29 Stocking Stuffers for Teenagers that will Make them Smile

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers

Whether you have a new teen, a college kid or a young adult, finding the best stocking stuffers for teenagers isn’t as easy as it may seem. Fill your teen’s stockings with things they’ll actually love instead of knick-knacks that will end up forgotten or in the trash. From awesome phone cases to bath essentials and bedroom décor, there’s something for every teen on this list.

Christmas morning is a special morning filled with lots of excitement and bright happy eyes from the little ones. That excitement shouldn’t end just because they’re a teenager. From the latest tech gadgets to the trendiest accessories, you can pretty much find good stocking stuffers anywhere. The hardest part is finding something that’s actually useful to them. Every teen is different, so we have gathered this list of the best stocking stuffers for teenagers in 2019 to help simplify your holiday shopping for the special teen in your life.

The 29 Best Stocking Stuffers for Teenagers that are Creative and Cheap

Best Stocking Stuffers for Teenagers

Playful Baseball Paperweight for the Baseball Loving Teen

Perfect for the baseball lover in the family, this playful paperweight would make a great gift idea to stuff inside a holiday stocking. This unique paperweight was made by hand from pewter and features a baseball player sliding belly first towards base. The figure is even wearing a baseball helmet and has the word “safe” written on the back of its shirt. This would make a really cool gift for the college teen who has a love for baseball.

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Magnetic Sand Hourglass for the Teen’s

Add a meditative element to your teen’s study area with this unusual gift idea. This magnetic sand hourglass is a timely attraction that puts a scientific spin on the sands of time. The wood base has a magnet that interacts with the sand to produce mesmerizing, temporary stalagmites in the bottom chamber. The time naturally marks one minute and makes a great desktop accessory for your teen. They can use this super cool hourglass to take a moment just to relax and breathe, especially if they’re studying for a tough exam.

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Soft Serve Women’s Ice Cream Socks

Socks are probably the most common stocking stuffers for teens. Luckily, they just keep coming out with more and more trendy designs that teens love to wear. Currently, the hottest sock trend is wearing statement socks with sandals. It’s a unique approach to showing off your own personal style in a fun and creative way. These soft serve ice cream socks are so cool and cozy and a cheap gift idea for filling a stocking on a budget.

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Smiley Cloud Stud Earrings for Her

The tiny little cloud earrings are simply adorable. Earrings make good stocking stuffers since they’re small in size and probably unexpected. The newest trend is dainty jewelry. These cute little cloud earrings are just that! They’re small with minimal detailing making them a top trendy choice when looking for teen earrings. These stylish earrings are handmade from white acrylic and then hand-painted and glued securely to hypoallergenic nickel free earring posts. They have a butterfly back for comfort and support and already come in a gift box making it the perfect small gift idea for her stocking.

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Funny Hand-Stamped Spoon for the Cereal Killer

Does your teen eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner? This unique hand-stamped spoon would be such a fun gift for them to find inside their stocking. This is a stainless steel spoon available in either a teaspoon or tablespoon size and can even be personalized with the teen’s name and any other message you’d like the spoon to say. If cereal killer doesn’t describe your teen, you can get “Rise and Shine,” “I Believe In You,” “I Love You” or any other message of your choosing.

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Anxiety Oil Diffuser Bracelet for Anti-Stress

Jewelry makes the perfect stocking fillers for teens of all ages. This super cute bracelet actually serves an additional purpose on top of its beautiful style. The design of this bracelet features beads that diffuse lavender or other calming aromas for a relaxing scent that lasts all day long. This is a light and comfortable bracelet that helps to decrease stress and anxiety for teens in a unique and stylish way. You can also customize this bracelet with your desired colors for the flower frame and natural lava stone beads.

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Gamer Pencil Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Pencils shouldn’t be boring. You teen will spice up their writing with these unique gamer-themed pencils. They come in a set of 4 with quotes any gamer will love. These fun pencils are a great way to add personalization to your teen’s school supplies and may even make doing homework a little more exciting. Quote pencils are a trendy and unique way to elevate your teen’s schoolwork. It’s also a cute desk accessory and sure to spark up conversation when someone asks to borrow one.

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Charming Hand-Stamped Camera Disc Earrings

This is a cheap gift idea that the future photographer would be genuinely excited about on Christmas morning. These darling disc charms feature hand-stamped cameras on each one for a dangling earring that’s unique, trendy and eye-catching. Choose between silver, copper or gold plated metal discs to customize the earrings to fit your teen’s style and personality. Statement earrings are a small gift idea and the perfect stocking stuffers for teens. Grab these adorable earrings as a cheap gift idea that your teen will be anxious to wear to show off their awesome style.

