27 Unique Ideas for Piggy Banks

Piggy Bank Ideas

Piggy banks are one of the most memorable toys from most people’s childhood. For many children, their first piggy safe is their initial interaction with money and one of the simplest lessons in savings. This first financial experience has the power to shape how these children view money as they grow up. This is what makes piggy banks the perfect gift for young children.

Piggy banks are far more than little coin collectors. With the right change bank, children can learn to count and have their first experiences with handling and saving money. While many kids may be too young to understand why they need to save money in the very beginning, these first piggy safes will shape the way they view money later on in life. Whether they’re collecting birthday money or the loose change in their home, as they collect more and more with the help of a piggy bank, children will get to see the benefits of saving money first hand.

27 Ideas for the Perfect Piggy Banks as a Gift

Best Piggy Banks

1. Adorable Gold Pineapple Piggy Bank

This adorable ceramic pineapple piggy bank is a handmade treasure designed to teach children how to handle money. Shaped like a fabulous fruit, this may very well be one of the cutest piggy banks ever. This beautiful design means it can double as decor whenever its owner is done playing with it. First piggy safes like this pineapple are cute enough to get children to play around with the idea of saving money. As they grow up, they’ll see how much money they’ve made by putting their coins in their piggy bank. Over time, this very first piggy bank will teach them important lessons they can carry with them for the rest of their life.

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2. Panda Piggy Safe with Real Electronic Password

More fun than a traditional change bank, this electronic one is complete with a safe, password, and a friendly panda that’s guarding the safe. As this safe toy gives kids firsthand experience with using a safe, the piggy bank is complete with code, beeps and noises, and the four-digit password that will make any child feel as though they’ve just taken a trip to the bank.

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3. New England Patriots Helmet

Have a little New England Patriots fan in your family? This adorable helmet piggy bank is a great gift for any Patriots fan and their little one. Made with cast resin and complete with the metal face guard, this helmet will make its recipient feel like they’re really apart of the game. What’s more, as they play around with the piggy bank, they’ll learn money saving techniques with their favorite football team.

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4. Personalized Modern Piggy Safe for Baby

This cutesy piggy bank is a modern take on the banks most of us grew up with. Complete with the inspirational quote, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single penny”, this piggy bank can be personalized with the name of the baby or child you are gifting with it. Perfect for a baptism, first communion, or first birthday, this little piggy will serve as a memento from the earliest years of your loved one’s life.

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5. Thomas the Train Piggy Bank

Those of us that grew up with Thomas the Train know the power of taking every journey one train track at a time. With Thomas’ help, your little one will learn the same lesson as they practice saving their coins and cash with this fantastic piggy bank. They’ll start saving by fitting the coins in through the top of the train. When they’re not having fun counting their coins, your loved one will enjoy playing “Choo Choo” with their own Thomas toy.

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6. Handmade Wooden Truck Change Bank

This wooden truck and trailer toy doubles as the perfect playtime companion and a cool way to store coins, cash, and other small valuables. Made by hand, this adorable toy is the perfect gift for a young child that loves playing with trucks, cars, and trains. Whether they’re having fun during playtime or learning how to save their money, this wooden toy is a great gift idea.

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7. Handcrafted Owl Metal Piggy Bank

This handmade metal owl is both an adorable decorative piece and a fun piggy bank any child can use to learn how to handle money. Painted with environmental material and made with a modern design, this charming owl is both practical and artistic. Perfect for collecting small change or sitting around the home as decoration, this owl sculpture is a great gift for any child.

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8. Cheeky Grey Pig with Cork

This little piggy can’t wait to be stuffed full of savings! Handcrafted from clay, this ceramic pig hilariously encourages kids to save with the huge cork shoved in its mouth. This funnily shaped pig will keep your little one filling up their piggy bank until it’s time to uncork the pork.

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9. Letter Shaped Piggy Toy

The simple wooden design of this piggy bank makes this toy easy and fun to use. Crafted from a single piece of wood, this piggy bank is able to be personalized into any letter. The acrylic glass completes this cute gift idea and makes the process of saving money more interactive as children can watch their money as it rolls into the piggy bank.

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10. Pig Wooden Piggy Bank Toy

This handcrafted wooden piggy bank is carved into the shape of a pig with clear, acrylic glass covering the front. This is the perfect gift idea for animal lovers that are just learning how to count. As kids watch their coins slide into one for these ash tree piggy banks, they’ll have even more fun playing with their new pig friend. Since most kids love playing with animals, whether they are wooden or stuffed toys, this little piggy bank is a great way to show your little one the beauty of saving. With every birthday, holiday, and allowance, this little wooden piggy will be there to collect the extra money they want to put into savings.

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11. White Plush Tail Deer Bank

What’s better than a deer-shaped piggy bank? One that looks and feels like a real stuffed animal. this plush deer piggy bank doubles as an adorable naptime buddy while working as a piggy bank for all your little one’s savings. This lovable toy makes it easy for a child to associate fun and positive feelings with stowing away their coins.

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12. Pink Ceramic Unicorn Change Banks

The rarest and fairest of all magical creatures, this pink ceramic unicorn will be your little one’s best friend. This beautiful piggy bank is both a precious piece of art and a working piggy bank that your little one can use to learn the magic of saving. Complete with a golden horn, this unicorn will make the perfect addition to a nursery until its little owner is ready to start using it as a piggy bank.

