29 Amazing Gifts that the Pilot in Your Life will Appreciate

Best Pilot Gift Ideas

If you are on the hunt for the best pilot gifts, you may have a hard time getting started. This subset of gifts is not very common, and it can be difficult to find high-quality presents along the theme of aviation. Most pilots travel frequently and spend a lot of time away from home, which makes it difficult for them to use many kinds of presents. Gift ideas that are small, wearable, easily transported, or able to remain in one location are ideal for any pilot. In order to find the perfect present for an aviator on your list, we have compiled a list of the best pilot gifts. We have tirelessly searched the internet to find the top gift ideas for any friend or family member who flies for a living. Here are 29 items that will be beloved gifts for any pilot on your list.

29 Perfect Presents for the Pilot on Your List

Best Pilot Gifts

Personalized Aluminum Airplane Hangar Sign

The best pilot gifts are those that are fun, personal and useful. This customized sign is all three, and perfect for any pilot on your list. The aluminum sign in painted white with black edging and features an image of a small airplane. It can be personalized with the name of the recipient to read “Person’s Hangar”. You can also select from several sizes to best fit into the desired space. This is a fun gift for a pilot to display in their man cave, den, or even in their actual hangar.

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Fly Safe Personalized Copper and Aluminum Keychain

When your partner or someone you love pilots planes frequently, it can be hard to think of them spending so much time far from the safety of the ground. This small gift idea will let them know that you are thinking of them and wishing them well. A round aluminum disc features either an image of wings or an airplane engraved into it with the phrase “Fly Safe” above it. You can personalize this disc with the name of the recipient and a message such as “We love you”. A larger copper disc sits behind this one and can be personalized with your name or the names of your children if it is given on their behalf.

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Stainless Steel Double-Wall Airplane Travel Mug

Flying planes can involve early mornings and late nights, so pilots will want to have coffee on hand. These sturdy travel mugs are perfect aviation gifts for any pilot. The 20-ounce mug is a double-wall stainless steel cup that insulates both hot and drinks. The outside surface has a sweat-free surface in your choice of one of 12 colors. A silver airplane silhouette is on one side of the mug, and a removable clear lid keeps all liquids inside during rough turbulence.

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Boeing 747 Wooden Model Airplane

If you are searching for gifts for pilots who appreciate the craftsmanship of airplanes, this beautifully crafted model is a perfect choice. This Boeing 747 model is made from luxurious mahogany wood and is designed to scale. The detailing is intricate with each window and door carefully painted and carved. A built-in stand on the bottom of the plane holds it up so that it can be easily displayed on a desk or a table.

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Custom Airport Code Poster with Coordinates

Pilots are well accustomed to the different codes used for airports, so these aviation gift ideas will be welcome and familiar. Customizable for any airport, the print displays its three-letter code in the center in large font. The name of the city and state are written below the code, and the coordinates for the airport are printed below that. You can choose from several different colors for the background of the print to truly customize it for your recipient.

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Aluminum Airplane Pilot Parking Sign

The sign is one of the best pilot gifts because it works for any recipient on your list. Constructed from aluminum, the sign has a white background with a black image of an old-fashioned single-seater airplane. The phrase “Pilot parking only” is in black font and the whole sign has a black border around the edge. You can order this in either 10×12 or 12×18 inches to best fit the office, den, or man cave of your recipient.

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Airplane Peace Sign Unisex T-Shirt

If you need unisex gift ideas for a pilot on your list, this t-shirt will be a welcome present for any peacekeeper. The super-soft shirts are made from 100 percent cotton and feature a peace sign on the chest using an airplane in place of the inner lines. The t-shirt is available in sizes ranging from small to 3XL, and in your choice of 5 different colors. These incredibly comfortable shirts are great presents for pilots to wear when they are not in uniform.

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Embroidered Paper Airplane Linen Handkerchief

For a sentimental occasion, this beautiful linen handkerchief is one of the best pilot gifts. The snow-white linen square is hand embroidered with a small paper airplane in your choice of 9 color options. You can also choose between a dotted line tail that shows the flight path of the plane and includes a small loop-de-loop heart to let the recipient know that this gift is a meaningful one. This cute and cheap gift idea is a good choice for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or even Valentine’s day.

