29 Awesome Whiskey Gifts that are Perfect for Every Occasion

Best Gift Ideas for Whiskey Lovers

If you find yourself looking for a gift for someone who is impossible to buy presents for, ask yourself if they enjoy whiskey or bourbon and if the answer is yes, then we have compiled some of the best gifts for whiskey lovers that will help you on your search.

However, we understand that just because you are looking for a great gift idea, everyone is different and so are the things they like. This is why we have added a range of different types of whiskey gifts from glasses to decanters to various odds and ends that are whiskey themed for you to choose from. After all, we understand that tastes vary, and you should make sure you are choosing something that your loved one would want not something for yourself. With that being said, here are the top gift ideas to help you along.

The Top 29 Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Personalized Fox Hound Set Whiskey Gift Idea

When looking for one of the best gifts for whiskey lovers, this beautiful glass set will set you apart from the eyes over your favorite whiskey lover. You purchase the set with just the glasses or the glasses set and box. The set comes with a single glass, a fox hound coaster, 3 whiskey stones, and the wooden box, which can be personalized with their name, date, or initials. Plus, if you get the box with the set, you can choose to have it made out of a light or dark oak, which just adds another customizable feature to this awesome gift idea.

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TASTYADD Whiskey Jars Unusual Gift

Each one of these whiskey gifts comes with three different jars of unique blends of cane sugar cubes, freeze-dried fruits, and spice/botanicals that will allow for an interesting whiskey drinking experience. With these whiskey jars, they can create new and delicious whiskey blends for any occasion. Overall, this will be a useful gift for any whiskey lover that is interested in refining their favorite whiskey beverage to a whole new level.

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The Perfect Beard Tonic For Whiskey Lovers

One of the things that makes the one of the best gifts for whiskey lovers is that you can choose between three different editions. Each one is specialized to provide a slightly different result. The organic oil has a very small odor, but the scent it does give off is a subtle cedarwood. The whiskey gives a warm oil smell, and the gold label is meant for thicker beards. Each edition comes in two sizes of bottles, which allows you to choose.

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Beautiful Irish Whiskey Barrel Wooden Tie Clip

When looking for an interesting whiskey gift idea, this can make be one of the best gifts for whiskey loves. It will allow them to show their love and appreciation for all things whiskey, while using this useful gift. Each clip is carved out of a old recycled Irish whiskey barrel stave. The clip is made out of a silver plated material, and it will add a gentle and sophisticated touch to any suit and tie for any occasion.

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Top of the Line Whiskey Decanter Set

This whiskey decanter set will make an unusual but cool whiskey gift idea. You can choose between getting the front of the decanter engraved or both sides engraved. Plus, you can opt to purchase the decanter with either two or four glasses. To make this a special and unique gift, you can even add a small personalized message to the back of the decanter, if you choose the option to with purchase. These sets also make excellent gifts for bourbon lovers, as well.

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Personalized 3-Liter White Oak Barrel

All of these barrels are made out of white oak, and they are capable of holding up to 3 liters of your favorite whiskey lover’s beverage. Every barrel is handmade, and you can choose between different styles to the face of the barrel to make it personalized and beautiful for the individual whiskey or bourbon lover that you are purchasing it for. The useful nature of this exquisite gift makes it one of the best gifts for whiskey lovers, available on the market.

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Great Personalized Whiskey Barrel Signs

For anyone that loves whiskey and bourbon, this beautiful handcrafted wooden d├ęcor sign will make a great gift idea for them. You are able to personalize the sign with different patterns, and you are able to add specific names and messages that make every sign unique for the whiskey lover in your life. Plus, it will show them how much you love, care, and understand their loves and interests.

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Take The Minibar With You Everywhere

Whiskey and bourbon lovers enjoy their beverages everywhere, and this is a perfect way to show that you care and let them travel in style. The set comes in a fun and cute leather traveling case. It will allow them to bring their favorite beverage to any occasion from a block party to the next family barbecue. The set comes with everything they need to mix their favorite drink combinations on the go, and all of the bottles are dishwasher safe.

