29 Great Gift Ideas for Grandpa that are Sure to Dazzle

Gifts for Grandpa

You’re looking for gift ideas for grandpa—but the last thing you want is ‘your grandfather’s gift ideas.’ Your grandpa isn’t typical, so he shouldn’t be given something ordinary. He deserves a unique gift that matches his uncommon personality. Plus, you’re far too creative to give him the tiresome ‘World’s Best Grandfather’ t-shirt or some such nonsense. You want a stylish, unique, cool gift that will dazzle—that’s why we’ve come up with this list of meaningful and unusual gifts for grandpa. Because face it, you’re looking for the best, most perfect gift for grandpa that will make him love you more than his other grandchildren! It is, after all, a competition, right? You bet! The first one to the finish line with the most awesome, memorable, and cool present wins!

29 Stylish Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Scotch Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

Every sophisticated grandpa knows that a single malt scotch is the nectar of the gods. And cleaning your teeth with it? Straight out of a ‘007′ classic! All grandpas in your life will love the idea of this unique and unusual gift as they savor the flavor of fine ambrosia that’s been steeped right into each toothpick. This useful gift is both a sharp and unusual gift that’s sure to be the talk of the evening. It’s a pleasure and practical all in one!

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Personalized Whiskey Barrel for Sophisticated Storage

Iconic playwright George Bernard Shaw aptly and eloquently named whiskey ‘liquid sunshine.’ If the grandfather in your life is a whiskey lover, he undoubtedly appreciates the sentiment, and he’ll appreciate even more this unique and attractive whiskey barrel to age and house all that sunshine. This unique gift idea is an attractive barrel that comes in several sizes and kits, from a Tennessee whiskey kit with 1-flavor essence to a rum-and-whiskey kit with a 3-flavor essence. This beautifully designed wooden barrel has the power to age spirits to the very apex of their flavor. Among other things, reviewers are loving it for its high-quality craftsmanship and uniqueness, and because it comes customized with whatever you choose. It’s a great gift idea for the grandfather who only thinks he has everything!

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My Favorite People Call Me Grandpa T-shirt

This tee says it like it is! Truly, there isn’t a grandfather alive who wouldn’t tell you he loves his children—but his greatest source of joy these days is his grandkids! This well-made t-shirt feels ultra-soft to wear, but it’s not so thick that Grandpa can’t wear it any day of the year. It comes in myriad attractive colors, and the 100% preshrunk cotton and poly/cotton blend makes it super comfortable and long-lasting. It’s fitted, so the grandfather in your life will look great in it wherever he goes. Plus, it’s machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about Granddad wearing it when he’s spending a messy day with his favorite people!

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Vintage Beer Glass by Humor Us Home Goods

This is another nicely priced grandpa gift that’s funny, attractive, and useful all rolled into one. This vintage beer glass is the perfect cheap gift idea that fits into any shopper’s budget. It’s dishwasher safe, so Grandpa can use it every day. It has a timeless and well-crafted design with the perfect thickness that keeps drinks cool. The high quality and durability of this glass make it a perfect gift for all granddads who drink, well, anything!

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For the Grandfather Whooo Has Everything

Grandfathers love corny jokes, don’t they? And they’ll love this cute and stylish eyeglasses holder, too. At a super nice price, even the grandkids can get in on the fun of buying Granddad a cool gift that’s sure to please. Grandpa can keep this little guy perched at the ready on his desk or nightstand, keen and on the job to keep his glasses safe all night or any time throughout the day he’s not using them. The handmade artisan design and craftsmanship are of top quality from India. This little guy is also a great grandpa gift idea for the granddad woohoo can’t seem to stop losing his glasses!

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Get-Well-Soon Sherpa Blanket

Warm hugs, positive energy, and healing thoughts—these are the things Grandpa needs most when he’s going through difficult times, especially with a health condition. You can wrap him in your and your children’s happy thoughts and love while he goes through a tough situation such as cancer or any other health scare. He can choose from many beautiful colors, all pleasant hues that help to add comfort during trying times. This blanket is designed and crafted with your loved one in mind so as to deliver an all-night and all-day comforting remembrance that your love is a constant blanket.

