29 Adorable Dog Lover Gifts for People who Love their Dog More than Anyone

The Best Dog Lover Gift Ideas

Dog lovers are always showing their dogs how much they care, which is why we’ve collected the best dog lover gifts of 2019. Dogs are so intuitive; always excited to see you and they never judge. It’s no surprise that the bond between humans and dogs is so strong. With so many people obsessed with their dog, it’s likely you know at least one dog lover in your life.

So what do you gift the dog lover who seems to have it all? From dog-themed blankets, clothing, frames, mugs and more we’ve rounded up the best gift for dog owners that will make them feel special and appreciated. Along with dog lover gifts, we’ve also accumulated some gifts that their four-legged friend will love as well. Check out this list of the best dog lover gifts to get inspired.

29 Dog Lover Gifts that are Cool and Creative

The Best Dog Lover Gifts

Chic, Elevated Custom Dog Bowl Stand

Dog bowls on the floor are just blah. This custom elevated dog bowl stand is handmade from wood and features two stainless steel feeding bowls. It’s available in 4 different sizes to fit the tiniest dog to the largest sized dog. This isn’t just your ordinary dog bowl stand. This wooden box features a lift top with storage underneath for dry dog food, cans and toys. The top and interior is waterproof to ensure it lasts for years and years to come. Customize the front with the dog’s name and a little bone icon underneath. It’s truly such a chic, on-trend dog bowl stand that will flow with the rest of the décor in your home.

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Fetch Some Friends for Dog Bingo

A playful twist to the original game, this dog bingo game uses illustrated cards with 64 different dog breeds. See familiar favorites like the Great Dane and Chihuahua and exotic breeds like the Saluki and Hungarian Puli. This dog bingo game includes 12 bingo cards and colorful counters to mark each spot as the name of the dog breed is called out. The dog lover in your life will enjoy playing this game among other furry-friend lovers. It’s an educational and fun game for dog lovers of all ages.

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Custom Umbrella for Dog Lovers

No matter what the weather brings, every dog lover must still take their furry-friends out for a walk. This thoughtful gift for dog owners is customizable and can feature the silhouette of any dog breed. The dog silhouettes are printed on the umbrella parading around its perimeter in yellow while the umbrella itself is navy blue. Umbrellas like this one make great unisex gift ideas for anyone to use while walking their dog on a rainy day. It’s also sure to spark up some conversation at the park, making this a great gift idea for meeting fellow dog lovers around town.

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Dachshund Wine or Whiskey Glass

This thoughtful present for dog lovers features a fine quality, engraved wine or whiskey glass for the Dachshund lover in your life. You can personalize it to say “I Love My Dachshund” and with the name of your friend’s cherished pet(s). Each glass is handmade using sandblasting to give it an exceptionally sharp and crisp satin-like finish that cannot be removed. The dog lover in your life is sure to love this meaningful great gift idea. I can just picture them sipping their wine or bourbon while holding their furry friend next to them.

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Smooth and Rugged Paracord Leash

Inspired by the Southwestern town of Taos, New Mexico, this bright dog leash is made from US military grade paracord doubled around a brass corrosion resistant trigger snap. This leash is great for bigger dogs or if walking more than one dog since it can hold up to 550 pounds. This leash is incredibly strong, lightweight, and comfortable to hold along with a beautiful braided design. It’s available with or without a traffic loop in various lengths. The Taos Leash is a best-seller and a favorite among the dog lover community.

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Handmade Seaglass Necklace Gift for Dog Owners

This fun gift is perfect for any dog lover. This pendant necklace is cut from genuine seaglass for a unique look that’s cute and stylish. The seaglass was found on the Black Sea shore and assembled by hand by the skilled creator. The pendant measures around 1.2 inches and will come ready to gift in a nice gift box. Choose the necklace length and then choose between a metal chain and a faux leather cord. This is a unique gift idea that the dog lover in your life will be thrilled to receive.

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Adorable Custom Pet Portrait Car Air Freshener

How creative and unusual is this epic present for dog owners? Simply send the artist a picture of your dog lover’s pet and they’ll make a custom air freshener to look just like it! This air freshener is for your car and comes in a variety of scents like lavender, watermelon, clean soap, oakmoss amber, chocolate and more! Only natural ingredients are used for the phthalate-free fragrance oils. These adorable portrait car air fresheners are quite possibly the best dog lover gifts you can gift your dog loving pal.

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Funny Look-Alike Dog Matching Game

Looking for a funny, unusual gift that will catch your dog loving friend’s attention? This unique twist on the memory game will have your dog loving friends laughing with joy while they play this hilarious game. To play this game, simply match a charming series of portrait pairs. Lay down the tiles face down, and then match the dogs with their human doppelgangers. There are 50 tiles included with this fun game. This game is sure to delight dog lovers of all ages!

