29 Fantastic Traveller Gifts for Her Next Big Trip

Travel Gifts for Her

When you’re looking for travel gifts for her, you need items that are compact and personal. Useful gifts like carrying cases or portable items will give her a better experience on her trip. Funny gifts will make her smile while she’s on the road. Sweet gifts like jewelry will bring her luck and help her feel confident in every situation that she faces.

Look for gift ideas that she wouldn’t think of herself. Find her a better travel bag, an interesting accessory, or a journal to record her voyage. Don’t forget to customize items by choosing the right colors, metals, and monograms. Use these travel gift ideas as a guide, but remember to choose something based on her personality. The best gift for travelers is one that makes them think of home whenever they use it.

The 29 Best Travel Gifts for Her to Take on the Road

Best Traveller Gifts for Her

Smiling Eco-Friendly Insulated Travel Mug

This travel mug can’t help cracking a smile every time you take a sip. Insulated thermoplastic keeps her morning beverage nice and warm while she jaunts to her destination. This eco-friendly design is free from BPA or other harmful materials and is completely dishwasher safe. The round shape of the mug will warm her hands and her heart while she drinks her favorite beverage. Cups are available in either green or grey, fit most cupholders, and hold up to 13.5 ounces.

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Voyage Pillow Combination Travel Cushion

A good travel pillow is worth every penny. The Voyage Pillow is a super soft travel cushion that works as both a pillow and an eye mask. Use the attached strap to get comfortable; you can wear it on your head, loop it around your neck, or use it to hold the pillow in the best sleeping position. Voyage Pillows are made with plush fabric and a microbead interior. These small and versatile cushions are easy to pack and make a great gift for people who travel.

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Stemless Wine Tumblers with Carrying Case

There’s nothing quite like a glass of wine on a spectacular hillside. But wine glasses are fragile, and that beautiful moment could shatter with a few literal bumps in the road. That’s why Bruno Bianci reusable wine glasses are a great travel gift for women or anyone else who enjoys the occasional glass of wine. The lidded design prevents spills, and the insulated walls keep beverages nice and cold. These stemless stainless steel wine glasses can go anywhere with the accompanying travel tote.

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Glittering Instax Mini 9 Travel Case

Most people who travel love to take pictures. If she’s been snapping endless photos with her Instax Mini 9 camera, why not get her a nice case to go with it? This clear plastic case adds a little sparkle to her travel accessories. An attached strap lets her go hands-free while still being ready to capture every memory. It’s a small gift idea, but it will let her know how much you support her hobbies and endeavors.

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Stylish Waterproof Canvas Travel Rucksack

How can you travel without the right bag? This classy canvas rucksack is the perfect thing to take on the road. Seven waterproof pockets will keep her possessions safe, dry, and easy to access. The large padded compartment is a perfect place to store a laptop or other technology. The material is incredibly durable and will last through months and years of constant travel. Neutral backpacks like these make great unisex gift ideas; choose a color that fits the recipient’s personality.

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Travel Please Printed Adventure Shirt

Sometimes the best travel gifts for her are ones that reflect her love of traveling. This printed t-shirt uses two simple words to make a bold personality statement. The worldly font looks like it was copied straight from a classic travel manual. This shirt is a great gift idea for someone who is about to leave or for a wandering soul who just came home. Shirts are made of soft material and are available in five adorable colors.

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Portable Mini Emergency Sewing Kit

Things happen when you’re on the road. Seams split, buttons pop off, and holes tear in perfectly good pairs of jeans. Help her be ready for any fashion crisis with this adorable portable sewing kit. Each kit comes with mini scissors, needles, seam rippers, measuring tape, and anything else a seamstress might need. She’ll also find 24 different colors of thread to repair any outfit. The entire kit zips up into a small and storable package.

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Handmade Personalized Leather Travel Journal

A travel journal is a fun and useful gift for anyone who’s about to hit the road. These gorgeous journals are handmade from leather, waxed thread, and parchment paper. Choose from pink, turquoise, or royal blue; you can also have the journal engraved with her initials or her full name. She’ll love recording the details of her trip in something so elegant and personal. It’s hard to call anything the best gift for travelers, but this handmade journal might just be it.

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Golden World Map Bicycle Watch

If she wants to travel all over the world, she’ll love this extremely cool gift. This clever golden watch showcases a bicycle, but the wheels have been replaced with a world map. The simple design is surrounded by an 18K gold-plated case. Watchbands are available in a variety of different colors; you can choose from real or synthetic leather according to her preferences. Every watch comes in a cute, map-themed box. Use this great gift idea to announce that she’ll be going on that dream trip after graduation.

