29 Harry Potter Gift Ideas For the Potterhead in Your Life

Harry Potter Gifts

It’s gift giving time again and you need Harry Potter gift ideas fast. After all, you are shopping for the ultimate fan and you want to get it just right. All fans, young and old, love nothing more than a Hogwarts worthy gift. Make this a memorable gift for the Potterhead on your list this year. We can help you rise above the Potter-themed gift card with our list of 29gift ideas that don’t require a magic wand to obtain. Whether your Harry Potter fan is an enthusiastic child or a grownup rediscovering their magical side, this list of top Harry Potter gift ideas has you covered.

29 Hogwarts Worthy Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Awesome Harry Potter Collectible Quidditch Set Display

Surprise the fan who is also an athlete with this unusual gift. They will feel like mounting the nearest broom when you present them with this cute Quidditch set. Just like the real game, this collectors display set has a quaffle, two bludgers, and the snitch which is decorative, but not removable. The Quidditch fan will also find a 16×24 inch colorful Quidditch poster for their room and all of this comes in a cardboard Quidditch trunk that really locks. Imagine the pride on their faces when they are showing off their very own Quidditch set. All of Gryffindor will be proud of this unique gift idea.

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Unique Harry Potter Quotes Oak Wood Coasters

Perhaps the only thing warmer than this great gift idea is the fire in the great hall. These wooden coasters are made from oak and, as such, have their own unique designs already. To these coasters, a Harry Potter quote is added by laser carving. There is already a wide selection of popular quotes, but you can personalize this gift. Choose one of your own favorite quotes for a one-of-a-kind unique gift idea. These coasters make the perfect gift for the person who can quote the books and films flawlessly. Show them you actually do listen by turning their four favorite lines into a truly thoughtful gift.

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Harry Potter Themed Wedding Gift Ideas

In spite of the turmoil, love was always in the air at Hogwarts. From the students to the werewolves, love would not be defeated. Help your favorite couple celebrate their love with these Harry Potter gift ideas sprinkled generously throughout the ceremony. Begin with the Marauders Map guest book to easily keep an eye on the guests. Give an “Always” ring dish for the ring presentation, and round it out with stainless steel engraved Deathly Hallows cake server. After the festivities, send the newlyweds off in a car wearing a “mischief managed” window cling. There’s nothing like a magical beginning. Just ask Harry and Ginny and start with these Harry Potter gifts.

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Set of Three Harry Potter Movie Posters

Film fanatics love movie posters and Potterheads are no different. These movie inspired posters are created to resemble the ones that hang at your favorite theater but are designed for the ultimate fan’s room. This set will make a cool gift for a younger fan, transforming their room into a portal to the magical world. Each poster features a beloved place in the books. The Hogwarts Express sits ready for students, Diagon Alley is lit up in the night, and the view of Hogwarts castle from the lake. All are in full color and beautiful detail. If you are looking for fun unisex gift ideas, look no more.

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Cute Snitch Four Photo Locket Necklace

Delight her with this great Harry Potter gift idea. A silver snitch of her very own. Muggle gift-givers should know that the golden snitches are reserved for the Quidditch games, but these unique silver snitches hold special secrets too. Lift up on the wings to discover that this is actually a four-photo locket. She can keep pictures of family, friends, or even her favorite Harry Potter characters close to her heart. This fun gift is nickel and lead-free making it perfect for sensitive skin. The snitch can withstand daily wear without tarnishing quickly. This is one of the most cherished Harry Potter gift ideas.

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Stuff Harry Potter Stuff in These Gift Bags

While purchasing your Harry Potter merchandise for your ultimate fan, don’t forget the packaging. Why let the theme stop at the gift? Raise their excitement to new levels when they see their gift is presented in a Harry Potter gift bag. At 8”H x 6”L x 3.1”W, You can stuff a lot of Harry Potter stuff in these bags. They are made from a high-quality craft paper, making them reusable after the party. They will carry the gifts home and sort them with these bags. They may end up in a scrapbook as one of the best parties ever.