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Unique Dog Bowl Water Bottle

The best dog lover gifts are the gifts that are useful and well-thought out. This dog bowl water bottle is a genius gift idea that your dog loving friend will greatly appreciate. It can be difficult tracking down a watering hole for your furry friend to drink after a long walk. Instead of lugging around a huge dog bowl and water bottle, why not combine the two? This water bottle will keep their canine companion hydrated while on the go. It features an attachable dish that fills with water with a simple squeeze. The unused water simply drains back into the bottle for minimized waste. It also has an adjustable Velcro strap to easily attach to a bicycle, backpack, belt or wrist. It even fits standard cup holders for easy access while driving!

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Personalized Hook for Dog Leashes and Accessories

Need a place to hold and store all of your dog’s accessories? This personalized bamboo plaque is available in small and large sizes and makes a great present for dog owners. Choose how many lead hooks you want and then personalize the names of your dog loving friend’s pets above each hook. Now your friend can hang their dog’s leashes, collars and other accessories on this gorgeous bamboo wall plaque featuring their furry friends’ names above each hook.

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Colorful Pedigree Poem Dish Towel

Dog gifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This fun dish towel features a playful poem to celebrate your dog lover’s breed’s special traits. The dish towel features the pattern of your pup’s breed in bright, playful colors and a cute poem in the center. There are several breed’s to choose from at checkout from a beagle, poodle and pug to more unique and exotic breeds. Though an unusual gift, it’s perfect and thoughtful for your dog loving friend. It’s fun from head to tail.

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Cozy Up with This Dog Blueprint Pillow

Make snuggle time more fun with this plush, double-sided pillow. This pillow features hand screen printed profiles and headshots of your favorite breeds with a 1950s blueprint-inspired background. It has a synthetic down insert and cotton French twill exterior that’s soft and cozy. Choose from several dog breeds to personalize this gift for your friend. The front of the pillow will feature a silhouette of the dog’s face along with the name of the dog breed and a few facts about them. The back will feature the dog breed standing tall with additional facts and traits about their furry friend. This is a good gift for your favorite pal’s next rest session with their furry friend.

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World’s Best Dog Mom Necklace

This delicate sterling silver charm necklace will let the whole world know who has your dog loving friend’s heart. This handmade piece features a delicate necklace features a dog charm with a leash that attaches to the chain of the necklace along with a heart charm and a gem. This cute necklace will have your friend wearing it with pride, showing everyone who her favorite furry companion is. It’s a small gift idea that is thoughtful, meaningful and will hold a special place in their heart.

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Tail Wagging Dog Clock Present for Dog Lovers

What better way to tell time than with this pooch pendulum wall clock in the shape of your favorite dog breed? This adorable dog clock features the silhouette of a variety of dog breeds with a clock right in the center. It has a tail that even wags with every second. It’s cut from wood and hand-assembled in England. This fun gift will not only keep your friend on time, but also counting down the minutes before their reunited with their furry friend after a long day at work.

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Stainless Steel and Wood Magnetic Bottle Opener

This adorable wood and stainless steel pooch loves to pry off bottle caps with its mouth! This awesome bottle opener is shaped like an adorable little dog who loves to play fetch. It has an open mouth with a magnetic lip that easily removes bottle caps for the beer lover. The best part about this cool present is that this dog will sit patiently on the counter awaiting their next IPA treat and never needs to be walked (unless it’s to the fridge)!

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Zen Dog Garden Sculpture Unique Gift Idea

Bring peace, love and humor to your dog lover friend with this Zen dog garden sculpture. If your friend could use a little peaceful relaxation or enjoys meditating or yoga, then this is a good gift for them. These adorable little meditative pets will make any outdoor space more appealing with their calming, distinct doggy presence. These charming dogs also have Chinese characters etched into the back of the dog’s robe to represent loyalty, the essential quality of a man’s best friend. These unique garden sculptures are made from cement and are designed to weather the elements of the changing seasons.

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If My Pet Could Talk Dog Lover Gifts

This is a magical, keepsake present for dog lovers big and small. This children’s book translates barks, meows and pounces into an amusing tale depicting what would happen if your furry friend could engage in fun and silly conversations. It’s personalized with a child (or adult’s) name and their four-legged sidekick. This is such a cool gift that can be read over and over again. It’s sure to have your dog loving friend howling with laughter and delight!

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Concrete Dog Decoration Gifts for Dog Lovers

This is a perfect gift for a pet lover to display their furry companion for all to see. This handmade decorative piece features a cool little dog made from concrete and painted with a stripe of copper white, pink, yellow or gold. It’s perfect for the modern, industrial home décor aesthetic in a collection or by itself. It’s also great for the office to remind your dog loving friend of their favorite pal. You can also add a concrete heart to really spread the love.

