29 Fun and Romantic Gifts for Her that She will Absolutely Adore

Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

Whether you’re looking for ideas for an anniversary, birthday, the holiday or another special gift-giving event, there are several fun and romantic gifts for her to choose from. Coming up with the perfect gift that’s both thoughtful and romantic isn’t always an easy task. The special lady in your life deserves the best! Not to worry, I’ve got you covered.

To get started, you’ll want to consider some of the things she loves and values. Does she like going on adventures or staying cozy at home? Is she funny or more sentimental? Is there a special event going on in her life like getting a new job or celebrating a milestone?

Always trust your instincts and have fun while searching for romantic gift ideas for her. To make things easier, I’ve created a list of 29 of the best romantic gift ideas for her that she’s sure to love.

29 of the Greatest Romantic Gifts for Her

Romantic Gifts for Her

Cute Personalized Leather Key Chain for Her

This useful gift idea is one she’ll take everywhere with her. This genuine leather key chain serves as a way the lady in your life can celebrate family memories with a personalized engraved message. It’s a chunky, yet lightweight keyring that’s perfect for remembering those special moments that mean the most to her. You can engrave a significant date, favorite poem, birthdays, loved one’s names and more. If you’re also looking for unisex gift ideas, this one would also cover all of your bases. Key chains make the perfect romantic gift ideas for her and anyone else who is special to you.

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Customizable Metallic Foil Heart Map

When you’re looking for romantic gift ideas for her, you want something that’s both thoughtful and that will be useful to her. Home décor is often forgotten on the list of ideas on what to gift the lady in your life. This map is eye-catching will make a statement wherever she displays it. This foil heart map uses any city or international postcode as the center point on the map. Then, the foil is placed onto the paper stock color of your choice. You can also write something in the space underneath the map to make it even more personalized.

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Cute Double Heart Charm Necklace

This charming necklace may be a small gift idea but holds a delicate and sentimental message. This gorgeous mixed metal necklace can be fully customizable with small and large heart charms that are hand-stamped with your unique personalization. Jewelry is always a romantic present idea for her and one she will always adore. Choose between names, birthdates, an anniversary date, coordinates of where you met or any other meaningful message to add to her necklace. It’s a simple, yet stylish gift she’ll wear with anything!

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Handmade Romantic Love Mug Gift for Her

This handmade ceramic mug is a good gift to remind the special lady in your life that she is loved. The phrase “Mon Coeur” means “My Heart” in French. Rest assured, she’ll want to sip her coffee or tea extra-long with this chic and stylish mug. This cool mug features a printed and pressed design that will not fade or scratch off, unlike vinyl. It’s also dishwasher and microwavable safe to make it easy to heat and clean.

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Express Your Love with Poetic Wall Art

Anything that’s poetic usually has a touch of romanticism attached to it. This personalized art is a way to celebrate your lasting love. It’s a perfect and romantic gift for girlfriend that will make her day. This piece of artwork features words from your favorite quote or poem into a three-dimensional heart-shaped work of art. With various textures and colors, it also features a solid heart with your initials and special date. You’re sure to rack up the cool points with this great gift idea.

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Premium Scottish Gin Distilled with Tea Trio

This is a fun gift for Gin lovers and tea lovers alike. The Teasmith gin set includes a tasting card and features a careful blend of tea and other botanicals including juniper, grains of paradise, coriander seed and orange peel. The mini trio set comes in an elegant bottle with foiled copper text labels. They also come in a box specially wrapped in The Teasmith tissue paper. These gin tea trio sets are also great unisex gift ideas for anyone who loves and appreciates good gin.

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An Eye-Catching Romantic Gift for Wife

This sleek and contemporary poetic necklace is a wonderful alternative to the traditional heart-shaped necklaces. Jewelry always makes a cute, romantic birthday gift for girlfriend. This eye-catching amour heartbeat necklace evokes that heart-pounding joy from the moment you first met. This necklace is for any woman who has ever made your heart skip a beat. It’s the perfect accessory that expresses how much you care. From rings, bracelets, necklaces and more, jewelry is always a good gift she’s sure to love.