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Catch This Snitch Before it Gets Away

Combine the trend of fidget spinners with this great Harry Potter gift idea and you get a golden snitch spinner. This is the easiest snitch to catch, it never leaves your hand. With a good flick, it will spin for up to two minutes. This style comes with a spare bearing to keep the magic going twice as long. The self-lubricating bearing keeps the spinner quiet, so even on a long car trip, it can keep little hands busy without becoming annoying. When you are looking for small gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with a pocket-sized snitch.

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Quill Pen Makes the Best Harry Potter Present

This unique quill pen set makes a perfect and useful gift for fans young and old. They can do homework or write secret messages just like Harry. The set comes with the feather pen, a pen holder, an ink bottle, six extra nibs, sealing wax, and a wax stamp. This is a good gift to learn the art of calligraphy, create beautiful artwork, or simply to help improve their handwriting. It was always so cool to see the students dip their quill in the ink pot. Now your Potterhead can too. Encourage creativity while indulging their love of all things Potter.

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Cool Hogwarts Trunk for All Their Treasures

Every Potterhead holds treasures close, whether in their hearts or in their hands. That is the basis of magic. Just like Harry, they can use this trunk to protect all their little treasures. This useful gift will give them a place to hide all their Harry Potter gifts. At just over seven inches, this trunk is good for keeping jewelry, trading cards, and most wands safe. Finished in medium or dark oak oil, each trunk is hand engraved making personalization a cinch. Add their name, initials, or Hogwarts house crest. This is a cool present for any fan, boy or girl.

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Snape Approved Potions Master Tea Gift Box

Professor Snape won’t take points from your house when you give this awesome Harry Potter present. From a pumpkin juice chai to Hagrid’s personal blend, they will delight in this cool gift. All the teas are in glass vials with bamboo corks, packed with moss and tissue to keep them safe, and delivered by “owl post”. This is a fun gift to take a break from classes with. This is Harry Potter merchandise worth a second look. The kids will have fun creating “potions” and mom and dad can relax with the resulting brews.

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Fun Test Tube Harry Potter Gift Ideas

The perfect fun gift for someone who has it all. They probably don’t have “ogre snot” candy or octopus ink tea. Each of these funny gift ideas come in a glass vial and corked for freshness. They may not be every flavor beans, but honestly, where else are you going to find “web of spider” tea? Mix or match herbal teas and candies for a cool and cheap gift idea. They will be brewing their own potions in no time.

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Time to Board the Hogwarts Express Lego Set

Platform 9 3/4 exists in their room. It will be revealed when they receive this great gift. Among the 801 pieces, they will find Harry, Ron, Hermione, Professor Lupin, Scabbers, and their very own dementor. The food cart lady even stops by to offer snacks. This is the best Harry Potter present for the Potterhead in your life. They can build the Hogwarts Express for play to reenact the dementor attack scene or just display their treasure as a cherished collectible. This Lego set is one of the top unisex gift ideas in Harry Potter merchandise.

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A Magical Beast Makes a Great Gift Idea

Everyone loves a cuddly, cute, warm pet. The Noble Collection of Fantastic Beasts figurines will let the fan have their own Niffler, just make sure they hide their valuables. You can’t go wrong giving them their own Bowtruckle or Occamy. All have beautiful details making them look just like the movie beasts. These funny creatures come with a 7 x 4.25-inch display case to keep them safe, however, the figures are removable for hours of imaginative playtime. Help bring their dreams to life with one of these small gift ideas.

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The Perfect Wand to Practice Lumos Spell

An essential piece to any wizard’s toolbox is their wand. When you are trying to find the perfect Harry Potter present, this should be your go-to gift. When the wand is waved, the tip lights up, just like the wands in the movies. Another wave turns it off, and a button on the side gives the brighter “maxima” effect. This duplicate of Harry’s wand is 14” long. Muggles can make it work with two AAA batteries. They can look forward to many nights reading or marauding with their trusty wand at their side.