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13. Iconic Coca Cola Bottle Safe

There’s nothing that’s quite as iconic as the Coca Cola bottle. Modeled after the historic bottle, this Coca Cola piggy bank is as fun to play and save with as the drink itself. Kids can use this trendy gift by dropping coins in or it can be used as decor around the home while living out its purpose by collecting loose change. Since the Coca Cola bottle is clear, this piggy bank gives children the unique opportunity to watch as their coins fill the bottle. Getting this opportunity to actively watch their savings grow will fill them with pride and excitement when it comes to saving money.

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14. Vintage Style Squirrel French Piggy Safe

This vintage red squirrel piggy bank is an adorable addition to your home decor as well as the perfect gift for a child that loves animals. From the’70s, this vintage squirrel piece is a great way for any child to start their savings account. As they learn to count and save their cash, this red squirrel will be there to keep their money safe.

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15. Cartoon Electronic ATM

This battery-operated carton piggy bank resembles ATM’s and accepts cash and coins the way real ones do. This gift is a perfect way to introduce kids to the idea of saving money by-way-of-ATM. With batteries installed, this ATM piggy bank works when you feed real cash into the machine. As children have fun watching the machine accept their money, they’ll get a firsthand look at how exciting it is to save.

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16. Decorative Design Piggy Bank Box

Celebrate the art of saving by using this decorative piggy bank. This worldly design makes saving an adventure for any child that is curious about money. This beautiful patterns on this luxurious blue box make this bank box a lovely addition to any room.

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17. Shiny Silver Matte Piggy Safe

This silver bank is the perfect color to match all the coins that will find their way into this piggy bank. This shiny pig is the right gift for any young person you know that is just starting their financial journey and learning how to save. Make this present even more special by personalizing this pig with the name of its new owner.

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18. Magical Rainbow Unicorn Piggy Banks

This magical stoneware rainbow bank features a friendly unicorn that encourages your little one to save. This unicorn gives little ones the opportunity to experience saving in a fun way as they practice giving their coins to their new best friend. Don’t let your loved one miss out on the magic by gifting them with their very own unicorn.

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19. Silver Front Loader Change Bank

Your little one will love loading. up their savings in this creative front loader piggy banks. This front loader is both an adorable toy and a working piggy bank that makes for a wonderful gift for any child that loves playing with construction machines. With this toy, any child can make a game out of saving—the more they shovel up, the more money they save.

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20. Cute Personalized Unicorn Bank

This personalized ceramics unicorn piggy bank is an adorable gift for the little money saver in your life. Handmade, this unicorn can be personalized with the name of your loved one to make saving money an even more memorable experience. Gift this unicorn as a birthday present or memento from the most formative years of your loved one’s life. Until they are old enough to use the unicorn as a piggy bank, this magical creature will serve as a beautiful art piece decorating the room.

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21. Pearhead Ceramic Keepsake Safe

This unique pearhead piggy bank is both an alarm clock and a place to keep change for safekeeping. When gifting this piggy bank as a present to a newborn or very young loved one, you’ll see it is also perfect to keepsake to decorate a nursery until the child is old enough to use it as a piggy bank. As they grow up and learn the value of saving money, they’ll also be able to use their presence as an alarm clock.

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22. Friendly Blue Whale Piggy Bank

Make saving fun with this friendly blue whale piggy bank. Give your little loved one the gift of savings with this cute little piggy bank. This adorable sea creature makes it easy for savings to float in. When it’s not being used as the cutest little piggy bank in the ocean, this whale makes for great decoration in any nursery or little girl’s or boy’s bedroom.

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23. Adventure Fund Jar Piggy Safe

This adventure fund jar is the piggy bank for the older crowd. Trying to encourage your favorite teenager or college student to save? Giving a loved one this adventure fund jar will allow them to easily connect the dots between saving and all the fun they want to have in the future. This see-through jar makes it easy for anyone to see how far away (or how close) they are to their next adventure.

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24. Modern Laser Cut Change Bank

This modern-day piggy bank doubles as a creative piece of contemporary art and a keepsake for coins. Shaped like piggy banks from days gone by, the laser cut style makes this sculpture far from your average piggy bank. Gift this special present to a loved one that loves cool art and saving money.

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25. Cat Stealing Money Piggy Bank

An absolutely adorable idea for a piggy bank, this cute toy features a cat stealing money. As the cat hides inside of an orange box, your little money saver will watch as the cat takes their coins and safely deposits them in the box. This hides and seek kitty makes saving more fun than ever. All that is required to operate this fun toy are two double AA batteries and a coin to get the kitty’s attention when it’s time to start saving.

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26. Harry Potter Gringotts Change Bank

Enter the magical world of Harry Potter by gifting your loved one with this unique Gringotts piggy bank. As your little loved one prepares to start their studies at Hogwarts, they can learn how to make magic with their money by “investing” it in Gringotts. This toy is the perfect collectible for any lover of Harry Potter and acts as a great place for safekeeping their coins. Having a piggy bank like this one associated with a favorite story like Harry Potter gives children a whole new understanding of saving. Whether they pretend to be little wizards saving up to buy a wand or hoping to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this toy will allow them to see the joy in saving.

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27. Porcelain Whale Piggy Safe

Whether they’re using their imaginations to play in the deep blue sea or save money with their new whale buddy, the little one that receives this porcelain piggy bank as a gift will love collecting coins with this bank. This adorable whale comes in a wide variety of colors and is easy to love and fun to use. As a piggy bank and sweet sea creature, this whale is too precious to not get as a present for your loved one.

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27 Cool Piggy Banks that Your Kids Will Love

The more fun a child has with their piggy safe, the more they’ll love saving money. Make sure your loved ones have a lot of fun gathering coins in their first ever change bank. Let this list of 27 of the cutest piggy banks inspire you to pick the right gift for the little one in your life.

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