Perfect for work, a night on the town, and travel. This is a stylish accessory that is sure to please any girl from tween up.

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Happiness is Homemade Cutting Board – Practical and Sweet Gift for any Kitchen

This is a great gift for the girl who loves her kitchen. It is a large cutting board, measuring 20″ x 14″ and has the message “Happiness is Homemade in the” followed by your own personalized message of up to 20 characters. Additionally, you can add up to 12 names and choose from 9 characters (including pets!) that can be engraved on the lower half of the cutting board. A sweet gift that is sure to complement any girl’s kitchen.

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Personalized Necklace – Stylish Jewelry Piece Great for Any Girl

This charming necklace features a name or word of your choice attached to a delicate chain of 15-20″ (your choice upon purchase). You can choose one of three finishes: 14K gold, Sterling Silver, or Rose Gold. This girl’s gift is perfect for anyone and can be made as sassy or traditional as you’d like. From birthdays to weddings, to confirmations, this gift has 100% adaptability for the special girl in your life.

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Personalized Spa Gift – Perfect Gift for a Girls’ Day In

Skip the cost of a spa and treat your favorite girl to one that she can do herself! Each kit includes lip balm (you pick the flavor), bath salt (2 options available), soap (you pick the scent), muscle rescue balm and skin rescue balm. As a bonus, you can order these in bulk, making this perfect for bridesmaid gifts, Christmas gifts and more!

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Universe Jar Gifts – Eye-catching Gift for Any Occasion

This handmade gift is everything but simple. It is a stunning shelf piece that will accentuate any room in the house. The planets are suspended in a glass jar, displaying a deep night sky that has a soft backlight. The inscribed message, “You are my Galaxy”, adds a nice sentimental touch to this as well. Perfect for a girl of any age – especially if they enjoy stargazing.

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Geometric Labradorite Necklace – Unique Jewelry Piece to Accentuate any Outfit

This one-of-a-kind jewelry piece is something you won’t find many places. It’s a perfect gift for a girl with a little bit of untamed blood in her. The beautifully cut labradorite stone comes in over 6 color patterns and can be paired with 4 different chains. The gift will include a small note about the gemstone itself and a stylish gift box. No two stones are cut exactly the same, making each piece as unique as the girl who will receive it.

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Unicorn Chocolate Brownie Pops – A Sweet Treat for Younger Girls

You cannot go wrong with chocolate and this set of 6 brownie cake pops are extra sweet with the addition of whimsical unicorn decorations. 4 pops are decorated as emoji unicorns complete with sugar horns. 2 come as more traditional fudgy cake pops topped with rainbow sprinkles. Each cake pop is individually wrapped and make the perfect treat for the little unicorn in your life.

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Abstract Art Prints (Set of 2) – Trendy Gift that Elevates any Girl’s Room

This set of abstract art prints is a modern take on sweet colors. With a blend of pastel pinks and splashes of navy blue, this set is perfect for anyplace from a little girl’s bedroom to the main living room. Balance both side by side for an expanded effect or split the set up to complement more of the room. It’s a unique gift that outlasts the occasion and is sure to elevate any room.

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29 Non-Traditional Gifts for Girls that They will Absolutely Adore

Finding unique gifts for girls is often easier than you’d like. Hand-crafted items are often statement pieces that you’ll rarely find elsewhere. Customizing your gift also adds another layer of both sentiment and uniqueness. From birthday to holidays, graduations to confirmations, so long as you keep this list handy you won’t ever have to worry about finding another gift for a special girl in your life.

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