29 Inspiring Kitchen Gift Ideas That Will Add Personality to Your Kitchen

Best Kitchen Gifts

Do you need kitchen gift ideas for your friend who loves being in the kitchen? Maybe they are always looking for a cool kitchen gadget? Maybe they want the next best coffee maker on the market? We have a collection of awesome gift ideas for everyone on your list! From funny to functional, there are gift ideas that will be sure to please. Many of the items are unisex gift ideas, so they will be good for women and men alike. You will find everything from handmade pottery to a sparkling water carbonator. So whether you need an unusual gift or a fun kitchen gadget, we have the perfect list of kitchen gift ideas for you here.

29 Unique Kitchen Gift Ideas to Elevate Your Culinary Skills

Kitchen Gift Ideas

Rustic Blue Handmade Stoneware Dinner Plate

This unique dinner plate is handmade in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Each plate is glazed with food-safe glaze so you can use it for food, but it is simply gorgeous just as a decoration as well. This is a wonderful gift idea for the person who seems to have everything because each piece is one-of-a-kind. In addition to being beautiful, each plate is dishwasher and microwave safe. The listing includes two settings, for six pieces altogether. There are several color choices as well.

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Cute Handmade Ceramic Butter Dish

This little butter dish is the perfect kitchen gift idea! It is handmade in the United Kingdom and is simply adorable. The round shape lends itself nicely to being used for items other than butter as well. You could use it to put jewelry in while washing dishes or cooking dinner. You could also hide your favorite treats from others! Who would think to look inside the butter dish? It is a beautiful piece that will add personality to your kitchen.

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Cutting Board with Your Favorite Family Recipe

Handmade in the state of Washington, this is one of the best kitchen gift ideas ever! It is a cutting board with a copy of your favorite family recipe etched into the board. This would be such a cool present for a couple getting married. Just send in a photo of your favorite recipe and the artist will etch it into the board to look just like the handwriting on the card! This would make a truly unique heirloom.

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John Boos Block Maple Cutting Board

If you are looking for a good gift that will appeal to anyone, then this John Boos cutting board is it. It is made in Illinois from specifically selected Northern American maple hardwood. This cutting board is twelve inches square, an awesome size for a smaller kitchen. Not only is this a beautiful decorative piece to set out when not in use, but it is a truly useful gift as well. The company believes in their product and offers a guarantee!

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Nespresso Lattissima Espresso Machine With Milk Frother

This one-touch espresso machine is such a cool kitchen gadget! With a built-in milk frother, your espresso will taste like it was made at your favorite shop. There are six recipes built-in to the one-touch system. You can make a simple coffee, espresso or warm milk. You can also make a latte, cappuccino, or a latte macchiato by simply pressing one button! This machine makes it quick and easy to have a wonderful warm drink. It is such a fun gift!

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Cactus Print Tea Towel by Sass & Belle

This tea towel is such a wonderful gift! Cactus print is so cute and stylish right now! If you need a cheap gift idea, then this tea towel fits the bill. It would make a fun gift by itself or it could be added to a nice gift basket with other kitchen gifts. It comes with a loop for hanging, so it can even be used as a cool decoration. The white background with soft pastel colors is perfect for any décor.

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Brushed Stainless Steel KitchenAid Cutlery Set

This cutlery set is a brilliant kitchen gift idea! It has a gorgeous bamboo finish and sits at the perfect angle to be placed underneath kitchen cupboards. KitchenAid is known for having the top kitchen items and this is no exception. Each knife has an ergonomically designed handle for comfort. This set also contains a pair of kitchen shears and a built-in sharpener. These bonus features are not often found in knife sets. This cutlery set makes a great, useful gift!

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Soho Lounge Stoneware Service for Four

A set of these unique dishes is the perfect kitchen gift idea for anyone who appreciates style! The square, modern shape gives it a cool look that anyone would be proud to show off. Each piece features the color of choice on the front with a black back. The black gives a dramatic look to each dish and bowl. The set comes with four mugs, four bowls, four dinner plates, and four dessert plates. Each piece is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Bamboo Snack Storage Pot by Zuperzozial

This cute snack storage pot is the perfect cheap gift idea! When you do not have a lot to spend but want to give something that still looks exquisite, give this fun little snack storage pot. It is great for holding snacks, but it also makes beautiful kitchen décor. Zuperzozial has a mission to create products that show respect to our planet, and this pot is one-hundred percent bamboo. This unique, small gift idea is also dishwasher safe!

