29 Creative Novelty Gifts they will Always Remember

Novelty Gift Ideas

Why give novelty gifts? Everyone has that one person on their list that seems impossible to buy for. Well, for that person, we offer this list of 29 novelty items that make gift-giving simple and fun again. Everyone likes a surprise: giving a gift that is completely unexpected is the best way to surprise anyone. Gift ideas have trended toward whatever can be found in the neighborhood box-store. This is the list that will take your gift beyond the average into the amazing. Here, you will find gifts to satisfy even the pickiest person. Imagine the feeling you will get when you give them the perfect gift that puts a genuine smile on their face.

29 Unique Novelty Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Novelty Gifts

Mona Lisa Print for the Mischievous Person

Do you know someone who does everything tongue-in-cheek? Then take a look at this. The Mona Lisa has had a slight upgrade: she is thoroughly enjoying her bubblegum while she smiles her approval of the graffiti in the background. This re-imagined artwork would make a great addition to any office or home wall. The unframed print is available in four sizes and three different background colors so you can select just the right one. Their sarcastic side will love this unique gift idea.

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Custom Face Socks are the Perfect Fun Gift

We all have a touch of vanity in us. These socks are a funny way to cater to their vain side. To create a gift they will love walking all over, choose a pattern and color, then upload a photo. The picture can be just them or a group pic to remember a great day together. Imagine their face when they open this cool gift and see their own face looking back at them. These face socks will be loved for a long time to come. Just prepare for a flood of selfie-socks selfies on social media. They will want to show them off to everyone.

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Take Clock Watching to a New Level

Do you know someone who is a chronic clock-watcher? This unique clock is the perfect gift for them. The face of the clock is a realistic print of an eyeball staring back at them. This battery operated wall clock comes in three sizes to complement any wall space. The clock-watcher may even become more productive after receiving this great gift idea. After all, who watches the time when they realize the time is watching them back. This is also a great gift idea for an optometrist to hang in their office.

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Unicorn Teapot Brings Whimsy to Tea-time

The tea lover in your life will adore this novelty present. A cute unicorn puts a touch of fantasy in tea-time with his rainbow mane handle and his golden horn spout. His happy face will lighten the mood of any get-together. He holds a full liter of tea or coffee and creates a room full of smiles. This teapot is not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher. He makes a great novelty gift idea for tea enthusiasts or unicorn collectors alike.

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Light Up Any Outfit With Light-bulb Earrings

Antique lovers and fashionistas alike will love these vintage brass light-bulb earrings. These adorable earrings are upcycled from antique mini light-bulbs with brass fittings. The hooks are fashioned from brass-colored wires with an antique look to match. Hanging 1-1/4 inches from the ear, they are the perfect length to be fashionable yet out of the way. Each pair is custom made by hand and are all unique. Give this novelty gift idea at Christmas to receive a smile as bright as the lights on the tree.

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Commemorate The Trip with Italy Map Earrings

Everyone loves reminders of that awesome trip they took. Help them remember all the fun and romance of their Italian vacation with these paper bead earrings. Each bead is hand-rolled from a piece of an actual road map of Italy. This unique gift idea can also be gifted to someone who may be putting off a trip to encourage them to set off for adventure. The beads are finished with a gloss coating to preserve their beauty and protect them from daily wear. Each pair will be one-of-a-kind due to using actual maps.

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Wake Up Memories with a Game Boy Clock

Novelty items can revive the past. Do you remember your first Game Boy? Bring back those same memories for the gamer with a gift of this official Nintendo Game Boy alarm clock. Fashioned to look exactly like a Game Boy, this alarm clock has working buttons to set the time and date. The game screen is the time display. At 6.7 ounces, they can take their passion with them wherever they go. Help them get their game on with this cheap gift idea.

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Fifties Era Radio for the Nostalgia Buff

Novelty items as cool as this one don’t come around very often. This useful gift will delight the collector of all things from the fifties. The cream and brown portable radio has digital functions but sports a genuine tuner dial on the front. Other features include a digital alarm clock on top and a snooze button for late sleepers. Power by plugging it into the wall or pop in batteries for tunes on the go. This is a great gift idea for anyone who is always lost in the past.

