29 Heartfelt Firefighter Gifts for the Hero in Your Life

Firefighter Gift Ideas

Firefighting is work that takes great heart, and demands tireless commitment, and if you’re looking for the perfect firefighter gifts, then you’re in luck. Between the physical demands on the body, the pressure to ensure the safety of their community, and the dedication one needs to stay on call through day and night, fighting fires is a constant gift of love to the station’s every neighbor. These first responders face down life-threatening conditions and know they’ll often be the first face a victim sees after trauma. A heart like that deserves to be recognized.

Thank the firefighter in your life with gifts for firefighters designed to show them that they and their passion are seen. From small tokens of appreciation, to beautiful handcrafted and vintage pieces, to gifts that remind loved ones of your fiery romance, here 29 firefighter gift ideas so you can choose the perfect one for them.

The 29 Best Firefighter Gifts to Show Your Admiration

Firefighter Gifts

Romantic Firefighter Mug

Be safe, sleep with a firefighter, this mug sweetly instructs. Give it as a token of appreciation to let your significant other or spouse know how safe you feel lying next to them, the words reading plain and true. Or, if it’s more you and your partner’s style, a little tongue in cheek: Read with the right set of eyes, this could be simple and straightforward or lean a little more toward the old “Save a horse, ride a cowboy.” And remember, nearly all of these are unisex gift ideas. For some women and men alike (and firefighters in-between or other), there can be nothing more beautiful than hearing how safe and protected you feel in their arms.

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Personalized Wooden Business Card Holder

Sleek and professional, but with a warm, old-fashioned look, this business card holder makes for an elegant and useful gift. Personalize up to 40 characters for name and position, and even add their station’s individual logo. This makes a unique and attractive gift for any firefighter, but can be especially perfect to commemorate promotions. It’s a great pick for the volunteer firefighter in your life to keep on the desk at their other job, and a great way to let those around them know how brave your loved one is without feeling like bragging.

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Fun and Awesome Firefighter Appreciation Mug

For coffee to get them through the twenty-four hour call or herbal tea to unwind, this mug reminds firefighters how, well, awesome they truly are. They might not say it out loud, but everyone around them will know they’re looking at one awesome firefighter. The mug is available in two sizes: 11 oz, a small gift idea for those inclined toward tea, and 15 oz, for coffee drinkers or big servings of hot chocolate.

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Cheeky Themed Underwear

My, this just got steamy. Spice up the bedroom with panties calling your firefighter by name to let them know exactly how much you need them. Able to lead into new and exciting play or to slip into your existing sex life and stand on their own, these provocative panties are a gift for you to wear—and, when you’re both in the mood, to do.

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Beautiful Vintage Firefighter Print

With all of the dangerous situations firefighters face down, prepared to walk inside a burning building on a minute’s notice, it can be nice to have a space that feels like home. That’s why this homey vintage print depicting firefighters on the scene makes a great gift idea. Its classic newsprint backdrop gives an air of importance and history as it depicts the uniforms and work of firefighters who came before us. Its gentle colors, on the other hand, lend any room a warmth to feel more like home. This vintage print makes a good cheap gift idea that doesn’t look cheap, and that feels positively stately.

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Thin Red Line Black Hoodie

This hoodie acknowledges the firefighters holding the line between accidents, natural disasters, and our lives every day. The thin red line signifies the high stakes they face and the amount of health and security we hinge on our firefighters day in and day out. Regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or faith, thousands of people in every community have a firefighter to thank, and this hoodie is designed to acknowledge how crucial they truly are.

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Match-Themed Idea Box to Spark Romance or Spark Adventure

The search for a cheap gift idea doesn’t have to end in predictable. Give a fun gift that promises days of gifts ahead. With two different themes available, each idea box comes in a cute and compact format that gives a thousand times its weight in love or in adventure. For a flirty gift or one to a long-time significant other, give the Spark Romance box to fuel your date nights. The Spark Adventure box is perfect for any friend, but can be just as romantic. Such a small, cute gift doesn’t need to be a one-time exchange; instead, give the gift of quality time. If you and your firefighter giftee are close, and they don’t only prefer to strike out and adventure on their own: Be ready to explore with them. This is the kind of small gift idea that speaks volumes and gives big.

