29 Unique Birthday Gifts for Mom to Make Her Feel Special

Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Are you looking for some fantastic birthday gifts for mom? We have the best list around! From unusual gifts and totally unique gifts to a few expected yet well-loved gifts, we have found them all for you. Do you want to be able to let her know when you are thinking about her even if she lives across the country? Easy! Friendship lamps are perfect for that! Does she have beloved grandchildren? Personalize a bracelet with each of their names. The options for showing your mom just how special she is on her birthday are practically endless with our awesome gift ideas! Even if your mom says being loved by you is more than enough gift for her, we all know that giving her something special will make her feel loved beyond measure. Read on to find some amazing gifts that you may never have seen before!

29 Fabulous Birthday Gifts for Mom to Let Her Know How Much You Care

Birthday Gifts for Mom

Lovebox Messenger with Spinning Heart

This is a perfect item if you are looking for a small gift idea that has a serious wow factor. You can use an app to send a message to the box for your mom. The heart on the front of the box will spin until she opens it. Once opened, the message will appear on the mirrored screen. She can then close the box and spin the heart to send you a bunch of hearts of your screen. What fun!

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Folded Book Art with Mom

Have you seen folded book art? It is amazing! Novels are upcycled to create these masterpieces, giving the book a second life. This one is handmade in The Netherlands. The pages are carefully folded to make the word “Mom” stand out. It makes beautiful décor for any room in the house, and it is certainly a great conversation starter as well. With this beautiful piece of handmade art, you will truly have a unique gift idea for mom.

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UGG Scuffette II Slippers in Chestnut

Sure, slippers are useful gifts, but UGG slippers are also a little slice of heaven on your feet! Mom will know as soon as she sees the UGG name that these slippers will keep her toes nice and toasty. They are made in a gorgeous chestnut color with a wool lining for extra warmth. These slippers are slip-on for ease and comfort. If she loves to be comfy and cozy, then these are definitely the best present for your mom!

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Superstar Mum Starbucks Look-a-Like Mug

This is such a funny present, especially if your mom likes Starbucks! Superstar Mum, with her sunglasses down and her hands on her hips, is ready for some serious kid chasing! Her silhouette is prominently displayed in a green decorated circle resembling the Starbucks logo. This is a great gift idea for any coffee lover who wants to show the world that she is the boss. This fun item is handmade in the United Kingdom. It comes in a cardboard box, ready for wrapping!

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Salvaged Wood Stand for Cookbook or Tablet

Made by artisans in rural India, each stand is one of a kind! Each stand is made of salvaged mango wood and is decorated with gorgeous accents of antiqued brass. The stand is also adjustable for easy reading. Any mom would absolutely love this cool gift, but is your dad picky about home décor being too girly? As far as unisex gift ideas go, this is great for both men and women. Dad will not mind it at all!

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Necklace Engraved in Your Own Handwriting

This 14-karat gold bar necklace is a great small gift idea for your mom. This handmade masterpiece is available in three different sizes to accommodate different lengths of writing. The artist takes hand-written pieces and translates them onto bars to create a unique bracelet. You could give her the gift of something written in your handwriting, or perhaps surprise her with something written by her mother or other loved one. No matter whose writing you choose, she will absolutely love this unusual gift.

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Hand-Knitted Cozy With Mug

This beautiful hand-knitted cozy with the mug is such a great gift for your mother! It can be personalized with up to sixteen letters so you can make it special just for her. The cozy is available in six different colors and comes with a white mug. Your mom will just love this personalized cozy for keeping her tea, coffee or hot chocolate warm. Made with one-hundred percent wool, the cozy is sure to do its job well!

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LGBTQ Free Mom Hugs T-Shirt

This t-shirt made with one-hundred percent cotton has a relaxed ladies fit and runs true to size. It is adorned with a heart that is half rainbow stripes and half pink, blue and white stripes. Across the heart, it says “Free Mom Hugs”. What a perfect way for mom to show her acceptance and pride! At this great price, this t-shirt is also a nice cheap gift idea if you want to save money but still make a huge impact.

