29 of the Best Unusual Presents to Surprise Your Friends

Unusual Gifts

Are you looking for some truly unique gift ideas to become the best unusual presents that you have ever given? Friends and family alike will find these gifts to be one-of-a-kind. Some are funny and some may make their jaw drop. They are all worthy of a look because we have never seen anything like them! We know that you will want to see them too: from vintage style handbags to wooden cubed wall art, we have found all of the best gift ideas for you. There are unusual gifts for children such as toddler bed tent frames and unusual gifts for adults such as the custom anime comic strip. Do you need a gift for that person in your life who seems to have everything? Or maybe for the person who just buys everything they want, leaving you with no gift ideas? This list will have just the right thing!

29 Unique Ideas for the Best Unusual Presents That Will Turn Heads

The Best Unusual Presents

Faux Wolf Head in Black

This is truly one of the best unusual presents that we have seen! Some people like the look of animal heads, but they do not want a real one in their home. This one is made of a lightweight polyresin with a black-colored matte finish, and the the best part is that it is handmade and made to order in Chandler, Arizona. Custom orders are available in other colors and animals if the black wolf is not quite what you are looking for.

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Golf Print with Miniature Figurines

Little railway figurines adorn the edge of a teacup. This one is titled “Ride a Cup” as a shout out to the Ryder Cup. Tee time and tea time have never had so much in common! What really stands out about this unusual gift is the fact that one hundred percent of the profits of the sale of this item are used to subsidize support for doctors with mental health issues. A doctor makes these in order to help other doctors.

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Wood Look MacBook Pro and Air Skin

This unusual gift is one that will turn heads because it looks that good! It is a skin for a MacBook Pro or Air, with different skins available for ten different models. Each skin is easy to attach and has a wood look finish when it is done. It is truly amazing how much it looks like you have a wooden computer. It may sound a little odd, but it really does look cool.

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Handmade Vintage Style Flamingo Handbag

This gorgeous handbag is handmade in Belgium and is the perfect gift for anyone who loves unique purses. The flamingoes that adorn the side are created by artist, Woody Ellen. It is made of vegan leather and microfiber, and it is also water resistant. The inside is fully lined and contains both a zipped pocket and a phone pocket. A beautiful gold snap lock completes the classy look. If you are looking for a cool gift that makes a statement, then this is it.

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Unusual Wooden Desk Lamp Made with Cubes

This handmade desk lamp is like nothing we have ever seen! It is a series of wooden cubes held together with small dowel rods. The artist burns the wood to create pattern and colors to enhance each piece. Each cube is completely unique in its overall design. He then carefully secures them into a larger cube. It is illuminated with an LED light bulb. This is not just a lamp, it is a statement piece! The seller also ships worldwide.

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Illuminated Rabbit Lamp Made from Folded Paper

This rabbit lamp is handmade in Portugal. It makes a cool present because it also provides some enjoyable craft time. It comes as a kit with the precut and scored paper so the recipient can fold it into the rabbit. They will feel like an origami expert when they complete their rabbit. It is available in eight different colors and comes with the cord and light. Compatible cords are available, if needed for a different country, for a nominal fee.

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Engraved Crystal USB Flash Drive

This is an amazing gift for the business person who has it all! It is a flash drive, but it is not ordinary by any means. It is a beautifully smoothed crystal on which you can engrave initials, names or even a company logo! It comes with a metallic cap to cover the USB end. The cap comes in gold, silver or rose gold. This gift is truly sophisticated looking and will stand out at the next business meeting!

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Neon-Look Sign Inspired by Band The 1975

Handmade in the United Kingdom, these signs are the perfect gift for anyone who loves the English pop rock band The 1975. Honestly, even if you have no idea who they are, this is an awesome statement piece! With six color combinations and two sizes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit. The wire is illuminated to look like a neon sign and runs on two batteries. This fun gift will definitely be a conversation starter at the next party!

