29 Unique Best Horse Gifts for Your Favorite Horse Fan

Horse Gift Ideas

Do you need some awesome gift ideas for people who ride horses, show horses, breed horses or simply just love horses? If so, we have the absolute best horse gifts listed for you here! Please enjoy reading about all different types of horse-themed gifts, made by artists from all over the world. Most items are handmade and you can tell that they put love into their creations when you see them. We have found totally unique gifts such as horseshoe trivets and horseshow wine racks. We have found some great home décor such as metal engraved signs and snow globes. We even have clothing and cosmetic bags on this list of best horse gifts! Have fun checking them out!

29 Best Horse Gifts for Horse Lovers of all Ages

Best Horse Gifts

Jumping Horse Pendant in Sterling Silver

Do you need a small gift idea that will still make a big statement? This gorgeous horse pendant is handmade in the Ukraine and is among the best horse gifts for any equestrian or horse lover. A little more than an inch in width and just about a third of an inch in height, this little horse is a delicate beauty for sure! The horse looks as if it is jumping, bringing some life to the necklace while remaining simple and petite.

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Personalized Horseshoe in a Heart Shaped Trivet

This trivet is a fantastically unusual gift that will have horse lovers talking! It is a standout piece that can be used either as an actual trivet or just as a beautiful decoration to add to any room in your home. Handmade in Idaho, each piece is made from sheet metal and recycled steel. These trivets are made from real horseshoes with metal added to each side to create the heart with curlicues. This cool present can also be personalized with a date, initials or both.

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Wrap Bracelet with Silver-Colored Horse Charm

If you need a cheap gift idea that does not look cheap, then this wrap bracelet is a good gift! It is made with faux suede that is really soft and comfortable. The charm with the horse is made from aluminum and hangs nicely from the suede. The bracelet is available in five different colors and it is made to fit all sizes. Simply wrap around until comfortable and tie a double knot. This beautiful bracelet is handmade in the United States.

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Casual Dress with Tie in Horse Print

This dress is a great gift for horse lovers! They can show off their personal style and still let the world know that they are lovers to the core. The gorgeous mid-length dress features outlines of horses in white on a black background. The repeat of the pattern all over is simply gorgeous. Dress it up with some heels or dress it down with a sweater. This is one of the best horse gifts on our list because it is so versatile.

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Personalized Horseshoe Necklace in Copper or Silver

This necklace makes such a beautiful present for horse lovers! Each one is made by hand, right down to the clasp. This means each is unique and special. The copper or silver is hammered into shape. It is great for engraving the recipient’s horse’s name. The engraving is done by stamping in the word that you choose to have engraved. These necklaces are also great unisex gift ideas because they would look fantastic on men or women.

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Personalized Hand Engraved High Ball Horse Glasses

This set of tumblers is a good gift for horse riders! There is a beautiful galloping horse engraved on each glass. The artist does such a fantastic job of showing the horse in motion. You may also choose to have a message engraved on the back of the glass. The glasses are dishwasher safe. Each is handmade in the United Kingdom and wrapped in tissue with a gift tag shaped like a heart and ribbon.

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Personalized Metal Sign with Two Horses

This stunning sign is made by a husband and wife team in Pennsylvania in the United States. They can be personalized with a horse’s name, a family name or even just the word “welcome”. Standing at twelve inches high, the sign boasts a horse eating grass alongside a foal which appears to be looking right at us. The word of choice is cut out of the metal below the horses. These signs are the perfect size to hang on a door.

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Hand Painted or Laser Engraved Doormat

Horse-themed gifts are so much fun when you can add to the décor of your home with them. This beautiful doormat will let you friends and family know as they reach your doorstop that they are entering a horse lover’s haven. You can choose to have the doormat either hand painted or laser engraved. The paint will add color to the doormat while the laser engraving will simply burn the design into the mat, which means the initial burned color will fade over time.

