29 Fun and Clever Graduation Gift Ideas for Her This Year

Graduation Gifts for Her

With graduation season officially here, there are some really great graduation gift ideas for her out there to choose from. Chances are, you probably know someone who is about to graduate and embark on their next chapter in life. Whether the young lady you know is graduating high school or college, selecting the best graduation present for her doesn’t have to be tricky or expensive.

The Top 29 Graduation Gift Ideas for Her that She’ll Love

Graduation Gift ideas for Her

The first few months after graduating is full of new and exciting life changes. From new jobs, moving out of the house and new furnishings there are plenty of graduation gift ideas for her that will be practical and useful. Luckily, I’ve rounded up some of the top graduation gift ideas for any lovely lady in your life that’s about to graduate this year – from jewelry to unique keepsakes, these gift ideas will all be special and useful as she prepares for her new life after graduation.

A Thought-Provoking Life Journal

Your special graduate friend can fill in this sewn, cloth-bound journal to treasure her memories and experiences inside. This life journal will become a lasting keepsake that can be treasured for generations. It’s a unique gift idea that captures memories, friendships, meaningful stories, hope, wisdom and a colorful memoir of the lovely graduate. This great graduation gift features nine sections starting with “The Early Years” where she can write as little or as much as she’d like in her down time. This is such a meaningful gift idea that will prompt her to record all of her life’s most precious experiences, relationships and hard work.

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Personalized Grad Gift Idea for Her

Let the grad show off her accomplishments with pride with this stunning stainless steel personalized bracelet. This bracelet can be designed in either gold, silver or rose gold to fit her style preference. The stunning graduation bracelet features one grad cap disc, one rectangle dangle with her graduation year, one initial disc and one birthstone or pearl. This small gift idea will be one that she wears with joy and cherishes for a lifetime!

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Handmade Leather Wallet with Engraving

Now that she is graduating and starting her life in the real world, she should be equipped with a gorgeous leather wallet to keep all of her important belongings safe. This stylish and multi-functional cool gift features card slots, a slot for a passport, slot for cash, a coin pocket, slot for receipts and even a small space for a USB flash drive. You can customize her wallet with a variety of leather colors and even get her name engraved on the front! This is a useful gift she is sure to take everywhere she goes.

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Personalized Graduation Necklace to Congratulate Her Big Day

Graduation is such a big day! Celebrate your best friend, neighbor or family member with this stunning graduation gift for her. This handmade 16k gold plated necklace features a sleek and sophisticated design that you can personalize with her graduation year or your own personal message. Choose between gold, rose gold and silver for the bracelet finish and add your own message on either the front, back or both! This is the perfect piece of jewelry that she’ll love and keep close at all times.

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Personalized Graduation Bowl Unisex Gift Ideas

Looking for a cool present that will be unexpected, but also very useful? This personalized clay bowl features the graduates name on top, a graduation cap in her school color for the main center design and a message on the bottom. The personalization possibilities are endless with this handmade piece since you can have her graduation year, a short message, high school or college name or anything else you’d like etched into the clay bowl. This is such a unique gift idea that she’ll be excited to take with her to her new apartment.

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Unique Folded Book Art Graduation Gift Idea for Doctor

Express your love for the beautiful graduate with this custom folded book art. This thoughtful graduation gift is handmade with the letters “Dr.” hand-folded into an up-cycled book with a customized name underneath. You can even pick a book cover color and add a sweet ribbon for detail and even more personalization. If your grad friend isn’t a doctor, not to worry… you can request a custom folded book art with any word that describes their unique character or to commemorate a special event.

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Gift Her a Calming Oasis with a Mediation Box

This cool gift will create a calming environment where she can take a moment to breathe and reflect. Life can be busy and chaotic, especially for a new grad, so this gift will provide a way for her to escape. This super cute compact mediation box is made of birch plywood and is filled with fine grains of sand that will swift and swirl with her creative imagination. It provides a blank canvas where she can create soothing lines with the included stylus to make her mark on the world.

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Getting a Job After College Guide Book

Books are among the top graduation gift ideas for her as well as any graduate you may know. Books are the perfect unisex gift ideas too if you have more than one graduate to shop for. This particular book, “The Secret to Getting a Job after College” is an easy-to-follow guide for any college major to help them launch their careers in any job market. This book features just four chapters that will help them learn tips and tactics to attract top employers and get the job of their dreams.

