29 Delightful Cat Lover Gifts that are Impossible to Not Adore

Cat Lover Gift Ideas

There are lots of great gifts for pet lovers out there. From clothing to wall art to kitchen utensils, options abound for those of us who need unique gift ideas for our cat-owning friends and family.

Unfortunately, looking through all those gift ideas to find the best one can be overwhelming and confusing. Most of us don’t have the time or patience to wade through all the options to find the perfect gifts for the cat lovers in our lives.

Worry no more. We’ve combed the internet and compiled a list of gifts that range from jewelry to home decor to clothing. These are all cat-themed gifts, and we think they’re all pretty impressive. No matter what interests your cat-owing friend or family has, there’s probably an ideal gift for them somewhere in this list.

29 Unique and Cool Cat Lover Gifts

Cat Lover Gifts

Cute Twin Cats on a Silver Chain

Do you ever feel like you and a special person are two of a kind? Giving them this adorable bracelet is a great way to let them know. You can make it even more personal, you can add initials to the back. This whimsical piece also comes in five sizes, plus each size has a 1.2cm extender. Etsy customers seem to be satisfied, as they’ve rated this a 5-star gift. This handmade item is available in either gold or silver.

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A Kitty Candle With a Dark Side

This unusual gift is perfect for any cat lover with a gothic sensibility. Carved in a cool geometric shape, this candle is almost a work of art before lighting. As it burns, it slowly reveals a secret: An grinning aluminum cat skeleton gradually emerges from the melting wax. Buyers on the UncommonGoods site call it “fun” and “awesome” and give this kitty a 4.8-star rating. This candle will provide approximately 20 hours of burn time.

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A Corkscrew With a New Twist

This corkscrew and bottle opener is a useful gift for that friend who’s both a cat lover and a wine enthusiast. Shown in a graceful stretching pose, this feline looks more like a piece of sculpture than a tool. The ergonomically-designed handle is warm to the touch, and the hardware is plated in rose gold. The corkscrew is coated in Teflon to make sure cork removal is easy. This clever item also includes a serrated blade to cut through foil wrapping. Amazon buyers say this is a fun, functional gift.

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Sterling Silver Origami Cat

You read that correctly. This elegant feline piece has the intricate design of an origami piece, yet it’s crafted from 925 sterling silver. The charming cat hangs from the included 18-inch chain and can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. This is a nice small gift idea for those like understated jewelry. If you’d like to include other pieces, there are several other charms to keep this one company, including a penguin, an elephant and a dog. Uncommongoods purchasers give these pendants a rating of 4.9 stars.

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Cat Coasters for the Host or Hostess

If you’re often invited to gatherings, unisex gift ideas are always good to have on hand. If you’re headed out to a casual gathering, this coaster set is a useful and cheap gift idea. Each piece features a cat giving a great big hug to a heart. Because they’re made with natural certified birch wood, the color of each coaster will vary. That means each piece is unique and special, just like cats and the people who love them. The set includes four coasters packed in an environmentally friendly box.

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Custom-made Slippers That Smile Back

These charming house shoes feature smiling cats with big blue eyes. Made from merino wool, this cat lover gift is comfy and breathable. Natural latex makes the soles slip-resistant. If you want even more protection, you can choose long-lasting rubber soles. Because these shoes are made to order, you will have to ask the gift recipient for foot measurements. The process takes about 15 to 21 days, and it looks like the end result is well worth the wait. Etsy shoppers give this fun gift a solid five stars.

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You Had Me At Meow

Do you know a cat fanatic who believes in love at first sight? This wall art is a fun gift for anyone who’s ever lost their heart immediately to a cute cat. With a playful take on the famous line from “Jerry Maguire,” this poster states it clearly: Someone’s in love! You can also choose from several other clever and funny graphic prints. Each is suitable for framing and features a quote and a fun drawing of a cat.

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Eccentric Cat-Themed Crew Socks

These colorful crew socks provide lots of fun style with a cute but cheap gift idea. Designed for comfort and durability, these socks aren’t too thin for warmth, nor are they so thick they make shoes uncomfortable. Amazon shoppers give these socks 4.6 out of 5 stars and report that they’re both cute and comfortable. Many report that their feet are wide, and they’re quite happy with the fit.