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Accessory Pouch with Printed Horse Design

As far as horse presents go, this one is such a fun gift! These pouches are made of a super cute fabric with little playful horses all over it. The pouch can be used for makeup, art supplies, jewelry or just about anything that you can think to fit inside. They are handmade in the United States and are available in two different sizes. They are designed with a flat bottom so that they stand well too!

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Cotton Horse Girl Shirt in Cool Colors

This is not only a cool gift, but it is a useful gift too! In fact, it tops our gifts for horse lovers! Why? Because it is totally on-trend with today’s design. Between the words “Horse” and “Girl” there is an arrow that is split with a horse in the center. Also, it is available in today’s most stylish colors. With five colors and six sizes to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you need.

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Wine Rack Designed from Reclaimed Horseshoes

Unisex gift ideas are easy to find when you have artists creating such amazing pieces! Women and men alike will love the look of this unique gift idea. Twelve horseshoes are arranged in a pyramid shape, six in the front and six in the back, to hold wine bottles perfectly. The reclaimed horseshoes make not only a useful gift, but a stylish one as well. This item will quickly become a point of conversation at any party! These are handmade in Idaho in the United States.

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Doormat Featuring Pearl the Unicorn

In searching for gifts for horse lovers, we stumbled upon this precious unicorn, Pearl! She boasts some fancy rainbow leg warmers, has rainbow hair, a beautiful mandala-inspired saddle and a sparkling gold horn. She is a funny, little unicorn and just may be exactly the unique gift idea that you have been looking for. Pearl will make a fun addition to any doorstep as she greets guests! This doormat is made with coconut fibers in India.

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Horse Lover Key Chain with Charms and Beads

This is one of the best horse gifts that we have found, particularly for girls. The whimsical key chain includes so many great pieces! It has a horse with a heart cut-out in it, an enamel heart charm, Swarovski crystal pearls and a large heart boasting the words “horse lover”. This collection of bits and baubles will delight the owner each time the need to find the right key! This piece is handmade in the United Kingdom.

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Engraved Musical Snow Globe with Rocking Horse

Here is another one of the best horse gifts that we have seen! Standing six inches tall, it is an adorable little snow globe and the perfect small gift idea! A sweet rocking horse made from glass sits inside with glitter as the snow. It plays “Brahms’ Lullaby”, just right for helping the little one get to sleep. The base of the globe has room for up to twenty-two characters of engraving. This would be a great gift idea for a new baby’s room!

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Paper Horse Head Craft Kit

We love gift ideas that also have some play value! These unique pre-cut and pre-scored paper kits allow the recipient to fold up the design and create their own masterpiece. The finished product is a horse head that can be hung on a wall. Available in nineteen different colors, you will be sure to find exactly the color that you need. People of all ages will enjoy this awesome present for horse lovers! This cool gift is handmade is Poland.

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Horse Print Blouse with Pocket Detail

This blouse is one of our favorite horse-themed gifts! It is beige in color and boasts black silhouettes of playful horses in groups in a repeating pattern that covers the entire shirt. This blouse does not have a collar and is easy to dress up with some nice jewelry or dress down with a pair of comfy jeans. There is some button detail in the middle on the top as well. The pocket detail makes this blouse standout as a stylish shirt for today!

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Live to Ride Wrap Bracelet

This wrap bracelet is a wonderful gift for horse riders! Available in eight different colors, this awesome bracelet is sure to please the recipient. The bracelet is handmade with faux leather and aluminum charms. The charm that boats the words “Live to Ride” is hand stamped. The artist will also allow for personalization if you prefer to have a name hand stamped onto this unique bracelet. You can also choose either a horse head charm or a horseshoe charm for the bracelet.

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Horse-Themed Gifts Funny Mug

If you know someone who is just crazy about horses or owns a lot of horses, then this is a great gift idea for them! The mug features a comical picture of a horse riding on another horse. It has the words “I was normal like 2 horses ago” written around the horses. What a funny sentiment! You know your horse-obsessed friends would love this! This mug is handmade in the United States and is available in five different styles, including a travel mug.

