29 Stoner Gifts that are Creative and Inexpensive

Best Stoner Gift Ideas

Shopping for the best stoner gifts? Think outside the bong and look for thoughtful gifts your favorite stoner will enjoy both while they’re getting high and afterwards. With the legalization of marijuana in 11 states (and counting), pot-inspired products are experiencing quite the glow-up with truly artisanal pieces.

To consider yourself a thoughtful gift-giver, think about why your stoner friend or loved one enjoys smoking pot in the first place. Do they have anxiety? Do they suffer from insomnia? Do they crave relaxation? What about creative stimulation? Whether the stoner in your life has made marijuana a hobby or a lifestyle, these thoughtful gift ideas will help them enjoy every hit to its fullest.

29 of the Best Stoner Gifts for the Weed Lover in Your Life

Best Stoner Gifts

Real Cannabis Earring Gifts for Stoners

These delicate earrings dangle from gold or silver plated hypoallergenic French hook ear wires. They feature a real cannabis flower with a white, subtle gold or silver shimmer background. The color really sets off the flower hairs in these beautiful earrings. Choose between an Indica Flower, Sativa Flower, Hybrid Flower or a mixed pair. This is a lovely gift idea for the stoner in your life who expresses her personality through style and fashion. These are eye-catching earrings that are sure to “spark” up plenty of conversations.

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THC Molecule Ceramic Coffee Mug

Believe it or not, marijuana comes in many forms. There’s the traditional plant, pot-infused foods and even tea! Now, the stoner in your life can sip their cannabis tea in their new marijuana mug. This top quality sublimation white mug features the THC molecule with the words “HEALTHCARE” underneath. The “THC” in “HEALTHCARE” stands out in green. The mug is 11oz and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Coffee mugs make great gift ideas for anyone on your shopping list, but this one in particular is sure to catch the stoner’s attention.

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Buy Me Flowers Marijuana Leaf Shirt

This funny graphic t-shirt is available in an assortment of colors. The high-quality super soft unisex tee features the words “Buy Me Flowers” with the “o” in flowers replaced with a marijuana leaf. The text is printed with eco-friendly ink and the shirts are custom made to order. This is a unisex tee in men’s sizes, so if you’re shopping for a stoner gal, consider ordering one size down from her regular shirt size. This fun gift idea is sure to make a stylish statement around town.

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High-Quality Laptop Sleeve for the Weed Lover

Now the stoner in your life can carry their laptop in style. This high-quality laptop sleeve features a marijuana leaf, a small bud and a rolled up joint on the front with a solid black back. The stylish sleeve is available in three sizes and will help protect the laptop from scratches and minor impacts. It’s lightweight, has a zipper closure and is made from 100% polyester. This is the perfect gift idea for the stoner who studies or works remotely.

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Wooden Herb Grinder Tiki Man Design

Made from genuine solid wood, this herb grinder is a trendy gift idea for the stoner in your life. The grinder features metal spokes, laser engraving of a tiki man and a magnetized lid preventing spills. The magnetized lid holds the cap on tightly to prevent any accidents while the durable metal teeth shred dried herbs or tobacco for an effortless grinding experience. This is a 3-piece wooden grinder that would make the perfect gift idea for the stoner who loves their pot accessories.

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Funny Marijuana Stash Bag for the Stoner

This cheap gift idea is perfect for stashing the stoner’s accessories in. The “I Run On Weed & Gangsta Rap” white canvas bag provides a stylish way for the marijuana lover in your life to stash their weed, grinder, pipe, papers, roller, lighter and more. It measures 8” by 5” with a black interior lining that’s machine washable. The image is printed on both sides making it an eye-catching bag that the stoner will want to keep handy wherever they go.

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Handmade Hulk Stash Jar with Pot Leaf

Stash jars and weed accessories make the best gifts for stoners no matter what time of the year it is. This Hulk stash jar is made from glass with a solid etching and a Dank Hulk logo on the front. The logo is see-through so it can show off the stoner’s stash. The jar itself measures approximately 2.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. It’s the perfect size to stash your needs while also being a decorative piece of home décor. Place this Hulk jar on the dresser or on the nightstand for a decorative touch of style.

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Cute and Funny Cactus Cosmetic Bag for the Stoner

This cute and funny makeup bag is perfect for holding all of your stoner friend’s accessories and beauty products. It’s made from a natural beige cotton canvas and features a sleek black zipper with a silver pull. The image is of several potted cactus plants with the words “Not Pot” above. The image is professionally screen printed for vibrant images that won’t fade or peel. The bag is larger than the standard cosmetic design which makes this is a great gift idea for the stoner girl with too many products!