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Percussion Hand-held Back Massager

Oh, my aching back! Yes, it often comes with the territory of being a grandpa, but there isn’t a grandfather out there who wouldn’t gladly take an aching back that can sometimes come with a romping day well spent with their beloved grandkids. At the end of it, though, relief need only be moments away with this useful gift. Grandpa will certainly appreciate the thought and care you put into this unique gift which has the power to soothe aching back, leg, shoulders, or anywhere else his muscles are keeping him from enjoying this golden time of his life. The unique heating element slowly delivers a warm and gentle technique that penetrates muscles and tissues to relieve pain. And the streamlined design adds a level of comfortable ease during use.

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Switch-Me Retro Quartz Pocket Watch

No list of gifts for grandpa is complete without at least one watch. This beautiful timepiece harkens back to the quality craftsmanship of yesteryear’s prized pocket watches. It’s a keepsake that’s sure to please Grandpa, especially if it comes from his beloved grandkids. And its pocketbook-pleasing price can make that happen easily. The high-quality precision Japanese quartz movement keeps great time. The attractive bronze color makes this timepiece the perfect accent to wear for any occasion. Plus, the 14-inch chain and high-quality alloy case make this an ensemble gift that’s great to give Grandpa for birthday, anniversary, or just to remind him how deeply you and the kids care!

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Hammer Home Your Own Customized Message to Grandpa

Is the grandfather in your life a craftsman? Then he’ll cherish this personalized and well-made tool that’s laser-engraved with your love. You can include your own customized message that will ‘hammer home’ how appreciated he is every time he uses it. He can display it as a keepsake, and he can even use it for all those retirement projects Grandma’s been hoping he gets to sooner or later.

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Vintage Wine Box Because His Life Is a Very Good Year

No one has ever put it more eloquently than Chairman-of-the-Board Frank Sinatra when he sang, “I think of my life as vintage wine from fine old kegs … it pours sweet and clear …” It certainly was a very good year that created your grandfather, wasn’t it? Remind him how much you and your family cherish him with this beautiful, hand-crafted vintage wine box for his birthday, anniversary, or Father’s Day. Woodworking artists Mac Stitzlein and Rich Norton of Missouri created this lovely personalized wooden wine box that can hold up to three of Granddad’s favorite bottles.

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Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag

Today’s grandfathers are very busy people. Just because they’re retired, doesn’t mean they aren’t super busy. For those granddads who do a lot of traveling comes this stylish and functional toiletry bag that can house all their personal-care needs. It contains 4 internal pockets, and it easily expands for larger accessories. Plus, its premium high-grade PU leather means it’s water resistant and super easy to clean.

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Personalized Book from The Book of Everyone

As gifts for grandpas go, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more awesome and cool present than one that celebrates the events and years of his own life! What a surprise it would be for him to receive this top quality book that outlines and illustrates the best moments that occurred in the years of his life. Simply send off some info about Grandpa, and receive back a free preview of a book that’s been uniquely customized to his life span. Think of the joy he’ll get when he reads—or perhaps more aptly, re-reads—about all those events he lived through. What a great gift idea!

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Southern Bourbon Stout Beer Brewing Kit

If Grandpa loves beer, does that mean he’s wise? According to the iconic philosopher Plato it does. In fact, Plato was so enamored with the elixir, that he called its inventor wise! If the grandfather in your life is a beer enthusiast (and what grandpa isn’t?), you won’t find a more awesome gift than this wonderful beer brewing kit. In fact, it’s one of those unisex gift ideas that can be enjoyed by the entire family!

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On the Rocks

Looking for a good gift for a grandpa who likes his drinks ‘on the rocks’? Then you can’t beat this spectacular gift set that utilizes actual rocks! These amazing granite drink chillers are hand-crafted from stones that come from real New England beaches. They’re ideal for chilling anything from scotch to whiskey. It’s a unique gift idea that’s sure to please any grandfather on your list. Plus, this one is another of those great unisex gift ideas that will delight adults of all ages.

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Personalized Tactical Pocket Knife

This attractive laser-engraved pocket knife by Palmetto Wood is perfect if you’re looking for a small gift idea for grandpa. It’s true that pocket knives top the list of most sought-after gift ideas for grandpa, but you don’t want to give the same old boring pocket knife. Your grandpa is an original, and he’ll want something better. Each knife is individually finished with your choice of up to two lines that are beautifully engraved deep into the wood of this artisan piece whose handle contains a belt clip for convenient carrying.