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Cat Bed For a Rock Star

Here’s a fun and unique gift idea for David Bowie fans. Your friend’s cat can have its own Ziggy Stardust cave. This felt den features Ziggy’s signature Z-shaped eye decoration over the entrance. Made from natural wool, this cat cave is available in five sizes. Widths range from about 13.8 inches (35 centimeters) to about 20.1 inches (51 centimeters), so there’s a den sized for almost every cat. Even if your favorite cat owner is a little too young to remember Ziggy, they’re sure to appreciate this really cool gift.

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Awesome Scratching Pad for Cool Cats

This funny gift is a unique alternative to a traditional scratching post. Restless cats can mix and scratch on an adorable felt turntable. Embellishments such as kitty pawprints and cat-related stickers will amuse any cat owner. Most reviewers on the product’s Etsy page truly enjoyed watching their cats lay down sick beats with this cool gift. Several customers even uploaded photos of their cats clearly having a great time playing with their new toy. If it keeps the cat from scratching the furniture, that’s even better!

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A Never-ending Supply of Catnip

Here’s a good gift for cat owners who like to do a little gardening. Handcrafted from recycled iron, this planter has a cat’s face with a rounded nose and cheeks accented by four metal whiskers. The cat’s belly is a 5-inch planter suitable for holding potted herbs. It’s a pretty good guess that a true cat-loving gardener will choose to plant catnip. As with many cool cat lover gifts, there is some assembly. After it’s put together, the head and tail will be poseable.

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Cosmetic Case For Pet Owners on the Go

With tail tucked and whiskers out, this little sitting kitty will keep an eye on makeup or any other valuables in this small bag. This bag is crafted with a convenient flat bottom so the watchful kitty can remain upright while you’re getting ready. The outside is 100% cotton canvas and the inside is lined in black nylon, so this small gift idea should be simple to clean. The waterproof interior is great for holding lotion, shampoo or any other products that could potentially spill.

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A Playful Feline Wine Holder

This playfully posed kitty is sure to get a laugh at the next party. This orange tabby has rolled onto his back in an effort to find out what’s in a wine bottle. The cat’s paws support the bottle, while the top of the bottle rests in the cat’s mouth. This great gift idea is handcrafted from resin and features strikingly detailed fur. Based on positive reviews by Amazon customers, this one of the best gifts for pet lovers. is a perfect housewarming gift.

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No-nonsense Mug With Cattitude

Are you looking for a cat-themed gift that’s just a little edgy? Even the best pet parents get a little fed up from time to time, and this coffee mug lets them clearly show how they’re feeling. Standing at four inches high, this cat lover gift has an 11-ounce capacity and is made of white ceramic. The amusing illustration appears on both sides of the mug. This is a good gift for the cat parent who’s clearly had enough but can still laugh about it.

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Seven Cats on a Cute Coat Rack

This clothing rack is one of those gifts for cat owners who don’t mind seeing a bunch of kitties just hanging around. Whether they’re reaching, pawing, stretching or sitting, these cutout cats will give even the most hurried pet owner reason to slow down and grin. It’s not only adorable; it’s also versatile. The rack can easily hang from the top of a door, or you can use the included adhesive strips to make wall hanging a breeze.

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Charming Necklace With Cat Pendant

Cat lover gifts that reflect love and affection are always popular. With this pendant, two cats curl into a lovely two-toned heart shape. One cat is cast in silver and the other is cast in bronze, and the whole piece is suspended from a 17-inch chain. These intertwined cuties make a thoughtful birthday or Valentine’s Day gift for cat owners. Uncommongoods buyers clearly enjoy this one and give this great gift idea 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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A Unique Cat-Shaped Egg Mold

Cat lover gifts involving food are always popular! Everyone’s sure to show up bright-eyed for breakfast when this cat-shaped mold is in use. The silicone mold has the outline of a cat’s face. The two eye shapes hold the egg yolks, and egg whites fill the rest of the cat’s face. The result is a breakfast that looks just like a wide-eyed, grinning cat. This is one of those unique cat-themed gifts that you can give to friends who don’t even own a cat.