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Female Pilot Hand-Drawn Portrait Print

While female pilots have been around since the dawn of flight, they don’t always get their due. Let the one on your list know that she is appreciated with these aviation gifts. For this hand-drawn portrait, simply specify the number of people that you want to be included in the print and send a photo. The artist will hand-draw your recipient’s photo exactly, incorporating the uniform and the scenery as well. A digital portrait will be sent to your email to print, frame, and give to your recipient.

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Personalized Wooden and Silver Airplane Key Ring

One of the best pilot gifts is a key ring because the recipient can carry it with them wherever they go. This one is extra special because it can be customized just for them. The front of the key chain is a wooden disc in which the image of an airplane has been heat burnt. This disc is set into a silver backing, which can be engraved with a personal message just for your recipient. A final touch that is available is a wooden box to hold the keychain that can be engraved with the recipient’s name.

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Airplane Baby Mobile for the Nursery

If you know a pilot who is expecting a baby, these cute mobiles are great aviation gift ideas. Each mobile features four handsewn felt biplanes in coordinating blue, gray, and red. There is also a baby figure dressed in an old-fashioned brown pilot uniform with goggles on his head. Each of these is suspended from a wooden hanger in your choice of a natural or wooden finish. You can also personalize the mobile by adding a banner with the child’s name.

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Recycled Spark Plug Plane Paperweight

This unique gift idea is perfect for the pilot in your life who also likes to recycle or repurpose items. A used spark plug makes up the base of the plane, with recycled butter knife blades attached to the front and back to serve as the wings. Nuts, bolts and other odds and ends are used to complete the other structures on the plane. This awesome and imaginative paperweight is a top airplane gift that any pilot will proudly display on their desk.

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Airplane Over Atlanta Skyline Bracelet

Airplane-themed jewelry items make good gift ideas for pilots, especially females. These bracelets are made of silver and are neatly constructed to showcase an airplane flying above the Atlanta skyline. The wrap style of this unusual gift connects the plane and cityscape as though tracing the flight path. You can select the length of the bracelet and specify the finish from a choice of 3 shades. A personalized message can also be added to the inside of the bracelet.

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Leather Fly Safe Keychain for Pilots

For a small gift idea, this keychain is a good choice for letting your recipient know that you are thinking of them when they are flying. The tanned leather strip is attached to a strong metal split ring to hold all of their important keys. The fob is hand-stamped with the words “Fly safe” to remind them to always take care and caution when up in the air. This is a cheap gift idea that will be a good fit for any pilot on your shopping list.

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Customized Ceramic Pilot Mug with Personalization

The best pilot gifts are ones that help the recipient be ready to take everyone safely from one destination to another. This 15-ounce ceramic mug has an illustration of a pilot in uniform, hat included. You can specify the skin, hair, and eye color in order to have the image on the mug reflect the recipient. It can also be personalized with the name of your pilot to make it even more special.

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Bomber Plane Steel Bottle Opener

When searching for gifts for pilots, these cool bottle openers are handy and appreciated. Modeled to the exact specifications from Navy and Airforce manuals of the B-1 Lancer Bomber, each bottle opener is cut from a sheet of stainless steel. The center of each bomber is cut out with a small lip to pry the caps out of bottles. These presents for pilots are useful and a good choice for anyone with a man cave or home bar.

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Vintage Sterling Silver First Flights Cuff Links

This pair of cuff links is a very unique airplane gift. Each cuff link in this pair made in the 1990s is made from sterling silver and is engraved with an important historical flight. One features an image of the Spirit of St. Louis in the center with information about the first nonstop flight from the US to Paris around the outer edge. The other cufflink is similar but with a B-58 plane image and information about the fastest flight from the US to Paris. These cuff links are the best pilot gifts for those who love the history of flight.

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Pan Am Boeing Plane Part Bottle Opener

Every pilot carries the plane with them metaphorically, but now they can do so literally. This very cool present is a bottle opener constructed from a Pan Am Boeing 707. The aluminum opener is cut and crafted from the top section of a 707 fuselage. Four rivets line the handle of the unique and rare item to pay homage to the structure of the iconic airplane. This useful gift will be a proud possession and showpiece for any pilot who receives it.

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Ceramic Co-Pilots Personalized Coffee Mug

Every pilot needs a crew to support him, and this is doubly true for pilots with families. These mugs are great gift ideas for pilots who have little co-pilots waiting for them at home while they fly around the world. The generously sized 15-ounce mug can be personalized with a person’s name or title, such as “Dad’s Co-Pilots”. Up to 12 airplane icon illustrations can be drawn onto the mug and personalized with the names of children and grandchildren. This is a good gift for any proud pilot parent or grandparent.

