29 Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas Sure to Melt Mom’s Heart

Mother of the Bride Gifts

There are so many choices when it comes to mother of the bride gift ideas, it can be overwhelming. Whether she’s your mom or your future mother-in-law, choosing a mother of bride present can be a daunting task.

As her daughter, she has been your anchor, giving guidance and support – simply teaching you how to be good. As your future mother-in-law, she’s the model your beautiful bride follows.

A gift for the mother of the bride has to be unique to her. It should speak to her personality, whether she’s more comfortable relaxing with a glass of wine or having screaming down a zipline. Is she funny? Is she a cool or fun mom?

We’ve curated twenty-nine good gift ideas – mother of the bride gifts for every type of mom. Whatever her tastes are, there’s sure to be a gift idea here that’s right for her.

29 Mother of the Bride Gifts that She will Never Forget

Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas

Custom Blended Fragrant Famous Location Literary Candles

A great present for the mother of the bride who always has a book nearby. Create the ambiance of mom’s favorite literary places with scents from these delightful soy candles. A great way to re-create the atmosphere of some of the most iconic literary locations. All mom has to do is light one of these candles, grab her copy of one of four famous books, and she’ll be transported with the power of scent. You have four classics to choose from: Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice.

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Cool Present: Custom Wine Labels

A mother of the bride gift for mom’s who love their wine. When you want to show your appreciation for getting you through her big day, there’s no better “Thank You” card than one that’s attached to a bottle of mom’s favorite wine. Create your own, special message for mom on this customizable wine label. The wine label is removable, so she can frame the label after the vino is long gone. Since this is customizable, it’s also a great gift if you’re looking for unisex gift ideas since dads have been known to enjoy wine, too.

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Wine Soaps are a Great Small Gift Idea

If your mom is a wine lover, she’ll appreciate these beautifully scented soaps that can be used in the bath or shower. Scents are created using many of the same fruits of the distinct wines, so your mother or future mother-in-law will delight in recognizing the fragrances of popular wines such as Pinot Grigio and Cabernet. There are four soap bars in the set. A clean and thoughtful mother of the bride present for the lady who knows her wines.

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Personalized Brass Cuff Bracelet is a Unique and Awesome Gift

A beautiful bracelet for a beautiful lady. This bracelet can be personalized on the inside, outside or both. You can choose from a variety of fonts and use up to fifty characters to create a special message that thanks your mom for her help leading up to your big day. This great gift idea comes in three finishes. It can be polished, brushed or hammered, creating a truly personalized gift she will cherish year after year.

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10K Gold Paper Crane Necklace is an Unusual Gift

If the words, “unique,” and, “elegant,” describe your mom, then this unusual gift is the right choice for her. The Japanese origami paper crane symbolizes hope. It’s featured here in a 3D printed pendant. Have a crane created in your choice of Yellow or Rose Gold. A choice of three different chain lengths ensures you can get a perfect size. There is something moving and powerful in this piece and your mom will appreciate the inspired message.

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Perfect Mother of the Bride Present: Silver and Cut Glass Necklace

This eye-catching piece of jewelry has a big, “Wow!” factor. It ranks as a favorite among mother of the bride ideas. A beautifully cut glass pendant delicately hangs from an adjustable silver-plated brass chain. The necklace is thoughtfully presented in a white paper box. A thoughtful message is included on a pre-printed insert card, completing this awesome gift. It’s a stunning piece that your mom would be proud to wear.

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Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin is a Unique Present For Mother of the Bride

A special spa gift for the mom that loves to visit the country. Starting with a goat’s milk bath tea made with ingredients like pink Himalayan salt and cocoa butter, it’s graced with the fragrance of soothing lavender essential oil and buds. Finishing off her soak with a whipped Shea cream and, “Hint of Mint,” lip balm, this is the best gift for the mother of the bride after the festivities are over and mom just wants to kick back for a while.

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White Hat Box for a Present is a Fun Gift, Too

This is a cute gift idea for the mother of the bride if you already have a special gift and just need a special way to showcase it. The traditional hat box gets a makeover with this fun, round, white paper box. The nine by four-inch box includes a custom lid label so you can personalize a message. She’ll love the gift and adore the box which can be used to store other items. A useful gift for moms that love to reuse and recycle.

