29 Personalized Gifts for the Musician You Love

Best Music Lover Gift Ideas

When a birthday or a special occasion comes around for a musician in your life, you likely find yourself on the hunt for the best music lovers gifts. You will want to give them a meaningful present that they will enjoy that is also unique and personal to their specific interests. Instead of the typical gifts that music lovers receive, such as guitar picks, records, or songbooks, this list will help you select the best gift to perfectly suit the music lover in your life. Any of these gifts will be greatly loved and appreciated by any musician or music lover in your life.

29 Music-Related Gifts That Musicians Want to Receive

Best Music Lover Gifts

Zoots Portable Thumb Piano and Recorder

Looking for a one of a kind unique gift idea? For your friend who likes to play the keys, this kalimba recorder combo is the perfect present. The handmade wooden box supports the 6 aluminum prongs of the thumb piano and houses the recording equipment. Your friend can use the manual controls to adjust the pitch, record, and repeat a recorded riff on a loop. Anyone would love to receive this incredibly unique gift for musicians.

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Engravable Handmade Miniature 3 Inch Guitar

Among smaller gifts for music lovers, this tiny guitar is a cute and cool present. Constructed from lime tree and beech woods, this miniature guitar stands only 3 inches and even includes a leather guitar strap. The guitar can be engraved on the back with a name or a message, and its small stature allows for it to be displayed or even hung on a keychain. This small gift idea is ideal for anyone who wants to carry a symbol of their love for music everywhere.

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PocketStrings Six String Practice Guitar Tool

Guitar players love to be able to strum and fiddle around anywhere they go. However, it can be cumbersome to tote around a standard-sized guitar when they travel around. For a guitar player in your life, this practice tool is a cool and useful gift. Featuring a 6 fret fingerboard and a raised strumming area, this practice guitar tool will help increase finger strength and speed when playing. It also collapses to easily fit in a pocket or bag. This is a fun gift for any guitarist in your life.

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Personalized Vinyl Cover Music Journal

If you are searching for a practical yet unique gift idea for the musician in your life, this personalized journal makes for a fun present. The 100 pages inside this journal are made from fully recycled acid-free paper that is tinted yellow. The cool part of this gift, though, is the cover. Made from a recycled vinyl record, the label can be personalized for the recipient. This place to record song ideas is among the top gifts for musicians and will be very well received.

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Silver Handmade Music Note Necklace

For a small gift idea for someone who loves both music and jewelry, this necklace is a great choice. The charm on this piece of jewelry is silver plated and shaped like a music note. The 12 mm pendant hangs from a 20-inch silver chain and is lead and nickel free in order to avoid skin irritation. It even comes shipped in a small gift bag so that it is ready to pass right along to the recipient.

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Mechanical Music Box Gift Set

Have you ever wondered how music boxes play the songs inside? The music lover in your life will be delighted with this DIY music box that allows them to learn this answer and program their own music. This great gift idea includes a hand-cranked box, a paper punch to “program” the music for the box to play, and several musical paper strips to punch and feed through. Any recipient will love this unique gift and will get hours of fun and amusement from playing with it.

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Personalized Record Print with Lyrics

Everyone has a favorite song that resonates with them or memorializes a life event, and this is especially true for music lovers. This cheap gift idea is a personalized record print that includes song lyrics. A vinyl record label with the name of the artist, the song title, and the recipient’s name is in the center of the print, with the lyrics spiraling around to round of the shape of a record. This thoughtful music-themed gift will hang proudly on your friend’s wall.

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Cassette Tape Business Card Case

If you know a business man or woman who has an affinity for music, they will find this gift idea for musicians awesome. The wooden business card case, crafted from luxurious walnut, is handpainted with the image of a cassette tape on the front. The lid secures with a magnet and can be folded back into a stand to display the cards on a desk. Any friend nostalgic for the era of cassettes will appreciate this music related gift.

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I’ll Always Pick You Guitar Pick Keychain

For the very special music lover in your life, this keychain is a good gift choice to share a loving sentiment. This cheap gift idea is made from aluminum in the shape of a guitar pick. The words “I’ll always pick you” are hand stamped into the aluminum for an everlasting message that will resonate with your loved one. This keychain is a music lover gift that will be especially meaningful for anyone in love.

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Bluetooth Connected and App Guided Smart Ukelele

Do you know someone who wants to learn the play the ukelele? This very cool gift will help them achieve just that. The maple and spruce wood ukelele has Bluetooth connectivity capabilities and a designated app that guides the user on the right notes to play and where to place their fingers on the neck. This very cool gift will have your recipient playing the ukelele proficiently in no time.

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Reclaimed Sheet Music Wine Stopper

If you are in search of sophisticated unisex gift ideas for music fanatics, this wine stopper is a top of the line choice. The base of the stopper is a stainless steel plug that is kitchen grade. The music theme is elegantly incorporated on top with a strip of sheet music wound around a violin peg and suspended in a block of resin. This music related gift will be cherished every time your recipient preserves a bottle of wine.

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Vintage Record Wall Bottle Opener

Any friend who loves music and beer will appreciate this very good vintage style wall bottle opener. This music lover gift features an old 45 record from the genre of your choice as the wall mountable base of the opener. At the center of the record, the stainless steel bottle opener is fashioned to resemble a record player adapter for 45s. This unusual gift will be a welcome addition to any den, bar area, or man cave.

