29 Godmother Gifts to Show How Much You Love Her

Godmother Gift Ideas

A godmother plays a special role in the family she is a part of—someone who loves unconditionally, supports without question, and trusts her godchild as they grow and mature. The bond between godmother and godchild is one that is every bit as strong as that of a mother and child, and those of us who have been lucky enough to have our very own “fairy godmothers” know that we have been blessed beyond measure.

Whether you’re a godmother looking for a gift for her new godchild, or a family member looking for a way to let your godmother know how grateful you are for everything she’s done for you, there are a wealth of gorgeous, timeless gifts available today that will help anyone who receives them feel your love.

29 Godmother Gifts That Will Make Anyone Feel Loved

Godmother Gifts

Cool Like My Godmother Baseball Tee Bodysuit

The best gift for godmothers who are just about as cool as they come, this super cute bodysuit lets everyone know exactly where your godson or daughter got all their cool points! The soft cotton blend makes this bodysuit a great gift idea for babies with sensitive skin, and the baseball tee style and adorable sunglasses design makes sure that your godchild can have all the street style that they deserve—without any of the hassle of wearing actual sunglasses!

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Handmade Heart of Lace Necklace

This beautiful handmade necklace is the perfect gift either from a godmother to her goddaughter or the other way around. If you’re looking for a truly unique piece of jewelry that lets your goddaughter know how much you think of her—or if you’re looking to show your child’s godmother how much they mean to you—this necklace is made of a delicate piece of lace that has been hand trimmed and dipped in copper and gold for that gorgeous glimmer.

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Rustic Floral Christmas Ornament

The perfect badge of honor to let someone know just how proud you are to be a godmother (or how proud you are that they’re your godmother), this personalized Christmas ornament is made of flawless porcelain, painted and glazed with a floral, rustic design. The ornament can be personalized with important dates in baby’s life as a gift to the parents, or with the year that the godmother was first selected as a truly heartwarming gift for godmothers during the holidays.

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Simple Soothing Crystal Cuff Bracelet

A cool present for the godmother who’s always being pulled in a million different directions, this simple bracelet features a crystal of your choice. With onyx for perseverance, rose quartz for love, or aventurine for balance, whatever stone you choose will serve as a quiet, constant reminder of how strong the bond between family members truly is, and how much the person wearing the bracelet can always rely on that same family for steady support, unconditional love, and constant encouragement.

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Hand-Stamped Godmother Charm Necklace

A wonderful godmother present that can easily be kept close at hand, this fun, pretty necklace is a unique piece of jewelry that features the name of the child, the name of the godmother, and the child’s birthstone. Whether you want to give your goddaughter a cute charm necklace to remind her of your love, or if you want your godmother to know how much she means to you, this necklace is a great choice for a small, heartfelt gift!

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Personalized Name and Cross Godmother Necklace

Another small gift idea that still provides a bit of simple, elegant charm, this small bar and cross necklace is the perfect christening gift for a little girl who is just starting on her walk with Christ. With a fun, clean design available in either silver, gold, or rose gold, this necklace is pretty, minimalist, and oh-so-sweet. The simplistic look makes it a good fit for small children, as the necklace is easy to clean for even the most outdoorsy types!

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Godmothers are a Blessing Cross Charm Keychain

A beautiful godmother present for the woman who needs something small, sweet, and close at hand, this keychain is an awesome small gift idea! The brushed copper, aluminum, and silver charms can be personalized with the godchild’s name, and the heartfelt message on the largest charm serves as a great reminder of just how important a godmother is in her child’s life. The affordable price also makes this keychain a good cheap gift idea for people who are looking to give gifts on a budget!

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Personalized Godmother Bracelet with Name and Birthstone

A simple, elegant gift for godmothers who appreciate the finer things, this handmade bracelet can be personalized with initials or birthstone charms. With a dainty, gorgeous design, the bracelet comes in either brass or brushed gold, and slides easily over the hand without needing a clasp or buckle. A fun gift for women who like simple, understated designs, the bracelet can be about as minimalist or as ornate as you want it to be with all those extra personalized touches.