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Top Mother of the Bride Present for Chai Tea Lovers: Chai Tea Kit

If your mother of the bride gift ideas include beverages, a chai tea aficionado will certainly appreciate this tea kit. Starting with a choice of three different teas for a base, there are many traditional spices to create a perfect and personalized blend of chai. The three teas included are Cardamom, Earl Grey, and Ceylon Pekoe. The fair-trade spices included are Star Anise, Cloves, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Whole Cardamom. This isn’t just a fantastic present for the mother of the bride. If you’re looking for unisex gift ideas, this tea kit will work for everyone in your wedding party.

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Minimalist Trinket Box with Lid and Mirror is a Top Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a small gift idea for the mom who has everything, consider this multi-compartment storage box. It’s useful for collecting life’s little trinkets and mementos and she’ll appreciate the understated beauty. The wooden lid has a mirror on the underside. The box has a minimalist feel to it and will easily find a place on mom’s vanity. This one has to be included in mother of the bride gift ideas.

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Sleepy Head Bedside Carafe Set is a Unique Mother of the Bride Gift

If you’re looking for a cool gift for your thirsty mom, consider this handmade lead-free crystal carafe and tumbler set. No need to get up in the middle of the night and go to the kitchen for a drink of water with this carafe and glass set dozing on the nightstand. The cute tumbler, resting inside the carafe, actually forms the stopper. It’s the kind of gift many shoppers wind up buying for themselves.

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Unique Gift Idea: Custom Caricature Portrait

Humor has to be at the top of mother of the bride gift ideas. If you’re looking for a funny gift idea, a custom caricature portrait of you and your mom is the way to go. The mother of the bride and bride-to-be can run have some crazy days on their journey to the Big Day. This gift will show your mom that you can both look back on these times with a sense of humor. A fun gift for the mom with a great sense of humor.

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A Year of Gratitude: Best Gift Idea for Giving Thanks

Here’s a present for the mother of the bride who engages in a life of purposeful joy is this cool stationery set that empowers her to show gratitude. This is a collection of fifty-two, “Thank You,” cards for practicing appreciation every week. It also includes a fifty-six-page journal and tips on writing letters with gratitude. All stationery is presented in a box that’s beautiful enough to display on her desk. The first letter of thanks she’ll write is to you.

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Cute Gift: Handmade Custom Keepsake Box

All That I Am I Owe To My Mother. This is the moving message on the outside of this jewelry box. accented with a delicate butterfly motif. On the inside, you can include personalized message such as the names of the bride and groom, or a special note of thanks. Custom gift wrapping is available for this earthenware piece. If, while searching for mother of the bride gift ideas, you come to realize that you owe everything you are to your mother, you can tell her with this great gift idea.

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Personalized Wedding Tree Art Print Will Become a Family Heirloom

Celebrate the strength of the family with a message of unity carried by this tree print. This print features a multi-colored tree with birds in the color of your choice and the bride and grooms’ initials “carved” into the tree. A sentiment is included, but this can be replaced with a personalized message. Maybe turn it into a funny gift if your family loves to laugh. You can choose to have the graphic printed on photographic paper (unframed,) metal (a blend of aluminum and tin,) or canvas stretched onto .75 inch wooden frame.

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Custom Engraved Plate is Perfect Gift for a Ceramics Collector

This mother of the bride present lets mom know what an outstanding job she did with this 100% handmade earthenware plate. The message is heart-felt and beautiful. The heart-shaped jewelry tray is finished with a clear glaze. A bright white glaze is also available upon request. You can choose from three rim colors; natural clay, silver or gold. If your mother of the bride gift ideas include finding something similar for the mother of the groom, the quote can be changed, allowing for gifts that inspire a sense of uniting families.

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Camp Mug is Great Present for The Camping Enthusiast

If you’ve been contemplating mother of the gift ideas for the mother of the bride that’s truly down to earth, here’s a stainless steel mug that will speak to her favorite memories of your wedding day. Use up to three hundred characters to create the perfect message for the perfect mother of the bride. It holds ten ounces of her favorite beverage. For couples on a budget this is a great cheap gift idea. Printed on both sides, this rustic mug is a wonderful present for the mother of the bride that loves the great outdoors.

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Personalized Gold Compact Mirrors are Beautiful Mother of the Bride Gifts

A compact mirror gives your mom or future mother-in-law the advantage of being ready for every photo opportunity. This gorgeous gold mirror can be customized with her name (up to fifteen characters). Available with a floral motif or in lemon, peach, tan, or sage. Your mom will appreciate this top rated gift. The gold case lends a touch of class to this classic accessory found in every woman’s pocketbook.

