27 Incredible Gift Ideas for the Stranger Things Fan in Your Life

Stranger Things Merch

With an innovative plot, character-driven stories, and a strong cast, Netflix’s Stranger Things continues its rise to the top as one of the best science-fiction TV shows. One of the most talked about aspects of the show is its universal appeal. It’s easy to find both adults and a younger audience captured by the storyline and binge-watching entire seasons days after its release.

Coming with such a strong fan following, it’s no surprise that people want to show their love and support via merchandise. Do you know someone who loves Stranger Things or just want to treat yourself? Check out 27 amazing Stranger Things gift ideas any fan would love.

27 Stranger Things Gift Ideas

Merch Ideas for Stranger Things Fans

Stranger Things Halloween-Themed Candle Holder

Are you interested in sprucing up a regular candle by placing it in a decorative holder? Well, consider this awesome Stranger Things Candle Holder. The mason jar sealed with a small rope provides a vintage feel that is in-line with the overall classic 80s theme of the show. The candle holder features a unique drawing of the show’s favorite young protagonists with the Demogrogon lurking in The Upside Down right below them. If you want to really capture a Halloween-like feel, switch on the multicolor LED strings to bring the scene to life.

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Stranger Things Eleven Quote T-Shirt

T-shirts with funny quirks or thought-provoking saying never go out of style. This Stranger Things shirt is no different. With bold red lettering showing against a white background, the shirt is simplicity at its finest for those of you who maybe don’t like T-shirts with overly flashy sayings. The shirt firmly cements your support behind the TV show’s fan favorite powerhouse: Eleven. Available in a V-neck or crew neck style, anyone can proudly sport this unisex T-shirt. As the shirt says, be an 11, not a 10.

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Cartoon Stranger Things Pencil Case

Have a lot of small items that need organizing? A pencil case can be the perfect tool to help with that, and if it also doubles as Stranger Things merch, even better. This case uses a soft cotton fabric that blends perfect with the Stranger Things texture. Our beloved characters are drawn in a friendly, colorful cartoon-style that can make anyone smile. Whether you need it for makeup essentials or to actually carry pencils, the case can be enjoyed by fans of all ages.

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“Friends Don’t Lie” Eleven Embroidered Patch

A great way to show off your love of the hit sci-fi TV show is with an embroidered patch. What makes it even better is that you can put it on numerous of items from backpacks to shirts. Your choice of how you want the world to see your admiration for Stranger Things is almost endless with this patch. Fans of Eleven will especially take to this as it features her signature look from season one with her short hair and nosebleed.

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Stranger Things-inspired Herb Grinder

If you want to represent Stranger Things on a more low-key approach, this relatively simple herb grinder may be best for you. It even features a clever spin on the TV show’s name, calling itself “Stoner Things” instead. Available in numerous of colors, this herb grinder is uses aircraft-grade aluminum so you know it will last a long time. Even the lettering is durable as its laser etched. It’s a four-piece set so you know you’re getting everything you need while demonstrating just a casual bit of love for the popular Netflix series.

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Eleven Today Birthday Party Banner

As Stranger Things is a show that appeals to audiences of various ages, it’s easy and fun to host a birthday party based off the series. This “Eleven Today” party banner decorated with Christmas bulbs can get a child’s 11th birthday celebration off to a strong start. Even better about this banner is that you can opt to add the child’s name to it. That way, this budding tweenager can have a true personalized experience from their favorite show that they’ll never forget.

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Holiday Bulbs Stranger Things Necklace

A great way to represent Stranger Things merch and perhaps the holiday season is with this fun necklace. This handmade necklace features a strong gold clasp and a string of colorful bulbs that successfully resemble garland. In fact, the necklace can instantly transfer you back to when Joyce was using it to communicate with her missing son, Will. Any fan of the series is sure to recognize your love for the show and its characters when you proudly wear this necklace.

