29 Cute Housewarming Gift Ideas that Everyone will Love

Housewarming Gifts

Moving into a new apartment or home often involves housewarming gifts. As moving into a new space is a definite step forward in life, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. While many people look for housewarming gift ideas because it is a tradition to bring a present to a housewarming party, there’s a more practical side to why people bring presents to these events.

With a new home or apartment comes the need to buy new home goods. If you’re wondering what housewarming gift ideas to bring to the next housewarming party you’re invited to, try to think of unique gift ideas. What might the new renter or homeowner in your life need to make their space feel more like home? Keep reading for 29 awesome housewarming gift ideas.

29 Adorable Housewarming Gift Ideas to Celebrate Moving with Style

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Cocktail Herb Garden Grow Kit

Ever wonder what makes gourmet cocktails taste so good? It’s the fresh ingredients! If you have a family member or friend that loves creating cocktails, this is the right present for them. This cocktail herb garden grows kit is the perfect small gift idea for an upcoming housewarming. Packaged in a biodegradable egg carton container, this kit includes Thai basil, lemon balm, lavender, thyme, mint, and blue borage seeds. With this gift, the new homeowner or renter can exercise their culinary prowess by mixing and matching their herbs or finding inspiration in the cocktail recipes included with the kit. Whatever option they choose, this grow kit will definitely provide any new homeowner with the freshest cocktails.

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Serving Platter Made from Recycled Wine Bottle

This innovative small gift idea is a handmade work of glass-blown art. This flattened wine bottle platter is made from recycled wine bottles that are then melted into glass platters by a skilled artisan. This creative one-of-a-kind gift comes with a cork-topped spreader that’s perfect for any lover of wine. These rustic and refined bottles are the perfect touch to any housewarming party. Bring along a full bottle of wine with these wine platters and you’ll see just how much your friend or family member loves their new present.

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Whiskey Decanter Set with Glasses

In need of the best housewarming gift ideas? This incredible whiskey decanter is a great gift idea for a new homeowner that is a fan of the finer things in life. When it comes to unisex gift ideas, this decanter and glasses set is for anyone that loves their liquor, wine, or even water. Handcrafted and expertly made, this decanter and glasses set will inspire your host or hostess to have more parties in the very near future.

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First Home Personalized Fabric Sign

The best housewarming presents that are cheap gift ideas remind your host or hostess of this momentous occasion. This personalized fabric sign is one of the best unisex gift ideas for anyone that has recently moved into a new house. This great gift idea is one gift that will be proudly displayed in your host or hostess’ home. Easy to customize, this sign will feature the words “First Home” and the name of the lucky homeowners, their address, and the date they moved in.

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Wine Wars Trivia for Wine Lovers

Need a perfect gift for a lover of wine and wine culture? This great gift idea is the right choice. Your host or hostess will enjoy testing their knowledge of wine and all things grapes by playing this trivia game with friends and family. With over 750 questions, you’ll have fun watching your friends and family members share everything there is to know about wine when playing this fun game. Not great with wine? This trivia game works well for both experts and beginners, so no need to worry.

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Herb Planter for the Kitchen

Have a friend or family member with a green thumb but nowhere to grow? This herb planter is the best new home gift idea for them! This herb planter conveniently brings the garden to the kitchen. Whether your housewarming host or hostess lives in an apartment or home, this gift is a great way to get them growing. Featuring certified organic seeds, a coconut husk disk, plant food, activated carbon, a planter, net pot, and a few other items, this kit features everything a new homeowner needs to start their kitchen garden.

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Garden Sculpture of Zen Elephant

When searching for useful gifts for a housewarming, consider purchasing something to spice up your loved one’s decor. The best housewarming gift ideas are ones that your host or hostess will love and something that will remind them of you. This zen elephant will definitely do the trick. This elephant sculpture is perfect for creating a zen space, be it in the backyard or the middle of an apartment. With the help of this meditating elephant sculpture, your loved one will be reminded to breathe slowly and appreciate each moment.