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Pebble Art Graduation Gift Idea for Her

This pebble art design was inspired by a college grad who endured sleepless nights, sheer hard work, determination and grit to get through it all. This unusual gift features an exquisite design that is sure to put a smile on her face with a fun memory of their hard work and achievements. Personalize this gift with a special message above a pebble graduate encased in a 25 x 25 cm shadow box frame. This will be a great gift she will love to put up on display in her new apartment.

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Knot Compass Bracelet Grad Gift Idea for Her

Celebrate the lovely graduate with this knot compass bracelet. A compass symbolizes the path of life which will hold a powerful meaning to the graduate. This will show her that whatever path she chooses next will be meaningful and purposeful. This personalized compass bracelet is a good gift that will wish her safe travels on her next journey in life. It features a knot bracelet, a compass coin and a coin engraving with her initial. Knots in jewelry often symbolize eternity and love which makes this the perfect graduation present for her.

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Funny Book Celebrating the Creative Side of Failure

This hilarious book is sure to get a laugh out of the special graduate you know. This book , “F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers” features 250 true life responses to common test questions from grade school through high school. It’s a clever collection of amusing answers from student tests in science, math, English, history, tech, psych and more. It’s a touching, funny look at everyday blunders that is sure to bring a little humor and smile to the graduate’s face.

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A Clever Contraption for Business Cards

Gift the recent graduate with this super awesome moving card holder kit. This clever contraption will serve up her business cards with steampunk style. Half the fun is making this mechanical valet with this unique DIY kit. Made from Baltic birch, she’ll assemble 61 laser cut pieces to create a kinetic sculpture that tips open with a push of a lever. She can keep it on her desk and show off her new professional business cards in style. No glue or hardware is required with this fun all-wood kit.

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Cute Personalized Scented Candle for Her

Candles are always a great gift idea no matter what the occasion is. This particular candle features a lovely glow and fragrance when it’s burning. Choose from a variety of fragrances like cotton and blossom, warm cookie dough, sea salt and blossom or white musk and amber. Personalize this super cute candle with her name on the front. This is a lovely graduation gift for her that she’ll use frequently and remember you every time she lights it.

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A Thought-Provoking Paper Weight for Her Desk

This motivational paperweight is a great gift idea that provides a constant reminder for her to always be her best self. The lovely grad can place it on her desk or countertop for a quick reminder to focus on a different part of personal growth each day. This paperweight cast in solid pewter features the words “Be…” accompanied by 72 inspirational cards that can be displayed in the slot across the top of the ellipsis as a prompt to remember the quality she wishes to develop and focus on.

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Dainty Inspirational Necklace Graduation Gift for Her

Graduation gift ideas for her come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Jewelry is a good gift that will always be loved and welcomed. This dainty compass necklace may be a small gift idea, but the delicate design is sure to add sparkle to the graduate’s look. The necklace features a compass with a crystal in the middle to evoke a sense of center and direction. It’s a perfect graduation present for her that will lead her on a remarkable path.

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Botanical Print for Her New Apartment

A new graduate is not likely to have tons of furnishing and décor for their new apartment after graduation. This beautiful botanical print will be a useful gift that she will be anxious to display in her new space. This print features the words, “The World is Full of Magic” which is inspired by a quotation attributed to W.B. Yeats who is a famous poet. The botanical print celebrates the optimism of knowing that new discoveries are always ahead and serves as a wonderful reminder to search, wonder and dream.

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Jewelry Graduation Gift Ideas for Her

Gift the special graduate in your life with this personalized initial necklace featuring a Swarovski charm, gold vermeil compass charm, hand stamped initial charm and 14k gold chain. Choose between various chain lengths and choose her birthstone for the Swarovski birthstone charm. This great graduation gift comes boxed and carefully wrapped for an elegant and ready to give gift. The box included has the words “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams” which is the perfect quote for the special graduate.

