29 of the Most Impactful Graduation Gift Ideas for Him

Graduation Gifts for Him

Choosing the perfect graduation gift for him can be a real challenge, especially if your young man is a difficult one to shop for! Rest assured, the list below offers a multitude of items with descriptions, so you can choose the best and most unique graduation present to truly make his day one to remember. While shopping online can be very daunting, we’ve helped out the search to find the most popular gifts to give him on his big day. Whether he’s one to prefer ornamental gifts like a golden flask, or utilitarian gifts like a personalized pen set, this list is sure to help you on your graduation gift search!

29 Charming and Unique Graduation Gift Ideas for Him

Graduation Gift Ideas for Him

Awesome Eco-Friendly Pen & Pencil Set

Looking for a useful graduation present for your young man? Look no further! This sustainably sourced wooden pen and pencil set. Made with beautiful, sleek olive wood, it is sure to please even the pickiest of gift receivers. Olive wood is a durable and beautiful wood that will last for years to come. The set comes with a pen and pencil in a sleek wooden box. The box can even be personalized, with a message of your choosing.

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Meditation Box for the Unique Graduate

If your graduate is a soulful type, consider this fun meditation box by Uncommon Goods. Graduation can be a very stressful time, and this particular gift can create a small amount of peace in his life. This is a great graduation gift for him because it is compact and able to go wherever he does. The box comes complete with a lovely inscription and a space to draw in the sand, so that your creative young man can doodle his heart away!

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A Durable Pocket Knife is a Great Grad Gift for Him

The adventurous man in your life will love this awesome knife as a graduation gift! This knife is equipped with a stainless steel, partially serrated blade and comes with a belt clip as an easy on-the-go feature. While it is a useful gift, the beautiful wood on the side can be customized, with up to two lines of text, to create a gift truly meant for him. In addition, this knife comes in a masculine box with descriptive information included.

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Memorable Sound Wave Picture and Quote

Is your young graduate a music lover? Do they enjoy unique art? Then this is a great graduation gift idea for him! Choose your perfect quote and let the artist create a fully customized sound wave picture. You can also choose to add his name and graduation information to accompany the sound wave photo, as well as choose from a variety of background colors and fonts. Let your imagination run wild with this gift!

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Rustic Money Clip to Set Him Apart

This money clip is a great gift idea for your recent grad! While it can be challenging to determine the best gift for him, a money clip can never be a wrong choice! Money clips are a very classy and timeless gift. Sophisticated and charming, this gift is a fantastic idea for sending your graduate out into the world with a wish of prosperity. Made with a brushed copper look, this gift can also be personalized to include his name or graduation year.

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Beautiful Wooden Watch Graduation Gift Idea for Him

A watch is always a good gift idea for him – and this watch takes the show! This watch is handmade and comprised entirely of wood. It comes with the option to engrave in your own handwriting – which is a perfect option for those looking for a gift that is truly personal in nature. In order to get the engraving perfect, the artist uses a laser method which matches up beautifully with the desired look!

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Nautical Compass for Your Adventurous Graduate

Is your graduate an explorer type? Consider a personalized compass! Always sure to enthrall, a compass is one of those great unisex gift ideas. With many font choices and a sleek, bronze look, this a very cool present for a recent grad. Many might not think that this is a useful gift, but usefulness in this day and age can be overrated. Choose this compass if you have an adventurous grad looking for a keepsake that will last for years to come.

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Cufflinks for the Future Professional

Looking for a cheap gift, but feel the need to be well-meaning? These beautiful silver cufflinks are sure to fit the bill. Finding the right graduation present can be difficult, but cufflinks are a great gift for him because they are useful and personal. These silver cufflinks can also be customized and come in a cute box that can store your gift safely while not in use. This is one of those graduation gift ideas for him that is sure to please.

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Funny Customized Cartoon Portrait

Looking for something funny to lighten up the mood? A cartoon drawing of your top grad might be it! This choice is a hilarious way to commemorate this important occasion. You’ll receive a cartoon that you can print at any local printing shop and give to him on his big day. While this may be an unusual gift to give on graduation day, it’s unique and sure to make him laugh with gusto. This is one of those truly unique graduation gift ideas for him.