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Olive Wood Cutting Board with Art Design

Wooden cutting boards are popular choices when it comes to useful gifts for hosts and hostesses. These great housewarming gift ideas are a work of art in themselves and make serving refreshments both easy and aesthetically pleasing. Made by hand, this rustic wooden board is made from olive wood with the addition of a marbleized design made with non-toxic epoxy resin.

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Cute Housewarming Bottle Label Stickers

If your host or hostess is a huge fan of wine, they’ll definitely appreciate these “Home Sweet Home” wine bottle labels. Whether you gift these labels by themselves or you bring along a few bottles of bubbly, any new homeowner will certainly enjoy this gift. Cool gifts like these wine bottle labels are a great way to give your host or hostess something uniquely you. With designs featuring everything from a “Welcome Home” crossword to a label with the words “House Wine”, these stickers will certainly not go unappreciated.

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Radiating Meditative Mandala Wind Spinner

This beautiful wind spinner is inspired by the ancient Asian mandalas. This small gift idea is an excellent present for a host or hostess that finds peace in mandala art. Made with stainless steel and weatherproof, this rotating mandala is a great housewarming gift for the outside of the home or an apartment. Whenever the wind blows, this mandala spins peacefully, radiating from the center and promoting a sense of peace.

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A kit of 24 Organic Spices

Does your friend or family member love to cook? Celebrate your host or hostess’ housewarming with this box of 24 organic spices. This set of spices makes it easy for any new homeowner or renter to get back to cooking shortly after moving in. The best thing about these spice jars is the fact that they are magnetic and can stick easily to the fridge. With the spices readily available on the fridge, your family member or friend is sure to start cooking a lot more.

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Wood Grain Frame Vintage Light Box

Housewarming gifts like this vintage edition light box will help anyone make their new space feel like home. This unique light box sign will make your host or hostess feel like they’re back in time in front of a real marquee. With a set of 140 letters, characters, and numbers, this light box makes it easy for the gift’s recipient to customize their special message.

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Breaking Bad Engraved Cutting Board

Cutting boards are an important addition to any kitchen. If your loved one is a huge fan of both cooking and Walter White, this Breaking Bad cutting board is likely the best new home gift idea for them. When it comes to unique gift ideas, this “Let’s Cook” cutting board is in a league of its own. This handmade board is perfect to use as intended or to add to the wall as a piece of art.

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Magnetic Strips for Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are as timeless as housewarming gift ideas. If you know a friend or family member that loves to buy their favorite drink in glass bottles, this is a funny gift for them. This great housewarming gift offers the new homeowner in your life an innovative way to store these bottles in their fridge. With these strong magnet strips, your host or hostess can easily hang these bottles from the top of the fridge.

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Essential Oil Diffusers with Reeds

Need a great housewarming gift for someone that loves their essential oils? Consider this set of essential oil reed diffusers. This gift of diffusers comes with three scents: Thai Jasmine Bamboo, Laos White Tea and Ginger, and French Provence Lavender. This thoughtful housewarming gift is ideal for a family member or friend that is a huge fan of aromatherapy. After moving into a new house or apartment, the recipient of this wonderful gift can use these diffusers to transform their home into an aromatherapy paradise.

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Personalized New Home Scented Candle

Celebrate a friend or family member’s new move with this customizable candle. As far as housewarming gift ideas go, this candle is a great and memorable way to show your new home-owning friend or family member how happy you are for them. This handmade candle is sure to warm your loved one’s heart. When purchasing this present, choose either the Lemon Sherbet, Roses, or Vanilla Pod scent.

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Ombre Multicolor Set of Stemless Glasses

This multicolor set of glasses makes for cool presents for anyone that loves their wine. Instead of gifting a new homeowner with the traditional housewarming gift of stemmed wine glasses, this colorful set of fun glasses are an artsy addition to any kitchen. Handmade and mouth-blown by artists from Mexico, each glass features a slightly different yet beautiful design that makes drinking even more fun than it already is.

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Elegant Set of Salt and Pepper Grinders

Anyone moving into a new home or apartment stands to benefit from receiving a little help stocking their new kitchen. This is why these salt and pepper grinders are an ideal new home gift idea. These classy salt and pepper shakers are designed to add a touch of elegance to any table. Long-lasting and made with stainless steel, these salt and pepper shakers will be well received by your host or hostess.

