29 Unique and Practical Gifts for New Parents

Gift Ideas for New Parents

When you learn that a couple is expecting, your mind immediately scrambles to come up with perfect gift ideas for new parents. While their child will be the greatest present of all, embarking on a journey to parenthood requires a lot of emotional support, coffee and some wine. There are so many potential gifts to bestow upon new parents, and it can be hard to narrow them down and find the ideal present. We have curated a list of the top 29 gifts for new parents that will help you find the best present for any mom or dad on your shopping list.

29 Thoughtful Presents for New Moms and Dads

Gifts for New Parents

Handmade Cotton Birth Announcement Pillow

Any gift ideas for new parents that are personalized with information about their baby’s arrival into the world will be presents that are very loved. This beautiful handmade cotton pillow is 15 x 15 inches and can be ordered with stuffing or without. You can select either a pink or blue theme based on the gender of the baby, and have personalized information about the birth statistics screen printed onto the cover. Any new parent will agree this is a cute gift.

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Personalized Hand Stamped New Mom Keychain

If you need a small gift idea for a new mom, this keychain offers the perfect sentiment for her to carry with her everyday. This rectangular piece of copper is stamped on one side with the phrase “Every adventure requires a first step” with a tiny pair of feet. You can personalize the keychain by adding the year in which your recipient was established as a mom. These are very thoughtful and practical gifts for new moms and will be taken wherever the recipient goes.

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Baby Themed Illustrated Tarot Cards

Gift ideas for new parents that allow them to see into their baby’s future make for fun presents. This cute baby tarot card set contains 78 cards constructed from heavy pastel cardstock and comes with a guide book and instructions on how to use it. Each card features a standard tarot depiction and suit with the illustrations altered to reflect the baby theme. This fun gift will be a unique present among the typical gifts for new parents.

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Keepsake Year of the Pig Box

There are so many special moments to document and artifacts to collect during a baby’s first year. This beautiful handmade box is a great gift idea to help parents keep all of their memories in a safe place. Constructed from basswood, birch, and maple, the box features an illustration of a pig on the top lid, which is the current animal of the year according to Chinese tradition. The birth year and the characteristics of a child born in the year of the pig are also listed. Any new parent would appreciate this thoughtful and unique gift idea.

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Personalized Clouds and Map of Birthplace Blanket

Looking for an unusual gift for a new baby? This hand-knit lambswool blanket is guaranteed to hit the mark. Featuring a sky full of cloud on one side, the reverse depicts a map of the country in which the baby was born. An “X” marks the spot on the map of the baby’s birthplace, and personalized information such as the baby’s name and date of birth can be stitched below. This awesome present is just the right size for wrapping baby up in the stroller, or snuggling with them in the rocking chair.

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Star Map Mountain Wall Print

The top gift ideas for new parents and babies are ones that are meaningful and personalized to the child. This customized wall print showcases the night sky that was visible on the night of the baby’s birth and is available in a variety of sizes as a canvas or poster print. It can be further personalized with the name and birth date of the child under the image and a choice of color schemes in order to match the recipient’s decor. This cool gift will inspire the child who receives it to aim high and move mountains.

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Newmom and Crushingit Hashtag Necklaces

Are you in need of a cheap gift idea that will also instill confidence in a new mom you know? Centered on the 18 inch chain of this necklace, you can choose either the phrase “#newmom” or “#crushingit” to best suit the recipient. These perfect gifts for new moms are funny and unique and will provide the recipient with a feeling or warmth and encouragement as they face another dirty diaper and sleepless night.

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Love Story Personalized Milestone Infographic

If you are searching for unisex gift ideas for a couple of new parents, this sweet and beautiful wall print is a testament to the love story that brought them to their new baby. This cute infographic is personalized with important milestones in their relationship, including engagment, marriage, and the date their new baby made them parents. You can choose from 130 different colors and 3 different sizes in order to further customize the print. These infographics are good presents for parents who take pride in their beautiful journey of love to parenthood.

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Letters to My Child Notebook

Parents have so much wisdom and history to pass along to their children. A personalized notebook is a cool and cheap gift idea for any new parent to record their thoughts and stories for his or her child to reflect on one day. This spiral bound notebook has 80 pages enclosed in two Kraft cardstock covers. The front is embossed with the phrase “For my son/daughter as I watch you grow” and the name of the parent in the color of your choosing. This gift is a wonderful choice for any parent to chronicle their observations and thoughts for their child.

