29 Man Cave Gift Ideas that will Blow His Mind

Man Cave Gifts

Finding the perfect man cave gift ideas for the perfect guy can be super challenging, and it is all too easy to just go for the same tired old gifts. This year, instead of getting him yet another mug, ball cap, or tie, why not buy him something to enhance or kick start his man cave? Man cave presents are such a wonderful way to tell your fellow that you care, and can be really personalized to his tastes. Whether your guy likes sports, loves a stiff drink, or just loves fun and games, you can find the right gift for him. To get you started, we put together this list of 29 awesome man cave gift ideas.

29 Awesome Man Cave Gift Ideas to Help Him Complete His Space

Man Cave Gift Ideas

DIY Cork Bottle Lamp Kit

IY kits are always cool presents for the guy to loves to work with his hands or even the more creative types. This kit comes with a bottle stopper lamp adapter and a 6-foot cord. The bottle and lightbulb are totally up to him. If you’re not the Edison bulb type, you can find a clip style lampshade to go with it. It could also be a very cute way to use a special bottle too. Hang on to a bottle from a special moment, like an anniversary or promotion, and turn it into part of the decor in your home. Not to mention, once it’s done this gift is actually really useful.

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A Posh Kit for the Whiskey Enthusiast

If he loves a stiff drink at the end of the day, this is a great gift idea. This classy looking box comes with a velvety bag, coasters, rocks glasses and whiskey stones. These quartz stones are frozen to chill liquor without diluting it. It’s the ideal man cave product for the connoisseur in your life. This makes a nice romantic gift for anniversaries too, since it comes with two glasses.

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A Chicago Cubs Mat to Cheer On

Man Cave stuff needs to be durable, especially if your guy’s cave gets a lot of traffic on game day. This Cubs mat has a nice, durable vinyl back that keeps it from slipping around. So when he’s jumping up and down and screaming at the ref, the rug isn’t going anywhere. If he’s a Cardinals fan, this could be a really funny gag gift too. Just be sure he has a good sense of humor.

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Plushy Three Cup Holder for TV Time

Everyone occasionally wants to binge their favorite movies and TV shows on the couch. This is just one of our unisex gift ideas, and will make nights in even cozier for you both. Reviews also rave about it for use in campers, so it’s very well suited for the man cave on wheels, too. Super cozy and soft, this plush pillow has three cup holders. It is convenient and cozy way to help you keep track of drinks as well as remotes and other necessities.

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Baseball Whiskey Chillers – A Real Home Run

The best gifts come from unique gift ideas, and boy is this one unique. Great for the man who loves baseball and a good drink, this will definitely be one of the most cool presents you ever get him literally and figuratively. These baseball shaped crystals stay in the freezer, and when it’s time for a drink they can just be dropped in the glass to chill liquor without dilution.

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A Hookey Board Game That’s Tons of Fun

This is such a cool gift for the competitive guys. Hookey board, a game that is like a cross between poker and darts is an exciting way to get a crowd together. Reviewers rave about how fun the game is, and love it both for the family and for parties. This board is also really sturdy, with quality materials like beautiful wood. Originally from Australia, this game is often brought out at parties and barbeques and is quickly becoming a hit here in the states.

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A Fancy Dartboard Cabinet Set

For the guy who dreams of having an old school lounge in his house, a good looking dartboard set like this one is a top choice. It’s an official pro indoor dartboard, but the lovely rustic design disguises it as just another cabinet in the pub when it is closed.

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A Can Fridge that Holds All The Beers

With a 90 can capacity, this little fridge is a good gift for any guy that can knock back some brews or sodas. With shiny chrome detailing, this little can fridge looks really slick, too. Don’t be fooled though, this is one of our favorite unisex gift ideas that will benefit you both. Never run out cold beverages again. To top it all off, the front door is glass, which makes it that much easier to see what you have in stock without digging around and warming up your drinks.