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Set of Six Star Wars Inspired Coasters

Looking for a funny, yet useful gift? These coasters will be the hit of the next party! They are handmade in the United Kingdom and are made to order. Each coaster is hand varnished and contains one of six different Star Wars-inspired designs. They fit together like a puzzle and can be rearranged, so they are fun even when not being used as a coaster! These coasters are lots of fun and make the perfect small gift idea for an unusual gift.

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Neocasa Ceramic French Press Set

When looking for kitchen gift ideas, this French press set comes out on top! It is simply gorgeous, but it is also a fun kitchen gadget because it allows you to make your own delicious coffee and tea. The ceramic stoneware keeps a drink hot for up to thirty minutes. In addition to the press, this set also includes an airtight canister, a handmade stirring spoon made of wood and a two-sided measuring spoon. This would make a good gift for anyone!

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Set of Four Handmade Ceramic Pottery Plates

When looking for unisex gift ideas, this pottery set would be a cool gift for any woman or man! It is shown in four different colors. You can choose a mixed set as shown, or you can purchase all four in the same color. With this set, you will get one dinner plate, two dessert plates and one saucer. You can order them with an attached hanger if you prefer to hang them. They would make a really good kitchen décor!

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Stylish Retro Countertop Citrus Juicer

This is a fun kitchen gadget that looks awesome too! If you are looking for retro kitchen gift ideas, then this needs to be at the top of your kitchen gift list. Nothing tastes better than a glass of fresh-squeezed juice! This juicer is totally stylish and is made of recycled aluminum cans. It is handmade in Mexico with an authentic style that you can find in markets all over Central America. Made from recycled aluminum cans, it is also very sturdy.

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Bamboo Cheese Board with Cheese Knife Set

If you are looking for a totally cool kitchen gadget, then look no further! This cheeseboard has an innovative design that allows it to slide into itself for storage. It is a complete circle with multiple cutting layers when in use, but it slides into one-quarter its size for storage! It also has a drawer for the cheese knife set that is built right into the bottom layer. This is one of the most awesome kitchen gadgets you will ever see!

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Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

These salt and pepper grinders are the perfect little kitchen gadgets. Using salt and pepper that you grind as you use it makes food taste so much better than regular table salt and pepper. It is a great gift idea for someone who is just starting out with their own kitchen or even for a college student to spice up their food when away from home. With their beautiful design, they are great to look at and functional as well!

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Water Bottle with Presser and Infuser

This is not your ordinary infuser bottle! This infuser has a presser to squeeze your fruit, giving more flavor than an ordinary infuser. The presser is in a compartment that keeps your fruit from escaping. Mint leaves or other herbs can be added in with the fruit for many different taste sensations. This unique gift idea is great for anyone who does not like plain water or anyone who wants flavored water without added sugar. It tops our list of gift ideas!

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Glass Teapot with Removable Diffuser

This glass teapot is excellent for brewing loose leaf tea! There is a mesh, stainless steel diffuser that can sit in the pot for brewing loose tea or for adding fruit flavor to tea. The handle is ergonomically designed and there is a no-drip spout. It is microwave safe without the diffuser. This is another one of those kitchen gift ideas that is as functional as it is stylish. It is truly a beautiful piece to leave out even when not in use.

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Set of Two Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses

These aerating wine glasses make a truly cool present! It is so much fun just to watch the wine run through the glass like a fountain. On a serious note though, removing the need for a decanter makes drinking wine an easier and more enjoyable experience. These glasses bring out the full flavors and aromas as the wine is poured and filtered through the aerating holes. You can also add ice to the center before pouring if you would like your drink chilled.

