29 Awesome Traveller Gifts for Him that He will Bring Everywhere

Traveller Gift Ideas for Him

If your loved one values experience over material objects, you should consider the best traveller gifts for him rather than any other kind of traditional present. Adventurers and outdoorsmen spend their days and nights dreaming of the next opportunity they have to hop on a train, plane, or bike and take in the rest of the world.

The Top 29 Traveller Gifts for Him that He Will Adore

Traveller Gifts for Him

These types of fun travelers love to learn as much as possible about new cities and countries and need the proper tools to help them do this. This is why these types of jet setters love luxury luggage and clever travel guides. Regardless of what adventure they have planned next, they know that with the right set of tools and accessories, they’ll have the time of their life.

At a loss for the perfect gift to buy a traveler in your life? The following 29 gifts are great traveller gifts for him.

Deblockle Strategy Game for Travelers

Travelers spend a lot of time waiting. Whether they’re waiting to catch a flight, riding on public transportation, or waiting to see what their next day of traveling brings them, jet setters know that the best traveller gifts for him will give your loved on the opportunity to productively pass their free time. If your jet setting loved one has a friend traveling alongside them, this “Deblockle” game is an excellent way for them to entertain themselves in their downtime. The unique handmade game is designed for 2 players and involves highly-strategic moves to see who will be the winner.

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Personalized Leather Luggage Tag for Traveling

Travelers use many different things to tag their luggage. From tape to ribbons, these travel hacks are clever ways for travelers to identify their luggage. If you have a loved one that is always catching flights, consider gifting them with these cute traveller gifts for him. With a personalized luggage tag, your loved one has their own one-of-a-kind leather tag for their luggage. Made by hand out of tanned leather, this two-sided tag will make it easy for your loved one to identify their luggage when traveling.

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Plane Promise Ring Set for Couples

Can’t figure out what gift to give your significant other? When searching through traveller gifts for him, definitely consider this set of plane couple promise rings. Whether you purchase one ring for him or choose to get the couples set, this handmade statement jewelry is one that is totally unique. These rings are a cute statement for two lovers that are in love with traveling. This adorable ring idea can be finished with silver, rose gold, or yellow gold plating.

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Men’s Leather Toiletry Travel Bag

The best traveller gifts for him are presents that your loved one will be able to use when traveling. This leather toiletry bag is a luxury gift that will definitely be used on your loved one’s next trip. This vintage leather toiletry bag is for that man that loves classic luggage and chooses to travel in style. Available with a lifetime warranty, this waterproof leather gift also comes with free travel size bottles. If you’re in need of a serious traveler’s present, this gift is the ideal option for the man that loves to see the world.

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Portable Tea Tumbler and Cork Sleeve

Taking tea on-the-go requires a tea tumbler like this portable one. If you’re looking for top traveller gifts for him, consider this portable tea tumbler. This gift is the best present for a man that can’t get enough of his tea. With this handy tumbler, all that is required is filling the steeping chamber then adding water to the tumbler. Instead of worrying about a traditional cup of tea spilling during his travels, your jet setting loved one will be able to use this gift to enjoy their favorite beverage anywhere and at any time.

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Paper Plane “Sky’s the Limit” Paperweight

In need of funny yet thoughtful traveller gifts for him? This “Sky’s the Limit” paperweight is a great choice. This adorable paperweight is shaped like an old-school paper plane that reads “Sky’s the Limit”. Reminiscent of paper planes that your loved one likely made in grade school, this lead-free pewter paperweight is sure to bring a smile to his face.

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NanoDry Towel for Travel

Traveling with towels can be a hassle. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a plane ride around the world, most towels simply take up too much space. With the unique gift of the NanoDry towel, you’ll be able to give your traveling friend or family member one of the most useful traveller gifts for him. This pocket-sized towel is made of high-tech and high-performance fabric that will make quick work of drying off.

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Business Backpack with USB Charging

Great traveller gifts for him include practical presents that will make your loved one’s travels less stressful. This business laptop backpack features an anti-theft design, as well as a USB charging port. Water resistant and perfect for a casual jaunt about town or hike on the other side of the world, this laptop backpack is something your loved one will definitely use.