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Personalized Stoneware is the Perfect Present for Mother of the Bride That Cooks

When it comes to mother of the bride gift ideas, kitchenware is always a favorite suggestion. Here’s a gift for the woman that loves to create new delights in her kitchen. Cute ceramic glazed cookware that she’ll use again and again, especially since they’re freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Safe in ovens up to 450° Fahrenheit. All of the cookware showcases a name (up to twelve characters) and “Made with Love” printed on the side. Choose from red, blue or teal colors. She’ll love these personalized additions to her kitchen.

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Customized Ceramic Mug: New Take on Old Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas

Here’s a fun gift that’ll be a hit with every mother of the bride that’s also your best friend. This ceramic mug is customized to match your day! You can change the, hair style, skin color, mother of the bride dress style and the bridal sress styles. Pick an eleven ounce or fifteen ounce mug and start creating your masterpiece. The printing process is sublimation so it won’t wear off. A heart warming message and unique mother of the bride gift that you and your mom will carry with you for years to come.

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Sterling Interlocking Ring Necklace is a Sentimental Favorite Mother of the Bride Gift

This beautiful necklace showcases interlocking rings, symbolic of the loving connection a Mother and her daughter share from birth through adulthood. Made from .925 solid sterling silver, this is a high quality piece of jewelry. Your mom will appreciate the chain, which is adjustable, so it will work with a variety of neckline styles. A warm and wonderful message card is included in the gift wrapped box. A perfect gift to melt the heart. It will be a treasured present mother of the bride.

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Present for Mother of the Bride: Personalized Watercolor Tree

Gratitude is one of the most beautiful things we share. This colorful print with a magnificent message of thanks from the groom to his future mother-in-law is sure to find a place of honor in her home. The print will include the names of the bride and groom along with their wedding date, and initials in the tree. Canvas options from photo paper (unframed,) metal, and stretched canvas allow you to match any decor. This is truly a unique mother of the bride gift.

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Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers Are Always Welcome Mother of the Bride Gifts

A cool present that can be matched up with any home’s style. It’s built to last with industrial grade vinyl and the phrase can be printed in white or black lettering. This stainless steel tumbler is double walled and will keep up to twelve ounces of mom’s favorite beverage cold to the last drop. It also includes a matching straw and a clear lid. This is a good gift for those couples watching their budget and need a cheap gift idea.

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Marble and Wood Server Makes Every Hors d’Oeuvre Look Delicious

A great gift for moms that love to entertain. This marble and rubberwood server is a stylish way to serve up the charcuterie and other finger foods, even if it’s just peanut butter and jelly on crackers for her grand-kids. This is a solid piece that won’t fall apart as soon as you try and cut pepperoni. You can add up to eighteen characters on one line of your own message. This is a useful gift for many occasions and one of the more popular mother of the bride gift ideas.

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Personalized Jewelry Dish From the Original Artist

Give your mom or future mother-in-law a personalized jewelry dish from the artist who started it all. The minimalist look of these dishes allows it to fit in most home decors. Each dish is molded, stamped and painted in their studio. These dishes are not ceramic, which means they can be forgiving if accidentally knocked off a dresser. While you can choose from four standard designs, these dishes can also be personalized, so you’ll have a unique present for the mother of the bride.

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Intention Stone Wine Stoppers are a Truly Cool Gift

There is something compelling and inspiring about semi-precious stones. Give mom a wine stopper handmade with stainless steel and an intention stone to bring up her positive, loving energy. All eight choices are beautiful. With choices like Rose Quartz, Rainbow Fluorite, Labradorite, and Crystal Quartz, you simply can’t go wrong with these beauties. Each stone has a different vibration to go with mom’s different intentions. She’ll love the colors and appreciate the craftsmanship of these stoppers. Of all of the mother of the bride gift ideas listed, this one was a favorite of many people.

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Personalized Vintage Silver-plate Spoon

This is a good gift for the mother who always fed you soup when you were sick. This unique gift symbolizes family unity and how we gather at the dinner table for elegant feasts and macaroni and cheese before soccer. Each spoon is different and the flatware is limited. It is hand-stamped and comes gift wrapped. This is really unique gift idea that she will remember forever.

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29 Stunning and Affordable Mother of the Bride Gifts

Whether you realized it or not, your mom was your biggest cheerleader, most patient basketball coach, most loyal accountant, longest tenured chauffeur, cheapest personal assistant and best friend that you’ll ever have. Now that she’s achieved Mother of the Bride status, a thoughtful mother of the bride gift is very little in the way of saying, “Thank You,” so take a moment to really remember all she’s done for you.

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