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A Wooden Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener

This wall mounted bottle opener is very cute, in a rustic sort of way. One of many many cave gifts on our list that will spruce up his space, bottle openers are also useful gifts if he drinks a lot of sodas or bottled beer. Made from premium wood, this bottle opener will probably hang on the wall for years. It is a wonderful value, especially when you think of how long it will probably last.

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This Tabletop Popcorn Machine is Poppin’

Small enough to fit on the counter, this is one of those man cave products that is just classic for film enthusiasts. This old school design is both nice to look at, and makes a whole gallon of movie style popcorn in one go. Reviews say it also stands up to a lot of wear, too. The only problem will be convincing him to share some of that delicious, buttery popcorn with you and the rest of the family.

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Tiny Arcade Machine for Big Retro Gamers

One of our more cheap gift ideas this tiny arcade is an awesome option. This 6″ arcade machine features the retro game, “Caveman Ninja: Joe and Mac.” It’s definitely a fun throwback to childhood runs to the local arcade. Since it’s footprint is so little, this also makes an incredible small gift idea if the man cave is running out of space. Not just perfect for his man cave, it would also be a fun item for him to display in his office at work.

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A Sleek Looking Wine Bottle Opener

If your fellow is known for his sleek, modern sense of style or excellent taste in wine this is a wonderful man cave product. This electric bottle opener features a beautiful and minimal design. To make it even better, this neat gadget is cordless. The next time you have guests over, he can break out his favorite vintage and open it up in seconds flat. According to buyer reviews, this would also be perfect if your wine enthusiast happens to have arthritis or other mobility related difficulties. Not all man cave gift ideas are just fun, they can also be super useful gifts too!

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Ship in a Bottle Decanter

This glass liquor dispenser is shaped like one of those model ships in a bottle, except the ship is made of glass too. Customers love how elegant this decanter looks. It’s also made of artisan hand blown glass. If this seems like an unusual gift, just think of all the boring decanters you could buy him, then imagine this hanging out in his den next to all those fancy bottles of scotch, bourbon, or gin. Because of the quality of this product, this is one of those man cave gifts that could become a family heirloom someday.

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Toy Car Filled Decorative Letters

What a fun gift for car enthusiasts! These decorative letters are filled with tiny toy cars. For the man who has a need for speed, these decor items are a really cool way to spruce up a space. Not to mention, these letters ship from the seller really quickly according to buyers. You can also choose between regular cars and race cars for the inside, to make the letter a little more unique. This one is ideal for striking up some nostalgia while also referencing something he loves.

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Stainless Steel and Cork NFL Coasters

No matter whose jerseys he wears, you can find an attractive and sturdy coaster to match. This pack of 4″ x 4″ stainless steel coasters are laser cut with the logo of each design. That means they are heavy duty, and ready to take a real beating without beating up your coffee table. (And you can bet the will on game days!) Amazon reviewers were raving about the look and feel of these coasters, and with a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating they are pretty hard to beat. Man cave gift ideas like this one really finish off the room in a way that normal coasters don’t.

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Mike Tyson Wall Art

Sometimes cool gifts are just as simple as finding something that matches his personal style. This gorgeous wall art piece features that titan of the boxing world, Mike Tyson. Sports lovers adore the cool, posterized style of this piece. Whether he is a boxing fan or not, the style of this wall art piece would look stunning in his man cave. If you’re looking for a small gift idea, the smallest size is 8″ x 10″ and is very affordable, making it a great cheap gift idea too. If you want to really make a statement though, go for the big 24″ x 36″ size.

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Framed Vintage Comic Book Page Featuring the Joker

You didn’t think we would forget to find some man cave gift ideas for the nerdy guys, did you? Taken from a real vintage comic book, comic book page comes matted and framed. It is ready to hang next to his own collection of comic books, action figures, or movies. This would even be a great piece to lean on top of a shelf, next to other prized possessions. Especially well suited for long-time collectors of Batman paraphernalia, he is going to love how this looks next to the rest of his man cave stuff.

