29 Cool and Unique Gifts for Teen Boys that will Instantly Make them Smile

Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Not all teenage boys are easy to shop for, so whether it’s a special occasion or you just want to do something nice, you want to find the right gifts for teen boys.

So, what exactly are the right gifts for teenage boys? It can be something useful, entertaining, or a keepsake that’ll have them smiling every time they see it. Nevertheless, teenage boys can be difficult. Finding that cool gift that they’ll get excited over can take time.

To cut down on how much time you spend browsing the stores and the internet, we came up with 24 gift ideas for the teenage boy in your life that is sure to bring a smile to their face and maybe even a hug.

29 Awesome Gifts for Teen Boys for a Special Occasion

Gifts for Teen Boys

Fun Miniature Penny Soccer Game

A good gift idea for teenage boys that are sports fans is this small soccer game. It’s a cool present that they can whip out and play anytime they wish. Since it’s portable, they can even travel with it, bringing some excitement to a long car trip. A simple penny serves as the soccer ball, and players shoot past the funny plug-shaped defenders until they make a goal. It’s the perfect way to past time while sitting around with friends and family or to liven up a party.

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All-Wood Moving Mechanical Safe Kit

Is the teenager in your life rather inquisitive? Then consider this mechanical safe kit made from Baltic birch plywood. It’s a unique gift idea that requires them to do something as well as provide them with a safe they can use to store important, small items. The combination is customizable as well. There are 179 laser-cut pieces to assemble. This is a good gift idea for teenage boy that will put their mind to work and let them admire their own labor whenever they look at it.

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Instax Square SQ20 Instant Camera from Fujifilm

The teenage years are a great time to capture long-lasting memories and what better way to do that than with instant cameras? They’re ideal gifts for teen boys that enjoy taking snapshots wherever they go, but don’t want to wait to get them off their phone. It features an LCD monitor, the ability to edit images with filters, and even choose frames from 15-second videos to print. This fun gift also includes a selfie mirror so he can capture himself along with his friends.

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Unique Customized 24pc Chocolate Message

If you’re interested in some unisex gift ideas, consider giving him a treat he can indulge in. This box of chocolates isn’t your average box though. Instead, you can have them spell out a personalized message just for him. This can be a more heartfelt present for teenage boy, one that may deserve a special occasion like a graduation or an anniversary. It’s made to order and features 24 pieces. Each chocolate cube even has a jelly bean surprise in it.

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Mug Madness Playful Sports Mug

At first glance, this may seem like an unusual gift. However, if your teenage boy still hasn’t quite outgrown playing with his food, then this awesome mug will surely bring joy to mealtime. Made from ceramic, this mug was created by a kid entrepreneur who knows how exciting playing with your food in a unique way can be. The cool mug is a basketball with a hoop attached, making it a more exciting gift idea for teenage boys.

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Color Travel Map World and USA Mugs

Some quality gifts for teen boys are more artistic if he’s interested in that type of stuff. These mugs are available with a map of either the USA or the world. It’s a good way to help him reminisce about places traveled to or dream of places to come. He can mark places with the marker. Simply pop it in the oven afterwards so that the color permanently sets. It’s a small gift idea that he can continue to use in the years to come.

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Personalized Baseball Theme Travel Luggage

Another traveled-themed gift idea for a teenage guy, this customized luggage comes with selectable colors such as blue and gray. The luggage has a simple, yet eye-catching baseball design down the center, and you can put his name in the middle. Beyond that, it’s made easy for your teen to handle. The wheels rotate 360-degrees, it features a quality TSA lock, and it’s overall lightweight and impact-resistant. It’s a great gift idea if you know he’s in desperate need of a new, high-quality luggage for an upcoming trip.

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Build Your Own Robot Kit

For the teenager that’s obsessed with robots, this build your own kit should have him excitedly busy. It’s a cheap gift idea that can have him stretch his creativity. Not only can he build the robot according to the instructions, but he can also use it to jumpstart his own homemade contraptions. It’s made from top quality steel that uses non-toxic painted parts. You can select this present for teenage boy in red, teal, or yellow, each having their own unique design.

