29 Unique and Cool Gifts that are Designed to Ensure Smiles

Cool Gift Ideas

Do you have a hard time coming up with cool gift ideas that will show them that you do care? Well, look no further. We have comprised 29 cool gift ideas that are designed to do just that. These gift ideas are both unique and fun, and no one will be able to accuse you of not caring or giving a cool gift.

Each one of these gift ideas has a different aspect to them, which means that we have a little something for anyone, despite their interests or tastes. They range from art pieces, games, attire, and fun everyday use items. With that being said, let’s start our journey down the path of these wonderful gifts and get you on the right track to finding the perfect one!

29 of the Coolest Gift Ideas that Everyone will Love

Cool Gifts

Superman On The Toilet Comic Wall Art

If the one you are trying to surprise loves comics, especially Superman, this might be the perfect gift for them. It’s a fun wall art picture of Superman reading his favorite newspaper on the toilet. It comes in three different sizes, and you can pick and choose whether or not you want it in a frame or without. All of these wall art pictures are handmade, which makes each one unique, but make sure that it is always kept away from kryptonite! You wouldn’t want it to dissolve.

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Sink or Shoot Drinking Party Game

Does your friend or family member enjoy fun and games? Do the enjoy drinking? If they do, this is an excellent gift choice for them. This game goes back to the old Battleship game days with a twist. Instead of just sinking the other player’s battleship, if you fail at this game, you might find yourself a bit tipsy. The game board is made out of a light colored wood, and each battleship holds a certain number of shot glasses for the game. Even if they don’t drink alcohol, this is still a cool gift idea everyone can enjoy and have fun with.

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Personalized Football Bottle Cooler

This is an excellent gift for anyone that enjoys football and drinking straight out of a bottle. You can have it customized with the person’s name on the side of the cooler. This way no one will ever be able to take it from them, and everyone will always know exactly whose drink they are picking up. The cooler has a zipper on the side of the cooler, which is how the bottle is put in and out of the cooler. This means that they will not have to worry about the cooler getting stretched out like some bottle coolers that just slide the bottle in and out.

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Back Off Says Yosemite Sam T-Shirt

For anyone that loves Yosemite Sam, this will make a cool gift idea for them. You can pick and choose between a number of features to tailor it towards the person you wish to gift it to from size, color, and even shirt style. It is a unisex gift that keeps on giving. If needed this shirt can even be purchased in a larger size for a small additional fee, which means that no matter how big or small your friend or family member is they can feel comfortable in this particular shirt.

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Rustic Thomas Edison Bedside Lamp

This is a cool and unique piece of furniture that could be used as a gift for a man or a woman. It is designed to look like an antique lamp that might have been created by Thomas Edison himself. You can have it personalized to match the specific tastes of the person you are giving it to. You can choose five different socket colors and you can choose between three different wood base finish choices. It will make an interesting bedside lamp or it could work in a study or living room as an interesting conversation piece.

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Sunset Shoulder Tote

Although some might look at this and think that it’s merely for a woman, this tote can be used by both men and women, especially if they enjoy going to the beach. It comes in different sizes, which will allow them to carry as little or as much as they need with them no matter where they go. It has an array of beautiful sunset colors faded from light to dark, and it comes with long shoulder straps that make it comfortable and convenient to carry even if you have larger items to carry in the bag.

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Personalize Cloud Wooden Decor Shelf

This small shelf will make the perfect gift for a baby nursery or for someone that loves clouds. It can be personalized in many ways. You can choose between a small, medium, or large size shelf. Plus, you can pick and choose the primary color of the cloud and the smaller cloud that is in the front. You can also choose to add a personal message to the larger cloud to make it extra special.

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Walking Dead Ceramic Zombie Coffee Mug

For anyone that loves the Walking Dead, this will make an excellent gift for them. This unique coffee mug is made out ceramic, and upon added hot water or coffee into this mug, a hidden image will slowly appear like magic! It’s a gift that your loved one can use every day to enjoy their hot beverages while thinking about you and enjoying your cool gift idea.

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Delicious Stellar Milky-way Planet Lollipops

These lollipops come in sets of 10, and each one has a different taste. They all a hundred percent handmade, which means that each lollipop will always be unique and vary from any others like it. This will make a cool gift for anyone that loves the stars and learning things about the universe. They project a 2D image, and they are all made in the United States, in Illinois.

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The Sands of Time Cufflinks

When looking for a cool and unique gift, these cufflinks are an excellent fit. They are made out of a strong metal, and they can be worn for any occasion, whether you are attending a meeting or heading out on the town for some fun nightlife. They are made in China, and the hourglass in each cufflink has a vibrant blue colored sand that is meant to pop against the silver of the metal.

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Walnut Wood Colored Case for Macbook

If you are looking for a gift for a Mac user, this is an excellent choice. You can purchase it to cover just the top or the top and bottom of the Macbook. Plus, you can customize it so that it will fit the exact Mac device that they have. The case has a smooth color of walnut wood. This case is meant to help protect their device for any scratches or bumps that come naturally with use over time.

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Traditional Wooden Aztec Fractal Puzzle

This fractal puzzle is made out of quality plywood, and the designs of the puzzle are inspired by different decorative motifs that were used by the ancient Aztecs. This is a unique set of puzzles that are unconventional, and they are designed to challenge the minds of even the most adept puzzle lovers. They are made in Michigan and have a warm brown toner that will also allow them to display the fractal puzzle as an interesting conversation piece.