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Pet Portrait Dog Lover Gifts They’ll Cherish Forever

The best dog lover gifts are the personalized gifts with their furry friend’s photo on it. This one-of-a-kind painting is personalized with your friend’s pet and makes a special gift they’ll cherish forever. Decide on what size you’d like and then send in a photo of your friend’s dog. These custom portraits are hand painted and stretched on canvas, ready to hang! You can also choose if you want the portrait bright and colorful with lots of colors or a more natural portrait painted with more subtle colors.

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Super Cute and Stylish Wearable Dog Gifts

How chic and stylish is this personalized dog bandana? It features a houndstooth print with frayed edges and the name of the furry friend printed along the edge. Choose between a variety of sizes to fit nearly any sized dog. This cheap gift idea is handmade from cotton and is a traditional tie-on bandana. It’s extremely durable and the fabric has been pre-washed so it won’t shrink. There are also a variety of color options to choose from like burgundy, navy and green. Your dog will be strutting their stuff in their new and adorable pet bandana.

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Custom Water Color Awesome Dog Portrait

This cool gift will capture the beauty of your friend’s furry companion. From a photograph you send in, the artist will paint a custom portrait using watercolor paints and pencils on premium quality watercolor paper. There are four portrait sizes to choose from and you can even have multiple pets in one portrait if your friend has multiple furry friends. The best dog lover gifts are gifts like this, one that’s meaningful, sentimental and heartfelt. Your friend will cherish this portrait forever!

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Personalized Dachshund Gifts for Dog Lovers

Does your dog loving friend have a Dachshund? If so, this is a small gift idea they’ll love! Choose a color design for the adorable little Dachshund and then add a name you want to be engraved on the reverse side of the dog tag. Also include the name of your dog-loving friend so they can have their name personalized on the adoption gift card of their new Dachshund. It will arrive beautifully packaged in a 100% recyclable gift box. The dog itself measures approximately 20cm by 12cm.

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Choose Your Dog Breed Necktie

Gift ideas for dog lovers come in all shapes and sizes. This cool present is a useful gift that the dog lover businessman will get lots of use out of. Take your dog to work day can now be every day with this beautiful breed-patterned necktie. Choose between 17 popular pooches woven into the jacquard fabric. It’s a wearable tribute to their four-legged friend. It’s made from 100% imported silk for a sleek and sophisticated look for the business professional.

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Paw Print Charm Bracelet Gifts for Dog Lovers

This cheap gift idea accommodates any wrist size and features a TierraCast animal paw print charm. It’s a wrap wrist bracelet so you can wrap it around and around for a trendy, fashionable statement piece. It also has sterling silver beads that can be adjusted by pulling them across the teal fabric wherever you’d like them. This is a good present that any dog lover will want to wear everywhere they go. The unique shades of teal and green makes these bracelets stand out and is sure to gain the attention of those passing by.

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Custom Pet Portrait Memorial Painting

Has the dog lover in your life recently experienced a loss of their furry friend? This can be such a sad time and finding the best dog lover gifts can be a challenge during this tough time. Although it might be difficult cheering up your friend during a time like this, this custom water color painting of their special dog might bring a tear to their eye in a good way. Send a photo of your friends pet, and the artist will paint a portrait just for them! This is such a thoughtful useful gift that will be cherished forever.

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Handmade Natural Hemp Rope Dog Leash

Dog gifts that benefit both the dog and their favorite owner are always great gift ideas. This rope dog lead is made from natural hemp and gives the lead a nautical feel and will soften with use making it comfortable and tactile to hold. The rope is secured with hemp whipping and available in red, yellow, green, navy blue, light blue, plum and natural. It also includes a brass clip for small breed dogs. This is a strong, durable leash that will last for years and years.

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A Fun, Bright Dog Watch to Keep Track of Time

Not a second goes by that your dog loving friend isn’t thinking about their furry friend. This watch will help them keep an eye on the time and count down the minutes until they are reunited with their furry friend. This watch is crafted using a stainless steel finish on a soft black silicone strap. Choose between a few different pooches for the front of the watch to personalize it for the dog lover in your life. Watches are great unisex gift ideas that anyone will be pleased to receive.

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Unique Balloon Dog Nightlight

Bring the balloon dog art to life with this art-inspired dog lamp that will never float away or pop. It’s made of everlasting silicone and takes the shape of our beloved furry friend. Gift ideas like this one are hard to come by, but this gift in particular is sure to light up the room quite literally. To turn on this balloon dog nightlight, simply give his back paw a gentle squeeze to activate an internal LED that emits a bright glow for 30 minutes at a time. This gift will also become a little watch dog perfect for looking after your dog loving friend throughout the night.

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29 of the Coolest Gifts for Dog Lovers

There seems to be two types of people in the world: those who love their dog more than anything and then everyone else. If you know a dog lover who prefers the company of their furry friend over anyone else, then this list is for you. No matter what the occasion or season, this list offers loads of inspiration when searching for the perfect present for dog owners.

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