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Nature-Inspired Personalized Love Cuff

Did you ever carve you and your crush’s name on a tree when you were little? This personalized love cuff reminds us of that romantic tradition with custom engraving. This brass cuff features two sets of initials that are hand cast from real birch bark. The texture of this gorgeous unique bracelet evokes how the artist added all of the little details that went into this handcrafted piece. The birch tree symbolizes protection and resilience, making this such a romantic present idea for her.

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Heart Charm Triple-Wrap Leather Bracelet

This Alessia heart charm bracelet is a cheap gift idea that’s beautiful and meaningful. This bracelet features a triple-wrap leather cord with a silver or rose gold heart charm that can be personalized with up to two initials. It also features beautiful beads in various color options. The engraving of the heart charm has a small additional charge but is such a great gift idea that she will wear in style. This romantic gift idea also arrives in a gift box, ready to be delivered to the special lady.

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Ceramic Zig-Zag Flamingo Mug

The flamingo trend is bigger than ever! From phone cases, fashion pieces, jewelry, and more these bright pink birds are a huge hit this year. If you’re looking for trendy, romantic gift ideas for her, then this flamingo mug will definitely be a good one. Featuring a soft pink body and white zig-zag design, this flamingo handled mug is so cute she’ll be excited to wake up in the mornings to sip her tea or coffee. This cool gift is also presented in a gift box, so no extra wrapping is necessary!

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Spa Box Romantic Present Idea for Her

This cool present is one she will definitely use. The PS I Love You Spa Box comes complete with a soy candle in your choice of scent, a stylish matchbox, travel size soap, a scented bath bomb, lip balm, organic body butter, organic body spray and a personalized gift message on a card. There are several lovely scents to choose from for the candle. She’ll love the idea that you had a hand in personalizing her luxurious box. These products are all natural, plant-based and cruelty-free. This is a useful gift that will make her feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Handcrafted Vintage Lace Dipped Heart Necklace

Anything with hearts is always nice, romantic gift ideas for her. This heart necklace was made and produced through a fair trade organization helping Columbian artisans make a living. The process includes cutting and sewing pieces of lace that are then dipped in wax and then dipped in copper and 24k gold. After that process is completed, the artisans brush by hand the excess metal which creates the gorgeous detailing of the necklace. This is a one-of-a-kind romantic gift idea she’ll love the meaning behind.

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A Stylish Way to Celebrate Your Love

This pair of heart earrings are very elegant and romantic in nature. They feature handcrafted sterling silver that looks simple, but they actually have a hidden message within them. Lift the ends of the earrings and you’ll see that they are actually hearts stretched out making a three-dimensional shape. It represents a heart filled with love from top to bottom. What a stylish, romantic gift idea to celebrate your love that’s not only useful and meaningful but also is very visually appealing.

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For a Love that’s Written in the Stars

Remember all of your special moments together with this personalized planisphere. This unique gift idea was inspired from the stars and is made out of 3 layers of plywood. This special keepsake will remind her of 8 special moments or dates (that you can personalize) and will be revealed when she spins it. Personalize the inner wheel with special memories such as your first date, your wedding date, buying your first home together or anything else you can think of to include. The planisphere comes in an astronomical design that is printed in pretty teal blue tones.

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Personalized Keepsake Romantic Gift Idea

A few romantic gift ideas for her include jewelry, clothing and accessories, but this unusual gift is outside the box and one she will cherish forever. This personalized map in a bottle is an awesome keepsake to gift her. Personalize it with any location in the world that holds special meaning to you and the wonderful lady in your life. Maybe you include the location of where you got married, or where you first met. The locations are endless for this cheap gift idea that will hold special meaning in her heart.

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A Romantic Virtual Messenger Box

Here’s a usual gift you most likely would have never considered. Send love notes to your loved ones anytime and anywhere! This is a tech-take on the classic love note. Through the easy-to-use app, you can send a message to your special lady. It will alert her of your message by spinning the chunky heart on the wooden box. Once she opens it, it will read your message on a mirrored screen inside. Now you can shower her with virtual love notes no matter where in the world you are.

