29 of the Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers

Some of the most interesting gifts out there are gifts for yoga lovers. These gifts are as diverse as the reasons that people practice the ancient art, ranging from those gifts that help with posture and positioning to those that are meant to have spiritual and religious significance. There are even gifts that are solely focused on the aesthetics of yoga, helping the recipient to create a unique look that will help him or her to embrace yoga chic.

If you’re looking to buy a gift for a friend who loves yoga, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of potential produts out there. Below are some of the best gifts for yoga lovers of all stripes, whether they’re into fitness, health, spirituality, or just the looks.

29 Accessories that Make Perfect Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Cork Yoga Wheel

An excellent tool for better posture. Yoga requires lifelong learning and often a little bit of help. This yoga wheel is one of those cool gifts that not only obviously looks great, but that can serve a practical purpose. Fantastic for helping enthusiasts to work on their posture, it’s definitely an unusual gift that will show your dedication to helping the yoga fan in your life improve his or her practice. Consider this for anyone who wants to master the basics of yoga but needs help.

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Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

An antique design for improving meditation. Yoga is about so much more than just stretching. The spiritual aspect is ignored by many, but it’s vital for those who are serious about the practice. If you have a friend or family member who really wants to focus on his or her meditation, this can be a very useful yogi gift. A great accessory for those want to improve their focus and slip into a transcendental state, it’s one of those gifts for yoga lovers that really stands out.

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VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

A small gift idea for a calming space. Setting the tone for a room is an important part of yoga. This essential oil diffuser is important for anyone who wants to create a calming space, especially if he or she is a fan of essential oils. One of the gifts for yoga lovers that can also be useful for virtually anyone, this diffuser can actually be a perfect addition to any space. This useful yogi gift is great for everything from mood management to dealing with allergies.

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NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Roller

A good gift to help with recovery. The funny thing about yoga is that it has a reputation for being low impact, but it can actually be fairly tough on new practitioners. This is a unique gift idea for anyone who is just starting out, giving them a useful tool to both help with recovery after a session and to help improve mobility. Definitely consider this as one of those awesome gift ideas that can really help a yoga enthusiast.

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Full-Zip Yoga Mat Carry Bag

One of the most useful gifts for yoga. Yoga can be done at home, but it can also be done virtually anywhere else. If you have a friend or family member who goes to a class or does yoga outside, you already know that carrying around a yoga mat can be tough. As such, this is one of those gifts for yoga lovers that will not only be quite appreciated, but it will also get a lot of use. This might be the most practical but great gift idea for anyone who loves yoga.

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Zen Wishing Stone

A unique gift for meditative minds. The wishing stone is a perfect meditation aid. This unique gift idea helps users to focus on the impermanence of the now and allows for a degree of calming focus that is otherwise hard to capture during the hustle and bustle of daily life. One of the gifts for yoga lovers that definitely screams ‘cool’, it’s also an important accessory that can allow your friend or family member to pursue more meaningful types of meditation.

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Yoga Gift Box Set

A very useful yogi gift. Some of the best unisex gift ideas are also the simplest. This yoga gift box set contains everything you need to keep yoga gear in good shape and to provide a little bit of aromatherapy support. This is one of those cheap gift ideas that tend to be appreciated by anyone and it’s a great way to show that you care. Though this may not be one of the cool presents, it’s definitely one of the most useful.

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Flower of Life Stained Glass Mandala

A beautiful and unique yoga gift. This yoga gift idea may not necessarily help with the practical aspects of yoga, but it certainly helps with the meditative parts of the practice. This simple stained glass mandala is beautiful and excellent for helping individuals to focus, making it one of the most useful gifts for those who care more about the spiritual aspects of yoga. A great piece of decor, it is also an excellent addition to any yoga studio.

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Personalized Yoga Mat Holder

A unique yoga gift for practical practioners. This personalized yoga mat holder is a great gift idea because it’s a mix of practical and personal. On one hand, it helps with the eternal problem of yoga mat storage. On the other, it can be personalized with virtually any message. A great addition to the home or to the studio, this is a good gift for anyone who needs a better storage option for his or her yoga gear and who would like to add a personal touch to his or her space.

