29 Awesome Gifts for Runners that will Encourage them to go Farther

Gift Ideas for Runners

There are so many wonderful options when trying to find gifts for runners. Most runners also enjoy a healthy lifestyle, which lends itself to even more options. If you find yourself in a pinch and having trouble coming up with just the right gift for that runner friend of yours, then you have come to the right list.

These 29 items are the perfect compendium of presents for anyone who currently enjoys running or who you know is interested in becoming a runner. Running is a great sport for the body and the soul, and encouraging your friends and family in this sport is a gift in and of itself.

29 Inspired Gifts for Runners of Any Level

Gifts for Runners

Ultimate Women’s Running Sports Bra

This is a great gift for someone you are close with who you know would appreciate new athletic wear. A new bra is something that is so important in a runner’s wardrobe but is easy to overlook. This stylish and colorful option is a fun choice, and with many colors and even more sizes available, you are sure to be able to find the right fit. Just be sure that you double check her size before ordering.

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Reminiscent London Marathon Wall Art

For most runners, running a marathon, especially one as notable as the London marathon, is a huge accomplishment. If you have a humble friend who you know would really love to show off their amazing achievement but may be hesitant to get something for themselves, you should consider this cool piece of art. Offered in four colors, this map features the complete marathon route and includes your friend’s name, their time, and the event name and date.

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Humorous and Encouraging Shoe Tags

Provide a little personalized encouragement in the form of these awesome metal shoe tags. Shoe tags easily slide onto the laces of a running shoe and provide fun or funny reminders to keep going strong. You can take ideas from the posted photos or create your own unique tag to share with your friend. Whatever you decide to put on the tag, make sure it is personal to the friend or loved one you are giving it to, and take some time to think it over before ordering.

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Trendy Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat Mug

This simple and to the point mug is perfect for the friend who can’t get enough miles in. With a tiny little runner featured on the bottom, this cup has a little bit of humor tied in with its clear runners messaging. The trendy “eat, sleep…” slogan is perfect for running, and any friend who loves that runners high will be able to relate. And of course, even runners need their morning boost, making this coffee or tea mug a great choice.

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One of a kind 3-D Printed Route

Give a gift that makes them go “wow” with this thoughtful and artistic 3D map. This piece is created using GPS data from a runner watch or app, or it can be crafted if you simply let the designer know the route you want to see. It is then 3D printed for a one-of-a-kind piece that can represent an especially significant or meaningful run in your friend’s life. Consider this after they have run a particularly difficult race as a way to congratulate and commemorate.

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Massage Balls for Sore Runners’ Feet

Many runners will tell you they have the occasional cramping or pain in the foot. When you are pounding the pavement for hours, it is almost inevitable to come away with a variety of different aches and pains. This pack of foot massage balls can help ease any discomfort, and with three different options you can customize the size and intensity of your massage. These balls can be used solo or, as an additional gift, you can offer to massage your friend’s aching arches.

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Sore Muscle Self Massage Foam Roller

A foam roller is a tool that is almost a must have for any serious athlete. When working your body hard and pushing your limits, you are sure to encounter sore muscles along the way. This roller will help your friend work out any cramps or kinks they may get while running and will be there for them when they need some rest and recuperation. With over 10 different uses, there is certainly an area that your friend could use some help working out.

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Injinji Individual Toe Running Socks

When running, it is important to consider everything you wear from you head to your feet. This no-show sock is designed specifically with runners in mind, making it an obvious choice when you want to give a useful but inexpensive gift to a running enthusiast friend. Available in two colors, there is one option for the friend who loves to stand out and one for a more muted look. The awesome high-back heel will ensure they don’t have any slouchy socks.

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Runderful Inspirational Running Necklace Gift

Women runners like to sport their love for running in creative ways. Runner-themed jewelry is a great way to take a traditional gift and turn it into something special and specific. This handcrafted necklace is made from high-quality materials and can be adjusted to fit any neck. Present this to your friend at the end of a big race to create a lasting and special memory that will keep you bound together like the rings on the necklace.

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Run Angel Watch to Keep Runner Safe

This easy-to-wear silicon watch could save your friend’s life in an emergency situation. Featuring a loud alarm, GPS tracking, and unique app, your friend can rest at ease knowing that they will be safe and secure on their run. Many runners enjoy running solo, and this watch helps them feel comfortable doing just that. It is also a way to put at ease the minds of those waiting at home, knowing they can be reached in the case of an emergency.

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Pure and Simple Run Medal Display

It can be tricky to figure out what to do with medals accumulated after many races. They are often beautiful and always hard earned, so it makes sense to find a way to display them. Help your friend out and pick up this beautiful wooden display board with six metal hooks for their favorite medals. With a bold “Run.” painted along the top, everyone will know what these medals mean and how they were earned.

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Personalized and Pretty Runners Key Chain

A key ring filled with special charms is a great small gift to give to someone that you care about. This particular ring is perfect for the runner in your life after they have completed a big marathon and you want to show them that you support their goals. Add whatever letter to the heart that you like, and be sure to change the stone to reflect their birthstone to make this a unique and totally personalized gift.

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Super Cool Easy-to-Hold Knuckle Lights

Sometimes it can be hard to get a run in until the sun goes down. And during the winter months, it can be dark when you leave for work and when you return home. This can put a strain on a runner’s schedule if they don’t have the tools to enjoy nighttime runs. Help your running buddy out with these lightweight handheld runner lights. They fit easily into the palm of your hand and won’t slip off while jogging.

