29 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas to Help You Find the Perfect Present this Year

Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

Many people think that it’s easy to find the perfect best friend birthday gifts. Actually, it’s a lot of hard work. Getting the right gift for your BFF takes considerable thought, effort and time. Don’t forget that your closest friend shares your intimate secrets, comfort you, lend and give you her stuff, encourage you and say good things about you when no one else would. In today’s hectic pace, you hardly have the time and energy to drive to faraway stores to procure something that would bring happiness to your BFF.

We want to help you, and we did the research for you. We found beautiful items from different states in the US, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and other European countries. It’s unlikely that you’ll find them elsewhere. The gifts we found are classy, elegant and unique. Our list is full of beautiful things that you can afford.

29 Best Friend Birthday Gifts to Surprise them with Style

Best Friend Birthday Gifts

Clever and Expressive Best Friends T-Shirts

Getting these T-shirts for yourself and your best friend is the smartest and classiest way to affirm your friendship. The package contains a pair of matching black, short-sleeve shirts that complete the other. ‘Best 01’ and ‘Friends 01’ are written on two separate shirts, which are made to be worn at the same time and place. The material is 100% cotton. The ink is water-based. Celebrate your awesome friendship: You keep one, she keeps the other! And wear them together.

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Unique Sound Wave Gift for Extraordinary Friends

Your educated friend will cherish this unusual gift the shows the exact frequencies of his or her voice. The company sends an easy-to-use recording kit that must be mailed back. Once submitted, the kit is processed into a Giclee of a highly personal art form that shows the range of your friend’s voice. The Giclee is printed on acid-free paper, which the company mails back framed or unframed based on your specifications. Ships from Texas. Customers gave it 4.5 stars!

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Adorable T-Shirts are Best Friend Birthday Presents

Unisex gift ideas like these are fun to receive. Two T-shirts compliment the other. One is illustrated with a burger and the word ‘best’, while the other has fries and the word ‘friend’. You wear one, while your friend wears the other. Or you can give it to your kids and their friends. The graphic is funny and endearing. Made of cotton and polyester in gray or white, shipping is free from Lithuania. Sizes are small to xxlarge. 4.5-star rating!

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Small Gift Idea – Friendship Keychain Set

A useful gift like this keychain set is a pleasure to receive. It may seem like a cheap gift idea, but it’s as classy as the expensive ones sold by Cartier’s and Tiffany’s. You can personalize both keychains with initials. A heart with dotted lines is engraved on each chain. You can add a message. The material is first-rate aluminum, tarnish resistant and ships free in the USA. Product measures 2.5 ” x 1.5″. Imagine the 5-star ratings from happy customers!

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Awesome, Rare and Inexpensive Personal Illustration Gift

Of all the gift ideas, this is the present that will stand the test of time. It’s a good gift for the women who matter in your life. The item is a hand-drawn watercolor image of her hair with another person or more from the back. You have 48 beautiful color choices. The transaction can be done via email thru digital print or USPS if you choose the paper print. Made in Russia, the shipping is free. Your gift will be treasured.

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Personalized Vintage Salad Servers are Great Gifts

Your refined friend will love this pair of antique salad servers from the UK that contains an endearing quote. It’s the perfect birthday, wedding, anniversary, christening and housewarming gift idea. The sterling silver plated set is one of those gifts that the upper crust likes to give and receive. The large spoon can be hand-stamped with 50 characters, while the fork can contain 30 characters. Think of the fun she’ll have daydreaming about the aristocratic origins of the vintage set.

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Why She’s Your Best Friend

You want to be a source of constant happiness for your best friend. That’s why inspired best friend birthday presents like the aptly named ‘Reasons Why You’re My Bestie’ is a good gift. Presented in an elegant box, ten small crystal tubes contain personalized messages from you. The materials are card, cork, and glass. They are handmade from the UK.

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Unique Gift Idea Bestie Scrabble Frame

This ingenious scrabble frame is one of those unisex gift ideas that create positive feelings whenever your friend reads the affirmative descriptions you wrote about him or her. Scrabble tiles are used to form the words on a card stock. The word ‘bestie’ is generic, which you can change. The frames are available in white, black or oak. A gift for all occasions, it’s perfect on the wall or on top of the shelf. Satisfactory delivery is guaranteed from England.

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Unique Anatomy of a Best Friend’s Heart

This screen-print is a work of genius. The artist focuses on the awkward moments that only friends can share and laugh about comfortably. She uses the shape of the heart to enclose and allude to those precious and gentle occasions. Measuring 16″ h x 12″ w, the item is a funny and cool present for young people. It celebrates loyalty, reliability, honesty and all the wonderful attributes of friendship. It’s handmade in Montreal, Canada from cotton paper and nature-friendly ink.

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Cool Best Friend Gift with Secret Message

One of the perks of friendship is sharing secrets! This necklace is an enigmatic, cute and imaginative birthday present for a friend. The pendant is a bottle made of amber or crystal stone, which are both semi-precious stones. It’s handmade and dangles from an 18″ silver chain. You pick the stone that will contain your mysterious message or promise. The jewelry may seem like a small gift idea, but it’s going to be worn and treasured. Ships from the UK.

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Fun Gift – Winsome Cat Astronauts iPhone Case

The majority of the customers gave the Case-Mate Barely There iPhone 6/6s Case a 5-star rating! Your friend will, too. As one of the practical best friend birthday presents, he or she will find this cute, black and slender iPhone case to be the simple transporting solution. Compatible with iPhones 6/6s with 4.7″ screens, it works with every control, port, and sensor. Chic and durable, it’s made of hard plastic and easily fit the pockets of pants and bags.