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Bob Marley Mug Gift Idea for Stoners

This awesome Bob Marley portrait mug will definitely put a smile on the face of the stoner you gift this to. This made in the USA handmade ceramic mug can hold 11 ounces of fluid and is perfect for coffee or tea. The design will not fade and it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. The portrait of Bob Marley is on both sides of the mug so it can accommodate both left and right-handed individuals. The black and white image is so sleek and stylish and the perfect gift idea for the early rising stoner.

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Dainty Cannabis Necklace for the Stylish Stoner

Do you know a stylish stoner who not only loves her share of Mary Jane, but also loves staying up-to-date with the latest styles and trends? This dainty necklace is absolutely beautiful and the perfect gift idea for the stylish stoner. It’s available in either gold, rose gold and silver and features a tiny marijuana plant leaf as the center statement. You can also choose the chain link to make it into a charming choker or a lengthier drop necklace.

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Mini Marijuana Adjustable Fashion Bracelet

The gift of jewelry is every girl’s dream, am I right? This beautiful dainty bracelet is such a trendy design. The teeny tiny pot leaf makes a bold statement with this minimalist bracelet style. This handmade mini charm bracelet features a gemstone inside the pot leaf with an adjustable box chain. You can adjust the fit by sliding the ball for a perfect fit. This is a bracelet that can make a gorgeous statement on its own or you can stack a few of your favorite bracelets for a look that’s all your own.

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Funny Stoner Mug with the Guy From Bikini Bottom

This hilarious stoner mug features a fish character from the popular show Sponge Bob Square Pants. This handmade ceramic mug holds 11 fluid ounces and is dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s such a funny mug with the character that looks happy, stupid, funny and relaxed. The character’s eyes are even red to imitate the typical stoner look. Even if the stoner in your life isn’t a tea or coffee drinker, they can still find use out of this hilarious mug.

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THC Molecule Art Poster Décor

Does the stoner in your life also have a love for home décor? This unusual gift will be greatly appreciated from the stoner who has an eye for design. The THC molecule science poster is black and white for a minimalist design. The prints are individually packaged in plastic with a thick cardboard backing. This would be the best gift for the stoner who has just moved in or is currently decorating their home. They can hang this wall art design in the bedroom or living room so everyone can see their love for marijuana.

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Cute High Maintenance Stoner Sweatshirt

This high-quality super soft and comfy unisex sweatshirt is a fashion statement for any stoner. The sweater features a digitally printed pot leaf with a pink heart behind it and the words “High Maintenance” right underneath the heart logo. It’s a super cute sweatshirt that’s available in an assortment of colors. Since this is a unisex shirt, order one size down if you want a slimmer fit. This sweatshirt is sure to spark up conversation the next time your stoner friend wears it out of the house.

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Stoner Babe Cuff Bracelet for the Weed Lover

Your stoner friend is sure to make a statement with this bold, yet simple bracelet cuff. The cuff is handmade from aluminum and features the words “stoner babe” stamped on the front. The cuff can adjust to fit any wrist size and will never fade or tarnish. Statement bracelets are such a great gift to show someone you’re thinking of them and value their hobbies and interests. Your stoner friend will be so excited to wear her new bracelet that shows off her unique personality.

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Super Cute and Chic Weed Lips Shirt

This adorable gift for the stoner in your life will be received with a big smile. This super cute shirt features the every so trending biting of the lip illustration with a hint of pink lipstick and marijuana leaves all around the lip. It’s a high-quality super soft unisex tee that has a digital print design using eco-friendly ink. The shirt can be made in numerous colors to fit anyone’s style and personality. This shirt is such a cute and chic statement top that will let everyone know she has a love for Mary Jane (and fashion).

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Marijuana Disc Bracelet Gift for Stoner

This gift is a new (and trendy) take on the old school friendship bracelet. This handmade bracelet features a colorful cord design that we’re all familiar with, but also includes a cutout marijuana disc charm. You can choose from a variety of cord options and choose between gold, rose gold and silver for the charm finish. It’s such a cute and stylish bracelet that your stoner friend will be so excited to wear. Why not gift yourself one while you’re at it and have matching friendship bracelets?