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Stranger Things Full Bed Sheets

To show love for a show, film, book, etc., many fans opt to filling their rooms up with whatever merchandise they can find. Bed sets are usually at the top of the list, and these Stranger Things sheets will certainly round off that list for you. Designed for a full bed, this set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. It’s gray in color and features the traditional holiday bulbs we’ve all come to associate with the show. There’s even the alphabet Joyce wrote on her wall as well as “Run!” highlighted in bold black lettering to get you in the right mood for the show.

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Monopoly – Stranger Things Official Edition

Always a classic, Monopoly is a game that has undergone frequent changes to support various shows and films, and Stranger Things fans will be excited to know that the sci-fi show has gotten the board game treatment. Gone are the usual game board pieces. Instead, this Monopoly set uses 80s-inspired tokens as well as some tokens that look like they’ve been taken straight out of The Upside Down. There are even hideouts and forts used rather than hotels and houses, transporting you directly into Hawkins, Indiana.

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Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club Sweatshirt

Themed shirts never grow old, but this sweatshirt showing off support for the A.V. club can make you feel like you’re back in the 80s. Featuring the name of the fictional town of Hawkins, wearing this can help you fit right in with the show’s four young heroes who are proudly members of the A.V. club. What’s great about this sweatshirt is that it’s more of a subtle nod as it likes any direct mention of Stranger Things. It’s just enough for dedicated fans to recognize.

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Stranger Things Demodog Soft Plush

Who didn’t think those adorably vicious demodogs were cute? Other than their drive to devour anyone in front of them, demodogs are certainly a fan favorite creature from Stranger Things. Now, they’re available in plushie form. Created out of soft minky and polyester fiber, this plush requires some extra care thanks to how wonderfully soft to the touch it is. This handcrafted plush can transport this incredible monstrosity from The Upside Down right into your stuffed animal collection instead.

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Stranger Things Silver Charm Necklace

It’s easy to find Stranger Things merch in jewelry form. This silver charm necklace is straightforward, yet a beautiful gift for any fan. It features incredible craftsmanship with precise, clean designs. Other than the “Stranger Things” title, you will receive charms on the necklace representing various aspects of the show. For instance, there’s the bicycle our young heroes are so prone to getting around town on. Also, there’s a single holiday bulb to pay tribute to Joyce and Will’s otherworldly communication.

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Women’s Crew Novelty Stranger Things Socks

Want to give the gift of something other than the traditional holiday novelty socks? These Stranger Things-inspired crew socks can be that perfect gift you’ve been seeking. Made from a premium cotton blend, these socks not only fit well, but they’re comfortable. For fans of the sci-fi series, the socks feature a holiday-themed decoration using the garland of bulbs Joyce hung in her house. To top it all off, the socks even use the alphabet, a letter under each light as accordance to the show.

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Stranger Things Character Theme Sweatshirt

Gear up in some official Stranger Things merch with this classic cut, crew neck sweatshirt. Using a black and white design with a splash of red thanks to the “Stranger Things” title, this shirt can make any fan excited. In addition to the lettering, the sweatshirt features clean, detailed line art of some of the show’s favorite young characters. You get the four boys in their usual style, while Eleven boasts her “punk-style” outfit from season two. The shirt even gives love to Max, the newest member of our beloved group of teenaged heroes.

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Stranger Things Embroidered Wall Art

Embroidery is a popular way to show off support for the things you love. Paired with wall art, and you have a unique way to liven up your home or office décor. In a cross stitch design, this embroidered wall art inspired by Stranger Things features a colorful depiction of four characters. Enjoy a fun art design of Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven all wearing their signature outfits from season one.

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Men’s Wallet Stranger Things Style

Want to carry around your love of Stranger Things wherever you go? A wallet can be your best choice in this instance. Made from real leather and given a waterproof finish, this men’s style wallet is something every fan should have in their collection. There are no words or characters that instantly scream Stranger Things. Rather, the merch is understand, instead featuring artwork of various items to represent the show. There’s Dustin’s traditional hat, Lucas’ head scarf, the walkie talkie the kids all use, and even Eleven’s famed waffles. Stranger Things fans will recognize it right away.

