29 Great Geek Gift Ideas to Thrill Your Techy Friends

Geek Gift Ideas

What are the perfect geek gifts ideas for the techy in your life? We love our nerdy friends, especially when our PC glitches out or we are baffled by a new computer program or electron gadget. But it’s not easy to know what to buy for a geeky friend or family member without spending a ridiculous amount on the latest electronics.

Explore a plethora of great gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Interesting and unique geek gadgets or awesome collectibles are sure to please any category of nerd. Funny, cute, and unique ideas choices are included in the following list of gift ideas. You can match your cool gift to the personality of the recipient. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a useful gift or a fun conversation piece.

29 Geek Gift Ideas to Blow Your Favorite Techy’s Mind

Geek Gifts

A Great Gift For Science Nerds – Beer Chemistry Pint Glasses

Here’s one of many great geek gift ideas for entertaining or collecting. The annotated molecules etched on the glass actually explain different properties of beer, such as flavor and aroma. Science nerds will appreciate the chance to give their own little chemistry lesson with this geeky prop. Each set contains two dishwasher safe 16-ounce glasses. Chemistry buffs will enjoy both displaying and discussing this unusual gift. Beer connoisseurs or amateur brewers will enjoy them as a conversation starter.

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An Awesome Geek Gift Idea – Circuit Board Coasters

What technology nerd doesn’t love circuit boards? This cool gift will complement any nerd’s game area, workshop, or living room. The six retired circuit cutouts have cork bottoms to protect furniture from condensation while adding a decorative, geeky look. The coasters are made from real circuit boards and come stacked in a stainless steel bin. No two coasters are alike, making them even more desirable for collectors of electronic memorabilia. These coasters are among the top gift ideas for hands-on technicians.

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A Personalized Geek Gift Idea – A Custom Cartoon Character Portrait

Here’s the perfect gift for a cartoon-loving nerd. This geek present will be appreciated for years to come. Simply submit a photo or photos for the artist to render and return as an electronic file. You may use the file to print on whatever medium you choose, from T-shirts to posters, through a professional printer. The price is reasonable for this animated portrait customized to fit the interests and personality of your nerdy friend. Fans of popular yellow cartoon characters will be thrilled with this best of geek gift ideas.

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Good Small Gift Idea for Her – Cool Darth Vader Jewelry for Your Favorite Nerd

Choose from four colors to match the preference of your favorite sci-fi buff. This targeted geek present will be a cute addition to any Star Wars collection. The necklace is appropriate for both everyday wear and special events. It’s a cheap gift idea that’s sure to please. The modern, minimalist design can compliment any outfit. Help any Star Wars nerd enjoy the dark side with this fun gift that will attract attention and take their collection to the next galaxy.

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Really Cool Gadget to Buy for Kids – DIY Marble Roller Coaster

If you’re looking for fun geek gift ideas for kids, here’s one of the best. With only white glue and some imagination, your favorite nerdy kid can build their own hand-cranked marble coaster from over 30 laser-cut birch pieces. The graphic-novel style instructions add to the entertainment provided by this tinkerer’s geek gadget. Keep this marble coaster on your list of fun unisex gift ideas for holidays or special occasions. Kids 9 years old and up will appreciate this activity-based, cool present.

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Unique Gift Idea for Trekkie Nerds – Acrylic Detailed Spaceship Desk Lamp

This highly detailed blueprint of the Star Trek space ship is among the top geek gift ideas for fans of any age. The unusual and useful gift will brighten any sci-fi geek’s collection with their choice of white or color-changing LED lights. Each lamp is a hand-crafted piece of art that will become one of the favorite nerd gifts for any dedicated Trekkie. It’s a good gift for home or office spaces and will keep fans entertained with the accuracy of the holographic-style display.

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Classy Geek Present for Parent or Friend – Apple Watch Docking Station

Perfect geek gift ideas for the tech nerds in your life. This geek gadget will complement any Apple watch as a charger and stand. Choose between solid oak or walnut for a natural finish, premium display. The stand is a cool gadget to buy for tech nerds who collect all kinds of useful and interesting electronic devices. The geometric facets add style to the piece. The dock, compatible with Apple watch series 1-4, could be a unique gift idea for Mother’s or Father’s Day.

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Unique, Fun Gift for Nerd Dads – Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

Incorporating your child’s name into the text makes this comic book a special and funny addition to father/child reading time. Dad is the hero in this silly, entertaining adventure. Surprised Dads will be blown away with the sentiment behind this unusual gift. The diverse story line is designed to appeal to a wide range of life experiences, so any parent and child can find something in commom there. Future memories can be created through this great gift idea. Nerdy dads will enjoy sharing this creative reading experience while adding their own imaginative interaction with their child.

