29 Unique Gifts for Inlaws You Want to Impress

Gifts for Inlaws

A little extra thought never hurts when you’re choosing gifts for inlaws. You may be new to the family or simply unsure of what to buy a parent who isn’t your own. Weddings, holidays, and birthdays all require a thoughtful gift with a personal touch; there aren’t wrong answers, but there are definitely right ones.

Choose gifts that speak to your inlaws’ hobbies and interests. If you don’t know them very well, buy a quality item that most adults could appreciate. Look for presents that say something about your personality, invite your inlaws to share new experiences, or promise a future of great family gatherings. You can also give high-quality utility items that will enhance their kitchen or their favorite hobby.

If you really aren’t sure what to buy your inlaws, you can always take the comedic route. A clever coffee table book, board game, or accessory will break the ice and kickstart the family bonding experience. Follow a funny gift with something personal and elegant at the next gift-giving occasion.

The gifts in this list are sweet, thoughtful, useful, or unique. Don’t forget to ask your spouse for advice; after all, they know their parents better than you do.

29 Thoughtful Gifts for Inlaws with a Large Family

Gift Ideas for Inlaws

Sweet and Simple Family Tree Notebook

This simple paperback book will quickly become one of your family’s most treasured heirlooms. This book uses an interview-style format to record the lives and memories of each of your family members. Family members are referred to by their relation to the book’s owner; grandmother, great grandmother, and great great great grandmother all have their own memory page and biography. This gift will encourage your inlaws to preserve their heritage and create a strong family legacy for their grandchildren.

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Handmade Artisanal Scented Wine Soaps

These bars of handmade soap are marbled with swirls of ruby red wine. Essential oils help bring out the scent and body of each type of wine to create a surprisingly soothing shower experience. Every bar is soft, smooth, and great for your skin. If your inlaws enjoy the occasional glass of wine or long to travel the European countryside, this elegant gift will surprise and delight them. Soap sets include one each of Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, and Chardonnay themed bars.

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Brass Hand-Turned Salt and Pepper Mills

Roughly a century ago, Greek soldiers used hand-turned mills to grind their coffee. These salt and pepper mills use a similar design to create a charming and useful table accent. Ornate carvings and beautiful metalwork have turned these utilitarian items into works of art. Each mill has several different settings; your inlaws will love choosing from finely or coarsely ground pepper at every meal. Give this gift to promise a lifetime of joyful family dinners and holiday celebrations.

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Heritage Personal Family Tree Poster

Your inlaws will be able to record their entire family history on this gorgeous family tree poster. Every branch has a place to write the names and birthplaces of parents, grandparents, and great great grandparents. The beautiful tree design spreads across the page with curling leaves and winding branches. This hanging wall poster is a great way to celebrate two families coming together; your inlaws can use it to remember their side of the family and learn a little about the history of yours.

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Home State Decorative Dish Towel

Whether your inlaws live in a different state or the same one as you, they’ll appreciate this sentimental gift. Each dish towel showcases a poem and a drawing of the owner’s favorite place in the United States. These towels make an especially thoughtful present for inlaws who like to travel or who live away from their traditional home. If both parents hail from different states, give them each a towel to celebrate the journey that brought them together.

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Awkward Photos Family Card Game

A good laugh is one of the best gifts you can give. This silly card game invites the entire family to join in as you match hilarious movie captions to a collection of 160 awkward photos. Setup is easy, and no trivia knowledge is needed; the rules of the game are simple and accessible to players of all ages. This comedic bonding experience will help you get to know your inlaws and create a new set of family memories.

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Handcrafted Family Name Cutting Board

Give your inlaws something personal and meaningful with this clever cutting board design. The top of the board features a name or custom message hand cut from solid wooden blocks. Use your inlaws’ last name, or choose a meaningful word or phrase. The cutting board itself is made from beautiful maple wood that is maintained with an included bottle of mineral oil. This gift creates a personal kitchen experience and is perfect for the inlaws who love to cook every holiday meal.

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Stepfather Fishing Lure Wedding Day Gift

Weddings are dramatic and meaningful to any father; for a stepfather giving away his daughter, the experience can be even more emotional. If you have a stepfather-in-law, consider giving him this decorative fishing lure as a token of your appreciation. Each engraved lure has room for the date of the wedding and a personal message. The custom design will let him add his favorite fishing hook. Lures are available in brass, steel, or copper, so choose the metal that you think he will like best.