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Personalized Dainty Flat Bangle Bracelet

This custom bangle bracelet will make a romantic birthday gift for girlfriend. This bracelet features a contemporary and classic design with the opportunity to engrave up to 60 characters. Whether you choose to have your bracelet etched with a short poem, inspiring quote or meaningful memory, your lovely lady will absolutely adore it. This bracelet is available in sterling silver, 18k gold plated or 18k rose gold plated. It also includes an adjustable clasp so sizing shouldn’t be a problem with this special, small gift idea.

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Frame a Timeless Quote from Sex and the City

Does the special lady in your life love Sex and the City? This cool present features the timeless quote, “I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t live without each other love” from Carrie Bradshaw. This poster can be printed in any color of your choice on high-quality heavy professional poster paper. Home décor gift ideas are always a fun gift to receive. She can place it in her bedroom, bathroom, living room or anywhere else to add a little personality to her home.

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Handcrafted and Personalized Stem Vase Holder

Flowers are common romantic gift ideas for her. Why not spice it up a bit with this handcrafted stem vase holder in aged wood that she can use to display her beautiful flowers in. This chic, rustic wooden display holds three or five (your choice) flower stems and can be personalized with a hand-stamped message on a brass piece featured on the front of the holder. Customize this awesome gift with her name, initials or any other short message up to 30 characters long.

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A Tiny Box of Romantic Gestures

This tiny box of gestures is the perfect romantic birthday gift for girlfriend. This handmade gift is made from recycled Kraft boxes and solid wood tokens. The special lady in your life will pull a token out of the box and have a romantic gesture to read. There are 24 solid wooden tokens with 48 date ideas on each one. A few date ideas on the wooden tokens include: bring home takeout and light candles, surprise him/her with a small gift, pick wildflowers on your way home and many more.

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Love Letter Cufflinks Unisex Gift Ideas

This unique gift idea is great for the working woman in your life. If your special lady wears professional suits and attire, she’ll love to take a little piece of your love to work with her with these sentimental brass cufflinks. The cufflinks feature tiny envelopes that flip open to reveal “I love you” written on a piece of wood. If you want to leave a different message, write your own little message and slip it into the envelope before she leaves for work.

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A Joyful LED Lamp to Light Up the Room

This beautiful LED lamp is a charming and romantic gift for wife. It is sure to brighten her smile and her spaces with this heart-shaped “O” bulb on a red cedar wooden base. This handmade beautiful décor piece will make a great addition to her bedside table, bookshelf or wherever else she wants to display your love. The lamp measures approximately 6.5 inches long and 6 inches tall. Since this item is built to U.S. electronics specifications, you may need an additional adapter to modify it to use in other countries.

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Handmade Custom Wooden Puzzle Box

Since jewelry are among the most traditional romantic gift ideas for her, it only makes sense to gift her this special box she can store all of her gorgeous jewelry in. This cool gift is made from cedar, so it’s naturally aromatic. Each box will have 6 pieces with the “key” piece being a heart you slide up to remove. The lid slides sideways, revealing the inner compartment. This would make a romantic gift for wife that will make her so happy.

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Love Birch Cuff from Real Birch Bark

Now your love can wear her heart on her sleeve. This nature-inspired cuff is hand cast from real birch bark that was collected along the shore of Lake Superior. It features detailed textures right from the strokes of the artists’ brush. This gorgeous brass cuff features an understated cut-out heart shape, which pairs beautifully with the birch tree’s symbolism of resilience and protection. These birch cuffs are great gift ideas that the lovely lady in your life can wear in style.

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A Personalized Statement Bracelet in Various Colors

This gorgeous thread bracelet is made from cotton and silver plated alloy that measures 21.5cm long and 5cm wide. It features a clasp for easy wearing and can come in a variety of colorways. Choose between grey and silver strands, grey and rose gold strands, black and silver strands, navy and silver strands or black and silver, rose gold and gold strands. This personalized statement bracelet has multi-strands for an elegant and classic style and can be engraved for free with a short message up to 26 characters long.

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29 Unforgettable and Romantic Gifts for Her

When searching for romantic gift ideas for her, you’ll want to think outside the box. Come up with an unusual gift that’s both funny and meaningful. Make her laugh with a quirky flamingo handled mug or surprise her with a sentimental piece of jewelry. The gift ideas are truly endless and no matter what gift you decide to gift her, she is sure to cherish it for a lifetime!

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