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New Parent Self Care Kit

It is no secret that new parents lose sleep and the time to care for themselves when they introduce a new baby into their lives. This set of toiletries is a very useful gift that will make it easy for any bleary eyed new mom or dad to indulge in self care with little effort. Featuring two hand creams, a dry shampoo and bar of soap, this luxurious kit is crafted from all natural ingredients. This very cool present will quickly become a favorite of any exhausted new parent.

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Mama And Papa Bear Mug Set

New parents want to share their joy with the world while simultaneously chugging all of the coffee that they can. Therefore, these mugs are good gift ideas for anyone expecting or carrying for a new baby. The pair of mugs come in 11 and 15 ounce sizes and feature illustrations of “Mama Bear” and “Papa Bear” on them. The mugs can be further personalized with the year in which the pair were established as mom and dad. These great presents for parents will be used and cherished, especially when they are filled with coffee.

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Personalized Family Creation History Timeline

An important part of many a couple’s love story is the start of their own family. If you are searching for gifts for new parents, this personalized timeline of their family’s creation is a top choice. This wall print displays all of the major milestones of a couple, including the day that they were married and the dates their children were born, and is personalized with their names and the colors of your choosing. This sentimental print is a great gift idea for any new parents who take pride in the timeline of their family’s origin.

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Heartbeat Sound Wave Personalized Wall Art Print

For any expecting parent, the sound of their baby’s hearbeat is so incredibly memorable and special. That is why this wall art print makes for an awesome baby shower gift. Using a recording of the heartbeat, the artist creates a graphic represenation of the soundwaves heard during the clip. The print can be further customized with the baby’s name, expected due date or birth date, and the size and color scheme preferred. This very meaningful and unusual gift will be beloved and proudly displayed by any parents-to-be.

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Newborn Baby Statistics Wall Art Poster

A cool gift for new babies is one that is personalized and can serve as a lifelong keepsake for the child. This brightly colored print displays all of the important birth statistics for a new baby, including date and time of birth, weight, and Zodiac sign. You can also select the colors for the poster based on the gender of the child. The fun graphics and aesthetic organization of the poster make this a fun gift for any new parent to receive.

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Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

Nearly every one dreams of being a superhero, and the role of parent is the closest that many come. This comic book makes a good gift for a super dad that you know and makes their child’s vision of their dad as a hero come to life. The story is personalized with the name of the child as the sidekick of Mega Dad, and the funny adventures that the two embark on. This very cool present is a top gift for any young child who idolizes their dad.

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Mom’s Survival Pack of Natural Beauty Products

When we think of a new mother, we picture someone who is overtired and unable to devote time to their self-care. If you are searching for good gifts for new moms, anything that allows her to pamper herself is an excellent choice. The six beauty and wellness products in this set will soothe and soften a new mother’s skin, lips and spirit. This very useful gift will reinvigorate any tired new mom.

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The Littlest Feet Scrabble Tile Shadow Box

A new baby has an enormous impact on the hearts of its parents and family. These shadow box picture frames make ideal presents for parents who want to always remember how their baby’s little feet had such a great profound impact on their lives. Featuring Scrabble tiles to emphasize some of the words, this picture frame is perfectly embellished to showcase a picture of the baby’s little feet. Any new parent will appreciate this keepsake frame and will hang it proudly in their home.

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Little Peanut Cotton Onesie Newborn to 12 Months

Few people can resist buying teeny tiny baby clothes as a baby shower gift. If you want to consider an adorable small gift idea, this onesie is a good option. Featuring the phrase “little peanut” in a mix of script and print, this ironed-on phrase will elicit a warm smile from anyone who sees the little one in this bodysuit. You can customize the onesie by choosing the colors for both the fabric and the writing. These bodysuits are great gift ideas for new parents as they will need lots of clothing changes.

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It’s a Girl Cake Topper

Learning the gender of an unborn baby is a common occurrence for pregnant mothers in the present day. For new moms who have learned they will be having a girl, this adorable cake topper is a cheap gift idea. Handmade from pink acrylic, the phrase “it’s a girl” is stamped out along with three hearts. You can order the topper in a 4, 5 or 6 inch width to fit any custom cake. This elegant topper will match nearly any baby shower or gender reveal party theme.

