29 Fantastic Gift Basket Ideas for Every Occasion

Finding the best gift basket ideas for someone can be a difficult thing to accomplish. It is important that you first know the person’s likes and interests, and it is important to remember that when making your selection. After all, the worst thing possible is to receive a gift from someone and it be something that they like and not something that you will enjoy. For that reason, the 29 gift basket ideas that we have found cover an array of interests. This will help to ensure that you are able to find the perfect gift basket for your friend or family, regardless of what it is they like or like to do!

29 Gift Basket Ideas that are Full of Love

Gift Basket Ideas

Bath and Beauty Spa Gift Basket

There are some areas where there aren’t any spas, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give the gift of beauty and spa treatments! This gift basket is designed specifically for anyone that likes to relax in a nice hot bath. It is full of different spa treatment goodies, like a clay facial mask, grapefruit soap par, bath bomb, and a luffa. This beautiful gift comes in a gorgeous box, and it even has an elegant card so they know exactly who gave it to them.

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Home Warming Gift Basket

If you have a friend or family member that is finally moving into their own place, this will be the perfect gift basket for them. It comes with a beautiful boxwood wreath, that can be hung on their door. It also has a delicious “coffee breath” lip balm and stainless steel enamel 10oz mug, which will allow them to enjoy their hot beverages in their new home.

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Everyone Loves a Chocolate Fondue Gift Basket

This gift basket is full of delicious treats that are known for being dumped in delicious milk chocolate Fondue. This gift basket can be customized with a special ribbon that will allow it to be used for various occasions. If you don’t see the right pre-made ribbon, you can create your own with a special message that is meant specifically for your friend or the occasion the gift basket is for!

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Cozy Handwoven Global Gift Basket

This gift basket will allow you to give your friend cozy treats and thins from all over the world. It has a beautiful handwoven cotton scarf that is made in Thailand, and a palm leaf basket that is all handwoven in Mexico. While curling up to the fire, they can enjoy a cup of divine chocolate cocoa powder from Ghana in their handmade ceramic mug from Tunisia. Since all of the items in this basket are handmade, they will all very, which also makes them a unique gift that no one else can receive.

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Get Well Soon Recovery Gift Basket

In this gift basket, you can give the gift of various items that are known to help make people who are ill feel better. It is full of delicious and healthy snacks, but it also has light sweets to assist with their sweet tooth. It comes with some delicious tea and soup mix that will help keep their liquids up, and let’s not forget when someone is sick there isn’t a lot of things for them to do. Keeping this in mind, the basket also comes with a crossword puzzle book to help keep their boredom in check.

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Organic Lavender Spa Gift Set

Lavender is a natural herb that is used to help soothe and calm the body and mind, and it is often used at spas to create a peaceful atmosphere. This spa gift set will allow you to give that same feeling to the one you love so that they can experience it in the comfort of their own home. It comes with a handcrafted lavender candle, a few bath bombs, an organic beeswax lip balm, and a “sweet lavender” soap bar. It all comes in a beautiful gift wrap and you can customize a handwritten note.

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Heart & Home Wine Gift Set

This gift basket comes in a nice wooden style crate box, and it is the perfect gift for anyone that loves their wine. You can personalize the crate with a beautiful saying, and it has a “Sea Ship” them. The wine in the set comes with a customized label, and it also has two stemless wine glasses for them to enjoy the wine. It also has a wine opener and a flour sack towel that will make this gift set perfect for a remember-able experience.

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Homestead Gardening Gift Basket

This gift basket wraps two favorite things into one. It provides sweet smelling seeds for heirloom plants for a small garden, and it also has a number of delectable smelling spa treatment products like lip balm and soap. They can also enjoy the delicious taste of all natural raw honey all wrapped up in a beautiful handmade wicker basket, designed to give the gift set a homey touch.

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Inspirational Enjoy The Journey Gift Basket

This gift set is designed for the one that is always seeking out their next journey in life. It comes with a comfortable t-shirt that can be for men or women, and a beautiful Riverstone gemstone bracelet that is designed to it their wrist perfectly. The rest of the basket is full of other inspirational items like a mug and a candle. The shirt generally comes in maroon, but you can request a different color if desired. Plus, you can provide a personalized note to come with the basket to let them know who it was front.

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Olive and Cucumber Oil Spa Gift Basket

For those in your life that you wish to give the gift of relaxation, this beautiful gift comes with everything they will need to feel like that are in a nice and relaxing spa getaway. The main theme of scent for this set is Cucumber Olive Oil, and the set includes mini soap, body wash, hand wash, and bar soap that carries this scent. It also provides Starbucks Tazo Zen box, a loofah, and almonds to complete the basket.

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Cupcake Onesie Baby Shower Gift Basket

Every mother knows that you can never have enough onesie outfits! With this in mind, this beautifully displayed gift basket is an excellent gift for anyone that is expecting! Not only does it give six different onesie outfits, designed for a little girl, but they are neatly folded and displayed as cupcakes in a cupcake box. This gift set is not only helpful, but it is designed to be cute and full of sweetness for your favorite mother-to-be.

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Gummy Bears with Chocolate Gift Basket

This delicious gift is the perfect choice for anyone that loves the sweet and gummy sensation of gummy bears. Not only will they receive traditional gummy bears, but they will also get to experience their favorite gummy treat coated in delicious milk chocolate. This set comes in an elegant, reusable tin box, and you can pick between four pre-made ribbons to express your message, or you can create your own to make it even more special.

