29 Adorable Mason Jar Gifts that are Sure to Delight Everyone

Best Mason Jar Gift Ideas

If you need a gift for a friend who loves to can their garden harvests, or a grandmother who’s crazy about jam, you’re in the right place. This curated list of mason jar gift ideas is sure to satisfy the canning fanatic in your life. The aesthetic look of the mason jar also makes it a fun addition to rustic decoration schemes and interior décor. If you are on the search for a fun or quirky gift for the younger generation, we can assist you in that endeavor as well. Creative minds abound when incorporating the mason jar into jewelry and clothing as well! We’ve prepared a list of the best mason jar gifts out there.

29 Fun Gift Ideas Inspired by Mason Jars

Best Mason Jar Gifts

Flavorful Homemade Sauce Press

This product is a useful gift for those who like to puree their canned foods. This homemade sauce press is a stainless steel hand-crank model that fits perfectly on top of a standard mason jar. This product claims to make silkier tomato sauce than an electric food processor! This gift has the feature of being small and easy to store, making it a fantastic gift for grandparents who have downsized or for college kids who enjoy making their own applesauce.

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Tasty Beef Jerky Set Gift Idea

This great gift idea includes four flavors of beef jerky inside a sealed jar. This is an awesome present as far as gifts in a jar go, because you get four flavors of juicy jerky in one set. This gift has a long shelf life, which makes it ideal for people who like to go hunting or fishing. This awesome present idea in a jar is a great small gift idea for Father’s Day or your husband’s next birthday.

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Cool Mason Jar Radio Gift Idea

An inventive little radio is placed inside a mason jar to create this one-of-a-kind present. This cool gift comes pre-tuned to your favorite FM radio station and is portable for maximized usability. The look of the jar is classic and perfect for someone who considers themselves a minimalist. As far as present ideas go, this is one of the best mason jar gifts for quirky teens and rustic contemporary home design. This piece would make great mason jar decor.

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Quirky and Fun Art: Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

This mason jar gift idea is a piece of art that displays a zippered bag and mason jar. This is one of those unique unisex gift ideas that make a great piece of mason jar decor. If you have a quirky cousin who enjoys contemporary art, this might be the gift for them. A small piece of art is among the best mason jar gifts for canning aficionados who enjoy fun art. Adding to the quality of this item is the fact that it is hand-blown in China!

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Money Jar

This present in a jar is a money jar for someone’s travel fund. If you have a person in your life that enjoys adventure, consider this among the best mason jar gifts for them. This product has the added feature of customization options, including initials and words inscribed on the front. This cute gift idea in a jar would also be a great gift for younger ones to learn the value of saving. If you have young kids in your life who would like to go on vacation, teach them to save with this handy mason jar decor for their room. A vinyl record theme would make this an unusual gift, but it all comes together with the customized inscription!

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Crochet Fish

This cute gift idea includes a crochet fish inside a mason jar. This is one of those beyond cute gifts in a jar. It is reminiscient of the art of taxidermy. This Fish In A Jar is one of the best mason jar gifts if you are looking for a cheap gift idea. Ornamental gifts in a jar add a flare of fun to the atmosphere of any room. If you need a small gift idea for a coworker or close friend, consider this cool present.

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Romantic Reasons Why I Love You Jar Gift

This fun gift is one of the best mason jar gifts for romantic themed present ideas. This jar is packed full of fifty two reasons why you love your significant other. It can be personalized and is an unusual gift for her on Valentine’s Day that displays true affection. The handmade label and simple design mean that it will make a great addition to any bedroom. You can tuck it away or display it proudly. If you want love in the form of a present in a jar, this Reasons Why I Love You Jar Gift is sure to please.

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Cute Smoothie Diagram Mason Jar

A cute gift idea in a jar that features helpful information, this smoothie diagram mason jar makes a great gift for coworkers and friends. The best mason jar gifts are true to function, and these smoothie diagrams give helpful recipes on how to make healthy, great-tasting smoothies. The art displaying the different ingredients is wonderfully intricate and popping with color. If you need a unique gift idea or cool present for that wacky teacher when Teacher Appreciation Week comes, this might be it.

