29 Gift Ideas that all the Coffee Lovers in Your Life will Appreciate

Coffee Gift Ideas

Here we have a list of great coffee gifts for you to give to your friends, family or loved ones! While a common present to give that coffee-lover in your life is a plain old mug or a bag of beans from a faraway place, why not be a little more adventurous? We’ve found a long list of awesome gifts that’ll make even the most discerning coffee connoisseur know that you value their place in your life. From a themed coffee scrub to a coffee maker that produces the perfect cup, read below to determine the best gift for any occasion!

29 Awesome Coffee Gifts that are Perfect for Any Occasion

Coffee Gifts

Antique French Blue Coffee Pot

A one-of-a-kind gift for the historian in your life, this rich blue coffee pot is an impressive find. Because there is only one on the market and it is a true antique dating to the 1930s, this gift is as unique as it is beautiful. The French are known for their love of coffee as well as their love for the arts; consider this blue coffee pot, with removable filter included, if you need an awesome gift to give the coffee lover in your life.

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Cute Wristwatch for the Timely Coffee Lover

This coffee-inspired gift includes a wristwatch with the words “All you need is love…and coffee” inscribed on the face plate, next to an image of a cute little coffee cup. Complete with an adjustable leather strap, stainless steel back and simple black box for packaging, we know that this functional gift will make the coffee addict in your life smile!

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Scented, Sweet Lip Scrub for Her

Does your friend or significant other love beauty care products and coffee? Look no further than this awesome coffee-scented lip scrub set! If you’re looking for a small gift idea for a birthday or other special day, a pair of lip scrubs is a great present. These two lip scrubs come in pink tins, and are good for keeping lips smooth and gorgeous.

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Cute Coffee Bean Necklace with Charm

If your coffee-loving friend is picky about their brewing choice, consider this unique gift idea: a coffee bean necklace! The charm, in the shape of a single coffee bean, was actually cast from a real coffee bean and is made of 99.9 percent true silver. There is the option to choose the length of the chain, and this gift comes in a recycled paper box for extra charm and class. This necklace is one of those cheap gift ideas that will actually impress the receiver.

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High-Resolution Espresso Canvas Print Coffee Gift Idea

Looking for a piece of coffee-themed art to fulfill the artsy type in your life? This espresso picture, printed on canvas and ready to hang, might just be what you need. This is one of those coffee gifts that’ll be around for years to come, because it features an image that won’t ever go out of style. The cotton canvas is stretched across U.S.-sourced pine, and is available in panels just in case you need an extra boost to the gift.

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Cute Leather Necklace with Coffee Pendant

This necklace features a resin-encased coffee bean pendant on a simple black cord. A cool coffee-themed present for the bean-lover in your life, this necklace comes wrapped in a lovely, simple box with a white bow. You can even customize this small gift idea with a chain instead of a black cord, so this is one of those awesome unisex gift ideas that work for either him or her to enjoy.

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Yummy Bourbon-Infused Coffee

A simple idea manifested into brilliance: coffee infused with Kentucky Bourbon! If you need a true pick-me-up for a coffee-themed gift, this bag of beans is right up your alley. Many people enjoy a glass of bourbon after dinner, and many people also enjoy a cup of coffee to help digest the meal. Well, this gift contains both! While this product doesn’t actually contain any alcohol, it does contain the possibility of being a true conversation-starter at your next dinner party.

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Sleek Personal Electric Coffee Maker

This electric coffee maker is one of those cool presents that’ll impress the receiver. One of those classic gift ideas for the coffee-lover in your life, a coffee maker is perfect for the college kid or those who don’t have a lot of counter space in the kitchen. While it is definitely a coffee-related gift, it is also functional so they’re likely to use it everyday!

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Espresso Maker with Raving Reviews

If you need a coffee-related gift that brews something a little stronger, consider this espresso maker from Nespresso. Nespresso is a very well-known and reviewed coffee appliance manufacturer, so this is a great gift idea for coffee-lovers who might have everything else they need. Think of this machine as an upgrade for the discerning coffee consumer who might need more than just a bag of coffee beans for a gift.

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Funny Thanks to Joe Coffee Scrub

This coffee scrub is one of those great gifts for coffee lovers! Complete with instructions and funny packaging, this is a good small gift idea for those looking for a significant other who is into self-care and beauty. While this present is great for women, it can also be considered a unisex gift idea because even men will enjoy the awesome, hearty scent!

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Fun T-Shirt with Digital Print

If you are searching for a bit of humor, this is a good gift! A simple t-shirt printed with the phrase “I like coffee and maybe 3 people,” this’ll be sure to give a laugh to the recipient. Great for college kids and those who are kids at heart. While not everyone will enjoy this sense of silliness in a gift, those with a dry sense of humor will! Digitally printed in California and made-to-order, this is also a coffee-themed present that has a personal feel because you can choose between options that include a t-shirt, hoodie or long-sleeved shirt.

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Coffee-Infused Bottle of Perfume

Thinking of a truly unique gift idea, but don’t know where to turn? Are you looking for someone who enjoys smelling a bit wacky? Look no further than this custom perfume. Infused with coffee and a touch of vanilla, this coffee-related gift idea is great for those with a touch of silliness. A coffee-inspired gift that is truly meant to please the senses, this bottle of perfume comes complete with a simple label and classy glass bottle.

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Beautiful, Old-Fashioned Pour-Over Coffee Maker

For the college kid in your life with limited electrical outlets, this pour-over coffee maker by Chemex fits the bill as far as coffee gifts go! Complete with exclusive packaging and a heat resistant holding area, you’ll be making the morning of any coffee-lover with this gift. Although many people consider the pour-over method to be outdated, others need to create their perfect cup of coffee with the simple addition of hot water. This is one of those cool gifts that’ll make their morning!