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Fun Storymatic Card Game for Teens

Stocking fillers come in all shapes and sizes. Card games are good stocking stuffers since they’re compact in size and so much fun to play. The novel box of cards is full of inspiration needed to have ordinary people spin extraordinary tales. The object of the game is to draw two gold-colored cards to reveal characteristics of your story’s new hero and then draw a copper card to provide the situation or motivation that puts the whole story in motion.

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No Llama Drama Hand-Stamped Jewelry Cuff

It’s nearly impossible to look for the best stocking stuffers for teenagers without stumbling across unicorns, flamingos or llamas. Llamas are everywhere; from cookies, pillows and plant holders to rugs, notebooks and pajamas. Since llamas are having a serious moment, this adorable hand-stamped no drama llama cuff bracelet is the absolute best gift for stocking stuffers ideas. The cuff can be adjusted to fit any size wrist and is handmade from aluminum. Your teen will be able to wear her new llama cuff with any outfit and for any occasion.

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Hop To It With a Sweet Habit Rabbit

This hand-blown rabbit serves as a long-eared reminder for your teen to reach their goals. The rabbit also includes his petite pewter friend that work together as a duo to encourage the user to hop to it and accomplish their goals no matter how big or small. If your teen needs the extra push to run after school, they can nestle the little bunny inside their sneakers. If your teen needs a reminder to drink more water, they can place the little bunny next to their water bottle. This glass duo is a sweet way to cheer on your teen and make it a goal to always reunite the two before the day is done.

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Custom Guitar Pick Hole Puncher

Does your teen play the guitar? If so, this unusual gift will end up being one of the best and most useful gifts they’ve ever received. Most guitarists rely on their guitar pick, but often lose them. That won’t happen with this cool present. The Pick Punch takes materials like old credit cards or expired gym membership cards and punches them into custom guitar picks. Your teen will love making their own guitar picks and may even make a small business out of it. Whether they keep it at home or carry it in their music bag, they will never have to worry about not having a guitar pick close by.

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Darling Baby Bird Nest Egg Necklace

We’ve all heard the phrase, “put all of your eggs in a basket,” but now we’re saying “put your eggs in one locket.” This adorable necklace features a sterling silver dome on each locket that protects up to 4 Amazonite inside. The warm, textured copper interior cradles the eggs while a hand-stamped bird silhouette completes the design. This necklace is great for the teen that needs to know you’re right by their side and always close by.

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Strike a Chord With This Guitar Phone Case

This is the stocking stuffers present for the musician in the family. If the amazing teen in your life is an acoustic devotee or prefers electric, they’ll relish in all things rock and roll with this stylish phone case. It’s available in three sizes for the iPhone and is made with an aluminum panel and a soft rubber shell for style and durability. Phone cases make great unisex gift ideas for teens of all ages and musicians of any range.

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Bllox Stacking Fun Gift for Teens

Is your family competitive? Some of the best stocking stuffers for teenagers are things they can use frequently and things they can get the whole family involved in. This unique gift idea is a speed stacking game where competition can get fierce! Each player will get a set of colored blocks along with a card that has a different block pattern to replicate. The first person to build the chosen pattern correctly wins the round. Anything that exercises your brain and works on hand-eye coordination all while having fun is a stocking stuffers idea of a good gift.

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Unicorn Rainbow Bookmark for the Book Lover

If your teen loves to read, a great gift idea they’ll love is a thoughtful bookmark. This handmade bookmark features a beautiful unicorn jumping over a cloud and the rainbow. It has a dark teal background with gold polka dots all over. It’s made with paper laminate and magnets so it will always stay in place. They also work as a planner accessory for their school assignments and extra-curricular activities. You can also choose custom designs if unicorns aren’t really her thing.

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Books Before Boys Funny Teenage Bracelet

Stocking stuffers presents that are sure to get a good laugh on Christmas morning are always the best! These funny books before boy’s bracelets are a great gift idea for the teen who loves to read. The bracelet is available in aluminum, brass or copper finishes and is hand-stamped with the cute little nerd phrase. The cuff can be adjusted to fit any wrist size and is sure to make a statement. Cuff statement bracelets are a cool present and perfect for stocking fillers.

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Super Cute Unicorn Key Clip Accessory

The top stocking stuffers presents generally include jewelry, socks, accessories and the latest tech gadgets. This adorable unicorn key clip was sewn by hand in a turquoise felt that’s decorated with tons of feminine beads and small charms. This super cute key clip accessory also features a white fabric daisy, flower shaped buttons and the words “wishes” printed on the front in black ink. Your teen can use her new keychain accessory on her backpack, pencil bag, cosmetic bag or even a planner or journal. It’s a one-of-a-kind fantasy gift for the unicorn lover.

