29 Unique Police Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

Best Police Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for the best police gifts, this list filled with great choices for you. Whether you are looking for a police retirement gift or just a cool present – there are plenty of options available that will show your love and appreciation. In this article, you’ll find 29 good gifts for police officers. Whether you’re buying for a woman, man, a police chief or an officer, they will be sure to like the awesome gift you’ve chosen for them. While material gifts are great, it is truly the thought that counts first and foremost. Here are some good gifts for policemen.

29 Creative Choices for the Best Police Gifts Ever

Best Police Gifts

A Customizable Mug About Big Busts

Coffee mugs make perfect gifts! This one is even more fun because it includes a tongue-in-cheek pun about big busts! This good gift is even better because the officers name can be added to the back. This mug also comes in two size options and two accent color choices – black or red. Drinking out of this will get the attention of everyone around. Some consider drink mugs to be one of the best gifts for police officers because they will actually use it.

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A Customized Silver Necklace with Badge Number Included

This beautiful necklace is a symbol of strength and support. A thin blue line is the colorful aspect of this jewelry piece. The design also includes a customizable element – the officers actual badge number! Each part is hand stamped with care and respect. The blue line can be changed to a red line if you’re buying for someone in the fire department. As an added bonus, these necklaces come in a range of lengths from 15 inches to 25 inches.

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A Scotland Yard Cop Printed on Canvas

Wall art is a useful gift that can add unique flair to someone’s home or office space. This canvas print features another culture of law enforcement – a banksy policeman with his middle finger up! This fun gift comes in a variety of sizes from a nice 8 x 6 to a large 55 x 35. Each work of art also comes with a wooden frame. This tough police officer will stand out wherever it is displayed. This is one of the top gifts for policemen who enjoy making a bold statement.

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A Perfect Necklace for Women Who Love Police Officers

This unique necklace is beautiful to look at because of the infinite love it represents. There are two main elements to this jewelry piece. Most noticeable is the heart pendant that is studded with over a dozen crystal rhinestones. The heart also has the word police affectionately stamped on front. What really sets this necklace apart is the infinity symbol that brings it all together. No one will even realize it’s such a cheap gift idea!

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A Custom Bobblehead for a Fun-Loving Police Officer

While this may be an unusual gift to some people, the uniqueness of it will be appreciated by all! An entire bobblehead figurine can be made in the likeness of the police officer in your life. Those looking for unisex gift ideas will also be pleased to know that these can be made in male or female likeness. No doubt about it – this cool present is sure to be the topic of many conversations! This gift for policemen is made from polymer clay.

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A Wooden Flag for the Patriotic Police Officer

This flag is one of the best police gifts because it can be given to new officers or as a police retirement gift. The featured art work is the image of the American flag with the words of the Policeman’s Prayer printed on the surface. This wooden flag comes in black and white with a blue line through the middle. The blue line is where the name and badge number of your dear officer will be placed. The flag comes in three sizes with several neutral color choices for the frame.

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A Custom Portrait is a Unique Gift Idea

Show your appreciation for a policeman by ordering a custom cartoon in their likeness. This cartoon is a great gift for someone who enjoys yellow cartoon characters! This piece of art come with several options that allow the buyer to choose the outfit and background of the cartoon. It is important to note that this seller does not print the portrait for you. Instead, you will be electronically sent a digital file that can be printed on a variety of mediums.

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Handcuff Shaped Cufflinks are a Perfect Small Gift Idea

These cute cufflinks add an unexpected element of style whenever they are worn. There is no doubt that this will make great gift for any officer who likes to have a little fun with their style. These cufflinks, being in the shape of handcuffs, can be considered a novelty gift as well. They’ll look nice with any shirt or suit.

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A Nightstand Organizer Makes a Useful gift

Some people consider the best gifts for policemen to be the ones that will make their lives easier. That’s certainly the case for this organizer. Being placed on a nightstand or dresser makes it convenient for their necessities to be ready when they need them. This wooden desk organizer has a space for the officer to place their watch, phone, wallet, and more. It can also be customized with a name, logo, and choice of color.

