29 of the Most Creative Dad Gifts to Make Him Smile

Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Is it that time of year again when the family scrambles to put together a celebration and buy a birthday present for father? If you can never think of any birthday gifts for dad that are unique or personal, then today is your lucky day. We have a list of top birthday presents for dad. From unisex gift ideas to that one-of-a-kind cool birthday present for dad, you are bound to find the perfect gift for dad!

29 Unique Gifts Ideas for Dad that he will Absolutely Adore

Birthday Gifts for Dad

Lighted Gloves Great for the Running Dad

Is your father an early morning or late evening runner? These lightweight, rechargeable gloves are fitted with powerful LED bulbs to help light up task work in dim light. One of the most spot-on birthday gifts for father to help him stay safe on the trail. Also, a good gift for dad the mechanic or the DIY dad needing some extra light for close work handiwork. A cool gift for dad and with two sizes, these gloves are also available with a fleece lining so that dad is ready for any season.

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Just Right Personalized Key-ring for Father

Are you looking for a special birthday present for dad that is personal, and will be used every day? With a cute camping theme, this key-ring can be engraved front and back with your custom message in a wide range of font styles. Made from rich walnut wood, this handsome piece is sure to please any man in your life. Dad can be hard to buy for, but he will love seeing this key-ring each time he starts the car or locks the door.

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Grand Pocket Watch for the Punctual Man

This amazing timepiece also clicks the useful gift idea box. Available in several popular finishes, this pocket watch is personalized, making it the best birthday gift idea for dad. If your dad has steam-punk or vintage tastes, you cannot go wrong with this timepiece. When your father needs to check the time, he will be reminded how much you care. This is THE unique gift idea or birthday present for dad that is sure to please for many years to come.

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Cool Reasons We Love You Art Print

This word art piece is sure to take your gift idea game to the top. Everyone likes to hear the special reasons that they are loved by those close to them. Dad is no exception. This digital download is printed by you once the words and color combinations are ordered. The 16 x 20 size is excellent for wall art and one of the best birthday gifts for father. Hung in a frame to suit your dad’s style, this statement piece would make a special milestone birthday present for father or anyone special in your life.

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Dad’s Storybook from the Kids

Kids need cheap gift ideas for the birthdays of those people who are special to them. Finding an affordable gift idea that children can also help create can be a challenge. Personalized storybooks are a fresh birthday present idea for dad because the kids can be involved in designing and presenting. The story includes dad’s hobbies, emotions, locations and what activities he enjoys with the family. Very colorful and interactive, personalized books are keepsakes to treasure.

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Stunning Glass Dad Defined Paperweight

One word-beautiful-describes this engraved glass paperweight. A good gift for dad because it defines all his best traits and reminds the world why you love him. Made from high-quality glass, this paperweight is a timeless tribute to your unique dad. Look no further for one of the better birthday gifts for father that he can display anywhere with pride. A mix of serious and amusing definitions, the sentiments are sure to bring a smile to father’s face on his special day. At a little more than 2 x 3 inches, this easily fits in the small gift idea column.

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40th Milestone Birthday Wooden Photo Album

Specifically designed for the big 4-0 birthday, this photo album is ideal for those unisex gift ideas. Many women often play a dual role these days so if her style is more masculine this photo album in a rich, dark wood is an impeccable choice. Encourage dad to print some of the hundreds of photos he has saved on his phone and put them in this great album. All the best birthday gifts for father, like photo albums, are fun gifts to share with the family and encourages quality time together.

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Sudsy Soap for the Whiskey Drinker

Truly an unusual gift idea, these soaps will remind dad of an evening with the boys. No, he won’t smell like a liquor cabinet. Instead, these quality lathers have the fragrant top notes of his favorite cocktail. In scents inspired by the Rob Roy, Manhattan and a Rusty Nail, this gift is perfect for the man who has his own unique profile. Dad is sure to get compliments after a relaxing shower with these manly soaps. What a marvelous birthday present for father.