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Stranger Things Eggo-Themed Card Game

Official Stranger Things merchandise is always fun to have, and this Eggo-themed card game takes that fun to the next level. Intended for ages 14 and up, the card game is meant to serve as an escape game of sorts in that you must escape from The Upside Down or send others to the terror dimension. You can play as one of the characters from the hit sci-fi show. Characters include Will, Lucas, Mike, Dustin, Eleven, Barb, and Hopper. Feel free to summon up the Demogorgon, battle your way through The Upside Down, or eject those you don’t like from the Right Side Up. In this game, all that matters is getting rid of those Eggo cards.

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Stranger Things Christmas Lights Costume Accessory

In the line of official merch from the popular Netflix show, these colorful lights can be the best versatile gift for any fan. For one thing, the string of 40 bulbs will actually turn on and shine bright. They are battery-powered also so you can take this anywhere you need them to go. Their versatility comes into play as you can use them different ways. They’re small enough that you can wrap them around yourself and wear them as a necklace of sorts, a great look come Halloween for a Stranger Things-inspired costume. Or you can even hang them somewhere in your home whether year-round or to represent the theme of the show for Halloween.

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Stranger Things Character Design Art

One of the most talked about scenes from season one of Stranger Things was Eleven saving the boys from certain capture by throwing aside a van without ever touching it. You can cherish that heart-pounding scene forever with this digital print. Not only do you get the characters on their bikes, the van beginning to fly right over their heads, but you also get a taste of The Upside Down. The Demogorgon lurks right beneath our unaware heroes in this artwork. It’s successfully separated from the kids thanks to the bold color changes from a warm background surrounding the heroes, to a colder, bluer hue around the dark creature.

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Six Set Stranger Things Poster Prints

Know a lover of all things Stranger Things who enjoys art just as much? Consider this set of six different 8×10 poster prints from the show. They are all designed ready-to-frame and created in high quality paper using vivid, vibrant colors. The posters feature various art styles, giving you a true unique collection. You can get a portrait of just Eleven as well as a few that showcase all of the characters in a colorful fashion. Some take a cartoonish approach, while others are more realistic. You can even see actual promo art from the show. No matter, it’s a collection that can blend effortlessly into any Stranger Things-themed room.

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Demogorgon Eleven Battle Funko Pop

An iconic scene that went down in history in Stranger Things is the highly-anticipated fight between Eleven and the Demogorgon in season one. Now you can relive that moment time and time again with the Funko Pop version. Every fan who wants merchandise of something they love knows what Funko Pops are. There are numerous of them made based off the characters from Stranger Things. However, few come close to highlighting such an intense scene. This Funko Pop of the Demogorgon fighting through the barrier and Eleven giving it her all will stand out amongst anything else in your collection.

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Eleven Fun Cartoon Character Mug

There’s no doubt that Eleven came out as one of the most popular characters in Stranger Things, and she remains a force to be reckoned with even as the series continues on. A great way to show some love for her is with this cute coffee mug. It’s sure to impress the coffee drinker or simple mug collector in your life. It’s a clean drawing of Eleven in a cartoonish design sporting her typical season one outfit and hairstyle. On the other side is the iconic fandom line: “In a world of tens, be an Eleven.”

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27 Must-Have Gifts for Stranger Things Fans

The popularity of Netflix’s Stranger Things is not looking to slow down anytime soon. It’s no surprise then that fans are always looking for ways to represent their favorite show, telling the world just how much they care about it. Thankfully, our list of some of the best Stranger Things merch will give you some ideas to find the perfect gift.

Because Stranger Things has such a universal appeal throughout various ages around the world, much of the merchandise for it can make this versatile fandom happy. Whether you need a banner for a birthday party or a T-shirt for those who love novelty items, our list above will cover all the bases so that you are able to purchase the best gift for that Stranger Things lover in your life.

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