29 Creative Gift Ideas the Tea Lover in Your Life will Love

Best Tea Lover Gift Ideas

Looking for the best gift ideas for the tea lover in your life? This list of the best tea-themed gifts might help! From soap sets to tea sets, this curated list will help you find a great gift for your friend, family member or coworker. Because most tea fanatics have their homes fully stocked with tea itself, this list focuses on tea-inspired gifts. These gifts will help the recipient display their love of tea and utilize all of tea’s relaxing properties. You can sort through the best gift ideas for tea lovers and find the top tea-themed gift you’ve been searching for. Some gifts are rather feminine, others are masculine. So no matter who you’re looking for, you can find the right tea-themed present for them!

29 Unique Tea-Themed Gift Ideas

Best Tea Lover Gifts

Unique Tea-Shaped Soap Set

This cool soap set is packaged like a tea bag and comes in a variety of stress-relieving scents. Scent options include green, jasmine, lemon and herbal sleepy tea. This gift is perfect for teachers, coworkers and friends who love tea. The packaging remains a striking feature of this soap set, with mellow colors and themed shape. Another advantage of this product is that it’s hand-made in the U.S.A. This tea-shaped soap set is sure to impress the recipient!

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Fragrant Matcha Tea Soap with Neem

Looking for something small that stands out among the best tea lover gifts? A handcrafted matcha tea soap bar with neem is a fantastic tea gift idea. The bars of soap are carefully crafted in small batches to create green tea scented soap with moisturizing neem oil. This is a good cheap gift idea for your tea-loving husband or boyfriend! If you need a small gift idea that’ll brighten up his day, consider this hand-made matcha tea-infused soap. It’s a useful gift that’ll help pamper the recipient with their favorite scent!

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Intricate, Wooden Teapot Necklace

Need more options when looking for best tea lover gifts? A unique gift idea includes this beautiful teapot necklace. Complete with an antique-stained chain, a tea-themed necklace is a cool present for your female coworker, friend or even significant other. The dainty nature of this necklace makes it a beautiful addition to casual outfits and weekend wear. This dainty chain and charm would also make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift. Consider a necklace if you’re looking for a feminine present for tea lovers!

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Large Matte Black Mug for Hot Drinks

Do you have a moody teenager who loves to drink tea? Looking for a useful gift for a friend who loves darker colors when interior decorating? This extra-large mug in a matte black drip design is a great gift idea for tea lovers who fit these categories and more! A mug remains a useful tea-drinking tool, as well as a reminder of your friendship, for years to come. One of the most practical and beautiful gifts on the list, this matte black mug is among the best tea lover gifts for the goth in all of us.

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Complete Tea Set for Party of Six

A porcelain tea set is a classic gift idea for tea-lovers. This tea set comes complete with a pot, tea filter, mug, six tea cups and a matching tray. The color of the porcelain is a brilliant teal and brushed black. If the recipient of your gift enjoys Chinese culture or performs gongfu tea ceremonies, this is one of the best tea lover gifts you could find. This is a high-quality tea gift idea for the very enthusiastic tea lover. The recipient would appreciate the added advantage of being able to serve their favorite beverage to guests with this tea set. For the serious tea-lover, consider this complete porcelain tea set!

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Intricately-Painted Colorful Tea Set

This gift features a teapot and tea cup set with a colorful, hand-painted bird and flower theme. If you need a great gift idea for your enthusiastic aunt, or a beginner set for a younger girl, this product fits the bill. With the wonderful, clear glass and color-infused painting, this set is a great gift for tea drinkers. The tea plate that comes in the three-piece set is also carefully painted. You can see intricate details in the paintings of the bird and lily flowers. This is a great gift idea for the feminine tea-lover, and is sure to impress the recipient with the beautiful design.

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Cute Necklace with Small Bulb Containing Tea Leaves

Looking for a small gift that includes a bit of what they love most? This necklace that contains a bit of tea leaves bundled in a glass bulb is a great gift idea for tea lovers. It combines a bit of quirky fashion with a bit of real Assam tea. This awesome piece of jewelry is hand-made and among the best tea lover gifts. The chain has a small gold accent to it, and includes a charm for added style. This is a good gift for your friend or family member who would benefit from the addition of a beautiful tea-themed wardrobe accent piece.