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Maple Plywood Handcrafted Four-Across Game

As far as cool presents go, this four-across game is an excellent choice for a friend or family member that loves to entertain others at their home. Fun housewarming gift ideas like this game will give your host or hostess an excuse to throw their next gathering. Whether your friend or family member is a die-hard four-across fan or they are just learning to play, breaking out this game during the housewarming is a guaranteed way to start having fun.

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Tillandsia Air Plant with Crystal Tower

Bring a one-of-a-kind present to your friend or family member’s housewarming. This great housewarming gift is a crystal tower with one Tillandsia air plant. Handmade and featuring crystal quartz, this gift perfectly combines natural crystals and beautiful air plants. This present is an excellent way to add to the decor in your host or hostess’ new home or apartment.

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Eat Well Metal Serving Tray

The best housewarming gifts give your friends or family members something to smile about. If your friend or family member one can’t get enough of cooking or hosting parties, this metal serving tray is an ideal present for them. This cool serving tray displays the words “Eat Well Laugh Often Love Much”. Inspirational and functional, this gift is one that your host or hostess will use time and time again.

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Bamboo Charcuterie Platter and Cheese Board

When serving cheese, meats, crackers, and the like, hosts and hostesses need the right type of platter to make the task of hosting that much easier. This present will allow anyone to do just that. This traditional housewarming gift will serve as an encouragement to inspire your host or hostess to break out the best appetizers and host more parties in the future.

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Motion Sensor Night Light for the Toilet

Fun gifts like this motion sensor are something the host or hostess of the housewarming might not expect, but an item they’ll soon see that they can’t live without.This funny night light is an unusual gift for a housewarming but will help to make any new apartment or house feel like home. With the ability to display a variety of colors, this night light makes it easy for anyone to find their way to the toilet in the dark.

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Hand Painted Wooden HOME Art

Skip the traditional housewarming gift of wine or cutlery and gift this cute traditional housewarming gift. This cute sign will make any house feel like a home. Hand-painted and hand-crafted, these wooden monochrome letters are ideal for a homeowner or renter that loves modern or contemporary styles. Inspire the hostess or host to spice up their decor with creative gift ideas like this. This sculptural sign, while simple, makes a big statement wherever your host or hostess chooses to display it.

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Spoon and Spatula Set for Kitchen

An awesome and good gift for a new renter or homeowner is a set of kitchenware. These four spoons and spatula are beautifully designed and make for really cool gifts. If your loved one is a foodie and loves entertaining, they’ll truly adore this housewarming gift idea. Made using Natural Ebony wood, this cool gift will mean a lot to a fan of wooden handmade kitchenware.

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Thoughtful Box of Housewarming Gifts

This box of housewarming presents makes a good gift for any new renter or homeowner. With a box featuring an OUD candle, measuring cups, a “Home Sweet Home” sign, and dish towels, this box has everything that your host or hostess needs to make their new space feel homier. The best thing about this present is that it comes pre-packaged with everything already inside! Instead of shopping around for the perfect present, simply gift the new homeowner with this box filled with the top housewarming items.

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Personalized Key Ring for New Homeowner

In need of good cheap gift ideas? This personalized copper key ring is one present that is both useful and thoughtful. When purchasing this as part of other gift ideas for her or him, consider what text you’d like to include. The key ring has enough space for three lines, which is just enough space to wish your friend or family member congratulations on their latest milestone.

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Colorful Dinosaur Planter for Home

Planters are always fun gifts for a housewarming party. These cute dinosaurs will be the life of the party. Their bright colors and hollow backs make them the cutest little planters.Give this unusual gift to your host or hostess along with your choice of plant. We guarantee that no one has seen anything quite like this before.

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29 Housewarming Gifts that are Perfect for Friends or Family

A housewarming party is an exciting time to share in the joy of a friend or family member moving into a new apartment or buying a house. While this party is an excuse to gather and wish your friend or family member’s latest milestone in life, nothing says “Congratulations!” like the right housewarming gift ideas. Whatever gift you decide on for an upcoming housewarming, your host or hostess is sure to appreciate it as they know it is something truly special coming from you.

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