The 29 Funniest Gag Gifts that will Make Anyone Laugh

Gag Gift Ideas

Gag gifts are the unsung heroes of gift giving. We’ve all been there: looking tirelessly for a good and funny gift for a friend or someone in our family. Oftentimes, the options we stumble upon are either too silly or too serious to be given as a present to someone we care about. This is where gag gifts come in.

With these types of presents, you can tap into your loved one’s sense of humor while showing them how much they mean to you. These types of gifts are for those among us that don’t take life too seriously and enjoy making other people laugh. Ageless and easy to love, gag gifts will never go out of style. Consider the following list of gift ideas when picking a gag gift for friends or family.

29 Gag Gifts Perfect for Friends and Family

Gag Gifts

Perfectionist and Procrastinator Sloth Mug

Coffee mugs make for a good and funny gift. This adorable sloth mug is designed for the perfectionist in your life. Reading “I’m a perfectionist with a procrastinator complex. Someday I’m going to be awesome”, this coffee mug is a silly gag gift idea that will never go unused. Sloths are one of the cutest animals in the world and we can all relate to their work ethic. Sometimes, we just need to take it easy, even when it’s time to get work done. If you have a loved one that is just the right amount of lazy, this mug was designed with them in mind. Handmade and made to order, this mug is a great gift for the part-time procrastinator in your life.

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Cute Taco Dreams Baby Mobile

Need funny gifts for a little taco lover? Get your avocado on with this taco dreams mobile. This handcrafted mobile features tacos, avocados, and hot sauce. This mobile is a cool present for parents that can’t get enough of their favorite spicy foods. While babies are likely too young to taste tacos themselves, you can kick start their fierce love for Taco Tuesday by introducing them to the wonders of this delicious food through the spinning taco mobile. As this taco mobile is handmade, each gift will vary a bit. Made from acrylic felt and sheep wool, this mobile is a great addition to any baby’s nursery.

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Funny Science Shirt

Have a scientist in your life? This shirt is a great gag gift idea for any chemistry teacher or science enthusiast. As far as funny gifts go, this shirt is a winner. As long as your loved one appreciates the science of the humor in “Don’t Be So Na CL”, they’ll love this unique shirt. While others may not pick up on this hilarious joke, your science fan will love wearing this shirt. Using the elements sodium and chloride, this shirt tells others to stop being so salty. Made by hand, this fitted tee is soft and comfortable. Ideal for science lovers of any gender, this good shirt flatters everyone.

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Foldable Sloth Lunch Bag Gag Gift

Lunch bags aren’t just for kids. This great gift idea features a playful sloth hanging from a plant. Beautifully illustrated, this colorful lunch bag makes for a cool present for a loved one of any age and is a good and funny gift. Whether your friend or family member already carries their lunch with them to work or not, this gag gift will be a welcome surprise. Perfect for a trip to the park or carrying food to the office, this sloth lunch bag is one of the most useful gag gifts anyone can receive.

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8 Funny Wine Bottle Labels

Need funny gifts for your coworkers? Look no further than this gag gift idea. These wine bottle labels highlight the best of hilarious office humor. This set of labels fits any standard wine bottle and is a great way to take the edge off of a long day at work. Whether you’re best friends with your coworkers or you are on a handshake basis, giving a bottle of wine plastered with one of these labels will go over well. With labels like “I Would’ve Quit This Job By Now If It Weren’t For You” and “World’s Okayest Coworker”, these labels are a cool gift for every coworker in your office.

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Funny Kickboxing Ninja iPhone Stand

Why give a useless prank gift when you can gift a loved one with this funny iPhone stand? This pony-tail wearing ninja is the best iPhone stand you’ve ever seen and is a great gift idea. Whether it’s used at work or at home, this stand makes it easy to multitask while having one’s phone readily available. With the power of kickboxing, this funny little fighter will keep any iPhone in its place.