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Gather in the Great Hall for Game Night

Harry Potter gift ideas don’t get much better than this. A good gift for the whole family, this board game mimics the book series. The fantasy begins in box one just like the books and builds upon itself until box seven is mastered. Each game is different with each shuffle of the cards. Players can be Harry, Hermione, Ron, or Neville as they fight Hogwarts battles to beat Voldemort. Each box contains its own board, figures, and cards. As the player progresses, the more powers they gain to help them in the next game.

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Golden Snitch Dream Catcher Harry Potter Gifts

If you are looking for a cool present for a Harry Potter fan, this is a good choice. Keep the dark dreams away with a fun dream catcher. The young Potter fan can fly through their dreams trying to catch the golden snitch in the center of this dreamcatcher. White thread and black ribbon stop the bad dreams while feathers and beads in their selected house colors show their Hogwarts pride. Inspire bravery and security in a child who suffers from nightmares. When occlumency just isn’t practical, let this unusual gift protect them.

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Bubble, Bubble, No Toil, No Trouble

Are you looking for the perfect Harry Potter gift idea? Make mealtime magical with this Harry Potter gift idea. Even the pickiest eater will look forward to meals when they can brew their concoction in this ceramic cauldron. It even comes with a matching spoon and lid to please any aspiring potions master. The cauldron bowl holds 16 ounces of soup, cereal, or even treacle treats. The Harry Potter logo on the side makes it feel like an authentic cauldron right out of potions class. Who knows? You may even impress Professor Snape with this gift. Put this at the top of your Harry Potter gift ideas list.

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Encourage Reading With Harry Potter Book Set

Out of all the Harry Potter gift ideas out there, give them the one that takes them back to where it all began. Let them experience life with the Dursley family and the wonderful freedom of seeing Hogwarts for the first time. This paperback boxed book set holds all the magic and wonder, still as fresh as it was when you read them. This set gives them the prospect of countless nights under the blankets with a book and flashlight, just like you used to do. Harry Potter gift ideas come and go, but the love of reading and of Hogwarts will last a lifetime.

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House Tumblers Make Cheap Gift idea

Give the gift that lets them drink their pumpkin juice in style. Hogwarts house tumblers feature all four houses. The Gryffindor and the Slytherin will no longer be at odds over house colors at the dinner table. Both can be represented in style with this Harry Potter gift idea. These colorful tumblers hold 10-ounces of fluid. They are not microwave-safe, but odds are they don’t have microwaves in the Hogwarts kitchens anyway. While you are browsing for Harry Potter gift ideas, don’t overlook these.

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Harry Potter Walkie Talkie Set for Kids

It’s no secret that young kids love Harry Potter stuff. Now, this Harry Potter gift idea walkie-talkie set for kids is no longer a secret. Cleaner than owls, kids can talk to each other in Potter style when you give them this cute set. All decked out with a young Harry graphic, they will feel like they are part of the adventure. With only one push-to-talk button, little fingers will have no trouble using them. Volume control keeps mom and dad happy too. This is where to look for a fun and cheap gift idea.

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Prepare for This Wizards Chess Set

Not quite the exotic set Ron and Harry have, this muggle safe, non-violent chess set is an awesome gift anyway. The chess board is 18.5” x 18.5”. The plastic pieces range from two to four inches tall and have unbelievable details. A customer review says the pieces are slightly chunkier than traditional pieces making them perfect for little hands to learn with. All the pieces are kept safely together in black and white drawstring bags between games. They will be playing to defend the sorcerer’s stone with every game. This is sure to be one of their treasured Harry Potter gifts.

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29 Magical Harry Potter Gift Ideas for Young and Old

The muggle world is as full of magic and wonder as Harry’s is, if you know where to look. These Harry Potter gift ideas are an excellent start. To an adult, they seem simply whimsical but seen through the eyes of a child (or a child at heart) they represent portals through which adventures can be reached.

When it comes time to find the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan, don’t hesitate to start with any of these excellent Harry Potter gift ideas.

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