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Travel Kit with Skincare Products

A cool present that is one of the best travel gifts for men is this travel kit with skincare products. This Men-ΓΌ kit features a skin refresher set that includes shaving cream, facial wash, skin refresher gel, hair holding cream, shampoo, and shower gel. These essential products will help your loved one look his best while traveling, all packaged in a handy pin-striped bag perfect for compact travel.

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Men’s Leather Backpack for Travel

Travel gifts for men like this handmade leather backpack are the perfect companion to any upcoming trip. This fun gift is available in both the copper and brown variety. Made with excellent craftsmanship, the quality of this travel backpack in undeniable. This awesome backpack is available with personalization, making it easy for you to make this special present even more unique.

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Lightweight Water Resistant Packable Backpack

When choosing from popular travel gifts for men, it is important to find something that will make their travels easier. This water-resistant packable backpack will come in handy on any outdoor excursion. Available in a wide range of colors, this multipurpose backpack is also incredibly durable, which makes it one of the better gift ideas for travelers. Made with tear- and water-resistant nylon material, this backpack will easily become your loved one’s favorite bag to take on trips.

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Men’s Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag

This leather toiletry bag is a cool present and an excellent gift for people who travel. This easy-to-clean luxury leather bag is designed with roomy pockets, making it the ideal accessory to travel with. This hanging bag can also lay flat, is water-resistant, and is easy to clean. As far as toiletry bags go, this leather one is a bag your loved one will definitely appreciate. With a 100% lifetime guarantee, this leather toiletry bag is a great choice for a travel gift.

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Cork Globe for World Travelers

This globe is the ideal gift for people who travel. With this cork traveler’s glove, this present is a great way for your loved one to track their travels with push pins. This detailed and colorful globe makes it easy for your loved one to turn their travels into stunning home decor. When gifting this fun present, be sure to include a pack of push pins as well.

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Travel Journal Notebook for Men

Looking for the best gift for travelers or a small gift idea? Consider this travel journey. This blank notebook is perfect for taking notes on-the-go or sketching the latest cityscape your loved one happens upon. Made by hand, this mini journal is just the right size for any jet setter. Both elegant and sturdy, this cool notebook’s cover features a beautiful globe design that will forever remind your loved one to keep seeing the world.

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Travel Safe Leather Charm Bracelet

The best gift for travelers will be something that reminds your loved one of you. A cool gift like this charm bracelet will remind our loved one to “Travel Safe”. Whether they’re wearing this bracelet every day or they choose to accessorize with it on their next big adventure, this is the perfect gift for people who travel.

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Travel Organizer for Electronics and Cables

When traveling, one of the most annoying issues to deal with is unraveling the mass of cords and cables for all the electronics we use. That’s where a cool gift like this electronics and cable travel organizer comes in handy. This electronics organizer is the best gift for travelers as it saves them from having to let their electronics’ cables get tangled in the first place. This travel organizer is ideal for electronics accessories like phone chargers, USB cables, SD cards, and similar items.

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Bluetooth Speaker in Pocket Tin

If you have a loved one that enjoys blasting their music but can’t carry their sound system with them on their travels, this is a good alternative. Travel gift ideas like this Bluetooth pocket tin speaker makes it easy for your loved one to listen to their favorite tracks while traveling. This present is an amplified mini speaker that connects via Bluetooth to any phone. This cute gift idea is designed inside a compact tin, making it easier than ever to host a dance party from anywhere in the world.

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USB Travel Adapter for Internationa Travel

Travel gift ideas like this USB travel adapter are a lifesaver when traveling internationally. This travel adapter works with plugs from the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the UK. While this gift may not be the first thing on your mind when thinking about travel gift ideas, it will certainly be put to good use if your loved one constantly travels abroad.

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Scratch Off Map with Flags

This unusual gift is one of the best travel gift ideas for a true jet setter. This scratch-off map features a map of the world that your loved one can scratch off as they travel to more and more destinations. The more countries and states your loved one scratches off, the brighter and more colorful the map will become. This wooden world poster comes with a print of the world’s flags as well as stickers. If your loved one has a thing for international travel, this is one of the best gifts to give him.