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Whiskey Beard Oil and Candle Combo Set

If you are looking for a bourbon gift idea, this is one of the best gifts for bourbon lovers. It’s not only a cheap gift idea, but it is also a useful gift that they will be able to use on a daily basis. Just because they love whiskey and bourbon doesn’t mean the only way you can let them express their love is through the actual drink. This beard oil is designed to help soften their beard to keep it from become rough, and the candle will give off a soft warm scent of their favorite booze.

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Handmade Personalized Whiskey Glass with Option of Gift Box

These glasses make the best gifts for whiskey lovers, and they allow you to add your own personal touch to each set, to ensure that your favorite whiskey lover knows that you were thinking about them. You are able to customize the glass to include a sentence that defines how you feel about them. Plus, you are able to choose six other one word qualities that they possess. Each glass is from a high quality engraved glass, which adds class and one of the best gift ideas, available.

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Perfect Tea Towel for Whiskey and Bourbon Lovers

When looking for the best gifts for whiskey lovers, this small tea towel is a cheap gift idea that can work for unisex gift ideas, as well. The towel is made out of a soft cotton, and it shows the history of whiskey, and some of the most popular old fashioned drinks and cocktails. This makes it a good gift for anyone that loves their whiskey and the knowledge of where it came from. The best thing about this small gift idea is that it is machine washable, which means it also a useful gift.

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Great Antique Bourbon Glass Set

If you are looking for a bourbon gift idea, these beautiful bourbon glasses are set in a copper finish to give them a unique antique look. This is a good gift that can be given to bourbon lovers as a cool present idea that they can constantly continue to use on a regular basis. The set comes with 2 250 ml glasses, which makes them the ideal size for drinking beverages like whiskey or bourbon.

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Bookend Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

These bookends add a fun and interesting conversation piece to any home or study, and this is just one reason why they are a cool gift to give for any occasion. Each set of bookends are made out of reclaimed oak bourbon barrels, and they are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, which makes them cool and good for the environment, since they use recycled materials and are entirely handmade, unlike many other ordinary gift ideas.

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Cute Beer Barrel Signs for Bourbon Lovers

If you have been searching for a cool present for a fellow bourbon or whiskey lover, one of these beautiful beer barrel signs might be the best option. This can be a fun gift, and it is a unique gift idea that has an old-world feel to it, which is excellent for anyone that enjoys older antique type fixtures for their home. Plus, you are able to personalize these signs with various details that match your bourbon lover’s personal information.

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The Bootleg Barrel Kit

These are cute old-fashioned bootleg barrels that are both funny and awesome for anyone that enjoys their bourbon and whiskey. You are able to choose between four different types of whiskey and bourbon to come with this beautiful barrel kit. It might be a small gift idea, but it is also a fun and interesting way to display their favorite drink. Plus, you are able to have the face of the barrel personalized to show off their name or initials, depending on which option you prefer.

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Scratch Off Whiskey Distilleries Print Bourbon Gift Idea

This is a beautiful and fun gift that will actually provide your favorite whiskey lover with an interactive whiskey present, besides the usual bottle of their favorite whiskey. You can choose to have this print framed in either a black or white painted wooden frame, and you can even choose to have it personalized with a personal message that will always remind them of you. With this print, they can scratch off any of the distilleries that they have personally visited.

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Spinning Whiskey Decanter Whiskey Present

If you are looking for one of the best gifts for whiskey lovers that also enjoy geography or traveling, this is the perfect but unusual gift you can find. Each decanter is shaped like the world, and it sits on a wooden stand that gives it the illusion of being a globe. Each decanter holds 23 ounces of liquid, and in the center of the decanter has a beautifully etched warplane ornament that makes this a cool gift for those that also are interested in warplanes, as well.