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Discrete Sterling Silver Earrings in Good Taste

Of all the best friend birthday gifts, these earrings will always be worn and cherished by your friend for their authenticity. Made of sterling silver, this cheap gift idea is a winner. Handmade and shaped into a knot, it’s accompanied by a card with the words “Friendship is a knot that can’t be untied!” The available colors are white, buff or silver. The card is personalized with your friend’s name. The package arrives in a gift bag from Yorkshire, UK.

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Poems Make Tender Best Friend Birthday Presents

Who else but you would know the great qualities of your best friend? The poem is a validating birthday gift idea that acknowledges those traits. Written by Joanna Miller, an award-winning poet, the poem is a witty recipe for your caring friendship. You can choose from blue, black, grey, green, pink or white premium cards. Your friend’s name will appear on it. The ink is waterproof. It measures 30″ h x 8.26″ w. It arrives unframed from the United Kingdom.

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Flawless Birthday Present Idea – Benefit Cosmetics Set

This gift set, created by Benefits Cosmetics, one of the top companies in the industry, is a fantastic and fun gift to give and receive. It contains three products: POREfessional, a primer to hide pores; GALifornia, blush with mirror and brush; and Gimme Brow, a liquid eyebrow pencil that adds depth to the eyes. Presented in a sleek and yellow box, get the box for yourself and friends because looking good never fails to add layers of confidence and girl-power.

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Hilarious Feminist Bracelet is Great Gift Idea

These bracelets are 100% effective at turning an insult into an inspiration for strength and make excellent best friend birthday presents. Engraved with the empowering words “Best Bitches,” your girlfriend will have lots of fun wearing it. Get the item as a gift for your best friend and pals. It measures 1/8″ by 6″ long and can be adjusted to fit most women’s wrists. It’s available in sterling silver, brass, and copper and arrives beautifully gift-wrapped from the U.S.

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Birthday Present Idea – Beach Sunsete Mandala Tapesty

This tapestry is a spectacular and cool gift with a photo of a sunset at the beach and a mandala superimposed on it. It’s available in small, square, medium, large and extra large. Lightweight and easy to wash, it’s made of polyester. The photo will not fade. The calming colors fit every space. It’s a useful gift that can also be used as a bedspread, blanket or curtain. Or it may be all you’ll need to update your room.

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Playful T-Shirt is a Cool Present

You and your closest buddy will enjoy wearing these T-shirts. Or you can get them for your kids. They are also cool office gifts. The unique graphics make them unusual best friend birthday presents. The image on each shirt has coffee cups and a matching logo ‘Tall Best Friend’ and ‘Short Best Friend.’ Coffee bonding! Handmade and crafted with vinyl, your choices are white, gray and black. Sizes range from children’s to women’s small to 3xlarge. Shipped from the U.S.

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Simply Elegant Bracelets – Best Friend Birthday Presents

Since bracelets are always fashionable, this personalized jewelry is an impeccable birthday present for a friend, cousin or sister. The design is classic and minimal. It can be engraved with 256 characters, including her name or words like ‘You are rare.’ A small disc with the initials you choose dangles from it. You can choose up to five discs and initialize them with her children’s initials. The item comes with a 1.5″ extension. This great gift idea ships from Cyprus.

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Secret Decoder Ring, a Cool Gift Idea

This birthday gift idea is a terrific present for young people and senior adults. The cryptic ring is remarkable at improving their concentration and analytical skills. It also prevents boredom. The unusual gift is made from stainless steel with the diameters of 1″x 1″ w x .25″ h. The sizes are six and ten. The design is inspired by the Golden Age of Radio, which started in the 1920s. The ring contains many secret codes at every turn.

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Sophisticated Designer Watch Gift for Your Best Friend

Olivia Burton, the posh designer for luxury watches is offering an exclusive set of her sought-after watches together with a beautiful floral scarf for an affordable price. It’s not easy to find classy and affordable best friend birthday presents like this. Presented in an expensive box, the watch features a demi-dial glass, three-hand movement, and leather strap. This is the gift for your best friend who deserves all the perks you can afford because of what she means to you.

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Wholesome Logo T-Shirts Gift Ideas

Although this is not a unique gift idea, your BFF will love wearing uncontroversial this T-shirt. The design and shape will make her look good at every angle. The logo ‘bff with an image of milk and cookies’ are printed together Extremely comfortable, it’s made of soft poly-viscose fabrics. Choices range from tank tops and tees with sleeves. May colors are available. If you’re getting the shirts as best friend birthday presents, order a size up for a snug fit.

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Magical Necklace is Captivating Birthday Gift Idea

Nature made this pendant. It’s seaglass from the beaches of Vlissigen in The Netherlands. The necklaces are precious and affordable best friend birthday gifts idea that are created by an artist who loves nature. A silver wire is added on the pendant to make it look exceptionally attractive. The materials are recycled. The jewelry measure 16 inches. You can adjust the length. This particular necklace as a birthday present idea will be worn and cherish as time goes by.

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29 Unique Birthday Gifts for Your Best Friend

It’s impossible to find these items in department stores and nearby shops. A lot of these ingenious and desirable gifts are only sold online. You’re so lucky that you have a BFF. Many women do not have the chance to find someone who is true to them. Do not miss the chance to get the most pleasing birthday present for a friend whom you esteem. And don’t forget the holidays! These gifts, which we picked carefully will strengthen your friendship and bring you closer.

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