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Beard Comb and Brush Set

Do you have a bearded man in your life? This brush and comb set is a unique gift idea for any man with a beard that loves to travel. With this cheap gift idea, your man will be able to care for his beard and hair anywhere in the world. Whether he’s grooming at the airport or taking care of his beard and hair internationally, he’s sure to put this pocket-size set to good use.

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Anywhere Travel Guide Interactive Experience

If your loved one likes solo travel, this travel guide fun gift is an excellent choice for him. Featuring 75 cards with prompts like “Buy a coffee for a stranger” and “Find the highest point of this city”, this “Anywhere” guide transforms a simple trip into a true adventure. Encourage your loved one to go off the beaten path by gifting him with this interactive experience. The 75 prompts in this adventure guide are sure to keep your loved one on his toes.

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Collapsible Water Bottle for Travels

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of having to down a 20 oz bottle of water before going through TSA. While this practice allows us to bring our water bottles onto the plane, this is particularly inconvenient. Though a collapsible water bottle may seem like a funny or unusual gift at first, this is the best gift for someone that loves to travel. Available in a wide variety of colors, this collapsible water bottle is leak proof and quite durable–making it a cheap gift idea that is the ideal companion for staying hydrated during one’s travels.

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Men’s Leather Personalized Travel Bag

Leather has a way of making almost anything look more cool and distinguished. If your loved one likes to look good while traveling the world, this is a great gift idea for them. With this leather travel bag, your loved one can enjoy traveling in style without having to worry about dragging luggage behind him. Available with various color options, this bag is something every man will be able to use. When purchasing this present, go the extra mile and customize this handmade leather bag with your loved one’s initials.

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High Definition Grip Scope Monocular

This useful gift will come in handy on all your loved one’s travels. This grip scope monocular makes it easy for your jet setter to get a closer look at their travels. This high-quality and high-definition monocular makes it easier than ever for your outdoorsman to participate in bird watching, archery, hunting, boating, target shooting, water sports, and more. Featuring a retractable eyecup, a carry pouch, belt loop, neck strap, and cleaning cloth, this monocular is a useful gift for a man that loves to adventure.

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Carry on Cocktail Kit for Travel

This small gift idea is nothing short of genius. This carry on cocktail kit makes it easy for your loved one to make a Moscow Mule from the comfort of their airplane seat. While alcohol isn’t included in this clever gift, this kit has all the makings of the perfect cocktail. Let your man travel in style with this creative cocktail set. With this kit, your loved one will have 1/2 oz of jigger, a linen coaster, spoon, and ginger syrup. After ordering their liquor of choice, they’ll be able to enjoy their cocktail while still on the plane.

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Wireless Speaker and Flame Table Lamp

This two-in-one unique gift idea is the ideal present for a loved one that loves camping. This innovative lamp features LED games that realistically mimic the dancing flames of a natural fire. As your loved one goes on their next traveling adventure, this speaker will automatically start heating things up. Equipped with a huge stereo sound, this lamp and speaker allows your loved one to enjoy their music from anywhere in the world.

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The Place to Be Book for Him

If you’re in need of unisex gift ideas for your traveling loved one, consider Lonely Planet’s “The Place to Be”. This good gift serves as a travel guide of sorts and lists 240 of the most stunning travel destinations on the planet. This book is filled with high-resolution photos and full descriptions of how your loved one can see each location for themselves. Whether this book serves as an inspiration to travel or an actual tour guide, this good gift will be well received.

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Pocket Blanket for the Adventurer

Great gift ideas are ones that your loved one can always use, wherever they happen to be. This pocket blanket is something that will come in handy, both at home or abroad. Encourage your loved one to be more spontaneous by gifting them this activity blanket.

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Find the Top 29 Traveller Gifts for Him

As this blanket is called the Pocket Blanket, it’s designed to take up the smallest amount of space as possible in your backpack. As far as unisex gift ideas go, this blanket is a must-have.

Make sure your loved one is ready for their next adventure by gifting them with a new travel bag or set of grooming tools. Travelers like to keep it simple and enjoy their adventures–if your gift ideas allow them to do that, they’ll love it. Whatever present you choose to give your favorite traveler, they’re bound to appreciate it.

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