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Sweet Elephant Meditation Statue

With their characteristic charm and contemplation, these sweet little elephants make a good gift for the godmother who needs a little bit of peace and quiet in her busy life. The cute design and rustic build of the zen elephants is instantly calming, and their sturdy construction makes them an awesome and unique gift idea for the godmother who likes to spend some time out in nature or even just in the backyard, taking a moment to catch her breath.

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Infinite Giving Tree Necklace

A truly unique gift idea, this infinitely looping necklace is cast and patterned on the gently twisted patterns found in twigs and tree branches in nature. Made of brass and sterling silver, the beautiful design speaks of the unending connection between family members. This unusual gift will certainly become a treasured heirloom, and is a wonderful godmother present idea for the woman who deserves a constant reminder of the love and trust shared between a godmother and her godson or goddaughter.

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A Godmother is Always There Winnie the Pooh Pillow

Decorated with the classic art of A.A. Milne’s beloved characters, this sweet throw pillow is a fun gift that still carries a simple, heartwarming message. Like many other gift ideas on this list, this pillow can work just as well as a gift from a godmother to her godchild as it does in reverse. No matter whether the godmother is the one getting or giving this pillow, the kind message and adorable art makes it a wonderful godmother present idea.

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Mid-Century Glowing Friendship Lamp

An extremely cool present for the godmother who lives far away, this lamp is actually one of a matched set. If you touch your hand to the top of the lamp, the top of the other lamp will light up with a soft glow, so that anyone who sees it will know that you’re thinking of them. No matter how great the distance between you and your loved ones, this is a godmother present idea that combines new technology and classic, heartfelt emotion.

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Personalized Sound Wave Audio Artwork

Another cool gift that integrates technology and art, this simple piece creates a visual representation of a personalized message. No matter the message, the artist will render the sound waves in colors of your choice, so that the recipient of this unusual gift will be able to see a constant reminder of whatever you want to tell them. Because both the message and colors vary so widely between designs, this piece of art is especially good for unisex gift ideas!

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Personalized Hand-Poured Soy Candle

A cool gift that’s as useful as it is beautiful, this candle comes in one of two gorgeous fragrances⁠—either Warm Vanilla or Roses and Rosé⁠—and can be personalized with the recipient’s name in flowing, gold or silver script. At less than fifteen dollars, the soy candle is one of the more affordable options on this list of gift ideas, which makes it a great cheap gift idea for when you want to show your appreciation for a loved one without breaking the bank.

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Miniature Star Godmother Proposal Necklace

A sweet, tiny reminder of how important a godmother is in her godchild’s life, this pretty little necklace is a godmother present that can be worn in just about any setting. The miniature star charm is available on a gold or silver chain, and the understated design makes it a good gift that is small enough to go unnoticed, but personal enough that the wearer will always know that it is there, which makes it a useful gift for letting someone know how much they mean to you.

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To My Godmother Personalized Message Artwork

A perfect godmother gift idea for first communions, christening, or other big events in a godchild’s life, this personalized work of art bears a sweet, genuine message that is sure to warm any godmother’s heart. The cute bird design is a handmade collage, and the message can be personalized with the names of the godmother, godchild, and any important dates that make the message that much stronger, even if the distance between you and your godmother grows greater and greater.

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Hand-Blown Glass Vase Bookends

This pretty pair of bookends are part of a short list of unisex gift ideas, perfect for anyone with lots of books on display. The heavy weighted vases make these bookends a useful gift for someone who needs to hold up a lot of books, but doesn’t want their bookshelf to look too industrial. Perfect for flowers, pencils, pens, or even just assorted knick-knacks, these blown-glass vases are a great way to display the personality of you and your home while still serving a useful purpose.

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I’ll Be There For You Friends-Style T-Shirt

A funny twist on a classic promise, this t-shirt gives weight to the iconic “Friends” theme tune. A godmother is always there for her godchild, especially when it hasn’t been their day, week, month, or even their year! Available in wide variety of colors, from pink to dark grey, this t-shirt is soft and comfortable, and can be personalized beyond the standard message. The shirt is also available as either a standard t-shirt or a women’s crop top, for a loose, flowy fit.