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Funny Dad Glass Whiskey Tumbler

Dad has had a tough day (week, month?) and needs a laugh. Having his favorite whiskey drink in a cute etched glass tumbler is guaranteed to make him chuckle. What a great gift idea for any occasion that won’t break the bank. Maybe the man in your life just needs a little token of appreciation. Etched with a perfect pun, this 8 oz. tumbler is a conversation starter. When your gift ideas button is stuck on I-don’t know, glassware is the precise option when it comes to birthday gifts for father.

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Vintage Bottle Opener from Pan Am

Think Mad Men and early 60’s sophistication. Men wore suits and women wore dresses to fly. Pan Am evokes top flight iconic style. An awesome birthday gift for father, this bottle opener is hand-made from an actual Pan Am Boeing 707 for the dad, or mom, who loves luxury. Remind dad, or mom, how he, or she, enriches your life. Presented in an embossed Pan Am gift box, the opener includes the rivets from the fuselage of the jet in the design. This unisex, one-of-a-kind bar-ware piece screams great gift idea for dad.

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Top-Pick Numbers and Words Art Print

Words made into the shape of numbers to represent any milestone birthday. You can include special words, phrases, birthdays, and names to personalize this to fit any occasion. If your dad is a word guy, this print has his name all over it, literally. The numbers are printed on heavy, 8 x 10 photographic stock paper and can be customized to favorite colors and sentiments. Truly a loving memento, art prints are one of the better birthday gifts for father.

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Cute You Nailed It Hammer Desk Piece

A great gift idea for the handyman dad who just loves tools. Very cool birthday present for dad or a fantastic Father’s Day gift to let dad know you appreciate his hard work. Made from recycled tool parts and steel pieces, this desk set can really hammer the point home that you have a distinctive dad. Also, a quirky and funny gift for the dad who isn’t as handy as he would like to be. Dad will be the talk of the office with this unique gift idea.

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Awesome Birch-wood Panel Personal Art Photo

Picking out birthday gifts for father is not always easy, especially for the more rustic dad. These wood panel portraits can be personalized for anyone. Available in three sizes, these portraits are a good gift for dad on any occasion. Capture dad’s personal style with a photo of the two of you. On top of a desk or hung on a wall, father is sure to love this unusual gift. Ideal for a man-cave or the office, personal photos never disappoint. Show some dad-love with this special keepsake.

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Whimsical Magnetic Comic Book-Inspired Superhero Bookend

This cool birthday present for dad lets him know that you think he is a superhero! Dad does wonderful things every day and this bookend will tell everyone that his efforts are appreciated. Picture this on his desk at work and all the compliments he will get from co-workers. A fun gift, your dad needs this bookend! If your dad is inspired by reading, then this small gift idea is perfect. Help your dad continue to soar by giving him a gift that proves he is a daily hero.

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Terrific Headline Personalized New York Times Book

With a minimum of 20 pages, remind the world why your father is so awesome. Any father born before 1999 will be thrilled to receive this special book personalized to his successful life. Good gift ideas can be a challenge for the man who has everything, but this unusual gift is indeed one of a kind. Every father is exceptional and deserves his story to be told with a unique gift idea. Surprise your terrific dad with this super gift. He is a headliner in your life and this present proves it!

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Cute Volkswagen Scale Model with Custom Plate

Good small gift idea? Check! Cheap gift idea? Check! This fills the “perfect birthday gifts for father” box! Is your dad an avid camper? Does your father dance to a hippie beat? This classic VW van model is the exact choice for his special day. Available in 3 color combos, the license plate can be personalized with a name or special number. You know your dad would love to be 007! Such a good gift for dad to help him express his free spirit.

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Delightful Personalized Wooden Bottle Opener

Cool birthday presents for dad should always start with their name. The beautiful solid wood handle can be personalized with a name on one side and a special occasion on the other and is a grand small gift idea. Made with durability in mind, dad or granddad will be using this bottle opener for many years to come when they want to have a cold one. You can’t go wrong with this useful gift as a good gift idea for any dad.