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Fun Personalized Sweets Container

If looking for a good gift for a new relationship, this gift idea in a jar is a great way to give her chocolates on a casual but upscale date. If you need a fun gift to give your significant other on an anniversary, you can inscribe a heartfelt message with your initials. You can even choose to put something funny and personal as an inscription. This is one of the best mason jar gifts if you need something small, cute and beautiful. Every day, you can add messages, furthering the value of this gift idea in a jar.

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Gourmet Breakfast Spread Gift Idea in a Jar

If you have a friend who lives to cook, one of the best mason jar gifts you could find would include fantastic food! This tasty jam is a present in a jar every time they need to improve their toast. Food is also one of the best unisex gift ideas, because everyone loves to eat. The gourmet berry spread is made with high-quality ingredients and shows through the glass jar with deep purple color. This might be a perfect present for any mason jar fanatic.

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Awesome Solar Powered Mason Jar

For one of the best but unusual gift ideas, this solar powered light is a good place to start. This is one of the best mason jar gifts for outdoor enthusiasts and families who enjoy camping. The top of this mason jar has solar panels that create up to twelve hours of light through the glass component. Not only do you get clean energy lighting, but you get to enjoy the pleasant look of the jar. This is also a good cheap gift idea if you need something unique but budget-friendly.

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Mason Jar Kombucha Starter Kit

For the adventurers in your life, consider gifting them a kombucha starter kit. This unique gift idea is great for kids going off to college or for those who like to experiment in the kitchen. The simple packaging of this product makes it look very regal as the kombucha starts to ferment and take on color. This is also a useful gift because after the fermentation process is complete, the receiver can actually consume the product. Perfect for giving to those who would like to try canning something new in their mason jars.

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Awesome Survival Kit Inside a Mason Jar

This great gift idea is a jar full of survival items, and is called The Hunter by the manufacturer. If you need a manly gift to show him how much you care, this might be it. The 64 ounce mason jar contains many outside survival tools, such as a compass, matches and a pocket knife. The kit even contains hand warmers, which can help if you know that the person you need a gift for enjoys winters outdoors. As far as masculine gift ideas with a mason jar theme go, this survival kit hits the mark.

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Epic Grow-Your-Own Palm Tree Mason Jar Kit

This awesome kit allows you to gift your friend, coworker or family member with a palm tree growing kit! This kit includes all the essentials to get the tree growing and thriving. With the soil pellet, seeds and adequate space inside the mason jar for growth, this product is sure to please the gardener in your life. If you have been looking for a cool gift to give your college-bound cousin, this is it! Adding greenery to any room can boost mood and confidence. This is a good gift on many levels!

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Smooth and Cute Lunch Jar with Sleeve

This simple gift features a vacuum sealed mason jar with a glass lid attached, a utensil and a smooth neoprene plastic sleeve with handles. The fitted bag feature is beneficial because it helps to keep your food safe and the glass from breaking. If you need a gift for that favorite teacher of yours, this is a good choice! Other options include for your coworker who always brings their lunch in a plastic bag. A huge advantage of this product is that it promotes sustainability. If you have an environmentalist in your life, this bag would benefit them!

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Cute Mini Jar with Messages Inside

This beautiful mini-gift is hand-crafted and makes a beautiful gift for a friend or loved one. When you want to show how much you care, putting feelings into words can be hard. If someone you know is going through a difficult time and you want to show support, this could be a great gift for them. You could also spice things up and put funny jokes in the jar. When tough times hit, your friend will know you love and support them. The colors and look of this gift is gorgeous. The multi-colored notes make a beautiful pattern behind the glass jar.

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Healthy Breakfast Jar with Measuring Lid

If you need a gift for the health nut in your life, this cheap gift idea might work. Overnight oats and breakfast parfaits are a healthy snack that can be made, stored and eaten right out of this container. The perk of this particular gift is that the lid has measurements on it. When you have to make your overnight oats quickly and efficiently, the lid helps you out. If you know of a busy coworker who might enjoy this gift around the holidays, it is budget-friendly. This also makes a cool and funny gift for the gym enthusiasts.

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Brilliant Coffee Cold Brew Mason Jar Set

If you have the need for both caffeine and functionality, this coffee brew set is the perfect gift for you. Sometimes the day can get so hectic, stopping to make a cup of coffee can get in the way of the more important things. The functionality of this cold brew set allows you to easily and quickly make a fresh cup of coffee. This is a fantastic gift for new moms and those who are always on-the-go. Some of the best mason jar gifts embrace the need for a bit of caffeine!