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Nailed It – Desk Organizer with Hammer

Funny gifts for the office like this one help to keep things in order while inspiring a few laughs as well. Why settle for a typical office organizer when you can spice things up with this creative hammer and nail alternative? Cute gift ideas like this “Nailed It” organizer will come in handy when used in your loved one’s office. This organizer will help to keep their desk sorted and their mind on hammering out their next project.

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Funny Sloth Retirement Slow Down Shirt

Need the perfect gift for a friend or family member that is entering retirement? Give them this funny “Time to Slow Down” sloth shirt. There’s something so classically and ironically funny about sloths. At times, they seem like the happiest creatures on earth, making time to do what they love most. With this shirt, you’re celebrating your loved one’s newfound freedom to live life like a sloth. The shirt highlights the best part of retirement: getting to take your time and live life the way you want to, just like a sloth.

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Book with a Flask Inside

A useful gift like this flask book box is more than just a gag. This book box makes it easy to stow spirits away whether while traveling or at home. The cleverly disguised flask-as-book makes it easy for your loved one to imbibe discreetly. This book flask can make its way to work, the bar, the airport, and anywhere else a flask may raise a few eyebrows. As far as unisex gift ideas go, this flask book box is definitely a favorite. Give your loved one the gift of drinking on-the-go with this hilarious present.

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Motivational YOLO Die Prank Shirt

What makes a prank gift so cool is the fact that it speaks the truth. This unusual gift reads “We Only Die Once”. While this message is a hilarious play on the popular phrase “You Only Live Once”, it isn’t far from the truth. This shirt reminds us all to live life to the best of our abilities–we only get one chance to live and one time to die.

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Silly T-Rex Arms Cartoon Mug

Funny gifts like this T-Rex coffee mug are well received by loved ones of all ages. The cartoon mug features two dinosaurs talking about love. The T-Rex can only stretch its little arms out so far, but that won’t stop it from showing its love. While the T-Rex’s arms may be smaller than your love for your friend or family member, this coffee mug definitely is a cute way to get your point across. Give this gift to the dinosaur lover in your life as a way to say “I Love You This Much!”

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Painting of a Fabulous Llama

Friends that are in need of some hilarious art will appreciate this prank gift. when considering silly gift ideas, this painting of a fabulous llama is a definite must. This handmade llama painting is just silly enough to make for the quirkiest piece of high-quality art in anyone’s art collection. Donning luxury sunglasses, this llama is a fashion icon and isn’t afraid to show it. This piece is ideal for an office, home, or apartment.

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Gold Necklace with Middle Finger

Ever felt like giving someone the finger for an entire day? Funny gifts like this necklace will do just that. Give a gift that says “F U” with this necklace. While the middle finger may be particularly raunchy, it’s the thought that counts. Though gifts like this one aren’t for everyone, if you have a loved one that can’t get enough of this kind of humor, this is the right present for them.

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Hairy Chest and Belly T-Shirt

As far as funny gifts go, this shirt is sure to get a laugh or two out of your loved one. The humor in this shirt is truly felt when worn out and about to the beach or the bar. As this shirt features a hairy chest and hands gripping the belly, at first glance, anyone may think the wearer is the one that’s shirtless. While this shirt can only be worn in certain situations, it is ideal gag gift material. This top is definitely a hilarious and cool gift for the right person.

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Aged to Perfection Vintage Hat

The most unique gift idea is the right combination of cool and useful. As your loved one gets up in age, this hat is a good gift to remind them that they aren’t too old, they’re just “Aged to Perfection”. Just like fine wine, your friend or family member is only getting better with age. This silly hat is available in a variety of color options like red, green, brown, blue, yellow, and a mix of two colors.

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Adorable Little Crochet Sloth Gift

Need a cheap gift idea for a child? When it comes to gag gifts, sloths are quite popular. This handmade crochet sloth is a great option for any child or adult that loves this little creature. Reminiscent of the cute character from Ice Age, this little sloth is ideal for anyone looking for funny gifts.