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Necklace with Three Personalized Hearts

If you need a birthday gift idea for mom that is from you and your siblings, perhaps this necklace is it! With three beautiful hearts in rose gold, yellow gold and silver colors, the three hearts can hold up to four names. If you do not have siblings, you could always put your name, your mom’s name and your dad’s name. If your grandma is still alive, it could be a gorgeous piece to pay tribute to all three generations.

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Handmade Thread-Spool Shaped Sewing Caddy

This hand-thrown pottery piece is made of stoneware clay and is shaped like a large spool of thread. This is such a fun gift for any mom who sews! The top is adorned with a pincushion that is covered in fabric. The area surrounding the pincushion is great for holding loose sewing notions or bobbins. The top has a holder for scissors and is removable to unveil more storage. This is a really useful gift that is also beautiful!

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Rose Petal Tear-Drop Earrings

When it comes to gift ideas, you cannot go wrong with these beautiful earrings! These little tear-drop shaped earrings look like rose petals and are totally cute! They are handmade in Lithuania and are made to order. There is a metal base with a printed paper that has a magnifying glass dome on top. This creates a beautiful illusion of a curve rose petal. The veins are truly beautiful and create a unique look. Your mom is sure to love this cool present!

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Wooden Serving Spoon Shaped Like a Heart

Made in rural Kenya from olive wood, this heart-shaped wooden spoon is a unique gift idea for mom! You know when someone cooks with love because you can taste it in the food they make. Now your mom will have a reminder of that loving touch that she can add as she cooks or bakes! No doubt, this cool spoon will remind her of the loving dishes her mom and maybe even grandma prepared for her when she was a little girl.

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Yoga Wheel Backed with Cork

It may look a little funny to you if you have never seen one before, but this yoga wheel is just gorgeous when you get a good look! If your mom practices yoga, then this is a super useful gift. The wheel helps to strengthen the core. It also helps sore muscles by rolling on the wheel along with sore areas. Perhaps what is most striking is the beautiful design that is on the actual cork portion, made with natural dyes.

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White Radio by GPO Retro

This is an awesome nostalgic gift for mother! This cool portable radio comes with an alarm and has a headphone jack too. It is mostly white but has classic gold accents as well. It’s sleek and stylish look is sure to appeal to lots of people. The radio is a perfect compact size for easy transporting. It will feel like “the good old days” as your mom listens to her favorite oldies station. This is truly a fun gift!

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Personalized Mama Bear Key Ring

This key ring is such a unique gift idea! There is a mama bear charm that can be personalized with your mom’s name or a loving nickname. Then you can have up to five smaller bears to represent each of her kids or grandkids. These smaller bears can also be personalized. The artist’s hand stamps each charm. This cool key chain is made in Manchester, United Kingdom and is made to order. This would be a great gift from you and your siblings!

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Hand Painted Ceramic Street Sign

This gorgeous sign is handmade and fired in the kiln with a non-toxic glaze! The artist uses white earthenware clay. The sign is hand-painted with precision. It is made to replicate a London street sign, which makes it such a fun gift idea! As is, the sign says “BEST MUM NO. 1 UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”. If you prefer something else, it can be personalized. The plaque is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. This beautiful sign is created in Felpham, United Kingdom.

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Shabby Chic Fabric Letters in Floral

Here is another unique gift idea from United Kingdom! These fabric letters are handmade in Higher Bebington. This listing includes the word “MUM”. Each letter is four inches tall and is made sturdy so that it will stand up. A gorgeous pink floral is used for this listing, but you can contact the artist to see other high-quality fabric choices as well. You can also special order other personalized letters if you want to spell something else.