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Flowers Made From Vintage Sheet Music

A bouquet of fresh flowers make for a lovely gift, but they have a very short shelf life. The best gift ideas for lovers of music and blooms are these delicately handmade sheet music flowers. Using pages from a songbook from 1892, petals and leaves are carefully cut and joined using florist tape and wire. You can choose from five different amounts of flowers between 1 and 30, and specify whether leaves should be included. These gifts for music lovers will be loved and displayed for all to see.

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Vintage Vinyl Wall Record Clock

If you are searching for a useful gift for a nostalgic music fan, this vinyl record clock is the best choice. A record from the genre of your choice serves as the base of the wall clock. Metal hands are affixed to the label of the record and four numbers are spaced around the outside edges of the vinyl to measure the minutes and hours. This unique vintage gift idea for musicians is a very good addition to your friend’s home studio.

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Personalized 45 Record Framed Wall Art

Personalized gifts for musicians are great options for the room where they like to spend their time playing. As they practice, they likely envision themselves winning awards or breaking sales records. You can help to boost their ego even further with this funny gift. A 45 record is encased in a glass frame and features your choice of one of two customized labels. Your friend’s name, a song title, and any other information relating to the occasion will be proudly displayed to serve as their muse and encouragement.

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Treble Clef Bangle Band Bracelet

Jewelry is always a good option for a music-themed gift for any woman on your list. This bangle bracelet is simple and elegant in its design, featuring the bass clef at the clasp of a single thin band that wraps around the wrist. In order to customize it for your recipient’s tastes, you can choose from a variety of materials, including brass, silver, and gold. You can also select to have the treble clef in a gold or silver finish. This cheap gift is a cute gift that can be worn for any occasion.

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Personalized Wooden Pick with Guitar Shaped Holder

A personalized pick is a very special and unique gift for musicians, especially when it includes a message of love. This pick is carved from American walnut and engraved with a sentiment of your choosing. To make this music-themed gift even more perfect, it comes nestled in a box that is crafted from pine to resemble the body of a guitar. The box is also able to be engraved with any message you choose. You can even select the font style used to make a truly personalized and very cool present.

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Wooden Music Themed Serving Boards

These wooden serving boards make awesome gifts for music lovers. Available in the shape of a guitar, violin or piano, this unique and unusual gift can be very meaningful for a musician who plays one of these instruments. Each cutting board is crafted from Nova Scotia yellow birch and features pewter headstock, pegbox and keys depending on the style selected. There is also an option to purchase a 6-inch pewter spreader with a treble clef embellishment on the handle. These gifts for musicians will be loved by any recipient.

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Wood and Steel Headphone Stand

Looking for unisex gift ideas for a music lover in your life? This beautifully crafted stand is a good gift for any avid listener who wants to keep their high-quality headphones in pristine condition. The natural oak wood base provides a solid foundation for the black steel arm that angles at the top to create a natural resting spot. The sleek design and natural colors give this music related gift a sophisticated look that any recipient would be proud to display.

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Retro Vinyl LP Men’s Watch

If you are searching for a gift idea for musicians in your life, this funny watch will be a hit with anyone on your list. The face of the watch features a photo replica of a USSR label Melodiya vinyl record. The plating behind the face is available in either silver, gold, black or rose gold to best match with the recipient’s preferences. The faux leather wristband is available in either white or black to further customize the gift for your friend. Any recipient of this watch will agree that it is a fun gift for music lovers.

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Headphones Patent Poster Wall Art

When considering gift ideas for a friend who appreciates the history and science behind the music, this wall art makes for a cool present. This print features the blueprints from the patent for headphones and is available in print sizes ranging from 5×7 to 24×36 inches. You can choose from canvas, matte print, or framed print as well as customize the background color from 14 different options in order to best suit the decor. This unique gift for musicians will be an interesting addition to any home music space.

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Personalized Guitar Stand and Pick Holder

For a guitar player on your shopping list, this personalized guitar stand a great music lover gift. Cut from solid oak, this stand features two sturdy hexagonal pegs that securely support the headstock to display your guitar. A ridge is carved along the top of the stand for storing guitar picks so that they are easily at hand. You can customize the guitar stand for your recipient with a personalized message of up to 90 characters to be engraved on the front. Any guitar player will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this great gift idea.

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Girl Playing Piano Silver Pendant Necklace

Anyone who appreciates vintage style jewelry and has a fondness for music will love this unique gift idea. This pendant necklace features a silhouette image of a young girl playing the upright piano placed upon a sheet music backdrop. The 1-inch pendant is silver plated with the image covered by a glass dome. An 18-inch silver plated snake chain hangs perfectly to allow the beautiful necklace to be on full display. This unusual gift would be one that anyone would love to unwrap.

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29 Unique Gifts for Any Music Lover

Those with an affinity for music are usually accustomed to receiving an abundance of records or accessories for the instrument they play. If you are in search of a gift for a music lover in your life, look no further than this list. Any of these unique and useful items would be well-loved and appreciated for many years to come.

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