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Unique Magnetic Tea Tray Set

Need gifts for tea lovers that includes some anti-gravity action? This quirky magnetic tea tray set features the ability to hold a cup and a spoon at any odd angle. Perfect for those who enjoy their honored cup of tea in bed or in confined spaces, this magnetic tray is a useful gift all around. They won’t have to worry about spilling their tea and will be able to fully relax at teatime with this tray. It is made of a beautifully stained wood and comes complete with instructions. If you need a fun gift for tea drinkers that they’ll actually use, consider a magnetic tea tray set.

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Cute On-the-Go Tea Tumbler

If you need one of the best tea lover gifts for those who take their caffeine on-the-go, take a look at this cute tea tumbler. The bottle itself is actually made of glass, which produces the most pure taste. The cork sleeve adds a bit of fun to the product, and protects you against the changing temperatures of the liquid in the bottle. The top is vacuum-sealed and is great for busy people who need to refresh throughout the day. This is a great present for tea lovers because it allows them to take their favorite beverage anywhere! Perfect tea-themed gift idea for teachers and coworkers, this tea tumbler remains a top choice!

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Tasty Thai Iced Tea Gift Idea

If you have an adventurous tea lover who needs a gift, consider this thai iced tea that they can make themselves. Thai iced tea has a fruity, flavorful taste and is served over ice. This is one of the best tea lover gifts because it includes something the recipient can taste! While powdered tea is a rather unusual gift because it doesn’t come in leaves, it is sure to impress. The easy-open, orange packaging and individual tea packets make this product easy to enjoy. This product is also a cool gift to give those who like to travel or go outdoors. While on travel, these packets can make a refreshing cup of Thai iced tea! Thai iced tea is also a fun gift for those who simply like to try something new.

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Cute, Small Garden to Grow Herbal Tea

For those who love gardening as well as tea, consider this grow-your-own herbal tea set. This set was designed to work on a hydroponic growth system, and fits in almost any space. For one of the best tea lover gifts for someone who lives in an apartment, a herbal tea set might be it. This set comes with three plant choices, bee balm, mint and lemon basil. Each tea plant comes in a bottle where it will grow and thrive. Consider this present for tea lovers if you need a smart, small gift to give. This product is also one of those spot-on unisex gift ideas that is perfect for any tea lover in your life!

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Herbal Dried Tea Gift Set for Mom

This is one of the best tea lover gifts for Mom! A set of carefully chosen herbal teas to help reduce stress and calm the mind. The variety of this tea set includes eight different, separately-sealed Greek herbal teas. The packaging of this tea is absolutely gorgeous. It comes in a brown box complete with a silky, auburn bow. This set of herbal teas is one of the top calming gifts for tea lovers. Many people who enjoy tea often choose the option of caffeinated black teas. Increase your loved one’s pallet with a variety of lovely herbal teas!

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Rustic Copper Tea Glasses

Looking for unisex gift ideas? A hammered copper and teak tea glasses fit the bill. Functionality meets style with this mid-modern tea glass fit inside a hammered copper holder. The handle of the tea cups are made of a beautiful teak component. Tea cups are one of the best tea lover gifts because you know that the recipient will actually use them! You can spend a long time looking for unique gift ideas in thrift shops, or you can choose this rustic copper and teak tea glass set! With the artistic nature of the pieces, this gift for cool gift for tea drinkers is sure to please.

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Funny Beauty Steep Tea Bag Eye Masks

Need a pun with your gift? This set of six beauty steep tea bag eye masks will give you what you need. Tea has antioxidants and is calming to the skin. These tea bag eye masks are meant to reduce puffiness and help you relax. This is a good gift for those you want to appreciate, like for your favorite teacher during teacher appreciation week. Tea bag eye masks are a fantastic gift idea for tea lovers who also enjoy relaxation. Consider this as a present for your significant other or a coworker who goes the extra mile!

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Delicate Purple Tea Pot Earrings

Your tea-loving friend would appreciate these cute purple tea pot earrings to show off some style! Because jewelry is used as an accessory, it is important to give jewelry with the recipient in mind. If your recipient enjoys tea and needs a bit of silver earrings to spice up her casual wardrobe, this is a cool present for them. Tea pot earrings might also be a good gift for a family member or close friend who’s crazy about tea. The delicate nature of the earrings means that this gift is most likely best for adults. The added bonus of the purple color gives this gift a bit of flash!