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Gratitude Box for 52 Weeks of Thanks

This gratitude box would make a special present for mom! It is an especially good gift for anyone who likes to send hand-written notes. It comes with fifty-two thank you cards so she has one to send each week all year long. The beautifully decorated box also comes with a gratitude journal to record her journey of gracious living. Finally, there are even tips for writing meaningful letters. Your mom will soon turn this into a tradition that she looks forward to every week!

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In-Sync Long Distance Friendship Lamps

For a totally unique gift idea for mom, try this awesome pair of friendship lamps! When you touch your lamp, your mom’s lamp will light up! Likewise, when she touches her lamp, yours will light up. No worries if you are male because these lamps are unisex gift ideas, so they will look great in both homes. As long as you both have a Wi-Fi connection, you are set! What a fun way to stay connected with someone you love!

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Necklace Handmade with Beautiful Aquamarine

This necklace would make a gorgeous birthday gift idea for your mom! Each necklace is unique with a piece of rough, uncut aquamarine in shades from green-blue, blue or light-blue. You can purchase it in a cable or beaded chain in silver, rose or gold. You can choose any length from fourteen to twenty inches. All items are handmade and made to order. They are lovingly made in Australia. Your mom is sure to enjoy this cool present!

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Handmade Personalized Russian Ring Necklace

This beautiful necklace is a great gift for any mother! The Russian rings are made to intertwine with one another, demonstrating the loving bond that family has. It would make a great gift with all of your mom’s kids’ names or her grandchildren’s names. You can also have dates or other words of your choice, up to eighteen letters, on each of four rings. You can order the necklace in any length from sixteen to thirty inches.

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Complete Spa Set for Mom

This set comes with one soap of choice, one lip balm of choice, one skin rescue in a tin, one muscle rescue in a tin and bath salts in pink grapefruit or lavender. They come packed in a lovely box with a navy grosgrain ribbon and a gift tag with your message. It is ready to wrap if you choose. With thirteen soap scents and eleven lip balm scents, you are sure to find the perfect present for your mom.

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Scented Candle with Sentiment for Mom

This candle is the perfect birthday gift idea for mom! It comes in six different scents ranging from florals to fruits and even a hint of sweet with the cinnamon sugar scent. The scents are added by using essential oils. The candle itself is made with one-hundred percent soy. Also, if you need a cheap gift idea that looks expensive, this is it! If you want to add something more, you can add a charm or gift packaging for an upcharge.

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Personalized Bracelet with Heart Charms

This cute little bracelet is such a good gift for any mom! Three heart charms in a row will boast her initials. The chain runs along each side and clasps in the back. The bracelet can be adjusted to be worn at any size from six to eight inches. This beautiful bracelet really is a cool gift for any style as well. It can look sweet and charming with dressy clothing, or it can look a bit Boho with a more relaxed style.

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Handmade Stoneware Birdie Yarn Bowl

Handmade in upstate New York, this bowl is a unique gift for any mom who loves to use yarn. A hook shape is carved out of the bowl which allows the ball of yarn to unwind without getting tangled. A cute, little handmade bird sits on top of the bowl for added décor. The glaze is neutral in color. Since the bowl is made of stoneware, your mom will not have to worry about it overturning or being pulled along with the yarn.

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Handmade Wallet Made From All-Natural Materials

This gorgeous wallet is handmade in Ukraine from all vegan materials. If your mom cares about the environment, then she will certainly love this wallet! The fabrics colors are beautiful in gold, brown and multi-colored paisley. The largest compartment has a zipper and is big enough for most cell phones. There are six compartments for credit cards, three for cash and two others for other paper items. The wallet also has a snap closure. It is a great gift idea for someone on-the-go!

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29 Sensational Birthday Gifts for Mom to Make Her Feel Loved

Your mom may tell you that she does not need a present on her birthday. Even if she whole-heartedly means this, you will make her feel so special and so deeply loved when you choose a unique gift for her. When you buy something that has meaning instead of just quickly pulling some socks off of a shelf on your way to the checkout, she will feel the love! We hope that you found a birthday gift idea for mom here that will make her feel like she is absolutely the best mom in the whole world!

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