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I’m a Pilot Funny T-Shirt

If you know a pilot with a great sense of humor and a little bit of ego, these T-shirts are great aviation gifts. The shirt reads “I am a pilot” at the top and “To save time let’s just assume I’m never wrong” at the bottom. An image of aviator glasses sits between the two phrases. You can choose from 8 different colors for the cotton shirt and select a size between a unisex small and 4XL. These shirts are great presents for pilots who appreciate a fun gift.

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Father and Son Pilot and Co-Pilot Shirts

These shirts are among the best pilot gifts because they let these aviators share the love of their job with their family. For the recipient themselves, you can order a shirt that reads “pilot” with an image of a plan above it. You can then select a shirt for a spouse, child, or grandchild that says “co-pilot” and the same plane image. The shirts are available in men’s, women’s, children’s, or baby sizes. These funny shirts are certain to be beloved aviation gift ideas.

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Eat Sleep Fly Tees and Tanks

For aviators, they probably feel like all they do is eat, sleep and fly which makes these t-shirts the perfect gift ideas for pilots. Each shirt has the phrase “eat sleep fly” in block printing stacked across the chest with an image of a plane underneath. The shirt is available in either heather gray or black and in the style of a hooded sweatshirt, t-shirt or tank top. It can be purchased in men’s, women’s or children’s sizes in the event that you want to buy for each family member.

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Set of 5 Aircraft Patent Prints

If you need ideas for artistic gifts for pilots, these patent prints are an awesome choice. Each of the 5 prints in the set showcases the patent images for a different aircraft. You can choose the sizes of the images as well as whether you want rolled canvas, framed, or just the print itself. The background color is also customizable from over two dozen options. This set is a great gift idea for anyone who loves flying and the science behind it.

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Sterling Silver Airplane Cord Bracelet

This bracelet makes for a fun airplane gift, especially for a female aviator, or the spouse or child of a pilot. The simple but sweet bracelet features a small sterling silver outline of an airplane. You can choose from 11 colors of cord to loop around each edge of the charm. You can specify the size for a man’s, woman’s, or child’s wrist, though one side of each cord is double looped to allow for an adjustable fit. This is a cool gift for anyone who would appreciate a small piece of jewelry.

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Sterling Silver Airplane Birthstone Charm Necklace

An airplane necklace is a great gift idea for a female pilot or children of an aviator. This necklace has a small solid sterling silver airplane charm hanging from your choice of a 16 or 18-inch length chain. A small circular birthstone charm is also included with this necklace. You can specify the month the recipient was born and the seller will include the appropriate stone. This sentimental and cool present will be a favorite of your recipient.

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Colorful Airplane Soft Unisex T-Shirt

For unisex gifts ideas, these comfortable t-shirts will be at the top of any pilot’s list. The design on the cotton t-shirt features 7 airplanes stacked on a diagonal, with different colored tails trailing behind each one. The shirts are available in sizes ranging from a unisex small to 3XL. The shirts are also available in your choice of 5 different colors. This cool gift will be much appreciated by any recipient.

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Airplane Pilot’s Prayer Wooden Plaque

This unique gift idea is a sweet and thoughtful way to honor the hard work and sacrifice of an airplane pilot. This beautiful handmade wooden plaque has a sentimental prayer of thanks and safe-keeping for pilots as they fly and make decisions for their passengers on-board. The top of the plaque has an image of an airplane that can be personalized to include the FAA number for the pilot. This unusual gift is very special and will be cherished by any pilot who receives it.

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Pilot Family Name Sign with Propeller

If you want to purchase a useful gift that a pilot and his whole family can benefit from, this sign is a top choice. The surname and a propeller are laser cut from 12 gauge steel and are welded together with the name on top. The steel can be left raw or treated in black matte, copper, or silver vein and can be mounted with screws or spacers. This lovely sign is a good gift for any pilot and his family.

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29 Pilot Gifts that are Perfect for Any Aviator

Because the life of an aviator is busy and full of travel, the best pilot gifts are ones that can be used on the go or kept safely at home. This list of 29 items has a variety of fun, cool, and useful items that any pilot would appreciate and love. Any of these gifts would make the perfect present for any occasion.

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