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A Fun Police Officer T-shirt is a Useful Gift

If you’re looking for unisex gift ideas, clothes are something that most people will appreciate. This one comes in an easily recognizable theme that will bring a smile to the face of the officer who receives this. What makes this even better are the variety of sizes and styles. Some of those styles include women’s and men’s shirts, sweatshirts, and cute tank tops. The color choices are white, gray, and black.

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A Blue and Black Rope Bracelet is a Great Gift For Cops

A paracord bracelet is a perfect gift for a cool policeman. This durable and strong bracelet gives an element of style while showing support for police officers everywhere. What makes this even more special is that these braided bracelets are handmade. They are also available in several lengths that range from 6 inches to 9 inches. The bracelet ropes are then combined with a stainless steel closure that brings it together. The color of this gift – black with a thin blue line – is easily recognized by everyone.

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This Police Wife Drink Mug is a Great Gift For Any Woman

Police wives deserve as much love as their men! This quality drink container is an awesome way to show a police wife that she is appreciated. It comes complete with double insulation and a lid. There is no coaster required because the unique design prevents condensation from forming. The surface design is a heartbeat with a police badge, symbolizing the love that a police wife has for her husband. There are 4 colors available – pink, teal, black, and navy.

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Fun Can Be Found in This Chess and Flask Set

When it comes to several gifts in one, this useful gift cannot be beat. There are several parts to this law enforcement gift. On the outside of this gift box is a chess board. Beneath the clasp is a small plaque that can be engraved with a loving message. When the policeman opens the box, they will see the chess pieces cushioned in the lid. In the bottom section there is a 6oz flask, a funnel, and 4 shot glasses. Hands down, this is one of the best police gifts available.

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This Useful Paperweight Doubles as a Funny Gift

Looking for a cool gift to add a little humor to an officer’s day? This shiny paperweight is a top choice. This is definitely one of the best police gifts for the officer who makes decisions on a regular basis. Also known as the wheel of choices, one spin on this paper weight will make it easy to decide whether to tackle a problem today, save it for tomorrow, or many choices in between. If you’re looking for a small gift idea, this is a good option.

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A Law Enforcement Gift for the Mom in Your Life

A t-shirt is a cheap gift idea that has the potential to be appreciated for years. If you’re looking for a gift to honor the mom in your life, this shirt may be what you’re looking for. On the front there is a featured thin blue line logo with the words “Proud Police Mom”. These shirts also come in several styles and sizes.

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Building Hobbies are More Fun with a Funny Tape Measure

If you know an officer who also likes to build things, this tape measure may be one of the best police gifts for him or her. Complete with a funny saying, this is a cool gift that is guaranteed to be appreciated. This tape measure would make a top police retirement gift, too. The saying, “I like big busts and I cannot lie” is sure to bring some humor to any situation in which this 16” tape measure is used.

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A Cute Baby Gift for Cops

Police officers can have babies too! Why not give them something cool to show support for their daddy? A onesie is a small gift idea that makes a big statement. This one is extra special because of the top design elements. The design includes a printed sheriff badge that affectionately says “Daddy’s Partner”. There is also a playful element included on the clothing in the form of aviator sunglasses. Any baby wearing this bodysuit will be the best dressed around!

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This Word-Centered Art Work Makes a Cool Gift

When it comes to an unusual gift idea, a piece of art work made of words is a top choice. This printed wall art is designed in the shape of a police helmet. This is one of the best police gifts because of the fact that it comes fully personalized! Buyers can choose the exact words to be used to create this unusual gift. You can also choose the colors used in the print.

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Wine Lovers Will Love This Cool Gift

Funny wine labels are a unique gift idea that are not very common. These wine labels come adorned with a unique phrase that can be personalized with the type of wine that you will place the label on. You also have the option of adding another word or phrase (within character space limits). In addition to being a cheap gift idea, these can also add to the décor of a themed party. Although the wine is not included with this purchase, the seller does include instructions on how to remove the original label from the bottle. The custom labels are printed on high quality adhesives.