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A Psychedelic Teleidoscope Gift for Stoners

This unusual gift idea will definitely make your stoner friend’s “trip” more interesting. This teleidoscope is a kind of kaleidoscope in that it transforms images from the external world into incredible fractal art. It’s light and portable so your stoner friend can take it nearly anywhere they go for an extra trip with endless views. The scope itself is black with cannabis pictures all around it. This is a great gift to generate positive emotions and help find the beauty of the world in an unusual way.

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Men’s Cannabis Knotted Weed Bracelet

This bracelet gift is for the male stoner in your life. This cannabis knotted bracelet is a trendy take on the popular friendship bracelets, but with beads and a cannabis charm in the center. Choose from a variety of colors for the silk cord and choose between gold, rose gold and silver for the charm disc finish. More and more men are wearing these trendy bracelets to make a statement. This one in particular is sure to make a statement and one your stoner friend will really enjoy.

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Funny Game of Cones Weed Tee

You’ve most likely heard of one of the biggest television shows of the year, Game of Thrones. This is a funny spoof off the hit television show and instead says “Game of Cones.” The t-shirt features the same text as the television show’s logo, but with a joint underneath. It’s a high-quality fitted tee made from ring-spun cotton with a professionally printed design that won’t crack or peel. If your stoner friend loves the hit show Game of Thrones, they will be blown away quite figuratively with this unique t-shirt design!

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Engraved Marijuana Leaf Cutting Board

Does the stoner in your life also have a love for cooking? This lovely wooden cutting board features a weed leaf design that’s beautifully engraved into the wood. The cutting board is available in three different wood finishes: walnut, cherry and maple. Each cutting board is completely unique with 12 different options and sizes to choose from. This gift will also serve as a beautiful display piece in the kitchen. Wooden elements in the home are a great way to bring extra balance and peacefulness to your space.

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Roll Your Weed On It Funny Boy Shorts

Whether you’re looking for a funny gag gift for a friend or a sexy gift for your stoner girlfriend, these printed boy shorts are the perfect gift idea any stoner will get a good laugh out of. The cotton/spandex underwear features a low rise style with a satin trim fold over elastic waistband. They come in a variety of sizes with the message “Roll Your Weed On It” on the backside of the underwear. Whether you call them hip huggers, booty shorts or hipster panties, they’re fashionable panties that are comfortable for daily wear.

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Cute Queen of the Garden Party Mug

This super adorable mug is perfect for the pot enthusiast who also enjoys a good cup of coffee or tea. This cute mug features script lettering and a floral weed graphic. It’s the perfect gift idea for pot lovers and weed enthusiasts to show off their marijuana spirit. The mug holds 11 fluid ounces and has a white base with a green handle to match the script font and pot leaf illustration. Instead of a green handle, you can also choose to make it pink or yellow to fit the stoner girl in your life’s chic personality.

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Tie-Dye Long Sleeve Mickey Glove Stoner Shirt

Does the stoner in your life also love a famous Disney character? This long sleeve tie-dye shirt features bright colors and Mickey hands rolling up. It’s a funny stoner shirt that will definitely grab everyone’s attention. The shirt is made from 100% cotton and is in men’s sizing. Up until recently, tie-dye was a dead trend, but celebs have recently been caught wearing it around town and even at church. Rest easy knowing your stoner friend will be rocking the latest trend wearing your thoughtful gift!

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Edibles Cookbook for Sweet and Savory Treats

If munching on pot brownies and junk food sounds right up your stoner friend’s alley, then they’ll absolutely love this edibles cookbook. It’s a cookbook featuring small bites for the modern cannabis kitchen. It’s full of 30 delectable recipes with gorgeous photos and in-depth dosage information as well. The treats are sure to give your friend a mild, relaxing buzz with a sweet and savory flavor included. The cookbook features recipes that can be made by all skill levels.

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Handmade Weed Locket Stoner Necklace

This handmade locket is made using a silver-plated weed leaf pendant on either a silver-plated locket and chain or an antiqued brass locket and chain. Lockets are such classic and modern necklaces that allow the person who’s wearing it capture and carry their precious stories wherever they go. They’re a great way to compliment a person’s style while also keeping life’s most significant moments and memories close. This beautiful pot leaf locket is a meaningful gift idea that your stoner friend will cherish forever.

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29 of the Coolest Stoner Gifts that will Make Their Holidays Lit

It may not be 4/20, but for those who enjoy marijuana, thoughtful gifts such as these top gifts for stoners are all about cozying up and getting relaxed. Now is the perfect time to gift the special stoner in your life something that will protect their lungs, decorate their home or grind their weed. These truly impressive gift ideas are high on the stoner charts and are sure to be a hit this gift giving season!

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