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Soft Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Need a tea-themed gift idea for someone who’s always drinking tea to warm up? Consider this soft crew neck sweatshirt! The base of the sweatshirt is a classic black color and the white writing reads, “Tea please.” If you need a gift for your mom or your teacher, this funny sweatshirt is sure to please. Because many of the gifts that tea-lovers receive tend to be consumable, this gift will last for years to come. This high-quality cotton fabric and long-sleeved construction will please even the chilliest of recipients. The classy writing and simple look of this sweatshirt will display their love for tea for everyone to see.

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Luxury Black Tea Gift Set

For the serious tea drinker in your life, this luxury black tea gift set is sure to please. Complete with vacuum-sealed luxury tea, including Earl Grey and London Fog, this set aims to expand the tastes of even the most expert tea-lover. The packaging includes a simple brown box and an individualized tea strainer. This is the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life who can’t ever have enough to sample!

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Artistic Tea Otter Illustration Print

This quirky gift features an otter soaking up up tea in a small tea cup. Otters are among the cutest and most recognizable animals for younger kids and adults alike. This print is one of the cutest gifts for tea lovers. It is a fun gift for young adults looking to decorate their newest digs. As an added bonus, you can choose the color scheme of your otter illustration. The choices include either a dark blue color scheme or a yellow green color scheme. So, you can determine which would be fit your recipient and customize it yourself! This illustration is perfect for someone who loves tea and likes to laugh.

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Intricate Illustration of Teapot and Butterflies

Reminiscent of springtime and teatime, this illustration features butterflies surrounding a teapot. The teapot is golden and the butterflies are green; the butterflies appear to be tumbling into a green tea cup. This awesome gift is spot on for those who need to spruce up their kitchen or dining room. If you have a tea-loving mother-in-law or aunt, consider this gift idea. An illustration is a wonderful small gift idea for those who would like to show that they appreciate the tastes of the receiver.

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Coffee and Tea Book Enamel Pins

Need a small gift idea that has a big impact? Does your tea-loving friend also have a passion for books? This set of tea and book enamel pins will let them know you care! These pins have a bright, solid color and feature mugs on top of a pile of books. Tea-themed pins are a cool gift for teachers or librarians. If you have a teacher appreciation day coming up, consider this set of enamel pins! They will last for a long time and add a bit of flair to a professional wardrobe. The colors shine brightly on the pins, adding a bit of beauty and shine to any outfit.

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Odd Chtulu Mug with H.P. Lovecraft Theme

Does your tea-lover enjoy H.P. Lovecraft? This is the gift for them! This coffee mug features a dark outside and a white inside. The oddity comes when you peer inside and see a Chtulu octopus staring back at you! A perfect gift for the brooding teenager who loves tea, this mug is a beautiful work of art. It has a clear finish and is dishwasher safe, as well. When the mug has liquid in it and you begin to drink, the octopus monster slowly emerges from the liquid. For an unusual gift that’s as unique as it is functional, choose this mug!

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Brilliant Red Ceramic Teapot

This gift idea features a bubbly teapot with a solid red background and white polka dots. The shape of the handle is meant to aid in pouring out that perfect cup of tea. If you need a gift for a younger child who loves tea, this festive teapot is it! Think of the tea parties that will now have an added bit of flair, with this cute teapot. The spout is a unique shape that spouts out even amounts of liquid, making cleanup easier and faster. The ceramic teapot is also dishwasher safe as an added bonus! Perfect for the college freshman who loves tea but not the clean up!

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Vintage-Inspired Teacup Coaster Set

This coaster set is a good cheap gift idea for the younger generation of tea drinkers. When you forget to put a coaster down underneath your hot tea cup, bad things happen to your counters and tables! In comes this great gift idea, the coaster set! These coasters are cut into the shape of vintage teacups. The aerial view lends you to think of high tea in England!

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Cute Tea and Cat Pendant Necklace

Are you looking for a gift for the tea-lover and cat-lover in your life? Then this tea-themed necklace might be the gift you need! The stainless steel chain has a pink cat head silhouette made with real pink tea. The delicate nature of this necklace makes it one of the best gifts for a romantic occasion. The intricate inclusion of the pink tea makes for a beautiful-looking charm. If you need something to show her you care about her and her passions, this gift fits the bill!

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29 Great Gift Ideas for Fans of Tea

Looking for the best gift ideas for the tea lover in your life can be an arduous journey. If you need something that speaks to the receiver and lets them display their love of tea, consider a sweatshirt or a necklace. If your tea-loving recipient needs something a bit more functional, the tea sets or magnetic tea tray is a perfect idea. Whether big or small, these tea-themed present ideas will let them know you see their interests and appreciate them.

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