29 Sensational Gifts for Teen Girls to Let Her Know How Much You Care

Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Do you need a totally unique and cool gift idea for teenage girls? We have an amazing collection of gift ideas for you here! This list boasts gifts of all price ranges to meet your needs and it definitely meets the criteria of one-of-a-kind gift ideas! From gorgeous handmade earrings to an ice cream maker in a ball, you will definitely find just what you are looking for. Some truly special gifts offer personalization to help the teen girl in your life feel special. Other gifts are designed to be customized, allowing you or your teen to choose certain details and designs so that her piece is unlike any other. Have fun perusing these amazing listings to find the perfect gifts for teenage girls!

29 Fabulous Gifts for Teen Girls to Make Her Feel Special

Gifts for Teen Girls

Mickey Mug with Removable Mouse Ears Lid

Made of one-hundred percent ceramic, this mouse ear mug is adorable! It is the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head, and the ears form a removable lid. The mug comes in all black. It is perfect if you need a cheap gift idea that does not feel or look cheap. It would be good for hot chocolate, hot tea or coffee. With the lid, the drink will stay warm longer. It is a great gift idea for a teenage girl who loves all things Disney.

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Retro Style Radio in White and Gold

Finding gifts for teenage girls is easy when there are unique items like this! Teens love all things retro, and this cute little radio will certainly fit the bill! In a sleek white with gold accents, it has a modern color scheme that the girls will adore. The radio is a good size for taking along on a walk, and it has a headphone jack for easy listening. It even has an alarm. Your girl will really think this is a totally cool present!

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Pink, White and Rose Gold Garland

Handmade in United Kingdom, this gorgeous garland is an awesome gift idea for teenage girls. There are two shades of pink balls, white balls and sparkly rose gold balls. The balls can slide up and down the string so that they can be perfectly placed for whatever they are decorating. They would look great wrapped around a bed post, draped over a mirror or even just laying on shelves. This garland is a great way to add a pop of color to your teen’s room!

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Let’s Play Ball Ice Cream Maker

This is literally a cool present! It is a ball that has an ice cream making compartment inside it! Put the ingredients in one compartment and add the salt and ice to another compartment. Toss, shake, flip, roll or spin the ball for twenty minutes and the ice cream will be ready. What a fun gift! This would also be a good gift for a boy as well because it definitely falls into the category of amazing unisex gift ideas.

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Customizable Watch in Cool Watercolor Pastel

Gifts for teen girls can be so much fun when they are totally unique like this customizable watch! Your teen will become a trendsetter with this watch because the face can be customized with text, pictures or designs. In addition, the watch bands can be mixed and matched to create any look she wants! The bands are available in glossy or matte. The watch is water resistant and the battery is included. This is truly an awesome gift!

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Infusing Water Bottle with Presser

It is so trendy to infuse your water these days, and we know that teens love to be trendy! This water bottle should top your list of gifts for teen girls! The infuser is no ordinary infuser. It has a presser in the infuser compartment which makes it good for pressing out those flavors without the worry of the fruit escaping into the water compartment. Mint leaves and other herbs can also be added to the fruit for unique flavors.

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Hardcover Spiral Bound Flamingo Notebook

This notebook is a really unique gift idea. The flamingoes on it are hand painted by the artist before being photographed and turned into a totally fun notebook cover. The notebook is six by eight inches, a good size for tossing into a purse or book bag. It would make a super cool journal or just a nice place for taking notes. It comes with two-hundred pages and you can choose if they are lined, blank or a grid of dots.

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Interlocking Circles Happy Birthday Necklace

This necklace would make such a nice present for a teenage girl. With one larger ring and one smaller ring, it would be especially meaningful from an adult in her life with whom she has a special relationship. It is available in silver, rose gold or gold. It has a lobster claw clasp on a chain that is adjustable from fifteen to seventeen inches. The necklace has a beautiful birthday poem to add a truly special touch!

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Handmade Phone Dock with Removable Vase

With all of the gifts for teen girls that there are to choose from, we really love this one! This phone dock has a modern and sleek look that girls will love! It is handmade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The artists blend function and style by creating one-of-a-kind ceramic gifts. This phone dock has a gorgeous vase that can be removed and used separately, leaving the base as a great place to toss keys or jewelry while the phone charges.

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Periodic Table of Elements Parody T-Shirt

This is a fun gift for the young chemist in your life. The shirt boasts a square with “Um” written in the style of an element of the periodic table. Below it states, “the element of confusion”. It is funny and yet tells the world that the girl wearing it loves science! The t-shirt is made of one-hundred percent cotton so it is breathes and is comfortable. It is these types of gifts for teen girls that make shopping fun!

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Desk Lamp With Pink Glitter

Gifts for teen girls do not get much better than this! Standing at twenty inches tall, this awesome desk lamp is such cool gift! The lamp shade has a beautiful ombre effect going from white to dark pink. There are dazzling sparkles from top to bottom! To make this great gift idea even better, you can choose from fifteen different trims for the top and bottom of the lamp shade to add some personality that reflects the cool style of your teen.

