27 of the Sweetest and Best Gifts for Brother to Make His Day

Gift Ideas for Brother

Coming up with the best gifts for brother can be a tricky process. Finding the perfect present for someone as important as a brother is a big task. You want to get him something he will love, and at the same time, you want to find him a present that represents your relationship.

This list includes 27 of the best and most thoughtful gifts you can get for your brother.

Best Gifts for Brother

Whether his interests lie is sports, the arts, or self-improvement, there is sure to be something here for him.

Use this list to either find the exact perfect item for your favorite brother, or simply use this list as a jumping off point in your search for the gift that will elicit a sweet sibling moment. A big hug from a beloved brother is worth the work it takes to search for that perfect gift so keep looking until you’ve found just the right thing.

27 of the Most Exciting and Best Gifts for Brother that Will Amaze Him

Fabulous Kit for Amazing Beards

If your brother sports an impressive mane and you know he enjoys keeping it looking good, then you should help him out with this impressive kit. The kit features beard oil and beard balm, both of which work hard to keep your brother’s beard nice and soft and avoid the itchy mess a beard can become. You can also consider this as a gift for the brother who could have a beautiful beard but maybe needs a little direction on how to tame it.

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Trendy and Natural Wooden Watch

Watches go through a lot of wear and tear. This means that most brothers could do with a new watch, and this one is a super cool and unique gift. This is perfect for the brother with a hip and trendy vibe who enjoys a more natural aesthetic. Being made of sandalwood, it is allergen free and incredibly lightweight, making it easy to wear all day. And don’t worry about the sizing: this watch is totally adjustable.

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Dash Cam for Digital Age Brother

If you have a brother who loves to have all the little gadgets or who likes to relive key moments from his drives, this inexpensive little dash cam makes a fun choice. Something most people would enjoy but never think of for themselves, a dash cam is an easy gift that is sure to be appreciated. This is especially good if your brother is the kind of guy who always happens to see interesting things on road trips.

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Cool Double-Sided Night Light Alarm Clock

Many brothers out there love simple gadgets, things that are compact but offer many features. This double-sided night stand buddy is a great gift that offers two bedside essentials in one. On one side you have a bright and warm light for reading in bed or helping wake up in the morning. Then, you simply flip the light over when you are done for a traditional alarm clock that you can control by moving and flipping it over.

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Soft Handmade Leather Display Football

If your brother is like millions of other men all over the world, soccer, or football, is revered, respected, and beloved. This old-fashioned 18-panel ball is a great way to show that you get his interests, and it will be an amazing centerpiece on his mantle. This ball is slightly smaller than a traditional football, making it easy to put up in any room. Order this for your brother, then maybe offer to kick around an old ball with him in the back yard.

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Adorable Magnetic Dog Bottle Opener

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. This wooden and stainless steel pup is there to help you get those pesky bottle caps off and will even hold onto them in his magnetic mouth, helping reduce mess. If your brother loves dogs and loves beer, this gift is an excellent choice. Consider tacking on a six-pack of interesting brews to give him something to test it on. If you’re lucky, he may even let you try one, too.

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Cool Space Man Travel Bag

Who doesn’t dream of a trip to the moon? Even if your brother isn’t traveling that far, he can take a small piece of space with him wherever he goes with this trendy leather toiletry bag embossed with an out-of-this-world cadet. Encourage his traveling and give him something nice to hold his things in with this bag, which comes available in multiple colors. You can even personalize it with his name or a special note from his favorite sibling.

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Boho Chic Wooden Beaded Bracelet

Many people put power in healing crystals, and this bracelet allows your brother to hold some close in a chic and stylish design. Featuring a longer band of dark beads, the white crystal beads pop without being too noisy for a cool look that stands out while refraining from attracting unwanted attention. Get this bracelet for your brother if he has a hippy vibe and finds himself yearning to be more at one with the world around him.

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Cute and Clever Desktop Golf Hole

You know that your brother is a playful, fun, and youthful guy, but he may have a job that keeps him serious and stuck at a desk all day. Help ease the tension of a long work day with this fun mini golf hole. With options to change the pitch of the green and to modify his putt, he will be able to enjoy an entertaining diversion with his new toy all day long. Be sure to challenge him to a putt off.

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Mounted Wireless Cell Phone Charger

With the amount of information processed constantly on phones, it is amazing that they manage to hold a charge at all. If your brother is one who is constantly running low on battery life, help him out with this air vent mounted phone charger. This two in one device will wirelessly charge your phone while allowing you to drive hands free. This gift is compatible with many models that offer wireless charging; just be sure to check what phone he has before you buy.

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Personalized Doormat with a Cool Amp Design

If your brother likes to rock, this cool mat is a good gift to represent his tastes. A doormat can be an easily overlooked household item and can become one of those items that he says he will get to buying eventually. Do him one better and get this for him as a gift, saving him from having to get it himself and also saving his interior flooring. Add his name – or band name – for a personalized touch.

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CoolSwitch Under Armour Baseball Cap

All men appreciate a good baseball cap. It is an easy way to shade their eyes and keep their face sun-free while enjoying the great outdoors. This particular Under Armour brand hat features four neutral but cool colors and offers technology that actually pulls the heat away from your skin to keep you cooler. With light and easy fabric, your brother can enjoy this hat on the warmest of days and still feel and look super cool.

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Cool Jungle Cat Designer Socks

Hip socks are a must-have in the contemporary man’s dress wardrobe. This set of three socks from Ted Baker is a perfect balance of stylish and sophisticated, with a plain option, a patterned option, and a graphic option. Encourage him to wear his powerful tiger socks for his next big meeting to add fun and confidence to his look. Whatever he chooses, you will know that he at least has three pairs of socks without holes in the toe.