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Delicate World Map Travel Ring

These dainty metal rings have been laser cut with an image of the world map. The simple design showcases a love for travel and a desire to explore. Each ring is slightly flexible and resizable, so she can wear it on whichever finger strikes her fancy. These beautiful travel gifts for her are available in the metal of your choice; choose from brass, silver, gold, rose gold, and rhodium. A travel ring is a sentimental small gift idea that she will cherish for years.

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Awesome Complete Picnic Backpack Set

The days of the picnic basket are over. Instead, give her one of these clever picnic backpacks for her next lunchtime voyage. Each backpack comes with a complete set of cutlery for four; napkins, cutting board, and wine glasses are all included. The large, insulated food compartment comes with a waterproof bag for ice, drinks, and other necessities. To complete the kit, two side straps hold a picnic blanket and a bottle for wine. The only thing she’ll need to add to this cool present is the food.

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Cool and Compact Travel Cable Organizer

You need a lot of tech to travel in the modern day. Phone chargers, camera SD cards, batteries, and other small electronics tend to get lost at the bottom of your luggage. This problem-solving compact cord organizer is a great gift for people who travel. Individual elastic straps and mesh pockets hold everything in place. The material is waterproof to keep her electronics safe wherever her travels take her. The case is available in five different colors, so choose one that matches the rest of her luggage.

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Combination Folding Chair and Mini Cooler Backpack

One Savvy Girl has come up with a concept that’s almost too awesome to be true. This combination mini-backpack doubles as everything you need for any day trip. The inside of the bag has an insulated waterproof pocket to hold snacks and beverages. The top of the bag transforms into a camping chair at a moment’s notice. She’ll be able to take the party with her literally anywhere with this funny and unusual gift idea.

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Personalized Golden Mountain Charm Necklace

This travel necklace is a good gift for the girl who wants to climb the highest peaks. A simple metal mountain range hangs at the center of a gold pendant. Select an acrylic birthstone charm to make the necklace completely unique to her; you can also choose the length of the matching gold chain. Give her this necklace to wish her luck on her next journey. She’ll wear this personal and fun gift every time she wants to wander.

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Scratchable World Map Travel Poster

This is one of those travel gifts for her that she’ll need to leave at home. Each of these beautiful world maps is covered in a gold scratch-off coating. After she visits a destination, she can return home and scratch off the place she just went to. Over the years, she’ll reveal the entire map by taking countless journeys. The map looks amazing both before and after the coating is removed; mountains, cities, and other small details are visible.

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Beginning of an Adventure Charm Bracelet

This cute silver bracelet is a good gift for any girl about to start a new journey. The inspirational message is accompanied by an adorable heart charm to remind her that she’s loved back home. The metal loop is coiled and fused to ensure that the bracelet just won’t break. Small jewelry items are a good cheap gift idea for someone you might not see in a while. Every bracelet comes in a velvet bag for safe giving and storage.

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Metal Mountain Charm Adventure Necklace

A meaningful piece of jewelry is a great travel gift for women. It reminds her every day that someone is thinking about her back home. These beautiful mountain pendants hang delicately at the center of her neck. The cutout design is fun and playful; the pendant is small, but the mountain range is clearly visible. Choose from gold, silver, or rose gold finishes. This is the kind of gift that will encourage her to climb every mountain she sees.

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Personal Floral Monogrammed Weekend Bag

Some women use a backpack to travel; others prefer a classy piece of luggage. This weekender bag works like a duffel bag but looks way more fashionable. The fabric is waterproof to keep her travel wardrobe safe and dry, and a small zipper pocket provides a space for small accessories. Two leather handles and a removable shoulder strap ensure comfortable carrying. Personalize this useful gift with a monogram of her initials; that way, she’ll never have to fight for her luggage at the airport.

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Stainless Steel Globetrotter Bangle Bracelet

This is one of those travel gift ideas that’s almost too perfect. One end of this bracelet is an airplane; the other end features a small globe. The metal band looks just like a jetstream from a plane flying at top speed. The icons are simple but beautifully detailed with small etchings. This sentimental and fun gift will encourage her to conquer the entire world with her ambitions. If silver isn’t her thing, the bracelet is also available in gold and rose gold.