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Build Your Own Wooden Marble Coaster

For the teenager that has a knack for DIY projects, this marble coaster is a useful gift to keep his hands and mind busy. The laser-cut birch plywood comes together with simple household white glue, and the 30 pieces create a wonderful, mini coaster. All of it is powered by a hand crank rather than batteries. It’s a cool gift idea for teenage boy that he can build and play with time and time again. Even the instructions are fun as they’re laid out in a graphic novel-like way.

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Mini Pocket DJ Sound Mixer

In need of gifts for teen boys that are crazy about becoming DJs one day? You’re in luck then with this pocket DJ mixer. One thing that makes this such a cool present is that it’s compatible with any device that has a headphone outlet. It’s a versatile small gift idea that doesn’t require an additional power outlet to work. Instead, plug it up to any headphone jack and start mixing up some beats. It’s perfect for him to pull out a small get together at home, a friend’s party, or anywhere else that needs some dance tunes.

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Small Knotty Brainstring Theory Puzzle

Made from plastic, rubber, and elastic, this little puzzle is meant to test your teenager’s intellectual limits. Though it may seem like an unusual gift to some, if he’s willing to use his mind and enjoy himself while doing so, then it’s the best gift to keep him happy. This good gift is artfully and carefully designed for him to spend hours on end trying to group the buttons off by color without finding himself knotted up. Another quality factor about this is that it helps if you need some more unisex gift ideas that don’t simply scream “boy”.

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JBL CLIP 3 Wireless Speaker

Are you in need of some music-related gifts for teen boys? Try out this handheld wireless speaker. It features a hanging loop so he can easily attach it to his backpack. This gift idea for a teenage guy is made with a built-in rechargeable battery, and on a full charge, he should be able to get up to 10 hours worth of playtime out of it. There’s no need to worry about getting tangled up in cords as it uses Bluetooth wireless technology.

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Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Heat-Changing Mug

A good gift idea for teenage boy who’s a fan of Rick & Morty is this cool heat-changing mug. Made from 100% ceramic material, this mug changes its image once hot liquid is added. He simply needs to pour in something hot to reveal Mr. Meeseeks. It’s a funny present for teenage boy that will have him chuckling as he sips away at some hot chocolate. The mug is average in size, and it does require some care, so be sure to read the label to ensure that he keeps this mug for a long time.

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Retro SupaBoy SFC Pocket SNES Console

The gamer in your life will certainly get a kick out of his retro-style game console. It’s a great gift idea if he’s a lover of the classic, throwback games. This can fit the original Nintendo SNES cartridges, so it’s handy if he has a few those lying around still. It has a 4.3in. screen and it offers stereo sound along with a headphone jack. There’s even a wrist strap, and on a full charge, he can play for up to 10 hours. When you need gifts for teen boys that he can actually play with for years down the road, this classic console is an ideal choice.

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All Star Personalized Sports Wristwatch

Not many gifts for teen boys are as useful as a watch. Made from stainless steel with a leather strap, this watch can polish up your teenager’s appearance. It does feature a rather cute sports-themed image in the center where you can also personalize something such as his name to keep it an age-appropriate gift. You can choose from several color options also to further personalize this cool gift. This watch is even water resistant up to 98.4ft., so you can rest easy knowing he won’t damage it easily anytime soon.

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Personalized Nike Performance Sports Backpack

Need a gift idea for teenage boys he’ll find useful? This sports-themed backpack from Nike may just do the trick. It’s a unique gift idea for the sports-lover in your life. Not only does it feature the usual Nike logo, but it has a drawing of a basketball as well as a space to customize his name. There’s great organization in this as well from the side mesh pockets, to the internal laptop and tablet sleeves. As far as gifts for teenage boys go, this one gives him the means to carry around books and other important items at school in style.