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Funny Crosshatch Whiskey Wall Art

This is a good whiskey present that you can give to allow your favorite whiskey lover to show off their love for the beverage. Each of the wall art pieces are handmade, and this makes it one of the best gifts for whiskey lovers available, due to them being completely unique. Each piece is printed on a thick and durable archival paper that is made with museum quality. It can easily be put in any room to make a statement about those that live or work there.

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Personalized Whiskey Glass Tumbler Cheap Gift Idea

The best gifts for whiskey lovers will allow them to enjoy their favorite beverage whenever they are feel the urge. These glasses are made out of glass, and they hold up to 10.25 ounces. When purchasing these glasses, you can have them personalized with your favorite whiskey lover’s name, which makes it a unique gift specifically for them to enjoy whenever they feel like indulging in their favorite beverage.

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Fun Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

It can be difficult to find a small gift idea for a bourbon or whiskey lover, but these chillers are a fun and interesting way to give them enjoy an aspect of their favorite sport, while also enjoying a chilled delicious glass of their favorite whiskey. This is a cheap gift, but it comes with 2 golf ball whiskey chillers, a canvas pouch, and an oak wood holder that will allow them to display the chillers when not being used.

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WWII Authentic Gear Coasters for Whiskey and Bourbon

When you choose to purchase this beautiful and useful gift, you can choose to purchase a set of coasters or a single one. Each of these coasters are made from Pratt & Whitney radial engine gears from WWII. The 2019 edition is transparent, and they are made out of metal, which means that they are all sturdy, which makes them perfect for any study or home to help protect the wooden finish of furniture.

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Fun Whiskey Cocktail Print Wall Art

Does your whiskey lover also love to enjoy different whiskey cocktails? If so, this is one of the best gifts for whiskey lovers you could possibly purchase. You can choose between different sizes, and you can also choose the drink units that will be displayed on the wall art poster, allowing you to have some sense of personalization to your gift.

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Scotch Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

Having a toothpick handy is always important, and you can give these delicious tasting toothpicks to your favorite whiskey lover. They will allow them to enjoy the subtle flavor of their favorite beverage every time they use one of these infused toothpicks. These toothpicks are not intended for anyone under the age of 21, because they are infused with a single malt scotch.

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Personalized Engraved Whiskey Decanter Bottle

This is a unique gift idea that can be given to anyone for various occasions, and you can choose to purchase just the decanter or with an optional wooden box. You can request to have the decanter custom designed or use the basic design. However with the basic design, you can still have it personalized with the name of your favorite whiskey lover.

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Cool Personalized Hip Flask for Whiskey Lovers

One of the best gifts for whiskey lovers that you can find is the gift of a flask that they can carry with them. This particular flask is cased in fine leather, and you can choose between a black, tan, and brown leather. Plus, you are able to customize the front of the flask with the name of the whiskey lover and any sort of job or position that they held, like best man.

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Old Fashioned Whiskey and Cigars Sign

This is a cheap gift idea that is extremely fun and interesting for anyone that enjoys their whiskey or antique signage. It comes in four different sizes, which means that you can purchase it specifically to fit in a particular room of your favorite whiskey lover’s possession to make them smile whenever they look at it.

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Useful Whiskey Wedge and Glass

This is an excellent present for anyone that enjoys their whiskey chilled. The glass is uniquely designed with a slope inside the glass that can be chilled to ice providing a deliciously chilled sip of their favorite whiskey or bourbon. Unlike other glasses, even though it has a silicone mold that freezes, the glass is dishwasher safe.

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Industrial Wooden Alcohol Dispenser Gift Whiskey Lovers

These alcohol dispensers are all handmade out of wood plastic and metal, and each one is made with custom parts that were modified to give the dispenser a vintage industrial look. However, this dispenser is not just for looks. All of the fittings that are use for the dispenser are drink safe, and it fits most regular sized bottles that reach up to 1 liter.

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29 of the Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Overall, you need to always consider who you are purchasing the gift for. This is why we have added a range of different types of whiskey gifts that can fit various occasions and personalities to help ensure that you are able to find meaningful unisex gift ideas that your favorite whiskey lover will cherish and adore for a long time to come!

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