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Artistic, Fun Gift for Creative Youth – Color Your Own Backpack

You can encourage your favorite nerd child to display their interests for all the world to see through this creative activity. Employs artistic skills and imagination to create a one-of-a-kind expression kids can carry everywhere. The bag is tear-proof, water resistant, and big enough to use as a regular book bag. This is one of those geek gift ideas that combines functionality with hands-on self-expression. The bag could also be used to collect friends signatures at a special event. Allows children to express their favorite topic of interest and create a conversation piece with their friends.

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Small Gift Idea for Techy Friends – Circuit Board and Clear Acrylic Coaster

Here’s a tech accessory that can add a touch of class to any setting, including dorm room, living room, or office space. These acrylic-encased circuit boards are durable and collectible. Since they’re sold individually, you can purchase as many as you want for individual gifts or a single collection. Four acrylic feet keep the coaster from slipping or tipping. The coasters are not dishwasher safe but are easy to wipe clean. You can specify color preferences when you order. The coasters could make a cool present for office associates or a unique Father’s day idea.

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Great Nerd Gifts for Him – Full-Grain Leather Macbook Pro 13 Case

This professional leather laptop case can be personalized to create the perfect addition to your favorite techy’s accessories. Fits Macbook 13, Pro 13, and 15 laptops. Each case is custom made for the specified model and color. Features a vintage look with a matte finish and individualized details. This is a good look for those with a more traditional style. The case will provide years of use and the look improves with age. Includes a zipper closure and felt lining.

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Cool Gift Gadget for Geeks – Personal Calendar Smart Watch

Help your nerd friend keep track of upcoming meetings and events with this calendar smartwatch. The watch can be connected to many electronic calendars via Bluetooth and the included app. See appointments at a glance or use the vibrate option as a reminder. The almost two-inch diameter, double-tap touch screen can display two days at a time, and the battery lasts for weeks without needing to be recharged. Comes with a charging bank and USB cable. The watch is stylish with a polished stainless-steel finish.

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Cool Gadget to Buy Style-conscious Nerds – Phone Charging Bracelet

A gift so cool it’s easy to forget its usefulness until it’s needed. This is a great geek gift idea for Mom, sis, or any absent-minded friend who frequently finds their iPhone has lost its charge… again. The lightweight, rechargeable lithium battery will be ready to use for up to two months. The hidden Lightning Connector can provide a charge in about 40 minutes. The polished metal finish is minimalist to blend with any outfit. This is a gift that will truly be appreciated.

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Geek Gift Ideas for Little Ones – 100 First Words for Little Geeks

Expand the vocabulary of those blossoming nerds with this board book introducing STEM words and popular trivia. The colorful illustrations will help capture any child’s attention and expand their imagination. The book is durable and entertaining. Propel your precocious child above the verbal norm and challenge them to understand concepts beyond their years. Also cultivates a love of reading and learning for years to come. This is a fairly cheap gift idea that will give hours of enjoyment.

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Unique Gadget for Geeks to Puzzle Over – Brainstrings

Challenge spacial reasoning skills with this awesomely unique puzzle ball. Use the buttons to rearrange the internal bands without tangling them. This fun and challenging activity can provide plenty of entertainment for superior nerd minds. The game was invented by Dutch inventor Guido Lap and is a great gift for the easily bored, hard to challenge geek in your life. Puzzle enthusiasts will find it irresistible. Pass the ball around and keep the challenge going for hours. Designed for age seven and up.

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Good Gift for Absent-minded Nerds You Love – Do Anything Smart Button

Here are great gadgets for geeks who are forever losing their keys or phone while ruminating on their latest cerebral breakthrough. Really, any absent-minded person can appreciate the usefulness of these little buttons. Program each for one task, whether it’s finding something or performing some simple electronically motivated task. Control lights, stereo volume, or dial a frequently-used phone number. Locate car keys or phone or even remotely lock a door. Keep the buttons in a pocket, purse, countertop, or other obvious places. Who wouldn’t appreciate such a cool, nerdy present?

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New Twist for Nerdy Trivia Game Lovers – Trick Question Game

Puzzles and games are always popular nerd gifts. And this new twist on traditional trivia is no exception. The game uses puns that require players to think again before answering. The questions are sneaky and can easily fool the listener. Correct answers earn a winning tile. The first player to amass ten tiles wins. This clever game will evoke rounds of groans and grins and keep everyone entertained with thought-provoking trivia. The game is most appropriate for adults and is designed for three or more players.