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Professional 72oz. Countertop Blender by Ninja

Of all of the kitchen gadgets available today, this is one of the best. Ninja uses what they call “total crushing technology” to pulverize! The result is an ideal smoothie every time! You can also make delicious sauces and dips in this blender. All of the parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. They are also all BPA free. The spout has a convenient lid that locks closed for easy pouring. Definitely add this to your list of kitchen gift ideas!

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Personalized Popcorn Bowl with Carved Heart

This beautiful popcorn bowl is a great gift idea for a couple in love! A picture of a carved heart with an arrow and the names of the lovebirds is prominently placed on the front. Each bowl is made from steel and then dipped into bright white enamel. The finishing touch is a pretty blue line that is hand painted around the rim. The carved heart is engraved into the bowl, instead of being printed onto the bowl, to ensure long-lasting perfection!

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Three Tier Fruit & Vegetable Hammock

The sleek design on this fruit basket makes it a truly unique gift idea! The baskets are shaped like hammocks and are three different sizes to create interest. They are made of metal so they remain durable for years to come. The black color fits into any décor well. The sleek countertop design makes it easy to store fruit and vegetables with ease. It can even be used as a centerpiece since it is both functional and eye-catching!

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Fox-Shaped Handmade Ceramic Sugar Bowl

This little sugar bowl is wonderful if you need a small gift idea that still makes an impact. The adorable sugar bowl has a fox face painted on top, with swirls painted in coordinating colors on the removable lid. It also comes with a spoon. The artist adheres to traditional pottery methods when creating these bowls. Each one is unique and is made in Spain! This sweet fox sugar bowl would make a great addition to any kitchen

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Cookbook Stand Made with Reclaimed Wood

Do you need a kitchen gift for someone who just loves a farmhouse-style kitchen? If so, then this cookbook stand is it! It is made a gorgeous reclaimed wood that was salvaged throughout Europe. The sturdy slab of wood is adorned with a galvanized tin tray to hold the cookbook. It also has a nice-looking strip of the galvanized tin across the top for an added farmhouse-style touch. A mineral oil and beeswax finish bring life to the wooden slab.

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Supreme Grind Burr Mill by Cuisinart

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, this coffee grinder is a coffee lover’s dream come true! From ultra-fine to extra-course, this grinder has eighteen different grind positions. It has a convenient automatic stop to ensure that the grind has the same consistency throughout. This wonderful machine also comes with a storage container that it grinds the coffee directly into so you can store it. This grinder makes it easy to try all different kinds of coffee from the comfort of home.

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French Press Coffee Maker with Double Wall

This amazing French press is another one of our top picks for a great kitchen gift idea for a coffee lover. It comes with a four-level filtration system to ensure a smooth cup of coffee! It also has an anti-drip spout and a gorgeous stainless steel lid. It is truly a beautiful piece! The best part is the double wall. With a vacuum between the two glass walls, the coffee stays hot much longer than in a single-walled pot.

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Make Your Own Gin Box

This is a totally cool gift for anyone who loves gin! This unique gin gift box is handmade in Germany. It contains everything you need to learn about how to mix ingredients to achieve your desired taste. It comes with spice, wooden and botanical flavorings that are all natural. The spices and botanicals come in gorgeous vials that can even serve as décor. The set is beautifully packaged and ready to be gift-wrapped. This is a truly distinguished gift.

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Sparkling Water Carbonator in Stainless Steel

This sleek sparkling water carbonator looks fabulous on any counter! It is a fun kitchen gadget that you can actually leave out as kitchen décor. It comes with one reusable bottle, though more can be purchased separately. It uses a standard CO2 cartridge, not included with purchase. You can easily turn any drink into a fun sparkling drink with this carbonator. It is great if you want a soda without the added caffeine, sugar and chemicals. Just add fruit to water and carbonate!

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29 Innovative Kitchen Gift Ideas That Will Spark a Love for Cooking

We hope that you loved our fabulous list of kitchen gift ideas! You can truly reach anyone on your list with these awesome ideas. From a simple, beautiful tea towel to a kit to make your own gin, we have explored some fascinating gifts here. Whether you are looking for something for someone just starting out or someone who seems to have it all, you can find it here. Happy gift giving!

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