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Custom Leather Fire Helmet Shield

Look here for one of the highest end firefighter gifts, and one of the most rich with tradition. Striking and handsome, this awesome leather fire helmet shield is entirely customizable in wording, numbers, and color combinations. Match them to a theme at your dear firefighter’s station, or come up with a look that matches their personality. The gorgeous leather piece allows firefighters to identify themselves and their position, honor firefighting tradition and those who’ve come and gone before, and have something uniquely them to show pride in their job and team.

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Personalized Squad-Themed Beer Bottle Opener

The seller recommends adding this to the table of wedding gifts for firefighters, but that isn’t this wooden bottle opener’s only possibility. If you’re looking for a gift for a workaholic, here’s a firefighter’s gift for her to relax with. Or are you shopping for firefighter gifts for the one who throws the best barbecues? Here’s a firefighter gift for him to show off to the whole neighborhood. Whatever the reason, this bottle opener will be the point of pride in any backyard or bar. It comes with a beautiful medium stain, cast iron opener and cap catcher, and personalized engravings to honor one’s department and squad.

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Custom Cartoon Firefighter Portraits

Do you have a cartoon enthusiast in your life? A firefighter who is a budding artist themself, and likes seeing others supported? Or are you just looking for a fun and funny gift for your coworker before retirement? Whatever the reason, these stylized cartoon portraits can be silly and sentimental. When your Fire Chief leaves on retirement, five or so dollars from a handful of coworkers can bring a funny and memorable firefighter gift for her to the party. These portraits also make for awesome firefighter gifts from kids to parents. Complete it with a child-decorated frame or a drawing of their own to match, and the firefighter they look up to will find both a place on the fridge or at the station.

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Striking Metal Firefighter Wall Emblem

A good gift for a new home or new job, this bright red or cool black wall emblem is made out of strong steel cut in the shape of a Maltese cross. It’s a powerful statement piece, and an awesome way for a firefighter to show pride in what they do. Do you live with the firefighter you admire? Creating a space in your home and on your wall to celebrate the work they do is one of the top quiet but enthusiastic ways to show how deeply you support what they do. If you know where it’s going to be put, choose a color that contrasts starkly with its backing wall to help the stencil-style emblem stand out.

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Classic and Tasteful Personalized Leather Wallet

If you’re looking for a small gift idea that still leaves a mark, consider something that will see use every day. This personalized wallet is one of those gifts for firefighters that brings your and their love for what they do into their day-to-day life after their shift is done. This gift also makes for a good conversation starter. When you want the whole town to know about your favorite firefighter’s work, let this cool gift do the introductions, and someone is sure to ask.

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Always Close to Me Necklace Pair

One of the few things to rivals how scary it can be to be a firefighter is how scary it is to love a firefighter. Remind them that you’re at their side, even when you can’t be. This “Always Close to Me” necklace pair is a beautiful reminder of who they’re coming home to, and a good gift for any dear friend, significant other, child, or member of your family. This firefighter present is great to commemorate a new job or simply remind them how much they mean to you, even when they’re away.

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Comfortable Socks: Retired Fireman

For a small gift idea for a retiring firefighter, consider offering a little comfort and fun with these soft “Retired Fireman” socks. Little gestures like socks as a gift may feel small when you’re buying, but can be some of the most used, most useful, and most well-loved of any firefighter’s gifts while others stay sitting on a shelf.

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Firefighter Drive Decorative Street Sign

If you’re looking for an unusual gift for the firefighter who has everything or who wants nothing, consider this unique piece of urban home decor. Metal mock street signs and license plates add a cool touch to any room, and this cool present fits in perfectly with modern or retro decor. Or, for a child who has dreams of growing up to fight fires, transform their bedroom into their own fire station!

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Beautiful Weathered Metal and Leather Firefighter Bracelet

This thick and hardy leather bracelet is a good firefighter gift for him, her, or anyone. Its dark leather and rustic finished metal add something classic to outfits casual to semiformal. Its price is deceptively low—another cheap gift idea that doesn’t look cheap to the eye or feel cheap when one wears it. Among formal, unisex gift ideas, this bracelet might give you the best bang for your buck. And with sturdy, scratch-resistant materials, it’s clearly built to last.

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This Girl Loves Her Firefighter Heathered Tee

Imagine this: you’re surprising the hero you love at a party, or planning a lovely night in. How can you bring that gift to the next level? Make your presence a part of your firefighter present with this shirt that tells them what the special occasion’s about. Looking for a night that ends in fun under the sheets? Grab those “Save My Kitty” panties to add another layer to a fun and flirtatious night, and make it an outfit.