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T-Shirt with Logo Central Perks from Friends

Have an old-fashioned comedy-lover in your midst? Looking for coffee gifts that’ll leave them nostalgic? Then this t-shirt with the logo of the well-known Central Perks cafe from the show “Friends” will make their day. This is a coffee-related gift idea that shows off a great television show is a perfect unisex gift idea that’ll start conversations in real-life coffee shops. A themed shirt is one of those truly cool gifts that help your fellow introvert talk to others about their interests.

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Fascinating Coffee Variety Print Poster

A beautiful, printed guide to coffee is one of those fun gifts that’ll stay up for years to come! For art lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike, this poster is one of those useful gifts that actually educate! Considered minimalist art, this poster will make the maximum impression on the receiver. It is also one of the top unisex gift ideas, given that everyone who enjoys coffee will enjoy this art. This coffee-themed present is also one of the best to give to an aspiring barista!

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Set of Four Fido-Friendly Coffee Mugs

If your friend is a dog-lover and a coffee-lover, this set of coffee mugs is sure to please. Enthusiasts of dogs and coffee will unite with this set of mugs, and all will agree this is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers. While the print may lead you to believe this is a rather unusual gift, to the white-collar worker, it all makes sense. With unique images of feisty dogs doing exactly what they shouldn’t, it lends a laugh while you consume your cup of coffee.

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Incredible Italian Espresso Maker

Built in the style of the Italian moko pot, this is one of the coffee gifts that keeps on giving. You can choose either a classic stainless steel color or a rich red color as the finish, and let your loved one make the perfect cup of espresso anytime. This is one of those gift ideas that are perfect for the minimalist in your life. In addition, the coffee maker comes with instructions so everyone will be able to enjoy it. Also, it can be considered one of the best cheap gift ideas for the quality of the product!

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Whole-Body Exfoliating Scrub for Him or Her

A body scrub is a cool gift idea if you need a pick-me-up whilst in the shower! Coffee gifts can often center around just drinking and consuming your favorite cup, but this is a unique gift because you can infuse the smell of coffee directly into your steamy shower or bath! In addition, this body scrub claims to fight anti-aging and is suitable for all skin types. Think of grabbing one for your older coffee-lover or someone with sensitive skin!

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Delicate Science-Themed Cufflinks for the Coffee Enthusiast

These cufflinks are a great gift idea for that special man in your life! They feature the molecule of caffeine on the top of the cufflink and allow for a bit of style in displaying his love for coffee! Cufflinks are also a rare but useful gift for those looking to help out the young professional man who’s just getting out there into the working world. This gift is also handmade for an extra added touch of ingenuity!

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Energy-Efficient Single Cup Espresso Maker

If your loved one needs an upgrade to their coffee maker, look no further than this multipurpose espresso maker! Compatible with coffee pods and completely automatic, this coffee maker takes the annoyance out of brewing a daily cup of espresso. It has the added feature of also being compact, so it can fit in almost any space including a dorm room or office. This coffee gift idea is sure to make them feel like they’ve upgraded from coffee lover to coffee fanatic! Also, because this is energy-efficient, it’s one of those cool presents for the environmentally conscious individuals in your life.

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Brilliant Multipurpose Three-In-One Coffee Maker

A brilliant three-in-one coffee maker might be one of the best gifts for coffee lovers out there! It features a press and a cork seal to ensure maximum freshness in every cup. This coffee maker is manual, so it’s one of those cool gift ideas that your grandparent might enjoy. It is also one of the rare useful gifts that will keep people coming back for more, because fresh-pressed coffee is one of the finest ways to enjoy the beverage.

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Elegant Rose Gold Caffeine Molecule Necklace

Thinking of a beautiful coffee-inspired gift to give your significant other who loves coffee? This rose gold necklace might be it! Featuring a delicate pendant with the molecular structure of caffeine, this is a beautiful yet unusual gift that will knock her off her feet. There are various choices of chain options to get the best fit, and it comes with a lovely little label that includes information on the inspiration of the necklace. This is a good gift for those who love coffee, but also caffeine in general.

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Sleek Glass Stove-top Espresso Maker

An Italian coffee pot is one of those coffee gifts that is sure to please! Timeless in style and easy to clean, this glass stove-top espresso maker is perfect for entertaining. If you are looking for a gift for an excited hostess or homemaker, this gift fits the bill. In addition, because the bottom of this coffee maker is made of aluminum, it heats faster so you can enjoy your coffee in no time! This is a cool gift for college kids as well, because it is compact and rust-proof.

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Fun Hyperchiller for Quick Iced Coffee

Are you looking for a great gift for the iced coffee drinker in your life? Do you spend too much time waiting for your coffee to chill in the fridge? Then this gift is definitely perfect! This three-chamber coffee chiller can turn your hot beverage into a cold masterpiece in a minute! This is a solid choice if your gift recipient lives in hot climates, or simply enjoys their cup of coffee over ice.

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Variety Pack of Nespresso Coffee Pods

A pack of various styles and tastes is a fantastic coffee gift idea for those who need a bit of fun in their lives. This package contains fifty Nespresso pods and five different flavors in medium to dark roasts, so your loved one can choose whichever taste suits their present mood. In addition, the pods are completely aluminum so this is a smart gift idea for the environmentalist in your life – you can simply recycle the pods when they’re empty.

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29 On-Point Gifts for Coffee Lovers

If you need a unique gift for your loved one who absolutely adores coffee, we hope this list helps in your search. From fun gifts like a caffeine molecule necklace to functional gifts like a stove-top coffee maker, this list has a variety of presents that’ll be sure to please your coffee-loving friend or family member. We hope you now have no trouble pinpointing the best gift to show them how much you care.

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