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Mindful Breathing Necklace

A unique yoga gift for encouraging breathing. Breathing is an integral part of yoga. This is one of those yoga gifts that’s not just a useful tool, but also an important reminder for bringing the practice into daily life. Using the necklace is as easy as blowing into one end of the pendant, which in turn helps to give users a chance to have a short meditation session even during the busy moments of life. This is a small gift idea that can have a huge impact.

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Mexican Blanket

A yoga gift idea for every setting. While most people think of yoga mats as the primary tool for a session, the truth is that one can perform yoga on almost anything. Sometimes, having a soft and comfortable surface on which to perform one’s routines is the best way to stay centered and relaxed. This is one of those unisex gift ideas that can be brought anywhere and used on the go, making it an ideal accessory for anyone wants to take yoga out of the studio.

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Crochet Tan Barefoot Sandals

A cute addition to the yoga aesthetic. Some yoga gifts are more about the aesthetic than about being practical workout gear. While these aren’t the type of sandals in which most can pose, they can be great gifts for yoga lovers who want to embrace the look. Comfortable and stylish, they’re a good addition to any wardrobe that’s based on yoga studio chic. This is definitely a top choice for the style conscious yoga fan, as well as any fan of fine footwwear. Consider this for a woamn with a fun sense of style.

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Yoga Ring Dish

A cute piece of yoga decor. This yoga gift idea is more about bringing one’s love of yoga into daily life. The ring dish is perfect for storing jewelry while one is at class, and the design certainly reminds the user of its purpose. The simple design is evocative of a basic yoga pose, so it fits in any space that can be devoted to the art. This is one of the cheap gift ideas, but it’s nonetheless one that can have a great deal of practical value.

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Yoga Lotus Flower Necklace

A cool necklace for working on a mindset. A significant amount of what matters in yoga is not one’s physical ability, but rather one’s mindset. This is one of those yoga gifts that can help a person to focus on what’s important and to stay mindful, which will in turn impact his or her ability to practice. Though this may not be one of the fun gifts, it’s a gift that can have an enormous amount of practice value. Consider this for those who struggle with mindfulness.

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Scented Candle Gift Set

An awesome set of unique candles. Atmosphere can play a huge role in any yoga space. One cool way to guarantee that the room smells more calming and less like sweat is to invest in this candle sets. This is one of those cool presents that has a very practical use, making it a top gift idea for anyone who cares about a friend or family’s yoga space. This might seem like an unusual gift, but it can be a perfect addition to one’s yoga gear.

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Meditation Box

A calming gift idea for yoga lovers. When looking at gift ideas for yoga lovers, it’s important to think about more than just the physical aspects of yoga. While there are plenty of fun gifts that help with stretching and posing, some of the most truly cool gifts help with the mental part of the practice. This excellent meditation box is full of fine grains of sand, in which the user can draw patterns while meditating. This is an excellent device for meditation and clearing one’s mind.

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Aerial Yoga Hammock

An amazing tool for aerial yoga. There are many non-traditional ways to practice yoga. This fun aerial hammock allows users to get off the ground and practice a number of basic poses, not only allowing for a change in perspective but also a change in how one’s body feels during the poses. This might seem funny, but being slightly airborne can have a huge impact on how an individual’s body reacts to the various poses of yoga, and this is definitely one of those gifts for yoga lovers that can have a huge impact.

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Natural Stone Forest Bracelet

A bracelet for healing and calming. Gifts for yoga lovers are as unique as those who practice yoga. While many are practical and some are even fun, there are others that tap directly into the spiritual beliefs of their owners. If you are buying for someone who believes in the healing power of crystals or the value of all things natural, this bracelet may be a hit. Even if they don’t, the aesthetic value will still ensure that this bracelet remains treasured by the recpient.