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My Life Story Keepsake Journal

Encourage your inlaws to write down their life’s story with the gift of this keepsake journal. Each page features classic illustrations and plenty of space to write history, advice, and musings. Nine different sections let the writer organize their thoughts so that later generations can share in their journey. The book is bound in a soft cloth cover and embossed with gold lettering. Once the book has been completely filled, your children will love the chance to read their grandparents’ stories and learn about the world that created them.

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Simple Glass Pour-Over Coffee Maker

This kitchen accessory combines the convenience of a coffee pot with the deliciousness of pour-over coffee. The small glass carafe can hold multiple cups of liquid, so this gift is great for a pair of inlaws who both love their morning cup of joe. A transparent glass cover keeps the device hot and lets you watch the coffee slowly drip through the filter. Pair this gift with a bag of your favorite coffee beans for a sweet and delicious present that any inlaw will adore.

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Custom Wine Bottle Labels for Future Inlaws

Your inlaws raised the spouse that you love so dearly. Thank them for their excellent work with one of these thoughtful and well-designed wine labels. Each label features a sweet thank you note printed in white text on a black background. Customize the gift for the parent who will receive it and sign your name at the bottom for a personal touch. Choose your favorite bottle of wine and slip this label over the existing one to complete your perfect inlaw wedding gift.

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Cute Ceramic Smiling Couple Mugs

Some inlaws have a relationship that is worth modeling your own after. Celebrate their love with this pair of adorable couple mugs. Black and white ceramic serve as the base of the design, while unpainted ceramic “faces” smile calmly at the top of each cup. These mugs can hold a full three cups of liquid and are great for tea or coffee enthusiasts. Each mug is handmade, so you know the gift will be completely unique.

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Lucky Penny Ombre Wall Clock

This beautiful handmade clock is a lucky gift to hang on anyone’s wall. Each array of pennies is hand chosen and arranged from newest to oldest. This art piece has been carefully sealed to keep the pennies from aging any further. The matte black frame and hands of the clock stand out against the busy and shiny background. There are no numbers on the clock face, so hang this timepiece at the angle that works best for your design.

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Single Malt Scotch-Infused Toothpicks

If you have an inlaw who loves fine whiskey, this set of toothpicks is a unique gifting choice. Each toothpick is infused with the flavor of a fine single malt scotch from a 200-year-old distillery. Gift sets come with four sealed packs of toothpicks in beautifully labeled glass vials. To use the toothpick, bite down lightly and let the flavors slowly leak out. This gift set makes a great small present for the scotch drinker who has everything else.

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Black and Silver Future Inlaws Wine Labels

The elegant design of these wine labels makes you want to save the bottle forever. Each label includes a thankful message on black paper surrounded by a thick silver border. Customize the label with your family’s initial and the name of the bride and groom. There are few better ways to show your gratitude for being allowed to enter an amazing and lovely family; choose the recipient’s favorite wine for an even more thoughtful touch.

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Mother-in-Law Delicious Drink Recipe Book

This recipe book encourages you to mix up the stereotypes with a bold new take on cocktails. Your mother-in-law will enjoy learning an entirely new skill or enhancing her current drink-making expertise. Gorgeous full-page photographs are paired with smart new recipes and funny quips. The book also includes classic bartender tips to get the most out of a fine bottle of alcohol. This gift is a great way to bring adult members of the family together with a set of delicious new drinking experiences.

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Unique Hourglass Flip Clock Design

This clock nods at the traditional hourglass while keeping time with perfect modern precision. A set of numeral cards flip over as each minute passes. The final card is reserved for a picture of an hourglass; as the seconds pass, the card flips to create the illusion of sand slowly trickling down. A dial on the left side of the clock confirms the hour and gives the entire piece a mechanical appearance. This fun and clever gift will earn a place of honor on your inlaws’ desk or mantle.

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Oak and Honey Whiskey Tumbler

Fine whiskey should be drunk out of an equally fine container. This oak tumbler is designed to help expand the aromas and bring out the flavors of your inlaws’ favorite beverage. The inside of the tumbler is lined with sweet honey wax; an extra tub of wax is included to refresh the lining after a serious of delicious drinks. The stainless steel base will keep condensation off the table and help the whiskey stay cold and refreshing. Give this gift to let your inlaws taste whiskey like never before.