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Lovely Nautical Photo Album

Keepsakes and memories can quickly get lost in this day and age – help your graduate keep them safe with this nautical book! This is a great gift idea if you have a budding artist in your midst, and need a cheap gift idea for his big day. Even more, this gift includes blank pages, so that he can include his sketches and journal entries. The soft exterior provides a great look and feel to the journal and provides your graduate with the feeling of the comfort of home. This is also one of those great unisex gift ideas!

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Aviator-Style Coffee Mug for Him

Have a budding pilot in your midst? Look no further than this unique gift idea! A customizable mug with the capacity for 64 ounces of coffee is the perfect gift idea for those who want to stay hyped all day long. This is a great grad gift idea for him, whether he plans to become a pilot or simply plans to drink a massive amount of caffeine. This is also a great unisex gift idea if your young graduate is a girl or a boy!

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Set of Two Geeky Glasses

Some graduates are just downright funny and geeky. These glasses are a cool gift for them! The gene that allows fellow humans to metabolize alcohol, ADH1H, is engraved on the outside of each piece in frosted glass. This is a cool gift for him that will show his friends who knows his stuff. It is also a great small gift idea that he can take with him wherever he decides to go to make a home – which is an important fact to consider when you’re looking for a good gift!

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Solidly-Constructed Wild Man Grooming Kit

With fun packaging and solid ingredients, this grooming kit is one of those fantastic Graduation gift ideas for him! With fun scents that are curated with herbal notes and masculinity in mind, this kit is sure to satisfy the graduate in your life looking for a bit of self-care. The kit comes with aftershave, body butter, man mist and a bar of soap, it is as practical as it is unique. Get this cool gift for the grad in your life.

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Smart Mathematical Glass Set of Four

A set of glasses to entertain guests is one of those classic graduation gift ideas for him! Each glass has a different geometrical shape and equation included, and presents a fun vibe that is sure to last through many years. While not many people may find this desirable, it is a unique gift to give the future mathematician in your life. This set of glasses is sure to make a memorable, great graduation gift for him.

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Cool Hand Drawn Globe for Him

This hand made gift is a cool idea for those looking to help decorate his next place! Intricately drawn and ready to hang, this cool piece of art features a city scape and minimalist aspects to create a truly awesome work of art. Artwork always makes a great graduation gift idea if you know that others in your family have covered other bases. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, this is one of those that is sure to please!

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Unique Socks to Warm His Toes

Looking for graduation gift ideas that need no explanation? This pair of socks is sure to leave him speechless. With a cool inscription and an undeniable usefulness, this pair of socks will leave him with warm toes all winter long. This is also a fun gift idea if you’re looking for something affordable. While it is a cheap gift idea, this pair of socks will surely leave him feeling warm and fuzzy.

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Beautiful Leather Keychain for Him or Her

A keychain is a great graduation gift if you’re looking for a small gift idea. This leather keychain is a fun gift that’s customizable and cute to look at. This gift is also something that your graduate can take anywhere and everywhere, making it perfect for those grads who might get homesick or need reassurance after leaving home. The leather is said to be soft and the metal rings can include a personalized engraving of your choosing.

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Functional Wooden Docking Station for iPhone

Thinking your grad might need a functional, stylish item for their next space? Look no further than this wooden docking station, compatible with all iPhones and Apple Watches! While you might not think it, a functional graduation gift can be invaluable to the graduate who receives multiple, useless gifts during their grad party. This is a cool present and a reliable source of power for him that will last for a long time and bring him comfort.

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Beautiful Neck Tie Set With Box

For the top grad looking to expand into the professional arena, a neck tie set is one of those awesome gift ideas that is sure to impress. Because many kids in school don’t think about professional clothing and begin their careers without them, this gift can be good for those looking to support their recent grad in all of their future endeavors. With a few color-coordinated options to choose from and a beautiful box, this gift is a wonderful way to support him!