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A User’s Guide to Money Book

Styled perfectly to draw your teen’s attention, this book looks like a pink credit card! This is definitely an unusual gift, but it is also a totally useful gift that your teen will appreciate once they learn to take control of money. This wonderful money guide teaches teens exactly what they need to know about money in order to succeed in life without going broke. It is a practical gift idea for a teenage girl that everyone should buy for someone they love.

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Modern Abstract Wall Prints in Popular Colors

Nothing says modern teen style quite like the colors of gray, gold, rose gold and varying shade of blush and pink! These abstract prints are awesome gifts for teen girls! They come in a set of three and boast cool geometric designs. These are handmade in United Kingdom and are made to order. The artist has designed each element. There are no stock images or clipart in this awesome set! Each piece is printed on high quality card stock, ready for framing. Do not miss out on this cool gift!

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Makeup Palette Look-a-Like Phone Case

If you are looking for an unusual gift idea, then look no further! This phone case looks just like a makeup palette. Teens will go crazy for this totally cute phone case because it is so unique! It will also meet your standards for phone protection with its shock absorbing liner, built-in screen protector and textured grip. It also has coverings to protect the sensors, controls and ports. The phone case is custom printed and boasts a glossy finish. It is a wonderful small gift idea!

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Tiny Gold Star Dangly Earrings

These little stars are so cute! Your teen will totally want these to add to her earring collection! The stars are twenty-four karat gold plated and six millimeters in size. The earring posts come in two sizes. The shorter version is one-half inch and the longer version is one and a half inches. Either size would be a great present for a teenage girl. The earrings are handmade in Burlington, Vermont. They come in a nice gift box, ready for wrapping.

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Set of Three Modern Plant Pots

Gift ideas like these little plant pots are the best gifts for teenage girls because they have so many wonderful uses! They are the perfect size for succulents, and succulents are all the rage right now. When they are no longer so popular, these little pots can be used to hold pens, hair ties, coins, a hairbrush or any other little trinket. Each has a pastel colored bottom, a cool black and white on the top and a thin gold line between them.

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Fujifilm Instax Camera in Blush Gold

This is one of the best gift ideas for teenage girls out there today! While taking pictures with a cell phone has become a standard practice, we often forget to print them. With this Instax camera, your teen can have the photo printed immediately, just like the good old days! The camera is super stylish with its square design and blush gold and black coloring. This is such a good gift for a fun-loving girl who wants to capture and save the best moments in life!

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Personalized Letter of Alphabet Lighted Décor

This amazing gift idea for teenage girls is handmade and made to order in the United Kingdom. You can choose from any letter of the alphabet as well as numbers from zero to nine. Each letter is embellished with a collage of beautiful items such as beads and flowers, though she has other options available as well. You can choose the colors as well. Finally, each piece is lit with LED lights that do not get hot. Your teen will love this unique gift idea!

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Boho-Style Macrame Bracelet Set

These handmade bracelet sets are awesome gifts for teenage girls! They are made in Turkey by a skilled artisan who pays attention to detail. The macramé set includes five bracelets in three-color combinations. Each bracelet is a different style, but they all coordinate together and they all include macramé and beading work. You can choose from a variety of charms and can also choose the sizing for a perfect fit. This would be a lovely present for a teenage girl.

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Sparkly Gold Binder with Unicorn Pegasus

This super cute binder makes a fun and useful gift! The background of the binder is a beautiful light pink. The unicorn Pegasus sits prominently on the front and is a pink and gold holograph style. The two inch spine is a rainbow of color with gold glitter. This is a three-ring binder that holds 8.5” by 11” paper. Any teen would love to do carry around their school work in this fun binder! It is super trendy and truly unique!

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Macaroon and Teacup Polymer Clay Earring Set

Some may think it is funny to have a different earring in each ear, but we think it is fantastic when it is a unique set like this fascinating macaroon and teacup set! This gift idea for a teenage girl is also a cheap gift idea that packs a huge wow factor because of the extreme detail that goes into making them. Handmade in Romania, these earrings are only one centimeter, yet boast great attention to detail. You cannot go wrong with this perfect small gift idea!

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Square Letter Board in Dark Pink

Letter peg boards are all the rage right now, making these the ideal gifts for teen girls! This letter board is such fun décor! The frame is a light-colored wood. The pegboard is dark pink, a nice contrast to the light wood. The letters are white and come with one hundred and eighty letters, numbers and symbols. Your teen will have fun putting her favorite quotes on her pegboard. She may even leave messages for family. Either way, we are sure this is a great gift idea for her!

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Smartphone Light Ring for Selfies

Our collection of gifts for teen girls would not be complete without this awesome light ring to help them take better selfies! Actually, this is also perfect as far as unisex gift ideas go. Boys take a lot of selfies these days too! The ring has an adjustable fit to work with different types of smartphones. It includes soft gripper pads to keep it from scratching the phone. With three different settings for the light, your teen will be sure to get the perfect shot!

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29 Unique Gifts for Teen Girls to Make Her Feel Loved

The teenage girl in your life is sure to feel truly special when you give her one of these unique gifts! Show her how much you care by giving her an actual gift rather than money or a gift card. When they open up something that they cannot find in stores, something that is personalized for them, they will be glad that it was not just a card with money. They will be happy that you put thought into what they would truly love, and they will likely remember that gift for years to come!

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