29 Amazing Gift Ideas for Beach Lovers to Make their Vacation More Fun

Gift Ideas for Beach Lovers

For those special loved ones in your life that always crave the beach year-round, you can give them some good vibes and happy memories with some gifts for beach lovers.

29 Summery Gift Ideas for Beach Lovers

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Some people will do anything to get to the beach, but that may not always be possible due to various reasons from weather to simply time and money. That’s why beach gifts are always a great way to lift their spirits high in even the coldest of weather.

Coming up with beach themed gifts ideas isn’t as simple as it sounds though. That is why we discovered 29 gift ideas for the beach lovers in your life from handmade jewelry to cool home décor.

Fun Pineapple Earrings from Holylove

Have a beach lover in your life that has an eye for style? With these cute pineapple earrings, their beachwear is sure to stand out. They feature bright yellows and greens on bling glass. A great thing about this jewelry is that they can even go well with everyday style to remind them of sunny skies and warm sand. At just over an inch in length and weighing 6g, they are relatively light in weight. They even work well for the eco-friendly conscious people as they’re made from green materials that are lead-free and nickel-free.

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Life is Better at the Beach T-Shirt

If you need some unisex gift ideas, you can never go wrong with a graphic tee. This short-sleeved t-shirt is already preshrunk and made from comfortably soft ringspun cotton. There’s a cool “Life is Better at the Beach” saying in bold design on the front of the shirt. It’s supported by a rather relaxing sunset beach background that can help any beach lover daydream of easier times. You can purchase this graphic t-shirt in either black or navy, and there are six sizes available from small to 3X.

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Shark Themed Couple Promise Rings Set

Many couples enjoy matching rings, engagement, promise, or otherwise. This shark ring set brings the closeness of couple rings together with a love of the beach and the animals that come with it. Made from sterling silver, these rings are simplistic overall. With such a straightforward design, the shark outline on both rings readily captures your attention. Whether you buy both of the rings or just one of them, this is a great gift idea for someone who holds sentimentality close to heart and will get a kick out of seeing a shark and remembering the beach every time they look at their hand.

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20oz Funny Stemless Wine Glass

As far as cool presents go, how about give the beach lover in your life this stemless wine glass with a printed saying? Printed sayings on drinking glasses never go out of style, and this glass is no different. You can’t miss the glaring “Chillin’ with my Beaches!” printed in gold foil metallic right on the front of the glass. It not only looks entertaining, but it’s a unique play on words that’ll make any beach lover laugh. What’s even better about this stemless wine glass is that it can be given on just about any occasion whether it’s for a birthday or just an enjoyable girls trip.

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Boho Sleek Custom Shark Necklace

A great gift idea for someone who wants to show their love of the beach and the ocean no matter the occasion is this boho shark necklace. This necklace is completely handmade, and it even has the option for you to personalize it with an engraving on the front or back. It is a wonderful unique gift idea that shows just how much you care. You can also choose what type of finish you want: matte or polished. The shark itself is cut well and a good enough size that it’s obvious enough without being overwhelming.

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Striped Color Patchwork Pleated Long Dress

If you’re looking for some useful gifts, consider something they can add to their wardrobe whether they are hitting the beach or going out on the town. This long dress is in a sleeveless, halter design with a hollow back, perfect for keeping cool while also staying stylish. The dress is loose at the bottom as well for even better flow. It is made in two different color styles, and it ranges in sizes from small to X-Large. People of various sizes and style interests can enjoy this dress as a present.

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Custom Mileage To the Beach Sign

One thing that many beach lovers enjoy is letting anyone who comes into their home know just how much they wish they were at the beach. With a sign saying “To the Beach”, it can’t get more apparent than that. As far as cool gifts go, this is near the top thanks to its realistic mileage sign design that makes it truly seem like it’s been hung up outside for a while. It even features a nice “¼ MI” with an accompanying arrow to top it all off. Available in three sizes, it is made from durable aluminum so that it should last for a good deal of time.

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Beach Please! Unisex Graphic T-Shirt

A graphic t-shirt is always a go-to for cheap gift ideas that are still exciting enough for any beach lover to appreciate. This shirt has a cute “Beach Please!” saying printed on it along with the outline of a seashell you may be able to find at any beach. It’s an inexpensive way for the beach lover in your life to keep fond memories of their time out in the sun. There are six unisex sizes and six women sizes to select from. Also, you can purchase the shirt in 15 different combinations of t-shirt and print color.