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Integrated Headphone Travel Sleep Mask

If your inlaws traveled to visit you, give them this gift for a peaceful journey home. The thick and cushioned lining of the sleep mask blocks light and creates a comfortable place to snooze. Headphones have been integrated into the design to block out noise; simply plug in your phone and fall asleep to a peaceful soundtrack. This mask is great for travelers or extremely light sleepers who can’t seem to get a moment of rest.

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Beautiful Needle Sizer Yarn Box

Anyone who likes to knit will love this gorgeous wooden accessory. Simply thread yarn through the provided space, and watch it unwind evenly through the entire project. A built-in needle sizer will help the knitter choose the perfect needles for the job. A small ruler has also been engraved into the box to help measure projects as they come together. The rich wooden finish and black embellishments make this both a utility item and an art piece.

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Custom Wedding Inlaw Whiskey Labels

A good bottle of whiskey is a great commemorative gift for a wedding. Make the gift extra memorable with one of these custom printed labels. You can choose which parent the label is addressed to, the date of the wedding, and the names of the couple. You can also select the background and accent colors to match your wedding theme. Place the label on a delicious bottle of whiskey or scotch to create a gift that your inlaws will cherish.

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Keepsake Handbook for the Passionate Gardener

Every garden is different; small changes in altitude, soil quality, or sunlight will influence the way plants grow and thrive. This gardening handbook will let your inlaw record every detail of their gardening experience. The structured sections include a place for plant photos, daily notes, and a database of successfully grown plants. When it’s completely filled out, this handbook will serve as a keepsake to remember every delicious tomato and beautiful flower that they grew.

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Make Your Own Kombucha Kit

Kombucha is a form of fermented tea with a delicious and tangy taste. Share this nutritious beverage with your inlaws by gifting them this complete kombucha brewing kit. The fermentation crock is made from glass and allows you to watch the progress of your drink. Each kit includes an instruction book and a premade kombucha culture. You can turn almost any tea into kombucha, so consider pairing this gift with a box of your favorite leaves.

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Midday Meal Lunch Bowl Cookbook

This illustrated cookbook includes recipes for 50 different delicious meals, each of which can be served in a single bowl. The book’s author combines meal prep philosophies with nutritional eating to create recipes that are easy, healthy, and budget-friendly. Full-page photos show off the beautiful meals and inspire cooks to come up with their own lunch bowl ideas. Give this gift to enhance your inlaws’ midday meals and bring a little excitement to their daily routine.

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Retro Aluminum Countertop Citrus Juicer

This retro-style juicer will let the recipient start every day with fresh-pressed orange juice. The press squeezes sweet juice from any citrus fruit. A built-in strainer catches seeds so that the juice can be immediately drunk or added to a smoothie. This device stands on its own and has a space to place a glass or measuring cup. The press is made from aluminum with decorative metal accents. Choose from either copper or rose gold designs to find the perfect countertop accessory.

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Women Making History Coffee Table Book

Celebrate the influential women of the last 150 years with this collection of New York Times articles. This full-color book features images and clippings from historic events. The book begins with women’s suffrage and continues through the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. A timeline at the start of the book helps the reader follow the entire journey of women’s rights. Whether your inlaws enjoy modern politics or American history, they will enjoy flipping through this coffee table treasure.

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Light and Airy Sailing Ship Kite

This kite is the perfect gift for anyone who has dreamed of sailing through the clouds. The gently crafted sailing ship is begging to soar through the air. White nylon sails add a three-dimensional element to the design and help keep the tiny craft aloft. When it’s not in use, hang the kite on the wall as a piece of seafaring decor. This gift is a good choice for nautical enthusiasts or inlaws who want an excuse to take the grandkids to the park.

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29 Sweet Gifts for Inlaws You Love

Your inlaws will share personality traits with your spouse, but they’ll also have hobbies and interests of their own. Even if you only know a few things about them, use that information to find a gift that will impress. A cutting board or recipe book is a great gift for a cook, while a juicer or coffee press makes a good present for the on-the-go professional.

Ask your spouse about your inlaws’ favorite colors and materials. Even a generic gift will feel personal if you modify it to their tastes. Take advantage of gifts that you can engrave with names or family symbols. These customized presents often turn into keepsakes or family heirlooms.

If you are nervous about starting a relationship with your inlaws, there is a good chance that they feel the same way. Show your intent to honor their legacy with a gift themed around their family history. Keepsake journals and family tree posters will celebrate the way that your two families have combined.

Most inlaws and family members love gifts that will help them remember a special occasion. Whether you choose a utility gift or a decorative item, make sure it is high quality so that they can treasure it for years to come.

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