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Adorable Engraved Half Marathon Necklace

Whether your friend came in first place or barely finished, celebrating their half marathon accomplishment is important. This pretty necklace is a great way to do that. You can add your own personal engravings for an extra special touch or keep it simple and plain. With three lovely colors to choose from, you can easily find the best color for your friend. This necklace will serve as both a reminder of their amazing run and also of the great friend who supported them along the way.

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Slim and Simple Timex Athletic Watch

If you have a friend who has just started to catch the running bug, chances are they have yet to invest in a good runner’s watch. This Timex piece would be a great present to surprise them with, and it would also work well for a friend whose watch you know could use an update. Its features include pace, distance, time, and GPS along with a super comfortable silicon band and water functional capabilities. Get this for a friend you know wants to work on pacing.

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Three Row Super Cute Trainer Tags

This extra wide trainer tag is such a fun gift for any friend you want to remind that you are thinking of them and that you appreciate and support their running. These tags can be personalized with up to three lines of text and are easily attached to a shoe for a simple reminder that they are loved and supported. They come in a set of two, so you can put the same message on both feet, or make each one unique.

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Electronic Three-Speed Foam Roller

If your friend has been using a foam roller, you can jump them to the next level with this NextRoller. Offering a three-speed vibrating feature, this roller will help your friend’s sore running muscles recover quicker and will ease any of their common aches and pains. There is also an element of luxury with this roller as the vibrating element makes it feel more like a massage and can be a soothing and relaxing way to unwind after a long jog.

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Personalized Runner Word Cloud Art

This beautiful word cloud is formed into the shape of a female runner and represents many elements that make up today’s runner. Featuring bright pinks and blacks for a fun contrast, this unique piece will look great on your friend’s wall and will serve as inspiration for their next race. With words like “pace,” “5k,” “marathon,” and the simple but perfect “run,” she will see herself in this runner no matter the distance she plans to go.

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Simple and Elegant Runners Bracelet

If you are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for that runner friend of yours, look no further. This simple and classic metal bracelet would look good on anyone and has an inspiring quote that speaks to a runner’s soul. You can add a personal etching to the inside band and can even change the quote if you choose, but why would you want to? Get this to celebrate a running milestone with a special friend, and they will cherish it forever.

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Infuse Your Water with Delicious Fruits

If your friend is a serious runner, then they know how seriously important it is to stay adequately hydrated. A runner without water can be a dangerous problem, as hydration is a key element to any athletic endeavor. This cool water bottle comes with a fruit infuser and recipe book to help make hydrating a bit more interesting and tasty. Give this as a gift to encourage your friend to remember to have fun and stay safe.

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Wearable Garmin GPS Running Tool

Garmin has made a name for itself as a runner’s brand, and for good reason. They offer quality products that appeal to a large population of running enthusiasts. This particular device is worn around the torso and offers an accurate and complete assessment and overview of athletic activity. Easy to wear and easy to adjust, this strap offers everything a runner is looking for in fit, comfort, and functionality. This is a great gift for a serious runner.

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Cushy and Reflective Under Armor Socks

These crew socks are designed to be run in. They feature bright bold colors and reflective highlights so that your runner friend is visible in all weather. Their length ensures that they won’t slip away into a shoe while running, and their cushioned design makes them comfortable mile after mile. Consider getting an extra pair for a friend since they won’t want to wear any other socks out running after trying these. Available in two colors, you can give them some variety.

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The Maze “Runner” Book Series

If you have a running buddy who is also an avid reader, this series is the perfect choice. Featuring characters that are constantly being pushed to their limits and a premise that revolves around “running,” this fun series is an exciting and easy read. If you want to show your friend some runners who have some serious pressure on them, get this series. Maybe it will help them run a little faster next time.

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Run 360 Runner’s Training System

Your friend has been saying they’ve been meaning to start running, but they have yet to get themselves up for it. This awesome training DVD is a great way to help them get motivated and figure out where to start. Including stretches, recovery techniques, and more, your friend will be so grateful with the help to get their running career off on the right foot. Even if your friend has been running for years there is still much to be gleaned from this training program.

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Framed 3D Run and Terrain Map

What better way to celebrate the success of a major running accomplishment than with a cool new piece of wall art? Taking GPS data from an actual route, this creative use of 3D printing creates a custom-made monument to your friend’s proudest running achievement. Not only does it represent all of their hard work, but it just looks cool, literally popping off the wall to catch viewers’ eyes. This gift works equally well for your cyclist friends, too.

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Cool White and Blue Running Trainers

Why just run when you can run in style? These tongueless tennies will give your friend the motivation to get out there and get some miles in. With a thicker soul, these shoes offer a lot of support. Thanks to its sock-like cuff, you don’t have to worry about your shoes slipping. The best part is your friend can wear these on a run and then keep them on to join up with friends for a party or night out.

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29 Fantastic Gifts for Runners to Propel them Forward

Running is a fun hobby that can made even more enjoyable with the offer of a thoughtful gift. Like any hobby, the deeper someone commits, the more likely the pastime is to stretch into other parts of their lives. Help your friends celebrate their passion for running – and the hard work they’ve put into it – with one of these fantastic gifts for runners. Whether your friend or loved one is just taking up the sport for the first time or is an avid marathoner, this assortment of gift ideas has something to offer runners of any level, ability, and taste.

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