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Funny But True Mug: 49% Firefighter, 51% Badass

100% appreciated. This fun gift brightens up any morning or late night shift with a little much-needed levity. It’s a great gift idea for a young firefighter just getting started, or a seasoned one who has solidly grown into the “badass” title. If you love the phrase, but not for a coffee, tea, or hot cocoa drinker, seller BackyardPeaks also offers a variety of other gift ideas featuring the phrase including apparel, phone cases, and bags.

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Personalized Name-Emblazoned Glove Strap

Here’s a unique gift idea that offers practical use on the job. Not just a personalized novelty, these are the real deal: thick leather, strong velcro, and nickel or brass hardware combine to make a tough product that will keep gloves organized and keep them ready. This is a gift for firefighters made by a full-time firefighter. That means they understand what the glove-tamers need to do, and understand the demands of the job both on the firefighter and the equipment. More than unique, this is a useful gift that will keep giving again and again on the job, while showing your appreciation with that personalized touch.

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Weathered Metal & Leather Bracelet 2: Fireman and HERO

Another handsome bracelet simple in design, this one says exactly what you want to say, but a little bolder. This “Fireman and HERO” bracelet is for the less easily embarrassed, or for the firefighter in your life who needs you to to speak a little more loudly to hear your love. For a unisex gift idea, see the “Firefighter” version listed above, but this bracelet makes for a handsome firefighter gift for him. Use it to embolden your hero to let the world know who they are and what they do, wherever they go.

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Tough But Elegant Ax and Helmet Bracelet

Another bracelet, this firefighter gift idea comes with a more feminine flair. Its whimsical cursive engraving on the ax head makes it ideal to commemorate an anniversary or important romantic event, with two names engraved by each other, or to personalize with something as simple as their initials. However you add your finishing touch, this bracelet shows the sweeter possibilities for firefighter gifts.

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Customizable Firefighting Emblem Drink Can Holders

Keep things cool with this cool gift! American Fire Co. turns used and now unusable firehose into an unusual gift with these drink holders. Finding a way for old firehose to keep seeing new use feels respectful, in a way: letting it retire with style. More importantly, it’s eco-friendly. What you’ll love is the beautiful firefighter gifts they make, and with the option to emblazon initials on their side, an already strikingly unique gift idea becomes a step more personal.

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Handcrafted Thin Red Line Rollerball Pen

This pen is sleek, understated, and says all it needs to with the thin red line adorning its side. Not a millimeter is wasted in this gorgeous gift. An American flag sits on the pen’s clip, “God Bless America” is inscribed and an eagle is cast in its surrounding chrome, and that signature red line, representing the line firefighters hold against disaster, is rendered down its length in acrylic. If you’re looking for gift ideas for a firefighter’s retirement party or for a promotion, this pen makes a beautiful, professional statement about their commitment.

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Decorative Pillow for Firefighters, True Heroes

This one can be a simple gift—something for the firefighter in your life to just walk home to as a surprise. Or consider this firefighter gift idea for a retirement, housewarming, or wedding present. It fills a house with softness and warmth. And while enjoying that soft cushion, they’ll be reminded that they are a true hero.

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Simple Maltese Cross Pendant in Sterling Silver

A simple and cool present can make a simple and cool statement. Such is the case with this pendant, a small Maltese cross depicted in sterling silver hanging from a thin, masculine chain. This is a firefighter present that doesn’t have one person to love it or one place to be worn. Instead, it’s versatile, a firefighter gift for him, her or them, for here or there, and for any setting. Most importantly, it provides a casual note of pride to carry with them wherever they go.

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The Top 29 Firefighter Gifts for Men, Women, and All Heroes In-Between

Practical or just for fun, sleek and understated or gorgeously decorated, there’s some gift out there for every firefighter. Whomever you’re shopping for, be they the newest on their team or a retiring fire captain, your son, your son’s best friend, or your own wife—the most important part of any gift is heart. When you choose your firefighter’s gifts with love and intention, they’ll know. And your pick will help your admiration, your love, and maybe even your shared sense of humor shine through. Personal sentiments like that make long overnight shifts a little warmer. Just not too warm.

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