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Golden Flask for the Classy Lad

A flask is one of those timeless gift ideas that suits even the most discerning of graduates. This flask comes with a beautiful engraving and includes a box for easy shipping. This is one of those graduation gift ideas for him that is sure to impress both him and his friends. The set includes a sleek flask, a small golden funnel and a classy box to wrap it all together. This gift can also be considered one of those unisex gift ideas, because even the ladies love to have a flask on their hip!

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Functional Wooden Headphones for Your Recent Grad

While headphones may seem like an unusual gift for your recent grad, this pair of headphones are one of those stand-out graduation gift ideas for him because they serve a purpose! These headphones are of outstanding quality and craftsmanship. They come with a stand and a durable cord that will last your grad a long time. Consider lighting up his life with music by looking into this idea!

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Funny Catchphrase Coffee Mug for Him

Think you’re funny and want to share it with your grad? Get him this silly mug with the phrase “I’ve got a degree” printed on it. This is a heartwarming gift if you’re looking for something small, functional, and silly! With an arrow that makes the mug perfect for Instagram and Facebook posts, your grad will get a good laugh out of this gift!

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Bookworm-Friendly Grad Gift Idea for Him

If you need a memorable gift for your future librarian or bookworm, look no further than this intricate piece of art that is a perfect decoration for a bookshelf! This is a unique idea for those graduates who like to read, write or enjoy the written word. Consider this grad gift idea for him if you need something truly fantastic and memorable that will give him joy for many years to come.

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Simple Magnetic Hourglass for Display

Intricate, small graduation gifts are the perfect item for the minimalist graduate. This magnetic hourglass displays time in the form of sand, and is a small gift that can be placed almost anywhere to complete the look of a space. This hourglass can be placed on a desktop, bookshelf or even in a bathroom to help your graduate keep track of time and stay on track!

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Smart Wooden Docking Station for Android Phone

This versatile wooden docking station is fantastic for any grad looking to reduce the amount of clutter on their nightstand. Made from smooth, sustainable wood and comprised of three easy-to-assemble pieces, this docking station is sure to please your recent grad. While not everyone decides to leave their phone next to their bed at night, most grads tend to do so – so why not make it easy on them? This item also comes in a sturdy box for presentation purposes; this is a gift that is sure to impress.

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Silly Book Celebrating Failure in the Best Way

Think you might need a light-hearted gift for your grad? Look no further than this F in Exams book. A perfect cheap book for you to get as a fun gift, this book celebrates all of your graduate’s failures in the best way. Through the lens of humor, we learn to grow as human beings. Allow your grad to grow and laugh with this silly book that celebrates failure.

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Simple Journal to Record the Best Moments

Does your recent grad like to journal or record significant life events? This may be the gift for them! This journal is titled, “My Life Story So Far,” and is bound by a sturdy, simple cover. If your graduate enjoys remembering the best and most memorable moments of their life in the form of the written word, consider this gift for them. Having an extra journal to prompt you to record your best and worst moments is never a waste!

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Classy, Masculine Celtic Knot Leather Bracelet

Masculine jewelry is a wonderful gift to get your graduate. This Celtic knot leather bracelet is a prime choice because it is classy, simple and made-to-order. The clasp is made with durable silver and the gift is made of a very high-quality leather. The timeless look of this bracelet and the ability to wear it wherever he travels will make sure this gift is memorable. When considering graduation gift ideas for him, the leather bracelet might be the way to go! When ordering this bracelet, be sure to read the sizing guidelines to choose the right fit for him.

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29 Fantastic Graduation Gifts Ideas for Him

It can be tough to determine the best graduation gift ideas for him when you look at all the options out there. From glass sets to journals, there seem to be countless options to choose from. When considering the right gift for your recent grad, think of what he might like! If your graduate is more of a functional person, a journal or a docking station might be the best gift. If your graduate is a silly person, consider a funny book to make him laugh. Whatever you choose, it is always the thought that counts! Look at our comprehensive list of grad gifts for him, and happy hunting!

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