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Nostalgic Look Turntable for the Old Vinyl

Do you need a unique gift idea for an old-school rocker? Give them this briefcase turntable for all their old vinyl records. All the pops and clicks they remember will sound just as good from the two built-in speakers. This lets them play all three classic-sized records they may have in their collection. A rechargeable battery gives them up to three hours of music before recharging. Bluetooth connection capability also lets them stream their own music from their phone or tablet.

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Let Rick Sanchez Hold the Toilet Paper

Rick and Morty fans are natural born lovers of novelty items. Not an episode goes by without at least one or two. You can be sure your Rick fan will appreciate this toilet paper holder. The licensed image of Rick Sanchez pops through their wall via one of his famous portals. He arrives with outstretched arms waiting to help with the roll. The full color, hand-painted details are accurate to the show, just as his slightly psychotic smile is. This unusual gift will make their time in the bathroom a bit more bearable.

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Dinosaur Bottle Opener Novelty Gift Idea

There is a T-Rex on the loose and ready to help out with those bottle caps. Every dinosaur fan and bartender on your list will want this guy. He looks ferocious, but he is only hunting bottle caps. His teeth grip and pop the cap off the bottle while his tail acts as a handle. Rex makes an awesome useful gift and a good conversation starter. If you need a fun novelty present for anyone that just can’t get enough Jurassic Park, this is the winner.

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The Toilet Brush All Parties Can Agree On

Do you need a novelty gift idea for a very political person? They will love this Donald Trump toilet brush whether they love the man himself or not. The handle features a barefoot Donald in a patriotic blue suit, white shirt, and red tie. His mouth is open and his hair is actually the yellow brush bristles. He also comes with a base to keep him in when not in use. Whether they love him and want to make their bathroom great again, or hate him and think this is the perfect job for him, they will love the brush and the thought.

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Vintage Darth Vader Necklace Novelty Present

Here is a cool small gift idea for the Star Wars fanatic. This Darth Vader necklace is an authentic vintage 1977 collector’s item. Made of black metallic metal, this necklace is a must for anyone that collects Star Wars memorabilia. He measures 1.25-inches x 1.25-inches and hangs on an 18-inch silver metallic chain. Here is the best way for the super-fan to geek out with their favorite bad-guy. This is a great cheap gift idea that they will wear everywhere.

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Custom Coffee mug for Your Computer Tech

Are you searching for an awesome novelty gift idea for your go-to computer guy? What you need is this unique character mug. The catch is that the character is them. Upload a photo of him when you place your order, and it will be transformed into a yellow cartoon character. Yes, they are microwave safe for when he forgets his beverage. He can pop it in the microwave and reheat it with ease. Cleanup is as simple as putting it in the dishwasher or hand-washing. Even IT guys need their fixer elixir. These cute mugs also make the best unisex gift ideas.

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Space Out With the Astronaut Lamp

This unusual gift will make a cool present for an astronomer or anyone with their head in the stars. The astronaut orbits his moon base on a flexible stem that can be positioned any way they like. He can be posed as if floating in space or set him on the moon base for those first steps. When on, the astronaut glows, lighting up their desk or nightstand. He is powered by three AAA batteries or a USB connection. This is a fun gift for kids or kids at heart. They will be over the moon when they open this.

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This Vinyl Record Wall Clock Rocks

Finding a cool present for a vintage record collector can be tough, but we have the solution. This vinyl record wall clock will make the best addition to their collection. Of course, it can’t go on the turntable, but it will look fantastic on their wall. Proudly showing off their passion to their guests, this clock will rock the room. Available in three sizes, it is the perfect fit for any man-cave or she-shed. This is a gift as unique as they are.

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The Top Headphones for Your Superhero

Novelty items are following the hero trends of the day. If you need a fun gift for the hero fan on your list, these headphones fill the role. Captain America’s emblem stands out on the sides, but that isn’t where their super capabilities end. They are lightweight, sweat resistant, and has extra durable hinges for young fans. The microphone jack lets them sing along with their favorite tunes and everything can be safely stored away in the drawstring pouch.