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Godparents are a Blessing Personalized Ceramic Ornament

A good gift for godfathers and godmothers alike, this simple, elegant ornament can be used at Christmas time or the whole year round! The design is clean and rustic, and the smooth ceramic finish of the ornament makes for a classic, timeless feel. The message on the ornament can be personalized to say just about anything in any language, so that the end result is a truly unique gift that will let your godmother know just how valued she is.

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Recycled Blown Glass Ornaments

An elegant godmother gift idea that makes a beautiful addition to any home, these blown glass orbs are made of glass recycled from car, home, or office windows. Old pieces of glass find new life in these delicate works of art, and the design draws inspiration from nature. The finished result is a series of gorgeous, blown glass spheres that suggest the shape of trees with their colors and lines, while the orb itself retains the smooth, streamlined beauty of glass.

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Hope, Unity, Growth, and Serenity Bead Bracelets

A gorgeous gift for godmothers who are always on the run and go, this bright, colorful bracelet is handmade from recycled cotton fabric. Each bead serves as a reminder of some spiritual tenet⁠—hope, unity, growth, and serenity⁠—and the end result is a cheerful bracelet that helps the busiest woman remember to take a moment for herself and just breathe. Made in India, each purchase helps support the female artists who have been making these pieces the same way for generations.

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Sterling Silver Mama Bird Necklace

A cute, minimalist design that helps you keep your own flock close to your heart, this necklace is a great godmother gift idea for the godmother with more than one godson or goddaughter in the same family. The number of birds roosting on the wire can be personalized for anywhere between one and four chicks, and each necklace is handmade in Rhode Island, so that you can be sure each one is made with enough love and care to be clearly felt.

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Dear Godmother Personalized Picture Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture frame with a personalized message is worth at least that much. Laser-etched with a personalized message beneath the word “Godmother”, this frame is an absolutely wonderful way to commemorate any major event in your child’s life, complete with a short, sweet message that lets their godmother know how important she is to you and your child both. With beveled edges and an easel back, the frame holds any 4×6 photograph.

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Written in the Tea Leaves Tea Reading Kit

A cool gift for godmothers who are always looking to the future, this tea leaf reading kit is a sweet way to let your godmother know that you’ll be thinking of her, no matter what tomorrow holds. Each kit comes with a pouch of loose leaf black tea, a few pages of simple instructions and a dictionary that lists some shapes and symbols, and a sturdy mug that will make her visions of the future that much easier to spot!

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Godmother and Godfather Personalized Cuff Bracelets

This beautiful cuff bracelet is a gorgeous gift for godmothers who prefer simple, elegant pieces of jewelry that still bear a heartwarming message of love and trust. The bracelet is brushed with a sterling silver overlay, which means that the cool metal is hypoallergenic and easy to clean for wearing day in and day out. The inside of the cuff can be engraved with a short, sweet message that only the wearer will see, but they’ll always know it’s there.

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Fairy Godmother Vintage-Style T-Shirt

A comfy and casual t-shirt with a message as funny as it is sweet, this vintage-style t-shirt comes in grey or in white, and states what every godmother knows to be true: fairy godmothers are real, and they look just like everyone else! Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, as well as men’s and women’s hoodies, this cute and charming design lets everyone know just how lucky you and your family are to have your very own fairy godmother!

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Luxurious Cotton Sari Robe

Handmade in India using renewable resources and recycled fabric, this robe is a wonderful gift for godmothers who want a dash of adventure in their everyday style. Each robe is made of reclaimed cotton saris and hand-stitched into a gorgeous new design, so that no two robes from the same creators will look the same. If your godmother loves beautifully exotic clothes, but also wants to support fair trade and traditional creation processes, this robe is a wonderful way to bring her a touch of luxury.

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29 Best Godmother Gifts for Every Child’s Own Fairy Godmother

Finding the perfect gift for godmothers who seem to have it all can be a little bit challenging. There are so many beautiful gifts available today, and the wide variety of choices can be overwhelming. However, whether something on this list catches your eye or not, it’s easy to narrow down that variety and find a jumping-off point to start your search for the ideal gift.

Ultimately, whether you’re looking for a gift from a godchild to their godmother or vice versa, the gifts listed above provide a great starting point (or ending point) for the perfect gift of love.

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