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Unisex Gift Ideas for Sci-fi Fans – X-File Sweat Shirts

Sci-fi fan couples will enjoy adding these Mulder and Scully sweatshirts to their memorabilia from the pospular TV show. Encourage fellow X-File geeks to strike up a conversation with this classic-line wardrobe. The soft, smooth print is water based, eco-friendly, and will never crack or peel. Unisex adult sizing can be found out there on the website. True sci-fi nerds will love the ambience of these fun, and funny, quips. Great gift for a holiday or special event.

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Cool Table-top Geek Gift Idea – Wooden Labyrinth Game

Puzzle nerds will be fasinated by this beautifully carved and challenging labyrinth game. Each labyrinth is hand crafted in India from sustainably harvested Rosewood. Recipients will appreciate knowing the artisans’ work helps lift families from poverty and unhealthy living conditions. The game is difficult and consists of guiding five stainless steel balls through the intricate maze. Time and patience will bring its own reward for those willing to endure the test. The labyrinth has a beautiful natural finish that can be cleaned with a plain cloth or wood polish. Ideal for tabletop or desk.

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Offbeat Small Gift Idea for Nerdy Friends – Nerd Mug

Coffee-loving geek friends will love adding this nerd themed mug to their collection. Each 11-ounce ceramic mug is handmade and designed to help celebrate and flaunt their nerdiness. Each mug features blue on white printing and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Makes a great gift for a family member, friend, fellow office worker, or yourself. The funny wording starts the day on a high note. Makes an economical gift for office parties, birthdays, or special occasions.

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Personalized Gift for New Couples – Personalized Venn Diagram Cutting Board

A couple nerdy enough to know what a Venn diagram is will love this useful and personal gift. Cooking is a great way to spend time together, and this beautifully engraved cherry cutting board makes it even more fun. The board measures 13 inches by 9.5 inches and is just under an inch thick. It should be hand washed between uses and dried standing on its side. This cutting board would make a memorable gift for any pair who love sharing kitchen time together.

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Geeky Sci-fi Gift for Her – Geek T-Shirt

Both teenage a adult ladies will go for this fitted, sci-fi themed tee. Trekky nerds will recognize the Spock hand sign included in the graphics. The shirt is 100% cotton and is available in black, white, or gray. The sizes are tricky, so look carefully at the website to make sure you get the right one. Remember the shirt is fitted and the sizes run small. Cold water wash only. Cute gift for a birthday or holiday. Appropriate wear for any informal occasion.

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Cool Gadget to Buy a Military Tech Fan – Adventurer Radar Watch

This durable and stylish watch simulates the look of an old radar screen display. The screens use 60 segments to generate around 200,000 patterns. Makes an awesome conversation piece for WW2 and Cold War History geeks. The analog watch is a Scandinavian design, Swiss engineered, and made in China. It features hardened mineral crystal glass, a PU handle, and an Alloi case. It’s a cool gift for any history nerd, including Dad, spouse, friend, or coworker.

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Nerdy Decorative Gift for Child or Adult – Clock Made of Lego Bricks

Legos have been a favorite toy of nerds for decades. And now Lego and Batman nerds can combine their passions with this genuine Lego clock kit. Comes with everything needed to assemble a 12 inch wide Batman symbol clock. The kit contains 248 Legos, detailed instructions, and the clock mechanism, which requires one AA battery. Makes an unusual holiday or birthday gift for an older child or an adult. The nostalgia of this gift will make it appreciated for years to come. Works well in a bedroom, den, or entertainment center.

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Great Gift Idea for Computer Techs – Wooden Geek Brooch

Computer geeks will enjoy wearing this universal tech symbol of as part their ensemble at home, work, or out on the town. The pin is cedar with wenge wood inlay, completely handmade and a little under 2 inches in width. It makes a collectible gift for computer geeks to use as casual wear or a decorative accent in a work area. Nerds will enjoy knowing this item was made in Barcelona on a foot-pedal propelled bucksaw. The little pin becomes a conversation piece with a bit of fun trivia attached to it.

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29 Perfect Geek Gift Ideas for the Nerds in Your Life

It may seem at times that there’s no interesting gifts left for your favorite nerd friend. But as the above list attests, there is no end to both useful and purely aesthetic possibilities. Surprise the geek in your life with an unexpectedly interesting, entertaining, or even educational gift.

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