29 Kids Stocking Stuffers that are Adorable and Unique

Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas

When the holidays come around, you may find yourself wondering what to purchase as kids stocking stuffers for your children. These gifts can sometimes feel like an afterthought, but are very important to your children. Instead of giving your children the standard gifts you find in holiday aisles of big box stores, consider this list of wonderful stocking stuffers instead. Your children will be amazed and delighted to find any of these inside their Christmas stocking this year! Whether you have a small toddler, a school-age child, or teenager, you are sure to find some great ideas for this holiday season. This list of Christmas stocking stuffers will give you inspiration to make this year memorable for your children.

29 Cute Kids Stocking Stuffers that are Perfect for the Holiday

Kids Stocking Stuffers

Cool Small Green Frog Dangle Earrings

Your young daughter will love to wear these frog dangle earrings to school or while with friends. These earrings are made from polymer clay and have detail on the earrings that help make the green frogs look whimsical and adorable. If you are looking for stocking fillers, these earrings are perfect for any young girl who likes jewelry.

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Unicorn Bracelet with Pink and Blue Cord

The unicorn bracelet is a fun idea for a stocking stuffer. Your daughter is sure to be delighted to find this in her stocking on Christmas morning! Made of sterling silver, the unicorn charm has blue, pink, and white accents on the mane. These accents complements the similar colors of the wax cord that attaches the bracelet together. The cord is also adjustable, making it a cool gift for kids of all ages.

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White Woolen Mouse Bookmark with Pink Tail

Kids stocking stuffers should be purchased with the individual in mind, and this mouse bookmark would be perfect for a child who loves reading. The adorable white woolen mouse sits atop a book, with its long pink tail holding the reader’s place in the book. This bookmark mouse is also available in brown, grey, and beige.

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White and Black Bear Enamel Mug

This enamel mug is a useful gift for anyone to receive. This adorable mug is durable and has a cute design of a bear face on the mug. Affordable and classic, this mug is the perfect vessel for hot chocolate or any other beverage. While your children may not expect to find this in their stocking, they will be thrilled to get their own adorable cup.

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Brightly Colored Plush Organ Toys

The plush organ toys are a unique gift idea for stocking stuffers. Available in a variety of human organ designs, these plush toys have cheerful facial expressions that help bring a smile to anyone’s face. These are funny gifts to receive, and you can purchase whichever one is most relevant for your loved one. In addition to stocking stuffers, you could give these plush organs as a get-well gift or for someone who is feeling down.

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Crocheted Black and White Zebra Stuffed Animals

This is a small gift idea that anyone would like to receive for a gift. You can purchase the mom zebra, a baby zebra, or both zebras together. Ideal for an animal lover, the crocheted zebras have brown hooves and black and white yarn manes. Your child is sure to find a place of honor for these stuffed animals in their room. For younger children, these stuffed zebras are great for little hands while in a stroller or car seat.

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Super Surprise Egg Assortment Toy

The surprise egg is a great stocking stuffers idea to help fill the holiday stocking. Your child will have an exciting time opening this toy and finding the plush toy, figurine, and sticker sheet. Colors and selection vary for this unusual gift, but your child is sure to love whichever variation they receive. A few of these surprise eggs in the bottom of a holiday stocking are sure to delight your child on Christmas morning!

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Poke Ball Pokémon Accessory Toy

Kids stocking stuffers for Pokémon fans can be difficult to find, but this Poke Ball is the perfect small gift idea. The electronic Poke Ball is used in conjunction with the Pokémon Go game and helps players catch Pokémon. When this Poke Ball is used, the player does not need to use their smartphone, as the ball will sense Pokémon nearby. Pokémon Go encourages players to be active and outside, so if you want to eliminate inside screen time, the Poke Ball is a great choice for a stocking stuffer.

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Faux Leather Fruit Coin Purse on Strap

The fruit coin purse is a cute stocking stuffers present for small children. This purse is made of a faux leather material in the shape of a peach, with details such as leaves and a stem. The cross body strap makes it easy for small children to carry it over their shoulder wherever they go.

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Blue Tranquil Turtle with Sound and Lights

This turtle definitely fits the criteria of a cool present. Besides being cute, the turtle is used as a nightlight as it projects an underwater scene around the room. The light can be set on a timer and different levels of brightness to best suit the child. In addition to the light, the turtle also plays relaxing sounds to lull your child to sleep. This kids stocking stuffers is sure to prove itself useful as your child uses it nightly throughout the year.

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Little Mermaid Night Light Globe

This is a unique gift for any Disney lover. The glass and resin globe features an underwater scene of Ariel sitting on a rock surrounded by greenery. The wooden base is personalized with the name of your loved one in a variety of color choices. To complete the beautiful look, pink roses are placed on the top and around the globe. A blue light illuminates the bottom of the underwater scene that gives any bedroom a light glow at night.

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Colorful Bird Infant Toy with Clip

The Clip and Go Flapping Fiona is brightly colored and interactive. This is a cheap gift idea for babies to receive in their stockings. The toy has many sensory options for children, such as moving the arms, listening to the crinkly noises, and pulling on the knit legs. This toy has a clip so you can attach it to a car seat or stroller to give your child entertainment while away from home.

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Black and Orange Taco Patterned Socks

What taco lover wouldn’t enjoy receiving these socks for a cool present? Stocking stuffers ideas should include a variety of items, and these socks can be easily slipped into a stocking. The black and orange socks feature delicious tacos with all the fixings. These unique socks are sure to become a staple on Taco Tuesday! The socks come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for fun sock day at school.