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Wanderlust Framed Inspirational Travel Poem

A great gift for people who travel is one that they can come home to. This poetic print will help her remember her adventurous spirit in her daily life. The changing fonts make this as much a piece of word art as it is poetry. Behind the inspirational words is a watercolor painting of the world map. The print is unframed, giving you the opportunity to choose a hanging method that fits perfectly with her current home decor.

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Classic Refillable Leather Travel Journal

A good leather journal is a perfect addition to any traveler’s bag. This handmade notebook uses replaceable inserts; once she’s done filling every page, she can take the insert out and replace it with a fresh one. By the end of her journey, she’ll have an entire book’s worth of drawings and memories. The journal also features a few plastic sleeves to hold photos, maps, tickets, and other mementos. To top off the entire gift, the golden clasp is inscribed with an inspirational message.

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Portable Hand Pump Espresso Maker

A cup of morning coffee is an irreplaceable part of the day. For the girl who wants to travel but can’t bear to leave her espresso machine behind, this portable espresso maker is an extremely cool present. The clever pump design exerts exactly nine bars of pressure for the perfect cup of coffee. When it’s all put together, the entire device barely weighs half a pound. Whether she’s going camping or staying in a hotel, she’ll love tasting homemade espresso every day.

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Fun and Simple Airplane Stud Earrings

Sometimes, the best gift for travelers is one that’s simple and poignant. These stud earrings look exactly like two miniature airplanes. The minimalist design goes well with any outfit; choose her favorite metal finish for a personal touch. This is the kind of cool gift that she’ll want to wear for luck every time she flies. Each earring is made from sterling silver and plated with your metal of choice.

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PopBabies Portable and Rechargeable Smoothie Blender

With a quick shake and the press of a button, the PopBabies portable blender instantly creates a delicious beverage on the go. This rechargeable blender is no bigger than a large water bottle. She’ll be able to make a quick smoothie or protein shake anywhere and at any time. The kit also includes a funnel and an ice cube tray for easy filling and freezing. These useful blenders make great unisex gift ideas; if they love blended beverages, they’ll love the ability to make them on the road.

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Silver World Map Travel Necklace

When she wants to travel the entire world, why not get her a necklace as an encouragement gift? This charming design showcases a tiny metal cutout of the globe. A single gemstone is woven into the chain; four different stones are available. Personal necklaces like this one make great travel gifts for her because she can wear them every day of her trip. Each piece of jewelry is packaged in a travel-themed box and is ready to gift immediately.

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Compact Portable Jewelry Organizer with Mirror

This portable jewelry organizer is the perfect travel gift for women. Pockets, hooks, pouches, and ring rolls help organize every piece of jewelry she owns in a single and storable case. The inside of the case is lined with velvet to protect the precious items inside. A golden zipper gives the case a classy and fashionable vibe. This cheap gift idea is the perfect complement to a lucky piece of travel jewelry; slip the necklace inside to surprise her when she starts packing.

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Colorful Compression Cubes for Organized Packing

These compression cubes are a unique gift idea that will change her travel lifestyle. These organizers come in a set of three compressible bags. Pack your clothes and use the double-zipper system to compress them down to a fraction of their previous size. Each bag is a different size and color to help her find the items she needs. As an added bonus, the bags are water-resistant – exactly what your adventurous camper needs for her next big trip.

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Durable and Functional Travel Makeup Bag

This makeup bag is big enough to hold everything in her kit. Pockets and compartments make space for every brush and cosmetic she might want to take with her. A removable mirror lets her touch up her appearance on the go. The entire case zips up and fits in most backpacks and carry-on bags. Choose between a functional black and an extravagant pink color. Give this unusual gift to the girl who you never see without her favorite makeup brush.

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Combination Eye Mask and Bluetooth Headphones

Sleep is one of the greatest concerns for a traveler. This comfortable eye mask is a unique gift idea that blocks out both light and sound, letting her rest in a cozy place of her own making. Tiny speakers are included in the design so that she can listen to music without wearing an uncomfortable pair of headphones. Simply remove the Bluetooth module to wash the eye mask whenever needed. This is one of those travel gifts for her that she’ll wonder how she ever lived without.

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29 Unique Travel Gifts for Her That She’ll Love

All of these travel gift ideas have one thing in common: they show the recipient how much you support their journey. Travelling can be stressful, but these clever gift ideas will give her the strength to make it to the end. As you’re choosing travel gifts for her, keep her favorite colors and materials in mind. The best gift will enhance her trip and match perfectly with the rest of her luggage.

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