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Beautiful and Small Bunny Rabbit Silhouette Jar

This intricate gift features a nightlight with the silhouette of two rabbits in a field of grass. The small gift is perfect for those who need a bit of light at night to sleep. For your younger generations, this nightlight is a perfect gift idea. The mason jar is brushed over with a layer of matte finish, allowing for a soft glow of light to penetrate the open spaces between the rabbits. This might also make a spot-on gift for Easter, because the rabbits are cute reminder of the holiday’s mascot.

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Delicate Fairy Lights in Mason Jar

This product features an array of delicate fairy lights suspended in a mason jar. The benefit of this mason jar gift idea is that it helps decorate the room with light from a magical source. If you have a small child who would like a gift that inspires her, this is a fantastic choice.

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Simple Engraved Mason Jar

This engraved mason jar is meant to spell out your love for your significant other. The personalized inscription can contain your names and a love note. The inscription is white on the clear background of the jar, and is positioned around a circle for added elegance. As an added feature, this jar comes with a lid. This makes it a solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts. It also has a large, functional handle!

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Inspired Weight Loss Jars

For those who love the gym and are always looking to improve themselves, this is a gift for them! These personalized weight loss jars are meant to inspire the user with positive affirmations and a commitment to their health. The look of these jars is serious in nature, with the tokens and the inscription bands radiating a brushed silver color. If you are looking for a present to give to a gym buddy or a close personal friend who is trying to stay motivated to go to the gym, this is the gift you might need.

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Elegant Mason Jar Sconce

Looking for a gift that’s a bit more in the home decoration arena? This mason jar inspired sconce features a rustic backboard, an antique colored light fixture and a large Edison bulb inside of a mason jar. The unit comes fully equipped with wiring and is ready to hang and plug in! Because this product is handmade, you can get certain customizations on the metal and plug type. If you’re looking for a good piece of décor for a close friend, this mason jar sconce is a good choice.

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Hands-On Herbal Tea Kit

If you’re looking for a gift for a gardener, this grow-your-own herb garden is a good place to start. Complete with everything you might need to get started on a small indoor garden, this kit includes three varieties of seeds that taste great in the kitchen. The seed packets, soil tabs and mini jars all make this project quick and easy on the receiver. If you need a good gift for the apartment dweller in your life, this would make a good addition to their windowpane!

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Rustic Set of Four Mason Jar Cannisters

This set of four mason jars will help even the most hectic of kitchens stay organized. Sizes include one large, two medium and one small mason jar cannister. If you need a gift for a busy parent or someone who likes add style to their organization, this is a perfect gift for them. In addition to functionality, these cannisters are decorated in a rustic brushed style that adds to each piece’s unique look.

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Personalized Mason Jar

This lovely simple gift features a personalized mason jar, complete with lid and handle. An awesome feature of this product is the hole in the metal lid that fits a standard-sized straw. This feature makes this mason jar gift a perfect choice for smoothie enthusiasts and those who like their drinks to-go. The personalization can even include simple shapes, such as a heart or a star. This can mean you get the chance to make your gift truly meaningful.

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Wholesome Bourbon Pecan Pie Filling

Looking for a hearty gift to give an uncle or best friend who loves pie? This bourbon-flavored pecan pie filling might hit the spot. The ingredients used to create this pie filling are simple and flavored after a particularly famous Kentucky state fair winner. The packaging is rustic and inspired, lending the receiver eager to make the pie. When it comes to cooking ability needed, this pie filling is ready to go in the oven once it’s put in an uncooked pie crust. This feature makes this gift fantastic for all ages.

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Quirky Leafy Greens Garden Jar

These beautiful blue mason jars feature all the components you need to get a leafy party started! Garden and salad enthusiasts will unite and praise this gift for it’s inventive way of growing fresh salad greens. The two options you can choose from are sourced from heirloom, non-GMO seeds and are packaged in airtight mason jar containers. If you need a good gift for someone who like salads, this mason jar gift set is ideal.

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29 Cute Mason Jar Gifts

Mason jars are functional and almost always serve the purpose of carrying something important. The benefit of a mason jar as a gift includes the intuitive care you put into the relationship with your gift receiver. From functional coffee brew sets to lovely little jars of love notes, the theme of your gift will give the receiver a constant sense of their value to you. We hope you had fun looking through some of the best mason jar gift ideas!

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