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Set of Handmade Dinosaur Crayons

The dinosaur crayons are good stocking stuffers for any child, especially one that loves dinosaurs. The crayons are handmade and are packaged in a reusable container. Your child will receive a variety of colors and dinosaur species in with this crayon stocking stuffers idea. In addition to the dinosaur crayons, you could add a coloring book to your child’s stocking stuffers so he or she can start coloring right after they open his or her gifts.

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Hug in a Box Brown Bear

The brown fleece bear is a great gift idea for anyone. The bear has extended arms and is ready for a hug anytime! Facial details are sewn on the bear by hand, from the felt nose and paws to the bead eyes. This is a fun gift for anyone to give or receive. Besides a stocking stuffer, this would be a great gift to give someone who is recovering from an illness or needs a cheerful note to his or her day.

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Painted Colorful Story Stones Set

Unique gift ideas are fun to give to people, and the story stones are no exception to this! The set of 15 stones are painted in bright colors and feature basic pictures. Children can use their imagination and create stories using these stones to help create the basis for their best stories. Your child will love to limit screen time when they have these story stones to build their imagination.

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Fleece Polar Bear Ornament Craft

If you are looking for stocking fillers, make sure you consider this fleece polar bear craft. This is a cool gift for any child who enjoys creating things, and you have the added benefit of an awesome ornament to hang on the tree in future years. The ornament kit comes with everything your child needs to make a simple and adorable polar bear ornament.

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LOL Surprise Hair Doll with Real Hair

This LOL Surprise doll is sure to thrill any little girl who receives this awesome gift. When they open the gift, they will be amazed to receive any of the assortment of dolls that are offered, including the cool glitterati dolls. This is a cheap gift idea that is sure to be a big hit at the holidays.

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Blue VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch

Unisex gift ideas often include electronic toys. This VTech smart watch is fun for children since it includes interactive features like games, a voice recorder, and learning apps. Children can also take pictures with the smart watch and share them with their families. This useful gift can help young children learn basic skills in an enjoyable way.

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Talking Buzz Lightyear Posable Toy

This stocking stuffers present is perfect for the Toy Story fans in your life! Buzz Lightyear speaks 15 different phrases and can be posed in different positions for imaginative play. The Buzz Lightyear toy is durable and includes batteries. Regardless of what other good gifts your child receives, the Buzz Lightyear toy is sure to be a favorite. They will love to push the button to hear the funny sayings that are directly from the Toy Story movie.

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Fun Harry Potter and Platform Figurine

Harry Potter gift ideas for children are fun to give, and this figure is no exception! This figurine displays Harry Potter entering Platform, the magic and secret entrance to King’s Cross Station. A great gift idea for Harry Potter fans, your child is sure to find a good spot on their bedroom shelf or dresser to display this gift.

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Cry Babies Dreamy Unicorn Toy

The Cry Babies Unicorn toy is adorable, but children will find this gift funny since the unicorn baby cries if you take its pacifier out of its mouth. If you do not replace it soon, the unicorn baby continues to cry even louder! Kids stocking stuffers should include a variety of toys, educational items, and treats, and this dreamy unicorn toy would be a great addition for stocking fillers.

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Marvel Universe Titan Hero Action Figures

The Marvel Universe Titan Hero action figures come in a pack of six assorted figures. Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Iron Man Stealth will be good for stocking stuffers for any child who likes action figures. The action figures are durable and small enough to bring with on car rides and overnight trips.

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Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise with Keychain

Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise might seem like an unusual gift to give, but slime is a very popular item among children. This toy comes with all the materials needed to make slime as well as a key chain and collectible toy baby bottle. A fun gift to give and receive, the child in your life is going to love making slime and feeding it to Poopsie Unicorn.

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Pastel Zoo Animal Bath Toys

The zoo animal bath toys are great unisex gift ideas for babies to receive for a stocking stuffers present. The animals are made of rubber and printed with soy-based ink that is safe for small children. Available in a variety of animals, you can pick the one that your child will love the most. Good for playing with in a relaxing bath or at playtime, the zoo animals are perfect for small hands.

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Set of Two Linen Plush Rabbits

These two adorable rabbits are good stocking stuffers that any child would love to receive. The bunny rabbits are created from linen fabric with expressive faces stitched on with embroidery thread. These will be great for older children to place on their dresser or small children to cuddle at naptime. This is one gift that children will love to see peeking out the top of their stocking on Christmas morning!

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LOL Surprise Baby Lil Bonbon

LOL dolls are ideal gift ideas for young girls. This popular doll includes a purse, a makeup surprise, and a bottle with glitter inside it. While you may not be able to choose which variation your loved one receives, your child is sure to enjoy any one of the designs they receive. Kids stocking stuffers for girls usually include dolls, and this LOL Surprise Baby is a great Christmas gift.

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29 Stocking Stuffers for Kids to Make their Holiday even Better

As the holidays approach, you may be starting to wonder what kids stocking stuffers to purchase. Good gifts are easy to find if you consider a person’s hobbies and interests. Instead of purchasing standard stocking stuffers, review this list to find some wonderful options for your children’s presents. You might decide to fill their stocking with fun action figures, fun bracelets and earrings, or a unique surprise like the Unicorn Slime. Regardless of what holiday gift you choose, you are sure to find some ideas to make stocking stuffers unique and memorable.

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