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This Cute Water Bottle Makes a Nice Police Themed Gift For Children

A great gift idea for younger children is a custom water bottle. This bottle features a popular character in a law enforcement theme. The bottle is made with quality stainless steel and includes a built-in straw and handle in the design. To make it even more cool, this bottle can be customized with the name of the gift recipient.

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Show Love with a Custom Wall Decoration

The best police gifts are the ones that accurately express how you feel about your police officer. What could be better than using your own words of love and affection? This unique gift idea does exactly that. You can personalize the entire message or use the template provided by the seller. In addition to the written message, a silver H.E.R.O charm will be added to the work of art. A handmade wooden frame brings it all together. This surprisingly cheap gift idea will look nice in any space that it is displayed.

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Handcuff Art Work Makes for a Cool and Unusual Gift Idea

Gift ideas as unique as this one do not come around very often. The cool design of the technical structure of handcuffs is a one of a kind concept. This would make a great gift for any officer who has enough wall space to hang two pieces of art. Although it is a print, it looks like a literal chalk on a chalkboard patent sketch of handcuffs. This surprisingly cheap gift idea can be customized with a wide variety of colors and sizes.

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Everyone Will Appreciate a Custom Metal Sign

It’s hard to believe that such a great gift idea is also so affordable. There are several things that make this police sign one of the best police gifts. First, the universal colors of blue and dark grey metal are easily recognizable as a sign of allegiance to the police force. This lovely art piece becomes a cool gift when it has been customized with the information of your policeman. Holes can also be drilled into this metal sign to make it easier to display.

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A Customized Wooden Watch is a Good Gift for Policemen

Those looking for unisex gift ideas will be pleased to find this treasure! As a practical yet unique present, this watch is sure to be cherished for years to come. The face of this watch is made of wood and the band is made of leather. What makes it even more special is the badge engraved on the back. The badge is filled with the words POLICE as well as the name of the gift recipient. This is the perfect gift for anyone who supports the police force.

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Cufflinks Make A Quality and Cheap Gift Idea

Good quality cufflinks in the shape of a police helmet is a gift that any police officer is sure to appreciate. They are be perfect for anyone who enjoys receiving an unusual gift. As an added bonus, these cufflinks come with a chrome plated box that can be engraved with the name of the officer and/or a caring message.

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A Simple Police Shirt Makes a Bold Statement

A great gift for cops is one that they will be proud to display. This cotton shirt is adorned with the word POLICE in a yellow color right on the front. This item of clothing is not just for policemen – it can be worn by anyone who is proud to support the police. Sizes available range from a men’s small to men’s 3x.

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Silver Keychains are a Good Small Gift Idea

These lovely keychains are a thoughtful way to show a police officer that you love them. They are a perfect gift for all occasions. The matching design keeps you both connected even when you are apart. Each letter is hand stamped with care. There are even customization options to make this gift even more personal.

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A Custom Whiskey Glass is a Great Gift Idea

A universally cool gift for policemen can be obtained with this whiskey glass. It’s not just for alcohol – any drink can be used with this quality glass. What makes it even more special is the personalized design achieved with a a laser engravement process. This is a permanent feature which means that it will never fade no matter how many times you wash it.

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This Funny Mug is a Great Gift for Police Officers

The best police gifts are the ones that make them feel good. This funny mug is sure to bring lots of laughs to anyone who reads it. It’s perfect for a good-natured officer. There are two sizes to choose from – 11oz and 15oz. Both are great if you’re looking for a cheap gift idea that will be useful for many years to come.

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29 Amazing Police Gifts that are Sure to Please

As you can see, gifts for police officers come in all shapes and sizes. Those who appreciate a fun gift can choose gift ideas that add humor to the final product. A sentimental law enforcement gift can range from a custom art piece or an engraved present. What makes a good gift is not how much money is spent but the intention in which it is given.

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