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Eleven Stranger Things Inspired Sleep Mask

This is one the best unusual gift ideas! If someone you know is a fan of Stranger Things, then this Eleven inspired sleep mask will be all the rage. It is a handmade item with a printed face to resemble the character named Eleven. It is backed in a comfy black fabric to keep out the light. A comfortable elastic band holds the mask in place. The mask measures about seven inches across with a fourteen inch band. It ships from the United Kingdom.

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Funny Wall Art of Llama for Music Lovers

Llamadeus Mozart is the name of this funny llama themed tapestry. It is the perfect gift idea for the llama and music over in your life. This interesting piece is available in four different sizes to meet your home décor standards. The white llama wears a red suit coat with a blue background. This bold contrast of colors makes a real stand-out piece that will surely be the talk of guests for years to come. This piece is handmade in the United States.

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Wooden Cube Mosaic Wall Décor

This awesome piece is handmade in Spain. The mosaic is made out of many cubes of varying heights to bring this piece to life! The three dimensional piece features wooden cubes in varying shades of grays and golds, using either dyes or paints, depending on the color. The sculpture contains a mix of pine and birch wood. A finishing coat is applied to the entire piece to ensure it keeps its beautiful color. It can be hung vertically or horizontally.

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Funny Prehistoric Dinosaur Inspired Magnets

These dinosaur magnets are a funny gift idea because they contain four dinosaur heads, and as the artists lists them, four dinosaur butts. It is funny to see the tail-end of the dinosaur sticking off of your refrigerator, but that is exactly what gives it appeal to some of the comedy loving friends in our lives. Each piece averages about two inches and they are completely black in color. These dinosaurs are ready to make a statement on someone’s refrigerator or filing cabinet!

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Handmade Natural Wood Hanging Lamp

If you are in need of a unisex gift idea that would look great in any home, then consider this amazing handmade hanging lamp from Poland. A piece of natural colored, bent plywood wraps three quarters of the way around each bulb. Four of these pieces are put together to create the entire lamp. Metal wire is included for hanging, giving this lamp a slight industrial look, while keeping with the farmhouse wood look. This piece is definitely a must-see!

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Gorgeous Teal Abstract Art Print

This print of an abstract painting is done on heavyweight paper or canvas depending on the size ordered. There are twelve different size options available. All are printed with archival ink. While teal is the star of this painting, there is also nearly every other color of the rainbow represented as well. The distinguished color palette makes it a good fit for many different rooms and many different styles of décor. This item is handmade in Italy.

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Unusual Earrings with Knotted Rope Pendant

These earrings would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to show off their unique style. These creative earrings are handmade in Italy. The artist uses a stainless steel with gold plating for the post and backing. The knot that drops down is a thread coated rope made from polyester. This particular set has a knot that is beige in color, though the seller offers many other colors as well. The earrings hang nearly two inches for a stunning effect!

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Modern Cozy Decorative Knot Pillows

These modern pillows will add a wow factor to any room! They are a good gift idea for people of all ages. Available in thirteen different colors, you will be sure to find just the perfect color for anyone you may buy this for. The pillow is made of one-hundred percent knitted cotton with one-hundred percent polyester filler. The knot intertwines with three pieces running alongside each other until the knot forms an overall sphere shape. It is truly unique and beautiful!

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Anime Comic Strip that is Customized

This is a totally awesome gift idea! Anyone who loves comic strips, anime or both will love this. The artist creates a one-of-a-kind piece by creating a comic strip based on the favorite show of the person who will be receiving this gift. You send the artist photos of the recipient and they include them in the comic strip! Who would not want to be in their own comic strip? This gift tops our list of best unusual presents!

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Three Dimensional Wooden Moose Head Wall Art

Available in small or large, these wooden moose heads are unique gifts! They come flat packed, so they must be assembled, but that is not a hard process, more like a fun craft project! The pieces fit together perfectly to create a three dimensional moose head that will turn heads. Once completed, you can add any variety of paint, feathers, beads or crystals to enhance its beauty. You can also just leave it as-is if you prefer. No tools are required for assembly.