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You Are Our Greatest Adventure Print

Parenthood is a grand adventure for any new mom and dad. The greatest gifts for new parents will showcase just how important their new child is in their life. This beautiful and simple wall art print is customized with the baby’s name and the phrase “you are our greatest adventure”. This 8 x 10 inch print is available in 6 different soft colors to match any decor. These wall art prints are great unisex gift ideas for any new parent to display in their baby’s nursery.

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Mama, Papa and Baby Bear Hand-Stamped Spoons

Are you searching for a unique gift idea for a new mom and dad? These hand-stamped metal spoons are a quirky and fun present for a baby shower or gender reveal party. Featuring the phrases “mama bear”, “papa bear”, and “baby bear”, you can select to purchase one, two, or all three as a set. Each spoon is wrapped in a thin ribbon tied in a bow in the color of your choosing. Any new parent who collects specialized items will appreciate the addition of these very special and symbolic spoons.

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New Mother Necklace With Birth Statistics

Sentimental gifts that connect them with their babies are the most ideal gifts for new moms. This beautiful necklace will allow any mom to carry her baby with her always. Constructed from an aluminum rectangle pendant, each side is hand-stamped with a different statistic about the baby. You can personalize it with any information, such as the baby’s name, date of birth, time of birth, and weight. Any new mother would adore this beautiful necklace that lets her baby always stay close to her heart.

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Personalized Family Pillowcase Gift Set

Many parents end up bedsharing with their children at some point due to sleep issues. It is no secret that the children end up taking up most of the space in the bed when they join their parents. These funny personalized pillowcase use big arrows for the baby’s sleeping space spanning across two pillowcases to show how much room the little on gets on the bed. Tiny arrows on the edges of each pillowcase can be personalized with the parents’ names. This fun gift playfully reminds parents of just who the boss really is when it comes to bedtime.

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Customized Family Scrapbook and Photo Album

Photo albums are always great gift ideas for new parents. This handmade book has a comfortable feel to it, with a sturdy Kraft cardstock forming the covers of the book. The scene on the front of the photo album is personalized to the recipient’s family, with yarn, fabric, and buttons being used to create a representation of each member. Any new parent would love to receive this very cool book to store all of their family photos and memories.

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New Mom and Dad Coffee Mugs

When a couple becomes parents for the first time, they also take on new identities. These mugs would make ideal baby shower gifts for an expectant couple. The cups will help others adjust to their new roles with the phrases “you can call me mom/mommy/dad/daddy from now on”. Made of metal, these unique and excellent gift ideas for new parents each hold 10 ounces of coffee or tea to keep the couple well caffeinated as they navigate parenthood.

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Three Pebbles Family Wall Art

The addition of a baby turns a couple into a family. If you are in need of sweet gift ideas for a new mom and dad, this adorable artwork will remind them of what their new bundle of joy adds to the family. The phrase “and then there were three” is illustrated with two large and one tiny bird handdrawn outlines with a pebble in place of each body. This quirky gift will hit the soft side of every new parent’s heart.

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Fabric of Family Quilt Wall Art

Quilts have long been used to tell a story of a family. This canvas wall art is a good gift for parents of new babies as it ties together each of the parents and children. Each square of the 3 x 3 quilt pattern can be personalized for a different family member with the information of your choosing. You can also select the color scheme of the print and the stain of the frame.

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Set of Lunch Notes for Kids

Packing lunch for your child is a labor of love, though kids do not always recognize it. These pads of pre-printed lunch notes allow your recipient to send some love and encouragement to their child in order to face their school day. Each set comes with 4 pads of 20 notes, each with its own theme, illustration and fill-in prompt. These make great gift ideas for new parents, as the years pass all too quickly.

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New Mom Milestone Wine Labels

Motherhood is an emotional journey that sometimes requires a good bottle of wine to get through. These personalized wine labels allow you to send liquids gifts for new moms that celebration each of the milestones of parenthood. The labels include “baby slept through the night” and “first girls night out”. These perfect gift ideas for new parents will have moms looking forward to their first public meltdown, because they’ll have a bottle to toast with when they get home.

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29 Customized Gifts for Anyone With a New Baby

Most new parents receive the basics when they announce that they are having a baby. Many, though, would love to receive unique and sentimental gifts that celebrate their journey into parenthood. Each of these gift ideas for new parents will be a rousing success with excited and expectant new parents.

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