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A Three Bottle Revolving Liquor Dispenser

This is a good gift for folks who really love cocktails, or just having parties. One of those cool gifts that encourage him to have guests over and play bartender, he’s going to love how easy this dispenser makes it to pour shots and mix drinks. This dispenser isn’t one of those uni-tasking man cave gift ideas though. If he isn’t much for drinks, this could also be a unique gift idea for the coffee lover. Just load it up with flavored syrups instead so he can enjoy his favorite flavored coffee at home.

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Retro Vespa Headlight Table Lamp

Fun gifts like this one really shine a light on all of his cool man cave stuff. This table lamp would make such a great man cave present for guys who are motorheads or just have a great sense of style. Made from a real Vespa headlight, this table lamp tilts and turns to light up his desk, while also looking really cool.

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Linguaphone Language Course Vintage Record

Vintage items are always cool, and beautiful old records make awesome man cave gifts for the worldly gentleman. This record is of a language course that teaches German. Aside from looking really gorgeous, it also teaches a class. Honestly, how can anything beat man cave gifts ideas that look nice and also make you smarter?

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Tiki Ring Toss Game for Beach Bums

Man cave gift ideas like this one are both funny and a blast to play. This ring toss game is Tiki themed, which would look great in vintage, beach kitsch themed den or man cave. The hook, which is attached to a tiny wooden surfboard, mounts to the wall and the ring hangs from a string that attaches to the ceiling. Players toss the ring, aiming for the hook in the board. At such an affordable price, this is one of those cheap gift ideas that is just hard to pass up.

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Smoker Box That Fits on the Grill

Man cave gift ideas are best when they satisfy those primal urges, like lighting stuff on fire. More specifically, this box uses hardwood smoke to cook some of the best barbeques he’s ever made, right on the grill. Amazon reviewers love that you can get perfectly smoked meats using this smoker box and a propane grill, but this little dude works on any type of grill. This is a great gift idea for the grill master in your family. If his man cave stuff mostly lives outdoors, give this smoker a look.

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John Wayne Themed Toothpick Dispenser

Nothing is more masculine than John Wayne or good dental hygiene. Combine them both for a man cave present that will make him say, “Take ‘er easy there, Pilgrim.” It comes with a starter pack of toothpicks too, which means you won’t need to order any additional items while you’re shopping. The old-school styling of this dispenser is reminiscent of the ones you would find in an old diner, featuring polished chrome detailing. Some gift ideas just never go out of style.

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Golf Tee Shaped Toss Game

Another one of our toss game style man cave gift ideas, this game is shaped like a golf ball and giant tee. Not only is it kind of funny, but it is also an unusual gift that is sure to keep him entertained for hours on end. Obviously, we love man cave gift ideas that involve games, and this one works great as a solo sport or can be played against friends if he’s feeling competitive.

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Steampunk Style Vintage Spirit Lamp

We love spooky, vintage gift ideas like this one for the guy who is into that steampunk aesthetic. This “spirit lamp” is what we in the U.S. would call a gas lamp, which is a light that burns a fuel-soaked wick. Collected in London, this old lamp is probably from the pre-war era and would look really cool as a decorative piece. With just the right amount of rust, such a rad piece will definitely set a standard for next year’s man cave gifts.

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Frankenstein Themed Steampunk Lightswitch Plate

Another steampunk style item, this Frankenstein themed lightswitch plate might just be one of the most fun gifts on our list. Pulling the lever down flips the lightswitch on, and vice versa. He’s going to have a blast flipping the lights on and off, and shouting, “It’s alive!”

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29 of the Coolest Man Cave Gifts

No matter who you are buying gifts for or what the occasion, finding an awesome gift for his man cave is a great way to make him happy. Choosing the right gift says a lot about how you really care about him, and know his tastes. Whether your giftee loves to have the guys over for beers on game day or just likes to hang out in his man cave and play games, there is a perfect gift for him. We think we have put together a really comprehensive list to get you started with some new and unique gift ideas. Whatever you choose, we hope he absolutely loves it and talks about it for years to come. Happy shopping!

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