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Cat-Oriented Real Estate Game

Do you know someone who always wins at those property-trading board games? Do you know the ones with fake money and cute little game pieces? This cat-themed set comes complete with awesome cat-related tokens such as a ball of string, a mouse, and a bottle of milk. Players buy cats of various breeds, such as Maine Coon, Russian Blue and Tonkinese. Unlucky players will have to pay a “dog tax” to get past a grouchy bulldog. This is one of the better gifts for pet owners who have a strong business sense.

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Daily Quips From a Clever Cat

This page-a-day calendar features the cat from the humorous book and blog “Texts From Mittens the Cat.” Each entry is a text message between this opinionated cat and the slightly flustered owner. Cat owners may see some aspects of their own pets’ behavior in these jokes, such as grouchiness and a little bit of self-absorption. This funny gift comes with a small plastic easel so it can stand up on a table or desk. Amazon reviewers say friends and family enjoy the gift of daily cat comedy.

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Colorful Cat Bed for Taco Lovers

Cat-themed gifts often relate to food or drink, but this taco-shaped cat bed is a unique idea. Cozy-looking yellow wool is cushioned by polyester fiberfill to create a nice, comfy place to rest. Yellow and green fringe create the look of cheese and lettuce overflowing from the taco shell. Why is a taco-shaped cat bed so awesome? The seller gifts us with a little-known fact: Whether you spell it forwards or backward, “Tacocat” is still “Tacocat.” Not many gifts for cat owners are this cool.

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Knit Hat With a Feline Touch

This is a great reminder that cat lover gifts can be simple and cozy. This cat-eared knit hat is a cool present for fall and winter weather. Each hat features a textured cable knit and is available in a variety of colors. Because it’s so useful, this is a great gift idea for cat owners as well as those who just like adorable, warm hats. Amazon buyers found this hat to be attractive and cozy and rated this gift 4.5 stars.

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A Good Gift For Cold Feet

Cat lover gifts that keep us warm are the best! Cats adorn five pairs of boutique socks all packed into a cheerful Christmas-themed gift box. The box features a young lady who seems to be dancing for joy as a cat grins near her feet. Since these colorful socks are made from 80% cotton, 18% spandex and 2% elastic, they have the absorbency and stretch we all love in a good pair of socks. Amazon reviewers comment that the socks and the packaging are great.

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Personalized Water Bottle

If you love functional and cute cat lover gifts, this personalized water bottle is just right. Each bottle has an image of a human cat mom sitting with one or more cats. You can personalize the mom images with a variety of hairstyles and skin tones. The bottle is made of food-grade stainless steel and has double-wall construction to reduce condensation and keep drinks cool. This bottle is a useful gift for a friend who enjoys hiking or just likes to stay hydrated on the go.

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Colorful Kittens on a Handpainted Backpack

Here’s an unusual gift for a cat lover who’s often on the move. Ten colorful cats are handpainted onto a black faux leather backpack. The bag has a top flap with a magnetic clasp plus zipper compartment for safety. Personalization is always a plus with gifts for pet lovers, and this seller is willing to put up to three specific kitties on the bag if you send a photo. This is a cool present for travelers or students, and Etsy users love this cat lover gift and rate it a solid five stars.

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Pawprint Cutting Board

Unique unisex gift ideas are so satisfying to find, especially when they’re ideal for cat owners. Any cat-loving party host should love this cutting board made from natural bamboo and featuring a trail of cat pawprints. The board is finished and protected with a food-safe wax to keep moisture out. If you’d like to personalize this piece, you can also have a name added to the front of the board. The seller advises that carving the name takes an additional three to five days. One of the more unusual gifts for cat lovers, this is a classy addition to a kitchen.

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A Real Mug Shot

Most cat owners already know what it’s like to have their every bite of food and sip of tea closely watched by a curious cat. Now pet-owners can take that feeling everywhere with this personalized coffee mug. Just include a photo of your friend’s favorite cat with your order to receive a mug with a hand-painted cat portrait. Etsy reviewers love the finished results and give this gift a 5-star rating. Several buyers were also very impressed with the seller’s customer service.

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29 Amazing Cat Lover Gifts

Shopping for gifts for cat lovers can be so much fun, especially if you love these beautiful creatures yourself. These gift ideas should help you plan your present-shopping strategy for all your of your cat-loving friends. No one can blame you if you snag a few of these cat lover gifts for yourself, because they all make such wonderful presents.

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