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Rose Floral Bear Grad Gift Idea for Her

This adorable and beautifully handmade bear features over 500 faux rose buds that are made to last a lifetime. Choose from a variety of color options including red, pink, Tiffany blue, purple, silver, brown, black, gold, grey, white and ivory. This beautiful graduation present for her also features a bow that says, “Just for you.” The lovely grad can take her sweet rose bud bear on her next adventures and always be reminded that she is loved and appreciated.

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Magnetic Sand Hourglass Graduation Gift for Her

This timely attraction is made of glass and features magnetic sand on a beech wood stand. This magnetic sand hourglass will add a meditative element to the lovely graduate’s desk or end table. It has a natural timer that magnetically marks one minute making it such a cool present for any gadget-loving graduate. The hourglass can symbolize a few different meanings, but two of the most important ones for the graduate to remember are that all bad things will pass with time or to appreciate the time that you are given.

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Personalized Coffee Mug with the Graduates Name

I’m sure the graduate rarely went without her daily coffee or tea to get her through the day. This customizable mug is available in a 10oz or 16oz size featuring the grads name on the front of the mug. The mug is available in seven vibrant colors to choose from and is made from ceramic. It has a stylish calligraphy writing for the personalized name making it a chic, fun gift for the fashionable graduate. This great graduation gift will definitely get her mornings started off right!

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Personalized Graduation Gift Ideas for Her

This evil eye name bracelet is an unusual gift, but has become a popular fashion trend in recent years. The eye comes in either light blue or dark blue. The dark blue eye is the traditional color for good karma, positive energy and protection. The light blue eye color symbolizes truth and also provides good protection. This beautiful and meaningful bracelet also includes hand stamped letters to personalize a name, initials, or any other small message. This bracelet is a cheap gift idea that won’t break the bank, but will be greatly appreciated by the lovely graduate.

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Hand-Blown Glass Wishing Ball

This fun gift features a shimmering ball made from hand-blown blue glass that includes 52 tiny slips of paper the graduate can write down her wishes on. This unique and thoughtful gift will allow her to pause for a moment and record messages of hope and gratitude to tuck into the tiny hole near the base of the display. The graduate can reread her little notes as a way to reflect and treasure her weekly wishes.

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Personalized Champagne Milestone Vase Keepsake

This beautiful keepsake gift for the special college graduate is made from an upcycled champagne bottle. It features an olive green glass that’s etched with a label that can be personalized such as the graduate’s name, graduation year, number or other special memento to commemorate any special milestone. It also has a rounded cut-out in the top to display beautiful flowers in. This gift will provide a timeless toast to the special college grad that’s worth raising a glass to.

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One-of-a-Kind Tree Ring Pen

There are numerous graduation gift ideas for her to choose from. You want one that’s memorable, thoughtful, useful and unique. This incredible tree ring pen is made from century-old sustainable wood that’s tracked with historic tree rings. Two key dates can be inscribed on the pen which will allow the lovely graduate to remember all of her biggest accomplishments. This cool pen will become a meaningful representation and a treasured keepsake for the special grad in your life.

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A Sweet Little Locket Graduation Present for Her

This little locket will make the perfect graduation gift for her. The necklace locket is available in several chain lengths with the quote “And so the adventure begins” on one side of the locket and the other side can be personalized with her name and graduation year. The locket measures one inch with a silver floral design on the front and two copper discs on the inside with the personalization. This item is also individually wrapped in a gift box making it ready to gift for the special grad.

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Beautiful Message in a Bottle Inspirational Message

Looking for a cheap gift idea that she’ll love? This beautiful little bottle is handmade to order and contains a small message written on a small note hanging from the neck of a bottle, one silhouette of a man or woman jumping, paper trimmings and a green background with glitter. This is such a lovely gift that’s easy to personalize. The special graduate can receive this as an alternative to the traditional graduation cards and is a gift she can keep by her bedside, desk or even in her pocket that is sure to bring a smile to her face.

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29 Super Cool Graduation Gift Ideas for Her

Celebrate the special lady in your life with any of these awesome graduation gifts. Whether you want to gift her a thoughtful commemoration of all her hard work, a memory book with funny moments and memories, or a more practical gift that she may not be able to afford just yet the gift ideas are endless. She is sure to appreciate any gift you choose. The thought and appreciation alone will make such a difference in her new post-grad life.

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