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Star Wars C3PO Metallic Mug

Novelty items for Star Wars fans are everywhere, but we bet you’ve never seen this one. This 12-ounce coffee mug is detailed to look like C3PO’s midsection all the way down to his wires. His arm is actually the handle and appears to be planted on his hip in perpetual exasperation. The gold metallic finish will put a stunning shine on any morning. When you are searching for a good gift for your syfy fan, give them the one they will use every day.

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Realistic Darth Vader Role Play Mask

Everyone has a little villain in them. For those days they just can’t keep it inside, this Darth Vader role-play mask is just the thing. The wearable helmet comes with a collar that produces realistic breathing sounds just like the movies. This is a cool present that will unlock their imagination. When playtime is over, the helmet can be stored on its own custom stand. This is a great gift for kids to play with or for adult collectors.

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Give Them Happier Healthier Bacon

The world of novelty items is not just for the silly. The cook in your life will love the Smart Bacon Express. Show them you care with a better way to cook bacon. This cool gadget uses a vertical non-stick plate to cook up to six pieces of bacon while the unhealthy fat drains harmlessly away into the removable drip tray. Cleaning is a snap with all removable, non-stick parts. Make their morning easier and their life healthier with this cool gift.

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Neon Bulb Light is a Good Idea

You don’t need a light bulb going on over your head to know that this cool gift is a top pick. Mounted on a concrete base, this neon yellow and white bulb is a good desk light. It also lights up a nightstand or dark corner. Made from glass tubes, this bulb works just like the neon signs in store windows. Give it to a student to inspire great ideas or place in on a bar to enhance the decor. This is a unique gift idea that will make them a trendsetter. Everyone else will want one too.

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Blue Baby from The Binding of Isaac

Gamers enjoy novelty items from popular games such as The Binding of Isaac. Now you can give your gamer the blue baby plush from the game. Fresh from the dungeons, this guy is ready to join your gamers collection. His legs are posed to sit on a shelf or desk. His arms can be arranged in different poses, but his legs are fixed. He is painted with acrylic paint and is 3.9-inches tall. You will get high scores with this small gift idea.

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Superhero Mug for Your Superhero

Show that special person how much you appreciate them with this funny mug. Sporting an illustrated superhero, this mug lets them know they are a hero in your book. Personalize the mug with their name to make it a one-of-a-kind cool gift. Every morning it will give them a boost of confidence and send them soaring off into their day. This makes an excellent small gift idea for moms, dads, brothers, and even teachers. Not many novelty items come with a shot of esteem like this mug.

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Rick Sanchez Guzzler Wine Bottle Holder

Everyone knows Rick’s penchant for drinking, so they may want to keep an eye on this wine holder gift. Rick comes directly from the official line of Rick and Morty novelty items. He is all decked out in his lab coat and crazy hair. There is even his classic green drool on his chin. This hand-painted holder is about ten inches tall and made of durable cast resin. Rick makes a good gift for anyone who loves wine and novelty items. Just warn them to drink their wine before he does.

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Treat Him With a Super Dad Recovery Kit

Break the necktie tradition and pamper your dad with this cool present. Dad carries a ton of stress, but he tries not to let it show. A spa day is just what he needs. If he doesn’t want to go to an actual spa, this unique gift idea is a perfect substitution. Packed in a cute tin he will find a toothbrush, toothpaste, bath oil, a face mask, and eye cream. Each item comes in a mini size for easy packing and travel. The tin is a great reminder of the relaxation he received, even after the products are gone.

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Set Gnomes Loose in Their Home

These are the cutest novelty items we could find anywhere. These mini gnomes will live in their houseplants and work their magic just like their outdoor garden gnomes. Since mini gnomes do not like to be lonely, they come in a set of four. The tiny guys have a spiked base to help them nestle right into any houseplant. When you need unisex gift ideas, try these plant gnomes. They are a great gift for men or women and they make wonderful companions for any plant.

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29 Novelty Gifts for that are Unforgettable

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our ideas. This list of gift ideas is meant to help you pick just the right novelty items for all the fun people you buy for. Let yourself be inspired to take the fun one step farther if you would like. There is really no wrong way to give novelty gifts. Just match the gift to the person. From fun and quirky to collectible and comic, the internet is full of promising options.

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