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Up Up And Away Shuttle Rocket Earrings

For the extraterrestrial dreamers and wannabe astronauts, these shuttle rocket earrings will blow their minds. For each ear, a miniature shuttle rocket is encased in small glass domes. They are in the state of blasting off to the exosphere. They even use hundreds of white filaments that are twisted together to project the image of “smoke” coming off of the rockets. Each set is handmade, and they are designed to be the perfect gift for any that enjoys all things space.

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Charge It Up Bracelet

Do you have a friend that always complains that their phone is dead when they need it? Well, this is by far a cool gift designed especially for them. On an everyday basis, this can be worn as a beautiful jewelry accessory. However, when their phone dies in an inconvenient location, they can remove the bracelet and use it to actually charge up their phone. At full charge, this bracelet can charge most phones to around 50%, depending on the model of the phone.

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The Fearless and Fantastic Marvel Female Heroes Book

This will make an excellent addition to any Marvel comic’s fan. Everyone has their own favorite superhero, and this book goes into detail about all of the wonderful female heroes in the Marvel universe. It tells their story, their strengths, their weaknesses, and everything else that they could possibly want to know about their favorite heroes.

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Instax Instant Camera by Fujifilm

Does your loved one like taking photos, even when it annoys everyone else? If so, then this will make a cool gift that was designed for them! This is a small camera that can easily be taken anywhere to help record their memories. It even comes with three different color filters for the flash, which will allow them to make fun and colorful pictures for their projects, and it has a convenient neck strap to let them carry it around anywhere.

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The Mathematician Pi Plates

For the one that loves mathematics and finds the humor in mathematical equations, these plates will make a fun and interesting gift. Each one has a 7″ diameter, and they are made out of ironstone. Each one has a fun equation that can do a Pi equation. Plus, they are easy to clean because they are safe for both the dishwasher and the microwave.

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Roasting Chestnuts By The Fire Tabletop Lantern

This small tabletop lantern can add a sense of family fun and camping to any home, and it will make the perfect gift for anyone that loves curling up next to a warm fire. This lantern is entirely handmade, and it is made out of wood, rock, sand, and glass. However, it does require gel fuel for the flame, which is not included with the lantern. Not only is it a little fire that can be taken anywhere, but they can even roast smores over the open flames.

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Welcome Home from Disney and Mickey

This doormat will make the perfect gift for anyone that loves Disney and Mickey Mouse. It comes in two different sizes, and you can pick and choose whether the finish is laser engraved or hand painted. Each doormat is made out of quality materials, like sealant, rubber, coir, and acrylic paint. Not to mention, it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, especially as a gift for Disney lovers.

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Wooden Headphones Stand for Anyone

This will make a cool unisex gift for anyone that uses headphones on a regular basis. The bar that holds the headphones is made out of stainless steel. You can customize the base of the stand with the type of wood it is made out of. You can choose between the lighter oak wood stand or the darker walnut wood stand. This stand can hold most sized headphones.

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Wireless Docking Station for Apple Devices

For anyone that enjoys their Apple devices, this will make a cool and wonderful gift. You can customize the base of the docking station by choose between oak and cherry wood. You can also choose different charger setups that will best suit the needs of the one you are getting it for. This docking station is capable of charging up Apple watches, iPhones, and AirPods.

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Rustic Forest Green Suspender Braces

These beautiful suspenders will make a perfect gift for him to hide under his coat. They are made out of wool and Italian genuine leather. This is a limited edition of the suspenders, and they are all handmade to perfection. They use metal clamps, and they have two different metal adjusters. They can be used on a number of occasions, which make them perfect as a gift that can constantly be used.

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Custom Logo Branding Iron

This might seem like a strange gift but it can be interesting, especially for someone that does woodworking or other things. It will allow them to put their brand on all of their work. You can choose between two different voltage strengths, and you can also choose between various sizes that the branding logo will appear. Each one of these irons is handmade, and you can customize the logo that will be on the branding iron.

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Unique Globe Thermometer from Galileo’s Eyes

Do you know someone that loves science? If so, this will make the perfect cool gift for them. This thermometer is designed with different colored glass bulbs that are made of different weights that are meant to rise or sink based on the temperatures. The thermometer itself is cylindrical, and the base is wooden, which makes it sturdy. The different bulbs also feature small tags that show which one is Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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Fun Avocado Shaped Power Bank

This small device will be an excellent gift for anyone that has the need for a travel power bank. It is shaped in the form of a cute avocado figure, that is both cute and fun. This power back has 2000mAh, which means that it has plenty of power to be able to power anything that is needed from their phone to their tablet or other smart devices.

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Magnetic Balanced Wooden Lamp

This is a unique and cool gift that can be put on any desk or in any study as a workable lamp or an interesting conversation piece. The base of this beautiful lamp is wooden, and it is turned on or off by lightly nudging the magnets in the center of the lamp. This lamp is made in China, and not only is it high tech, but it is also simply powered by a USB.

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His and Her Restroom Sign Cool Gift Idea

This door sight comes in multiple pieces, and it will make a cool and interesting gift for anyone’s home, and they can even use it in an office if they have one. Each piece is made out of solid oak wood and covered with hard wax oil to protect the wood and make it shine. On the back of the sign, you will find a double-sided tape, which means they will not have to worry about puncturing anything holes in their door to place them.

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29 Cool Gift Ideas that will Show How Much You Care

Whenever you have the need to get a gift, you should always remember that you want to get them something that they will enjoy and can look back on and say, “That’s a cool gift”. Each of these gift ideas will provide that sensation to your loved ones, and your choice will show just how much you know your friend or loved one and just how much you care about them and their interests.

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