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Handmade Cosmetic Bags with Horse Design

Handmade in the United Kingdom, these cosmetic bags make a great present for horse lovers! They are lined with waterproof fabric, making them a top choice for toiletries. They are available in three colors and two sizes. Each has a zip top and stands on its own. The fabric design is of horses at various stages of show, such as jumping and performing dressage. Anyone who takes their horses to shows will appreciate the fine detail in the fabric design!

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Pillow with Watercolor Style Horse Design

A gorgeous watercolor horse adorns this throw pillow, making it one of our best horse gifts! It is handmade in the United Kingdom with faux suede for a super soft and comfortable pillow. There are four color choices for the backside of the pillow. It has a hidden zipper so that the cover can be removed from the pillow and washed, and it is machine washable. You can purchase just the cover, or purchase it with a feather or a fiber insert.

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Wooden Wall Art with Napoleon on a Horse

If you are looking for a cheap gift idea that still has a big impact, then this Napoleon wall art may be just the right thing! It is handmade in the United Kingdom and is available in two sizes. The pricing is commendable for such detailed work. A print of Napoleon crossing the Alps on horseback is applied to the wooden planked feature and then coated with a fine varnish to seal in the design. The horse truly shines in this picture!

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Horse Crossing Sign in Street-Sign Style

Perhaps a bit of an unusual gift, this sign will surely be a hit because it is also a totally unique gift idea. It is made to look like a traditional United States caution street sign with its diamond shape and yellow background. It boasts a black line just inside the border, a horse in the middle and the words “horse crossing”. It is handmade with an aluminum composite material to be weather resistant. This would be such a cool present to hang on a horse stall!

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Horse Blueprint Available in Arabian or Thoroughbred

The best horse gifts are ones that you cannot just walk into any store and buy, so this one is truly one of the best! Made in Portland, Oregon in the United States, this unique horse blueprint makes for beautiful home décor and also lets people know that you are a horse lover through and through. Each blueprint contains a picture of the chosen horse, along with many facts about the horse. It is as educational as it is stylish!

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Unique Handmade Needlepoint Equestrian Belt

We cannot think of a better gift for horse riders! Each time they get on their horse to take a ride, they can wear this stunning belt to show their love of their horse. Hand-stitched in Charleston, South Carolina in the United States, this belt has amazingly detailed horses with blankets stitched all the way around. Available in seven different sizes, you are certain to find the perfect fit! Each belt is adorned with a brass buckle and leather strapping.

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Bank with Rainbow Unicorn Named Elwood

In searching for horse presents, we found this fun gift! This bank has the general round shape that traditional piggy banks have, but it is a unicorn instead. What a cute, chubby little unicorn Elwood is, and he will take great care of your coins until you would like to use them. Elwood was handmade in Pennsylvania in the United States out of stoneware and is painted beautifully by the artist. This is a good gift for anyone who is saving their pennies!

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Classic Cut Dress with Horseshoe Print

This beautiful dress by Warehouse is one of our favorite gift ideas! The recipient will look so cool in this dress that can be dressed up or down easily with accessories. It has a black background with three different colors of horseshoes. Sitting just above the knee, it is perfect for warm days. The flouncy sleeves are just gorgeous and the button detail in the front is the perfect finishing touch! This dress definitely sits at the top of our favorite horse presents.

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Handcrafted Wooden Horse Race Game of Chance

Handcrafted by a husband and wife team in Missouri in the United States, this horse race game is one of the best horse gifts that we could find! There is a good chance that any horse lover would enjoy this one-of-a-kind game designed by talented artists. Roll the dice to see how far your horse can move along the board, but use strategy because there are different numbers needed for different lanes. This game can be played with two to twenty players!

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29 of the Best Horse Gifts to Inspire Equestrians

We hope that you loved reading our list of the best horse gifts as much as we loved creating it for you! Be sure to check out more details about these cool gifts. The amazing artists are from all over the world and have put a great detail into their awesome works. From doormats to many different types of jewelry, there is something for horse lovers of all ages to enjoy. We are certain that anyone you are purchasing these horse-themed gifts for will absolutely love any of them. Perhaps you are considering some for yourself? Enjoy!

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