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Women’s Sheer Chiffon Loose Blouse

Sometimes, the best beach gifts are something they can wear that will keep them comfortable and cool under the hottest beach conditions. This particular top is loose-fitting features soft, polyester stretch fabric. From sizes small to 5X, the blouse is designed for any woman to enjoy. It even features different lengths from shorter blouses to longer, cardigan-like styles. You can find this loose blouse available in several different bright colors and patterns that simply scream “beach”. What lover of the beach wouldn’t love to wear one of them while lounging on the sand?

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Waterproof Dry Bag from Mountain Splash

If someone close to you not only loves the beach but actually getting up close with the water, then a dry bag is sure to come in handy. This bag is both waterproof and dirt proof so that their belongings are kept dry and clean at all times. Not only that, but it actually floats on the water in case they drop it. However, dropping it is less likely considering the comfortable, well-fitted shoulder straps and handle. Out of all useful gifts, this one will have them keeping you in mind each time they head out to the beach. You can even choose from 14 different colors for a truly personal, awesome present.

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Portable Discreet Mini Pocket Blanket

This may seem like an unusual gift at first glance, but it is something that can be useful if that special person in your life is headed to the beach but doesn’t want to deal with too much sand. Don’t let the size of this throw you off. It is only pocket-friendly to help you save on space while you pack for the beach. Once you take the blanket out, it is wide enough to allow four people to sit on. If you want to lie down, two people should easily fit. The blanket is made out of reliable nylon, and it even includes galvanized steel stakes to secure it down.

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Phone Storage Outdoor Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important, and anyone will definitely appreciate you thinking about their health with this rather unusual gift—yet useful—for the beach. This water bottle is designed to hold a Smartphone, cash, and credit cards between two water compartments. There is even a twist off bottom that includes a headphone port to listen to your phone while it’s still stowed away. You can rest easy if this unique gift idea is dropped as the bottle is made from Tritan-plastic construction that’s leak-proof and BPA-free.

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Life Ring Sea Glass Bracelet

Looking for truly beach themed gifts? It is tough to get more “beach” than with this sea glass bracelet. This awesome bracelet is simple, yet elegant to fit into any beachwear. It is made on a turquoise waxed cord. For the rest of the design, it uses a silver ring with the words “Life Ring” etched on. Lastly, there’s the pure white frosted English sea glass to really bring the beach theme home. The bracelet is already 7.5in., but it can be made longer if requested.

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Island Fun Tiki Cocktail Glasses

Fun gifts go a long way into keeping that beach lover in your life happy indoors or outdoors. Not only that, but these tiki-themed cocktail glasses perfect for a get together at the beach or an island party right in the backyard. These glasses are handmade, each of them given an intricate tiki mold design. Each comes in their own color as well so you truly have four unique glasses. Since they each feature their own design, they are various sizes. You get two 13fl oz. glasses, one 16fl oz. glass, and one 20fl oz. glass.

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Beach Coral Resin Pendant Necklace

When it comes to beach gifts, this coral pendant necklace can certainly have that beach lover in your life reliving the good days spent out in the sun. Since the necklace is handcrafted, no two pieces will be the same so that you always receive a personal present every time. It is made using driftwood, silver, and Chalcedony, and it features a fun coral reef-like design. Though the necklace is made 18in. in length, you can always make a note to adjust the size to your desired length to make things more comfortable.

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Oversized Shark and Striped Beach Towel

Many beach lovers understand that some of the best beach gifts are ones that can be put to good use while out in the sand and ocean. Made from 100% cotton, this oversized beach towel is highly absorbent and will serve as a useful tool to dry you off. It is a good fit specifically for the beach thanks to its 3-color striped design with all-white sharks designed on the blue stripes. This towel can show off style as well as an appreciation for those magnificent sea creatures. The towel is made environmental-friendly also, and it isn’t prone to producing lint or falling apart anytime soon.

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Colorful Striped Turkish Beach Towels

Hitting the beach usually means hitting the water, and you always need a way to dry off afterward. If you know beach lovers that enjoy frequenting the area with a family or friends, this towel set will be good for them. These unique, handmade towels are made from 100% pure organic cotton. Peshtemals do well at absorbing water fast. Also, these are ideal if you need a small gift idea as they are usually compact and easy to store. The colors are bright and pop, and the overall design is so attractive that these can even be used as decoration or as a bathing suit cover.