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Lunar Phases Bathing Tea

Calming additions to any bath. For many, yoga is a way to relax both the body and the mind. These soothing bath teas can be a superb gift for anyone who wants to relax, and they’re even better for those who set their calendars by the phases of the moon. This is one of those gifts for yoga lovers that not only plays well with those who are into the spiritual part of yoga, but also for those who simply want to find a way to relax.

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Cairn Snow Globe

A symbol of togetherness and unity. The stacked rocks known as a cairn have a special meaning in yoga. They are a symbol of unity, of a reminder that many have gone down the same path as yourself. If you are looking for a unique gift for yoga lovers, this snowglobe can be a great reminder of how you’re both on the same path even when you are not together. It’s an excellent piece of decor for any home, but it can also be a good addition to a studio.

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Tiger Eye, Citrine, and Ebony Bracelet

A healing bracelt for believers. Many combine their practice of yoga with a belief in the mystical properties of certain stones. Even if you are not a believer yourself, giving a gift made of these stones can be very meaningful to those who do. Even if your friend doesn’t hold these beliefs, this bracelet is quite beautiful. It’s an accessory for a very specific lifestyle, but it’s nonetheless one that can hold a great deal of meaning to those who find such things important.

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3D Meditation Illusion Nightlight

A 3D lamp of a posing figure. This is, simply put, one of the coolest bits of yoga decor out there. It’s one of the now-ubiquitous 3D nightlights, in this case creating the illuminated image of a body in a basic yoga pose. A fantastic addition to any space, it’s a nice symbol of an individual’s focus on yoga as well as a neat piece of technology. Definitely a hit for those who like to combine the modern and the ancient.

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Seigla Yoga Wheel

A useful tool for yoga training. The physical aspect of yoga takes far more discipline and practice than some think. Using training tools is a huge part of modern yoga, especially for those who are learning to perfect poses and to become more flexible. This wheel is ideal not only for beginners who are just starting to learn how to pose, but also for advanced practiioners who want to become more flexible and challenge themselves in new ways. This is a superb piece of yoga technology.

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Ayurvedic Daily Super Spice Shot

A supplement for promoting health. The health aspects of yoga shouldn’t be overlooked. Ayurveda is a practice that’s been around just as long, and is often practiced hand in hand with yoga. This box of Ayurbedic spices is meant to promote better physical health, which makes it an ideal gift for anyone who wants to really embrace the physical sides of both practices. Consider this for the person in your life who is always looking for new ways to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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7 Piece Yoga Kit

A perfect starter kit for yoga. It can feel like it takes a tremendous amount of effort to start practicing yoga. If you have a friend or family member who is interested but hasn’t found the motivation to start, this might be the best gift for them. This kit has everything you need to practice yoga at home or at a studio, all in one convenient kit. This is absolutely one of the best ways to get started for anyone who has thought about doing yoga.

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Turkish Towel

A unique yoga towel or mat. You may have noticed that some of your yoga-fantatic friends don’t actually use mats. This might be because of how difficult the mats can be to store or because they prefer a different experience, but many choose to use comfortable blankets or towels instead. This Turkish Towel can be an excellent foundation for anyone who loves yoga, combining a simple design with a bit of extra comfort. This is realy one of the best alternatives to a typical mat.

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Chakra Gemstone Bracelet

A superb statement piece for yoga fans. The chakras are the body’s energy centers, with different stones representing each chakra. This bracelet combines all seven of the body’s chakra stones to create a very unique look, one that stands out on its own or one that can be layered with other bracelets for a personalized look. A really nice piece for those who love the yoga aesthetic, it can also be meaningful for those who also take the spiritual side seriously.

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29 Amazing Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Gifts for yoga lovers can take many shapes and many forms. Some are entirely practical, allowing for easier practice or providing extra support. Some are more spiritual, tapping into hte mystical side of yoga that is so important to so many people. What’s important, though, is that there are as many potential gifts out there as there are ways to pracitce yoga. If you have a friend who loves yoga or simply loves the aesthetics associated with the practice, one of the gifts above will be perfect for his or her needs.

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