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Pink and Green Frida Kahlo Travel Pouch

The world can’t get enough of the powerhouse artist Frida Kahlo. With this adorable gift, Frida Kahlo can accompany your loved ones on all their travels. Affordable and easy to clean, this useful bag makes for an excellent travel buddy. With Frida to keep you company on an adventure, what else do you really need?

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Superhero Buttman Gag Gift Beer Mug

Need a cheap gift idea? Buttman to the rescue! This gag Buttman mug is a humorous take on the superhero favorite Batman. Complete with the Buttman logo of a woman’s rear end, this beer mug is a cool gift for any boyfriend or friend that will answer the call when his city needs him. Though it isn’t quite clear what Buttman’s superpowers are, this mug is likely the key to finding out all the answers.

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Cotton-Blend Tortilla Burrito Baby Swaddle

This adorable and fun gift instantly transforms a baby into a little burrito. Parents that already swaddle their children have likely likened their little baby burrito to real burritos at least once. This gift makes that image a reality. This unique gift idea is a useful gift for parents that want to keep their baby swaddled. With the cool design of this burrito baby fabric, parents can swaddle their babies while keeping them soft and looking as tasty as they are adorable.

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Banana Phone Connected by Bluetooth

Have a friend that absolutely loves funny gifts? Grab this unique Bluetooth banana phone. While it may look like someone is talking to their favorite fruit when using this gift, this banana phone actually works! This cool gift is a total throwback to the top Marx Brothers beloved gag. Connected by Bluetooth, this goof and funny gift is a great way to talk on the phone for a total of 10 hours.

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Video Game Inspired Art

This fun gift is a print inspired by video game art that speaks the truth: “Sh*t Happens!” While this art may be a bit too rude for certain family members, it will make the best present for a loved one that enjoys this kind of humor. This unusual gift is a fun way to decorate one’s home or office, reminding us that life happens and we all have to take things in stride. Inspired by the design aesthetic from the ’90s, this is a perfect illustration for friends that can’t get enough of gag gifts.

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Movie Poster for Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy

The best small gift idea is one that you know the recipient will absolutely love. If you know someone that absolutely loves the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, this is the perfect gift for them. Featuring whale art and quotes inspired by the movie, this handmade poster is a work of art.

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Custom Portrait Magnets Illustrated Gag Gift

Have you ever thought of giving your loved ones an illustration of themselves? These funny gifts are an adorable and personalized magnetic portrait of your loved ones. Ordering these custom portrait magnets is a good gift to show any friend or family member how special you think they are. What’s a better gift than transforming your favorite person’s face into an illustrated magnet? With this gift, your loved ones will know just how magnetic you think they are.

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Dinosaur Hard Shell Taco Holders

Need a small gift idea? This set of taco-holding dinosaurs are hilarious gag gifts. Never realized anyone needed a taco holder? Once you see these dinos in action, you’ll think again. When looking for unisex gift ideas, these dinosaurs take the cake. Dino lovers come in every shape and size and so do taco fans. These hard-shell dinos are the perfect dinnertime companion for taco lovers everywhere.

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Fun Astronaut Duvet with Pillowcase Set

If you’re looking for a stellar gift idea, this is it. As far as funny gifts go, this whimsical pillowcase and duvet set is out of this world! This gift is the perfect option for any family member or friend that loves everything outer space. With this gift, any little astronaut is sure to get a good night’s sleep in their awesome bed.

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Baby’s Day in the Life Blanket

Babies lead a pretty simple life. This crazy awesome baby blanket features a day in the life of every baby, reading “Eat Poop Sleep”–three things babies excel in. Every parent to a newborn will totally relate to this special present. Made by hand and created with 100% cotton, this blanket will keep baby cozy and make for a hilarious bit of decor in their nursery.

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The 29 Funniest Gag Gifts Anyone Will Love

Every awesome gag gift has some truth behind it. Whether it’s a silly present or something that is quite useful, these gifts all hold special meaning when they’re given to a friend or family member out of love. Keep these gift ideas in mind as you decide what present is the right one to give to your loved one as a gag gift.

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