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Spike-Shaped Personal Drink Chiller

One of the ideal birthday gifts for father! No one likes a drink going warm. Whether it is an adult beverage or a soda, slip one of these chillers into your dad’s party drink and he will be thrilled. Made to use while drinking, father will not have to remove this chiller to take a sip. Have Pops pop this in the freezer to chill and it is ready to use. Make sure your dad’s drink stays cold at the next cook-out. This takes cool gift to a whole new level.

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Unique Aluminum Hidden Message Bracelet

Maybe your dad is not a showy dad. Maybe he likes to keep his thoughts to himself. Jewelry birthday gifts for fathers who are a little more reserved can be tricky. Your dad likes a little jewelry but only wants a sleek look. With a hidden, personal message, this sturdy aluminum cuff is perfect. He can hold your feelings close to him every day in a private way. A top choice for the professional who wants some understated bling without wearing his heart on his sleeve. Secrets make life special.

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Awesome Hand-Drawn Superhero Family Portrait

What a super birthday present for father! You know your dad loves superheroes so why not surprise him with this fun family cartoon portrait. Many family configurations are available and once drawn, you receive a digital file that allows you to print any size. Provide the artist with photos and, pow, wow, bang, your family becomes world-savers! Create a conversation in an office setting or use as wall art in the home study for the whole family to enjoy. Be sure to let the kids help pick out the photos.

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Great Scented Candle with Personalized Message Label

With the first-time dad in mind, this is a cool present for dad on his first Father’s Day. Made with soy wax, the candles are available in three manly scents like Siberian Fir. One of the scents is sure to please your discerning dad. Hand-poured, these candles have no artificial ingredients, a win for the nature-loving guy. Like mothers, fathers love a good smelling room and will think of you every time they light this small votive! Unique and unusual, dad is sure to appreciate this small gift idea.

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Custom Photo Socks for Dad

The challenge to find funny and unique birthday gifts for father is over. It’s fine to let dad walk all over you with these cute socks that have your photo on them. Such a cool present! In two sizes with 3 background color options, these custom photo socks will be a hit! Especially made for the dad with the best funny bone. It’s time to give socks again-these socks! Bonus-this small gift idea will not take up a lot of luggage room if you travel to celebrate with dad. Now go take a silly selfie.

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Unusual Remote-Controlled Paper Airplane

The perfect birthday gift idea for dad or the man that never has enough toys. A smart-phone controlled airplane that flies up to 5 mph!! Dad simply folds the carbon fiber “paper” into one of the template shapes provided, attaches the Blue-tooth controller, syncs to the cellphone and he is piloting his own plane in a flash. With a flying time of about 10 minutes, this mighty little plane can travel about 180 feet on one charge. Beware-this plane is so entertaining, Dad may go missing for a minute or two. Too cool for school!

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Fun Play Anywhere Ping Pong Set

Does your dad love a spirited debate but sometimes refuses to admit defeat? This is the perfect birthday gift for father! With a retractable net, 2 ping pong balls and 2-adjustable paddles, a good-natured argument can be settled anywhere the old-fashioned way: table tennis. The net expands up to 6 feet and everything is stored in its own carry bag which always makes for a good gift. Help your dad be ready to take on any challengers at the drop of a hat with this unusual gift.

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Great Scrabble Tile Personal Wood Frame

A frame that says Daddy is a splendid, easy birthday gift idea for dad or granddad. A deep shadowbox design, this white, square wood frame would look charming and stylish in any setting. It can also be personalized with a name to create an extra special birthday present for dad. Your choice of background papers means that dad will be very happy with this awesome frame. Whether you include a photo or an inspirational quote, dad will love it! Go ahead, make his day!

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29 Awesome Gift Ideas for Father to Make You His Favorite Child

Ranging from cheap gift ideas to unisex presents, even clever socks, the suggestions on our list will help kick-start your gift ideas engine. What are you waiting for? Dad’s gift is not going to buy itself. Start shopping for that special dad gift to say, “Dad, I love you”, over and over.

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