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Hollow Globe Starfish and Seashell Necklace

Anyone who loves the seashore will find value in this gift. It’s another good small gift idea considering the globe is 25mm x 22mm. The chain itself can range from 20in. to 30in. What allows this necklace to standout, cementing itself among the best beach themed gifts, is the use of real tiny seashells and a real tiny starfish. There are even small silver microbeads and a pearl bead. To finish off the design, there are two silver filigree bead caps, one on the top and another on the base. The top also includes a Swarovski aurora borealis crystal bead.

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Neoprene Multipurpose Beach Bag Tote

Going to the beach means bringing a lot of gear, and this versatile tote is a good gift that can help keep things organized and nicely packed away. It comes in large or X-Large as well in addition to several colors. Designed for style and elegance, this beach bag tote is a great way to keep items safe and easy to reach. There is an inner zipper pocket as well as a moveable board. The handles are durable, made from sailing rope to provide strength as well as giving it a minimal stretch to handle various weight. There is even an awesome detachable shoulder pad for that extra level of comfort.

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Aqua Green Sea Glass Necklace

Beach gift ideas that involve jewelry can always make beach lovers happy, and with this sea glass necklace, you can transport them back to the beach each time they put it on. It is boho-like in style, and the pendant is light in weight with either a long or short gold plated chain. Personally designed and handcrafted, the cute pendant features cultured recycled sea glass with a frosty matte finish. Everything is given an extra touch with the gold leaf gliding with tiny flecks of silver. These can be cool presents for a fashion-conscious beach lover.

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Fun Aussie Breezer Mesh Hat

When the beach gets too hot, you can cool things off with this mesh hat. It is constructed out of 100% cotton material, and it features sizes small to XXX-Large with eight colors to choose from. There is also the polycotton chin cord. With a UPF 50+ rating, this may be one of the best beach gifts to ensure sun protection. The 3in., wide brim further helps keep the sun from damaging the eyes. Need a good gift that can easily pack up for travel? This mesh hat is crushable and packable.

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Beachwear Rhinestone Anklet Barefoot Sandals

Need some gift ideas for a wedding? These rhinestone barefoot sandals are perfect for that fancy celebration on the beach. They are handmade and made to order so you are receiving a personal item each time. These unique barefoot sandals are made from rhinestones, crystals, and all held together by a silver chain. You can choose from numerous sizes, or since they are handmade, a custom size so that they fit well. As far as cool gifts go, these barefoot sandals will add a touch of elegance to any outdoor beach celebration.

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Waterproof Striped Beach Bag Tote

Packing up for the beach has never looked so stylish before than with this striped beach bag tote. In the realm of cute gifts, this stands out thanks to the bright stripes whether you go for the ocean blue or dark blue design. It features canvas-like fabric as well as ripstop construction for durability’s sake. This is among the beach gift ideas that can be used time and time again. The water repellent interior lining helps keep it reliable, and it can even hold up 22lbs. This comes with a water/sand-proof PVC case, a built-in key holder and bottle opener, one big inner pocket, and two outside pockets. There’s more than enough room in this cute tote for all beach valuables.

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Soft Insulated Outdoor Cooler Bag

Gift ideas for beach lovers should include something to keep drinks nice and cold for those hot days. This cooler bag helps with that, and you can even get a 9-can size or a 20-can size. Available in orange or red, this allows you to carry drinks in style. Even better, these can be fun gifts to use to store food to have a picnic on the beach. It has great construction, featuring heat-welded seams to fight off leaks, a waterproof design, and a rectangular shape for a slimmer carrying profile.

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Beach Surfer 4-Design Coaster Set

For cheap gift ideas that are still high in quality, consider coasters with a beach-themed design. These particular ones will have anyone reminiscing about hitting the waves thanks to the surfers on each coaster. There are interesting and funny sayings on the coasters in addition to the pictures such as “dangerous shorebreak” with an unsuspecting surfer hitting their head. They’re crafted from beech veneer and treated with beeswax. Another feature that makes these ideal is that they work well for unisex gift ideas. Any surfer or simple beachgoer can enjoy these reminders of fun times on the water.

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29 Gifts to Make the Beach Lover in Your Life Happy

Nothing may make a beach lover happier than by receiving beach gifts whether they are useful or simply entertaining. The 29 gifts above should guide you in the right direction if not inspire some of your own ideas for more personalized presents.

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