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Personalized T-Shirt by BoooTees

A personalized tee? What a fun gift! No matter their age, men love t-shirts. If the grandfather in your life lives in tees, here’s another wonderfully cheap gift idea that will suit grandpa as well as your budget. This attractive and comfortable t-shirt can be customized with words and pics. It’s a great way to get grandkids involved in gift ideas for grandpas!

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Bourbon Infused Coffee for the Ideal Combo

When it comes to great gift ideas for grandpas, you just can’t do much better than combining their favorite morning coffee with their favorite evening spirit. Rich Arabica beans are steeped in tempting Kentucky bourbon to create nectar that will delight Grandpa any time of the day. In fact, Grandpa will think of you with each and every aromatic sip!

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Personalized Grandpa Photo Collage

Among the most unique personalized gift ideas for grandpas comes this personalized and customized photo collage that holds up to 70 photos. It combines tons of your most cherished photos of family and friends into a digital picture made specifically with your grandfather in mind. Nothing will bring Grandpa more joy than displaying it, showing it, and talking about it to all his friends!

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Leather Bracelet with Hand Stamped Ring

Are your kids searching for a fun gift idea for their cherished grandfather? Look no further than this personalized leather bracelet. With a budget-friendly price, it’s an ideal sentiment from grandkids to Granddad that will delight him every time he wears it. He’ll be proud to show off the handmade craftsmanship and the lovely sentiment that goes with it. And the fact that it’s made of genuine leather and aluminum brings it all together like a fine keepsake.

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Sophisticated Flask for Grandpa’s Best Hooch

Many of today’s grandpas likely remember the heyday of the original James Bonds, when men were smooth-tongued rascals who carried their spirits around in pocket-sized decanters. Well, those days are back. Yes, flasks are trending bigger than they have in decades, and that’s why this is one of the best gift ideas for grandpas everywhere. Crystal Imagery offers uniquely personalized engraving that will customize this gift ideally for the grandfather in your life.

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Razor Pit Sharpener

If the grandpa in your life believes in putting his best face forward at all times, here’s a small gift idea that could be ideal for him. It’s a uniquely functional dock for his razor that, when the razor glides across its recycled thermo-plastic surface, removes residue that makes the razor dull. Particles of hair, skin, soap, and other nasty build-up are effectively eliminated, and it’s that action that will keep Grandpa’s face smoothly shaven each time he uses the Razor Pit.

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Watch, Wallet, and Belt Set

No man’s look is complete without the right watch, wallet, and belt. That’s why we’ve included this stylish gift that helps Grandpa accessorize with ease. It’s an elegant choice for even the un-friendliest of budgets because it’s an all-inclusive gift set that’s finished off with an elegant carrying case. This set is perfect for any occasion, and with its nice price, the younger grandkids can even get in on the gift-giving.

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Chicago Tribune Custom Birthday Book

Read all about it! Grandpa’s life is front-page news! You always knew he was special, but now you can show him just how special his life really has been. This is one of the most unique gift ideas for grandpas out there. It’s a library-bound collection that gathers all the most important stories from the years your grandfather’s been alive that ended up as headlines in the Chicago Tribune. It’s a unique conversation piece that will delight Grandpa for years to come. And what a keepsake!

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Hand-stamped Grandpa’s Keepers Fishing Keychain

If you’re a parent who’s searching for a good gift for your children to give Grandpa, look no further than this unique and beautiful keychain. It’s a hand-stamped, custom piece whose personalized aluminum (for boys) and copper (for girls) charms tell the story of the most important people in his life—his grandchildren. What a sweet yet functional way for Grandpa to show off his love for his grandchildren!

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Toilet Seat Golf Putter, Mini-Potty Golf Set

Dare we say, “Hole in one”?! This funny gift for grandpa made by Meigirlxy is one of the most functional gag gifts ever! Most gag gifts are just funny, right? But this bathroom golf set will not only make Grandpa laugh; it will keep him ‘occupied’ with practicing his ‘shot’ for hours!

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29 Snazzy and Uncommon Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Whether you’re looking for an unusual gift, a cute gift, or a cool, fun, funny, or stylish gift, you want to find the perfect gift for grandpa that will be truly memorable. Choose from one of our 29 best grandpa gifts for an unforgettable celebration of your grandfather’s wonderful life.

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