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Personalized Lego-Style Action Figure

Do you know someone who would enjoy seeing themselves as an action figure? Maybe you need a funny gift idea for a party? You will send the artist a picture and the face will be printed on a sandstone material with a three dimensional printer. Then the head is placed on a random action figure body. The head can be removed from the body it comes with and added to any lego figure. This is something that you will not find everywhere!

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Steampunk Styled Edison Lamp for Tabletops

This lamp is unusual, modern and somehow aged all at the same time. Coined “Edison lamp” for its use of pipes takes us on a nostalgic journey. Yet at the same time, this is totally new and modern, a look that has found its way back to today! The light bulbs are meant to be exposed in this fabulous design. Three bulbs all stand at different heights. There are five socket colors available and three base colors available. These are handmade in the United States.

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Chopping Board with Custom Resin Art

This chopping board has an interesting handle because resin art is poured onto the handle and a bit of the board as well. Each piece will have its own look with a swirly design. Up to five colors can be chosen for the artist to use in the resin design. The resin is meant as decoration only, not to be used to chop on. The rest of the wooden board is made for chopping. This would make a great wedding gift!

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Personalized Penguin Pebble Home Décor

These decorative beach pebbles are smooth and ready for hand-engraving by the artist. Two penguins are hand etched into this pebble on one side. Personalization is available for the other side as well. When purchasing, you may choose just the stone, or you may add a bag and/or a box to the purchase. This way, it is ready for wrapping as soon as you receive it. These are hand etched in Ireland and are the perfect gift idea for someone who has it all.

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Industrial Wooden Lamp Ceiling Fixture

Here is another fantastic wooden lighting fixture! Handmade in Greece, this is a super unique design that you will not find in stores. Made from wooden pieces, lying on different planes, this piece creates movement to the eye and allows for a warm ambient glow. Each wooden piece is made of plywood that has been sanded and varnished. This piece would look fantastic in any room and is a great gift idea for anyone!

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Wooden Sunglasses with Detailed Arms

Handmade in Lithuania, these sunglasses will be a true hit with anyone looking to complete their outdoor look with style! They are made with eco-friendly wood and have polarized lenses. The wooden sunglasses have carved arms with beautiful designs of an Aztec-inspired pattern. The sunglasses come with hinges, to allow for flexibility and comfort. They are lightweight, but still sturdy enough to stay in place. With all of the wood-look styles today, these are at the top!

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Wooden Desk Lamp with Frosted Insert

This wooden desk is another outstanding example of craftsmanship that takes into account today’s modern décor. Two wood pieces are flanked by a piece of plastic that has been frosted. This allows the light to diffuse through it, making a nice warm glow. The lamp uses LED lights that have been placed into the wood in a way that makes them look nearly invisible. This lamp is perfect for creating ambience and will be a statement piece as much as it an actual lamp.

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Toddler Bed Frame to Resemble Play House

This unique gift idea is really a bed frame, but with the shape of a play house, the little one can make it come to life! They can let their imagination run wild as the head of the bed is suddenly a kitchen or the end of the bed is now the playroom. Because it is just framed out, with no fabric attached, it can be customized. You could add curtains, a swag of pendants or flower garland. The options are nearly endless!

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29 Inspiring Ideas for the Best Unusual Presents

We hope that you enjoyed reading about these fantastic items! From knotted pillows to knotted earrings, we have found some of the best unusual gift ideas for you here. Whether you need a nice decorative cutting board for a wedding gift or a dinosaur head or butt magnet for your nephew, we have you covered with this list. Please take some time to peruse these truly unique pieces from all around the world. The artists have really put together some jaw-dropping pieces! There is really something for everyone here and we know that you will find just the perfect, yet unusual, gift idea!

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