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Modern African Cedar Thumb Pianos

Only true music lovers will enjoy this modern twist on traditional African thumb pianos. It’s a gift idea for a teenage guy that he may just cherish and still play for years. You can get it for him in either the electric style or the acoustic style. It’s a small gift idea that’s lightweight and portable so he can jam out while traveling. This is not only a joy to play, but it’s beautifully made and pays great respect to African music tradition. It’s a fun gift that’s amp-compatible, and it includes a songbook with traditional tunes that are all easy to follow and learn.

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Superhero Marvel Multi-Panel Canvas Wall Art

Teenage boys and superheroes tend to go hand-in-hand. So, it’s easy to see how superhero-related items make for awesome gifts for teenage boys. This one, in particular, will delight any Marvel fan as it features a number of different popular characters. You can opt for a single panel, three panels, or five, and from there, select from a multitude of sizes. These gifts for teen boys can go well in his bedroom, a game room, or even a dorm room if he’s soon to be graduating and heading off to college.

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Silver Anchor Red Cord Halyard Bracelet

This anchor halyard bracelet is a nice, cheap gift idea for your teen who’s trying to accessorize with their wardrobe. It’s cute, but not too much that your teenage boy will be put off by it. There’s almost a surfer-like vibe given by the bracelet. It features a polished silver anchor attached to a red polyester halyard cord that’s speckled with blue and white. This is a useful gift as it can also be used as a necklace as well as a bracelet. It’s easy enough for him to adjust and tighten as needed.

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Fun Emo Goth Boy Courier Bag

It’s easy to associate “emo” or “Goth” with teenagers, so if you need some gift ideas for that teen in your life, check out this cool courier bag. It boasts a cartoon drawing of an emo, Goth kid, and you can choose from a variety of different interior colors to personalize it more. This is also a great gift if your teenager is a bit environmentally conscious. The bag is constructed with an emphasis on environmental sustainability so that it leaves a small ecological footprint. It’s also lightweight so it won’t drag him down.

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Street Style Handmade Skateboard Stool

Some gifts for teen boys need to be a touch more unique and different than the average gift if you want to really impress him. If he’s a fan of skateboarding, then this gift may be your best bet. It will add a touch of street and cool to his room. This is made from collected, broken skateboards and reclaimed steel, this stool ensures that these often disregarded boards are given new life. Even if everything is constructed out of used or broken material, it’s still a top quality stool that’s reinforced and built to last.

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Illustrated Acoustic Guitar Phone Case

Bring a sense of rock n’ roll to your teen’s Smartphone with this is simple, yet cool phone case. It’s made from aluminum and rubber material. This adds a basic style while giving it enough durability to withstand your teen’s regular use. This is a good gift if your teenage boy is looking for something that’s more straightforward and useful. It doesn’t stand out too much, but the brown, illustrated guitar is evident against a bold white background.

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Rock n Roll Vintage Dictionary Art Print

Are the walls in your teen’s room looking a bit bare? Give them some life with one or all of these vintage-like prints. It’s a good gift for a teenage guy as it features well-known and beloved fictional characters. You’ll see Yoda, Spider-Man, The Hulk, and even a Xenomorph, all with their own guitar. It’s all printed on vintage dictionary pages that are more than 80 years old, giving each painting a truly unique appearance so they are all different from one another.

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Personalized New York Times Baseball Book

If you need a truly cool present for a teenage boy who’s a huge baseball fan, this custom book just may be the greatest gift you can give them. To start, the outside is wonderfully polished and granted a professional-like look. Once you open the book, he can comb through the coverage history of his favorite baseball team. The coverage can go all the way back to a team’s early years, and the book will always be at least 70 pages long. You can even have them customize his name on the book to fully make it his.

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29 Fun Gifts for Teen Boys to Keep Them Happy

Finding quality gifts for teen boys doesn’t have to drive you crazy. Whether you’re shopping around for your own son, a friend, or, for you teens out there, a boyfriend, the gifts on this list should certainly make them happy. If anything, it can give you an idea as to what type of present to go for.

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