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Personalized Dainty Initial Disc Charm Necklace

If your teen is into the latest fashion trends worn by big name celebrities and spread throughout top style magazines, then this necklace will be received with excitement! This personalized dainty necklace features a gold, rose gold or silver plated chain with a matching disc that has the teen’s initials on it. The necklace is available in three different lengths and is such a good gift for the stylish teenager. This is also an inexpensive stocking stuffer idea that won’t break the bank.

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Best Stocking Stuffers for Teenagers Who Love Chocolate

Gift ideas for stockings don’t always have to be over the top. If your teen has a love for chocolate, these unique and delicious organic hot chocolate flavors will be a totally unexpected gift that’s sure to water their taste buds. These scrumptious blends are a chance to indulge in the divinity of chocolate. They’re meant to be sipped and savored in order to get the full sense of taste of the organic, sun-dried, heirloom cacao that’s lightly sweetened with sundried cane crystals and ground vanilla bean. Complimentary flavors also include flowers, herbs and spices to make each one of these yummy drinks a whole experience on their own. This unique gift idea will be greatly appreciated by the chocolate lover in the family.

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Conch Shell Beaded Beach Bracelet Gift for Teen

Stocking stuffers ideas for teens range from various themes. Whether the sweet teen in your life has a love for animals, books, gaming or the beach there’s truly something for everyone. This beautiful double layer bracelet features orange, red and white seed glass that’s made by hand on a cord that is 100% waterproof! Choose between a necklace and a bracelet along with a charm that best fits your beachy teen. This seashell bracelet is sure to make her feel like she’s on vacation and can serve as a sweet little escape when she’s going through a tough time.

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Recycled Guitar String Eternity Bracelet

This cool gift is perfect for the music lover! It’s available in chocolate brown, carmel, black, red, turquoise, rose or mustard to fit anyone’s style and personality. These bracelets are made with recycled guitar string that was donated by talented musicians around the country. They are also made with high-quality deerskin leather that can be self-tied and can adjust to fit any size wrist. These bracelets make great unisex gift ideas for any teen who strums their precious guitar.

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Small Round Stamped Initial Charm Necklace

Your teen will have so much fun when she receives this fun gift in her stocking. This lovely charm necklace features your choice of letter on a colorful disc. There are 5 color options to choose from for the base of the charm. She’ll have fun wearing it alone or layering it up with her existing necklaces. This super cute necklace was painted by hand with acrylics and protected with a water based sealant. This is such a cute necklace and will a useful gift if your teen loves staying up to date with the latest fashion and accessories.

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Blue Buffalo Plaid Leather Earrings

Your teen will be making a bold statement with these beautiful handmade earrings. They are super lightweight, made of genuine leather and will be a fun addition to her wardrobe. Choose between small, medium and large for a size that best fits her face. Does she have sensitive ears? These beautiful earrings are hypoallergenic and also nickel and lead free so they’re safe for even the most sensitive ears. If your teen doesn’t have her ears pierced, you can also get clip on earrings at no additional cost so she can still rock these trendy earrings no matter what.

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A Knotty Little Puzzle to Challenge Your Teen

Challenge your teen’s mind with this knotty little puzzle. Brain games are wonderful gift ideas for the teen that’s always up for a good challenge. This puzzle uses simple elements to stretch their special reasoning to new limits. Basically, elastic bands connect colored buttons on opposite sides of a clear plastic case. The challenge is to group the buttons by color, sliding them along the slots without getting the cords all tied up in knots. This is a good brain teasing puzzle for teens of all ages (even adults).

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Comfy, Cozy and Funny Unisex Burrito Socks

Whether we’re talking about tacos or burritos, why not vote your favorite food by wearing unique and stylish socks to get your point across? These cotton blended socks look just like a real burrito when they’re rolled up. Once they’re on, they’re as comfy as the Mexican comfort foot itself. These trendy socks are the best stocking stuffers for teenagers who are following the sock trend and want to show off their individual style with their socks.

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29 of the Best Stocking Stuffers for Teenagers Who Have It All

This year, fill your teen’s stockings with things they’ll actual love. Think about your teen’s favorite hobbies and interests. What’s the latest trend that’s popular amongst fellow teenagers? This list is full of the best stocking stuffers for teenagers in 2019. Whether it’s keeping up with the latest sock trends or wearing the latest jewelry styles there’s a gift on this list that’s sure to light up your teen’s eyes on Christmas morning.

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