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Small Portable Sony Speaker in Blue

If your brother likes to take his tunes with him wherever he goes, then you should seriously consider this tiny but mighty speaker from Sony. This travel-size speaker offers sixteen hours of battery life, powerful bass, and is even water-resistant for those days at the beach. Its cool blue coloring will help it stand out in a crowd so he can always find it, even in a cluttered space. He will be so grateful for such a thoughtful and neat gift.

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High-Tech Bluetooth Radio Adapter for the Car

This powerful wireless radio adapter offers an easy-to-read display, AUX input and output, and two USB ports. If your brother happens to have an older car that doesn’t offer all the fanciest gadgets and gizmos, this gift is just what he needs. With this, he can easily stream all his favorite songs from his phone straight to his car radio. Even without mixed tapes, he can finally enjoy his contemporary tunes in his vintage car.

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High Quality Ugg Leather Gloves

Ugg makes clothes for men and women that are designed to be worn, to be loved, and to last. These gloves offer a gentle and durable lamb’s wool in combination with a smooth and soft leather for the perfect gloves. Your brother will love their no-frills design and will be impressed by their warmth and comfort. Get him just these gloves or pair with a nice wallet or belt to really upgrade his accessory game. Choose from 5 unique colors.

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Unique Leather Ostrich Print Suspenders

With recent treads looking into the past, suspenders are making a comeback. After all, why should the belt get all the pant holding action? These suspenders are super cool and made from high-quality leather for an accessory that not only goes with anything but will last through anything. Thanks to the easy clips, even if your brother has never seen a pair of suspenders, he will be able to quickly figure out how they work. Great for your cool brother whose wardrobe could use a little update.

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Keep Your Brother Hydrated while he Explores

Adventurous and outgoing brothers often need reminded of the simple things in life, like drinking water. With this cool steel bottle you can encourage your outgoing brother to explore and at the same time remind him to keep hydrated. The design of this bottle is very on trend, featuring a dark metal cylinder and a natural wooden topper to create a perfect balance of industrial and natural. At a low price point, this is an awesome and inexpensive gift.

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Pass the Brewskies with Beeropoly

This game takes the best elements of everyone’s favorite drinking games and puts them on all on one board for a fun and crazy party game. If your brother enjoys sharing a few drinks with friends over board games, this could be a good addition to his arsenal. With cute bottle cap-style pieces and a high quality hand-crafted board, this is definitely the elevated version of a drinking game. Encourage him to have fun, but remember to not go too crazy.

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Two-in-One Stainless Steel Beard Tool

If your brother enjoys sporting a beard but you want to give him a subtle hint he may need to be a bit more considerate of it, this tool is a great gift. This stainless steel beauty is both a beard comb and, more interestingly, a beard shaper. With this tool, your brother will be able to cut and trim his own beard into the perfect shape for his face without ever having to set foot in a barber shop.

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Slim and Sleek Ergonomic Lap Desk

Most lap desks get too hot and are not exactly comfortable. Get your brother something that he will be excited to use while surfing the web from the comfort of his own sofa. Featuring a detachable top, the desk can easily be unscrewed and wiped clean. If you know your brother to be a fan of his computer or if he is always watching TV or movies online, consider this great gift to help make life a little more comfy.

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One-of-a-Kind Personalized Engraved Whisky Flask

Used for more than just sneaking booze, a flask is a great way to sip on a favorite beverage throughout a party or a cool method for storing. This flask is extra special because it comes engraved. Simply include your brother’s name and hometown when ordering, and it will look like he has his own distillery. This is great if you have a brother who is a fan of malt liquors and likes to show off his collection.

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Gorgeous City Map Rocks Glass

Giving this gift, with your hometown engraved on the side, is such a special and thoughtful present to receive from a sibling. Being reminded of the streets that you grew up on together, your brother can reminisce about the good old days with you while sipping on his favorite scotch. When getting this gift for your brother, consider making it a set so that you can sip and remember the good old days together while tracing paths through the streets of your memories.

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Cool Steel Hip Flask and Soft Leather Holder

Does your brother have pockets? Check. Does he like the occasional drink? Check. Does he enjoy looking stylish and fashionable? Check. The signs are clear: your brother could use a flask. This is the kind of gift that he may not even know he wants. Once he incorporates this old-fashioned accessory into his routine, though, he will be thankful for a gift that elevates a fine drink and highlights the distinctive gentleman of the world that he is.

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Fashionable and Durable Rope Cord Bracelet

Available in 13 fun colors and five sizes, you are certain to find a bracelet or two in this set that would well suit your brother. With a simple design, this can easily be worn with other jewelry either of the same type and a different color, or completely different. With a cool wrap around look this design works well for both men and women so consider getting yourself one as well for matching sibling friendship bracelets.

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Black Over-the-Head Wireless JBL Headphones

Headphones have boomed in popularity in recent years thanks to advances in audio technology and bluetooth connectivity. That means that you can purchase a high-quality set of headphones like these JBLs for a reasonable price. More than that, though, you know that this is the kind of gift that will actually get used because of its easy functionality. In plain black and sans cords of any kind, these headphones come with nothing but a couple of volume buttons and good tunes all day.

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27 of the Best Gifts for Brother for Any Occasion

This list has great options for every brother, no matter the occasion and no matter the man. Regardless of what your brother is into, you will find something here to suit him. Have fun looking through each item and considering what price point you are looking at, what features you want to see, and just what exactly will make his face light up.

Exploring your options can take forever, but this list narrows it down to 27 of the truly most interesting, fun, and unique gifts out there for your brother at his next special occasion.

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