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Lavender and Chamomile Spa Gift Set

This gift set comes with everything that your friend or loved one will need to relax in the privacy of their own home while feeling as though they are at a five-star spa resort. It comes with hand soap, body butter, body wash, mini lotion, and bar soap that all have the rejuvenating aroma of lavender and chamomile, which is designed to help anyone relax. It also comes with Hemingway tea, cashew roca, and English tea cookies to help crave the sweet tooth while relaxing.

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Delicious Mixed Snack Tin Gift Basket

This beautifully wrapped reusable tin comes full of different types of cheery berry nut snack mix that your loved one can take with them and enjoy at their leisure. The mixture contains dried blueberries, roasted salted pecans, raw cashews, dried Montmorency cherries, dried cranberries, and roasted salted almonds. This gift basket can be given for various occasions by choosing one of the four pre-made and designed ribbons, or you can create your own ribbon to add that special touch for other occasions.

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A Night in Tuscany, Italy Gift Basket

If your loved one enjoys the beauty and tastes of Tuscany or if they are just fascinated by the culture, this will make an excellent gift basket for them. It is filled with traditional and delicious ingredients that derive from Tuscany. It is displayed in a beautiful woven basket, and it also has items like the Italian theme oven mitt and 8″ home plaque that they can display in their home to show off their interests.

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Twist and Pull Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie Gift Basket

For your loved one that likes to enjoy the delicious taste of Oreo cookies, you can give them a new outlook on their favorite cookie with this gift basket. It comes in a beautiful glass jar that is reusable, and it has 32 individually wrapped Oreo cookies that are coated in delectable milk chocolate.

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Cheese and Cork Wine Tote Gift Set

If your loved one enjoys their wine and cheese tasting, this is the perfect gift set for them. It will allow them to take their favorite cheese and wine out and about with them in a beautiful cork tote that has thermal foil lining. It comes with everything that they will need to enjoy their wine and cheese from the plates, napkins, cheese knife, wooden cheese board, utensils, and wine glasses. Plus, with the thermal lining in the tote, their snacks and wine can be kept cool until they get to their desired location.

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Customized Handmade Soap Gift Basket

This set can be customized for your best girlfriend or guy friend, but you can also choose to customize it for a couple. When ordering the set, you can choose the different scents that you want the soap to have, and other than the soap, this set also comes with a soap dish, washcloth, and lotion bar. This gift set can work for any occasion, even a special anniversary gift for your favorite couple.

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Beautiful Holiday Gift Set Basket

With this spa set, you can customize the coloring of the round gift box, and you can have it personalized with the name of the person you are giving it too. Each beauty item in this basket has the smell of succulent roses. It also comes with a small personalized compact mirror and a beautiful candle tin to hold the candle in. Each item will have the name that you have this set personalized for on it.

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Most Important Meal of the Day Gift Basket

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this gift basket contains breakfast items that are as delicious as the set looks. You can customize the primary color of the gift set to match your loved one’s favorite color, and when it comes to the coffee, you can pick their favorite, whether it is a whole bean or ground coffee. The basket also comes with 2 large, old-fashioned coffee cake pieces and four different kinds of mini bread, ranging from banana nut bread to pumpkin bread.

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Gourmet Sweets & Chocolate Gift Basket

For the sweet love of your life, whether its a friend or significant other that loves chocolate, this delicious gift basket will really hit the spot and soothe their sweet tooth. It has a variety of sweets for them to choose from like lemon blueberry shortbread bites, petite gummy bites, 2 milk chocolate marshmallow pops, and various other delights.

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Beer Snacks Gift Basket

When drinking beer, there are different types of snacks that people enjoy eating. This gift basket is designed and filled with many of those favorite snacks that will allow your loved one to enjoy their beer. Some of the snacks that come in this basket include honey roasted peanuts, dipping pretzels, cheese crisps, and beer nuts bar mix jar. It also comes nicely wrapped in a beautiful willow basket to complete the overall look.

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A Gardener’s Dream Gift Basket

Any gardener knows how hard it can be on your skin and hands to work outside all day. For the gardeners in your life, this will make an excellent gift basket option. It provides a strong and nice smelling gardener’s soap and workshop pumice to get even the dirtiest hands clean. However, it also has a nice healing salve and skin therapy treatment, designed specifically for the hardened hands of a gardener.

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Delicious and Savory Snack Gift Basket

For the person that loves savory and delicious snacks, this will make the perfect gift basket for them. It provides a variety of different savory snacks like Un Mondo dry Salsiccia salami, cheese crisps, and olive oil & sea salt crackers mixed with sweet butter toffee peanuts, candy-coated peanuts, and cheer berry nut trail mix. You can choose between four pre-made ribbon greetings or create your own personal greeting to show them just how much you care!

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Organic Veggie Teethers Gift Basket

For anyone that has ever raised a child through the teething process, they know the teethers are essential to help sooth the pain their little one feels. This gift basket is designed for those cute little ones that are suffering through teething. It comes with four cute teethers dressed up like veggies! They are all made out of 100$ organic Egyptian cotton, and not only will they soothe teething pain, but they are adorable to play with, as well.

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Show Your Love with these 29 Gift Basket Ideas

Whether you are looking for that special gift for a new life, an anniversary present, or a get well gift for a friend, there are gift baskets that will show your friends and loved ones just how much you care. Always remember, the first rule of gift basket giving is to choose a basket that the recipient will enjoy and have an interest in, not what you would like. Also, who wants to give a single gift when you can compile a wonderful basket of different goodies and items for that special occasion.

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